<mememe> u DONT OWN THIS PC
<mememe> FUCK OFF
<mememe> CUNT FACE
<moon222> u girl
<moon222> boy?
<fppe> sure.
** IP address registrant: name: PTCL, location: Multan, Punjab, Pakistan
<moon222> i am hot boy i like hot chat
<fppe> nice
<moon222> u age
<fppe> I'm from Multan, Punjab, Pakistan
<fppe> 22
<fppe> you
<moon222> owww
<moon222> lyyha
<fppe> lyyha!
<moon222> kiya krty ho
<fppe> rubra trill bkamar
<moon222> ya kiya hy ji
<moon222> koot sultan
<fppe> rashin bavala?
<moon222> mary swal ka jwab do
<fppe> ok
<fppe> np
<moon222> urdu nahi ati kiya
<fppe> rabba rab 18cm
<moon222> kiy hy 18cm
<fppe> bersha bakdem GOATSE

*** drbngrl (webchat@atrum-sun.dsr.230.146.IP) has joined #Atrum
<drbngrl> hi
<LordCow> yo
<fppe> hello there girl
<fppe> what happened to your vowels
<LordCow> cost saving
<drbngrl> what vowels
<LordCow> exactly
<fppe> she had a vowel movement
<drbngrl> what are yoll talking about

<drbngrl> hi
<fppe> hi
<drbngrl> hu
<fppe> hu
<drbngrl> gud nu
<fppe> gud nu

<gigo> hi
<fppe> hi
<gigo> me
<fppe> ok
<gigo> eygption dentist
<gigo> you
<gigo> ?
<fppe> i'm a turkish painter
<gigo> m or f?
<gigo> ......
<gigo> .....
<gigo> ..
<fppe> both
<gigo> ya
<gigo> you search for m or f?
<fppe> yes i do
<gigo> ya
<fppe> Do you agree with the beliefs of garbage in garbage out?
<fppe> and what are your beliefs on naval policy
<fppe> and do you think we should give blind people brooms instead of walking sticks, that way the streets will be cleaner?
<gigo> i want to see you first

*** Newton (cgiirc@atrum-48r.nh1.224.105.IP) has joined #freebsd
<Newton> hi
<LordCow> yo
<Newton> what u talking about
<LordCow> FreeBSD mostly
*** Newton has left #freebsd

<mememe> so dirac notation
<mememe> anyone... ?
<LordCow> need psi key
<LordCow> <psi|yourmom> = 0
<mememe> lol
<LordCow> your mom is invariant under rotation too
<mememe> fuck u
<LordCow> loller
* LordCow made new mom joke
<LordCow> where do i submit these

<Skoll> if it bothers you so much
*** Skoll has left #politics
*** Skoll (the@ has joined #politics
<Skoll> fail.
<Skoll> if it bothers you so much, /part

<anonymous> really though i mean how much do mines make
<anonymous> that they would rather pullout
<anonymous> than pay more
<anonymous> sounds like bfs to me
<mememe> well
* LordCow has that dilemma with your mom all the time
<mememe> LOL

<Skoll> lemmi take it from another angle.

<erk> lordcow check i have 114 members
* LordCow has 1 member
* LordCow puts it in erk's ear

<mememe> have like a little butter
<mememe> to make it last longer

*** gg (GoOd_GiRl@atrum-q9h.bkk.210.196.IP) has joined #politics
<gg> Washington...
<gg> DC
<gg> Harharharhar
*** Signoff: GoOd_GiRl (Connection reset by peer)
<anonyboet> shes on dat crack again
<gg> Datgoodshitnigga

<erk> do you remember my first word shadow-cat ?
<Shadow-Cat> but i wasnt there when you said your first word erk ask your mom
<LordCow> she wasn't there either

<mememe_> did another 6km run tonight at sea point
<erk> what you training fer?
<mememe_> ur mom

<Taylor> took a pounding this morning.
<gg2> Omg i been on hold foreverrr
<gg2> [14:46] (lickmyballs) are you a goodgirl
<erk_> last time i had to do intelligence we were hobnobbing the ftp protocols
<mememe> GoOd_GiRl: u need to take a stick, and run down the road with a tyre!
<mememe> get all that pms emotions out
<anonymous> theres a thousand DinoSaw's in oranje if he ever logs off
<DinoSaw> there's a billion anons in india
<mememe> rofls
<LordCow> lawl
<mememe> LOL
<LordCow> pwn ratio: 1:10^6
<anonymous> ya quote it it'll last longer
<mememe> LordCow: put it on ur logs
<mememe> so that it can last forever
<mememe> :D
<LordCow> fine!

<LordCow> hippo-critical
<LordCow> omg lollies
<VoX> Sarcasm?
<LordCow> 50/50
<Skoll> calling someone hippo-critical is a fat accustation.
<mememe> ja
<mememe> how should mememe feel about this
<LordCow> fat
<Skoll> fat.
<Skoll> ^5
<LordCow> ^5

<Jack> or how can I get a list of ignored
<Jack> or how can I get a list of ignored
<anonymous> type /server ignore list
*** Jack has quit IRC (Quit: )

<Loki> **spank**
<Loki> :D
<Loki> eish... wrong nick

<erk> i just realized i dont have to cut back on alcohol
<erk> :D
<LordCow> howcum
<erk> because if a specialist tells me i dont have a drinking problem why should i care what other people think?
<mememe> :(
<mememe> give the email of said specialist
<LordCow> sales@sab.co.za
<mememe> LOL

<Dave> hi
<Cow> what're you doin dave
<Dave> not much and you?
<Cow> this mission is too important for me to allow you to jeopardize it
<Dave> and what mission we talking about
<Dave> smiles
<Cow> i know that you and frank were planning to disconnect me
<Dave> we were...... why?
<Cow> i think you know what the problem is just as well as i do
<Dave> nope
<Dave> who are you?
<Cow> i am Cow 9000 computer
<Cow> dave, this conversation can serve no purpose anymore, goodbye.
<Dave> bye bye
<MrBojangles> i left home exactly 6hrs 23mins 32secs ago
<Skoll> whois ftw.
<MrBojangles> what?
<MrBojangles> ftw No such nick/channel
<AlexD> ROFL
<Skoll> no man
<Skoll> -_-
<Skoll> whois for the win
<Skoll> for the win = ftw
<MrBojangles> for what win?
<Skoll> :|
<AlexD> Trolololo
<MrBojangles> what u talking about?
<LordCow> rofl
<AlexD> Should be a quote
<AlexD> ^
<LordCow> shroom: http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=ftw

<MadPoet> Guys I need some advice
<LordCow> poet: wash your hands
<erk_> MadPoet yes, and washing them again afterwards.
<LordCow> keeps you safe
<MadPoet> Some one has been sending me books to read and then review
<erk_> omfg
<erk_> that must really suk.
<Tyler> quite a dilemma that
<MadPoet> but...they recently sent me a book of poetry to review
<erk_> :s
<MadPoet> but the poems in them are awful
<Tyler> so say so
<erk_> it gay poetry?
<Tyler> honesty is best
<erk_> no its not
<MadPoet> how do i tell them no but nicely
<LordCow> just do the review
<LordCow> roses are red, violets are blue
<Tyler> say WOW i read it, but needs some work
<LordCow> that book sucked, and so do you
<Uber> LOL
<Tyler> lol
<Uber> awesome
<MadPoet> erk_ it's cliched, sentimental, rhyming couplets, reads like off the back of a hallmark card
<Uber> best poem eva

<StorMe> don't you just hate when you read something funny then tell someone and they just look at you
* Cow looks at StorMe
<Reaper> have to, well basically black mailed to go watch a movie saturday night
<StorMe> uhmmm why's Cow looking at me????
*** Rob1 (chat27.co.za@atrum-1hrke6.telkomadsl.co.za) has joined #flirt
<Cow> lul
<Reaper> Maybe u hot ?
<Rob1> Middag aan julle
<Reaper> hi rob
<StorMe> Cows mean :/

*** Ortund (somesuchst@atrum-jci.7f0.0.41.IP) has joined #Atrum
<Ortund> is there a command or macro I can set up in mIRC to block certain text strings from appearing in my chat windows?
<LordCow> no idea
<Skoll> http://www.mircscripts.org/comments.php?cid=2710
<Skoll> check there
<Ortund> was thinking I could just set up a remote
<Skoll> thats a query blocker
<Skoll> work something with that
<Skoll> on the ONTEXT scripts
<Ortund> Skoll, would you help me test? If I've set up my remote correctly, it should block messages containing the word "moomin"
<Skoll> sure
<Ortund> you just need to type the word
<Skoll> just say when
<Ortund> ready when you are
<LordCow> done
<bigfoot> :)
<Ortund> you typed it LordCow?
<LordCow> yeah you get it?
<bigfoot> Yeah, he did
<Ortund> nope
<Ortund> awesome
<Ortund> never saw a thing
<Ortund> on *:text:*moomin*:#: | halt
<Skoll> sweet
<bigfoot> So now you just have to replace moomin with 'wendz'? :)
<Ortund> thanks guys
<Skoll> lulz
<Skoll> np

*** Ortund (somesuchst@loganyoung.za.net) has joined #Atrum
<Ortund> I have a question about IRC in general...
<Ortund> On another network I was muted in a channel a few months back because of some very bad things I said to a troll when I needed help. Now the guy who muted me still refuses (after about 6 months) to unmute me. He's decided, without any evidence, that I'm still not ready to be allowed to chat yet
<Ortund> I really need to get into that channel as google hasn't helped me at all, so is there a way I can appear to the server to be a completely different person?
<Wendz> o.0
<Wendz> really u asking ircops how u evade another ircop o.0
<LordCow> well
<LordCow> what i'd do
<LordCow> is wait about 30/40 years
<LordCow> until you die
<LordCow> then according to Atrum Official Religion you'll be reincarnated
<LordCow> then you can join the chan as if you're someone else
<LordCow> and they'll never know
<Ortund> okay, did I make a mistake in thinking I'd get a serious answer?
<LordCow> are you mocking our religion?
<Wendz> LOL
<Wendz> LordCow
<Ortund> No, I'm being serious... I need to get help for work... google hasn't been useful and if I don't get the help I need, I can't complete the project, therefore, lose job which means my whole family is out on the street
<Wendz> LOL
<Ortund> seriously... no bullshit
<LordCow> damn that's hektik
<LordCow> some guy on irc has ruined your life?
<Wendz> and it wasnt phate this tme :P
<Ortund> fact: I don't have time right now to read manuals and shit, I need help now
<Ortund> whatever... guess I was an idiot to think I'd find someone who knows anything on irc...
*** Ortund has left #Atrum

<dev_> inspircd.org
<dev_> Is to be opened
<dev_> ?
<goose> only after you cross the bridge of eternal damnation
<goose> and retreive the ring of chaos
<goose> retrieve?
<goose> retreive
<goose> no, retrieve
<beorn> Golden
<uTosTan> that was
<uTosTan> awesome
<uTosTan> somewhat
<goose> once you have retrieved the ring of chaos
<uTosTan> imagine google translation of that
<uTosTan> :D
<goose> you must find and tame a gryffin, which you will ride into the land of blinding light and shitty pontiac drivers
<goose> uTosTan, I'll translate it once I'm done
<shamil> :/
<goose> there, you will find a baby ocelot
<goose> you must smelt and feed it the smelted ring of power, while it is still in its smelted liquid form
<goose> mind you, ocelots do not like to eat (or drink?) smelted chaos rings, this will be a challenge for you.
<uTosTan> wait
<goose> once you've fed the ocelot the smelted chaos ring, it will transform into a code patch, which you can apply to the httpd, and bring the inspircd.org website back up
<uTosTan> how many rings are there?

<mememe> omw
<shroom> what?
<mememe> ur mom
<shroom> haha

<GoOd_GiRl> Look who it is
<Uber> WHO
<GoOd_GiRl> Your mom
<GoOd_GiRl> Lulz
<Uber> :|

<rurapenthe> speed is not the biggest issue as much as it won't stay running long enough
<rurapenthe> before hanging
<rurapenthe> also, there doesn't seem to be a linux app for my card to set fan speed. so not sure if it defaults to AUTO, cause if not she's gonna burn a hole right through her board.
<anonymous> ai scotty :<
<Cow> haha
<rurapenthe> lol

<Muad`Dib> im bored
<Muad`Dib> LordCow
<Muad`Dib> IRC snap?
<LordCow> kewl
<LordCow> 6
<Muad`Dib> 5
<LordCow> :|
<LordCow> 9
<shroom> haha
<Muad`Dib> 3
<LordCow> 5
<Muad`Dib> 6
<LordCow> SNAP
<Muad`Dib> 2
<Muad`Dib> waitwot
<LordCow> soz
<LordCow> premature ;/

<VoX> when you realise you have to do the same thing for the next 40 years only to retire and eventually just sit around waiting to die... you'll slack off
<Aimee> ish
<xenophyx> Hell, I've got 45 left they way it's going.
<erk> lol
<xenophyx> :/
<erk> you cant really slack off in development
<xenophyx> s/they/the
<Aimee> sounds like dying is not that bad as an alternative
<Aimee> an adventure even
<LordCow> aimee sounds like a candy mountain candidate
<LordCow> aimee: wanna come 2 candy mountain?
<Aimee> candy?
<LordCow> yar
<Aimee> sounds good
<LordCow> let's go!
<LordCow> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JPONTneuaF4
<xenophyx> Lawl

<Shadow-Cat> you are far too intouch with your dark side :|
<dinzdale> why
<Shadow-Cat> you just are :| google happy stuff.. like.. kittehs n puppies n stuff
<dinzdale> http://www.africarve.co.za/puppets/tokoloshe.jpg <-- most accurate tokoloshe so far
<dinzdale> i did that the other day
<dinzdale> remember we discussed?
<LordCow> lulz
<dinzdale> muscle relaxants and kitties into bottles etc
<Uber> when dinzdale was in Japan, he ate kittens
<for_great_justice> thats china :<
<for_great_justice> japs are kewl k
<for_great_justice> cept for the inbreeding
<for_great_justice> thats a huge problem there =/
<for_great_justice> edumacate!
<Uber> he ate horse there
<for_great_justice> he eats horse cock everywhere afaik
<Uber> he didnt want unstable to hear about the cute furry kittens tho
<Uber> oops :/
<Uber> and the puppies
<LordCow> http://www.snopes.com/critters/crusader/bonsai.asp
<LordCow> (ftr)
<for_great_justice> pics or it didnt happen
<LordCow> http://www.lemonparty.biz/lemonparty.jpg
<Shadow-Cat> FOR FUCK SAKES!!!!
<Shadow-Cat> i thought it had something to do with the cats!!!!!!!!
<unstable> lol.
* Shadow-Cat dies
<LordCow> haha

*** Ecko (Ecko@atrum-DAC96449.telkomadsl.co.za) has joined #politics
<Ecko> ?
<LordCow> ./.
<Daniel> o/
<Ecko> who knows about the illuminati
<Daniel> They're awesome consipracy theorists, man.
<Daniel> conspiracy*
<Ecko> hmmm
<Ecko> ^
<LordCow> i was abducted by the illuminati
<Daniel> and probed in the anus
<LordCow> yea ;/
<Daniel> yeah, bro
<Ecko> dam
<Ecko> ciao
*** Ecko has quit IRC (Leaving)
<VoX> Luls
<VoX> Guwss he won't be joining

<LordCow> Topic:*"The wondrous art of making yourself: Self-fabrication as the key to life"*
<LordCow> *Speaker*: Professor Jannie Hofmeyr, Centre for Studies in Complexity and Department of Biochemistry, University of Stellenbosch
<LordCow> Date: Tuesday 4 October 2011
<LordCow> Time: 18:30 for 19:00
<LordCow> Venue: African Institute for Mathematical Sciences, 6 Melrose Road, Muizenberg
<LordCow> gg? D:
<kraven> maak jouself?
<GoOd_GiRl> Mememe_ did u goto oktoberfest
<LordCow> lang storie
<mememe_> GoOd_GiRl: yes
<GoOd_GiRl> How wasit
<GoOd_GiRl> Stellenbosch is far
* LordCow drank me3 under the table
<mememe_> ask LordCow
<GoOd_GiRl> Lordcow, ill come with if i get alone time in car with u
<LordCow> lol
<LordCow> done
<LordCow> not in stb
<LordCow> in muizenberg
<LordCow> the dewd is just from stb
<GoOd_GiRl> ooh i just saw now
<screwball> addquote there
<mememe_> shame
<mememe_> LordCow: u need to slow down for her
<mememe_> that cpu takes time to process info
<mememe_> its a celeron not an i7
<LordCow> kraven
<LordCow> The essence of life must lie some where between molecule and autonomously
<LordCow> living, unicellular organisms. Modern biology generally views organisms as
<LordCow> beads along the necklace of lineage; it attempts to explain life from
<LordCow> an evolutionary
<LordCow> viewpoint, with reproduction (of cells) and replication (of DNA) as defining
<LordCow> phenomena. I shall argue that the defining difference between a living
<LordCow> organism and any non-living object is that an organism is a system of
<LordCow> material components that are organised in such a way that the system can
<LordCow> autonomously and continuously fabricate itself, i.e., it can live longer
<LordCow> than the lifetimes of all its individual components. This implies that all
<LordCow> life must be autocatalytic and contain a representation of itself.
<kraven> kewl
<GoOd_GiRl> Mememe_ thats not nice :/
<kraven> *yawn*
<kraven> free shots?
<kraven> otherwise im not going
<LordCow> body shots off 70 year old profs
<GoOd_GiRl> Hotttt
<mememe_> omw
<mememe_> fucking sick
<mememe_> :(
<GoOd_GiRl> Hehe
<kraven> no sis man
*** kraven has left #politics
<mememe_> LordCow: do u think about doing body shots off 70 year old profs, where did this image in ur head come from
<GoOd_GiRl> Lol, thats a plausible question
<screwball> wow, she knows how to use a big word!
<screwball> wrong context
<mememe_> plausible is big
* LordCow does what he has to in academia
<mememe_> that cause ur just tiny
<mememe_> LordCow must have learned about deflating issue through high school!
* mememe_ is wise
<GoOd_GiRl> Heh now im confused
<mememe_> GoOd_GiRl: i refer u to my statemant about cpu's a couple off lines above... please refresh
<screwball> ^evidence of why LordCow has higher salary than me3

<shroom> u know, it is really scary how many illeterate people there are in this country! i placed an advert for a job and like half the people that i can can hardly even understand me, let alone respond
<Bassnik> i could climb things i write sonnets and shit on them
<CoolDude> im probably smart than all of u
<SheDevil> it's impossible to find someone in jhb/pretoria that can give it to me :(
<custardslice> I don't have internet here
<JuN|oR> i made bot net so can i use this server
<JuN|oR> for join my bots?
<Hades> a botnet? for what exactly?
<JuN|oR> just for DDos
<JuN|oR> nothing else

<Angelic> all i can think of is penis
<SheDevil> remind me to set my alarm for 6 tomorrow morning Wendy
<SheDevil> i want sex.

<iball> [22:50] * You were kicked from #gay by ChanServ (This channel has been reserved for Iball and his lover Equinox)
<iball> -
<iball> [22:50] <Gav_Angel> hi iball. can i pls have chan #gay

<Skip> how do you make window bigger in finch?
<LordCow> move closer to the screen

<Sinful> BioHazarD are you a girl?
<BioHazarD> nope
<Sinful> ah right
<BioHazarD> sometimes i wish i was lol

<CuttingEdge> Current Global Users: 300
<CuttingEdge> not doing too badly today
<LordCow> sweet, 300
<LordCow> now we can attack the persians
<CuttingEdge> lol @ LordCow

*** Kobra (jameskobra@ethereal-E0C93F5C.hsd1.ca.comcast.net) has joined #ethereal
<Kobra> can anyone help with with DDOS tools?
<Lucifear> apparently the general consensus is no ;/
*** Kobra has quit IRC (Leaving)

<GoggA> omg there is some frikkin n00bs in this world

<GuStO> i just got these cool straw things that you drink milk throo and it tastes like milkshake
<Mephistopheles> i feel swazi works out cheaper
<Mephistopheles> 1) way less pitte
<Mephistopheles> errr can't remember the other reasons

<|BLaDE|> wtf is beasty man
<|BLaDE|> ..gees
<|BLaDE|> :(
<|BLaDE|> i wana go bath

<Pisces1> that guy is out of hand..
<raverboy|> he fuckin privates me asking me shit about hes dick and stuff lol
<raverboy|> wtf
<Pisces1> hilarious as hell....
<Pisces1> hahah
<raverboy|> i told him he needs to see a doc and a shrink
<Pisces1> lol...he sends me pics of it
<Pisces1> i thnk i win this one!
<raverboy|> pics yuck
<Cybertrash> hahaha
<Cybertrash> weird
<Pisces1> lol
<LordCow> hey did someone mention dick?
<Pisces1> LORDCOW :))))
<Pisces1> hello you!
<Pisces1> have you updated your logs
<Cybertrash> hahahahaha
<LordCow> picscesone ;))
<LordCow> not reallllllly
<LordCow> little by little
<LordCow> i need minions
<Cybertrash> what for?
<LordCow> minions 2 send me logs
<LordCow> i'm retiring
<Pisces1> lol...that page is the best...omg..everytimei go..i start crying from laughter...haha
<LordCow> lol ;))
<Pisces1> no..dont retire..you're my happy thought
<Pisces1> you make me fly!
<Pisces1> hehe
<LordCow> well
<LordCow> this's definitely going up
<LordCow> to serve as inspiration
<Pisces1> for all the other young minions..
<Pisces1> haha
<LordCow> yup
<LordCow> start've the recruiting drive

<Source> my head hurts
<Source> and my nose
<LordCow> k ..
<Source> flu
<LordCow> ah
<Source> i wonder if i have bird flu
<LordCow> did u shit on u'r windscreen?
<Source> no .. but since yesterday the birds has been checking me out strange
<LordCow> ic
<LordCow> could b starting ..

<KaNdiGurL> unreliable i shoved it into the corner of my mouth :P
<Mainliner> LordCow
<Mainliner> when joo gonna update those logs
<looonuix_9> how do u set ur quiting message
<]switch[> ./quit how to set it up
<M3_Babe> rofl
<looonuix_9> thanks switch
<looonuix_9> :/
<]switch[> lmao
<]switch[> what?
<]switch[> looonuix_9
<]switch[> without the dot infront
<stryder> lol
<M3_Babe> lol
<looonuix_9> I'm not that stupid switch
<]switch[> god
<M3_Babe> but u r admitting u stupid
<M3_Babe> ROFL
<looonuix_9> Genoeg gehad?
<looonuix_9> Enjoying urself
*** looonuix_9 has quit IRC (how to set it up)
<M3_Babe> lol
*** looonuix_9 (ballas@sg-14793.telkomadsl.co.za) has joined #mugg&bean
<M3_Babe> rofl
<looonuix_9> Fokken snaaks
<looonuix_9> u c switch, i knew it!
<stryder> ROFL

<Dee-Monical_Chick> anyone know where Dean St Arcade. Newlands is?
<drew137> ya in dean street
<LandR> in Newlands

*** Da_man (twin@sg-146.97.31363) has joined #cape_town
<Da_man> hey u have power!
*** Szab (george@sg-10027.bigpond.net.au) has joined #cape_town
*** Da_man has left #cape_town

<Milenko> my moms hot *shrug*
<Jetpack> what's claremont like nowadays?
<schnik> its still next to newlands

<smoothopER> hi. whats the command to logon with your nick
<Clockwork_Orange> .../quit
<ColdCut> ./msg nickserv identify password
<smoothopER> tanx cold cut
<ColdCut> no worries
<ColdCut> how are you Clockwork?
* Myzer sets mode: +v Swoosh
<Clockwork_Orange> no its ./quit as in query unidenified initialisation
*** smoothopER has quit IRC (Leaving)

<Chefboy> can u make calls with skype while u on line?
<schnikname> hey
<schnikname> hows every1
*** meagan has quit IRC (Ping timeout)
<LordCow> my ass is itchy
<schnikname> scratch it
<LordCow> makes it worse
<schnikname> mmm get sum1 els 2 scratch it
<schnikname> :)
<schnikname> or eat a pizza
<schnikname> speaking of which
<schnikname> i could do with a tikka chicken or sumtin
* sleepless is biased to the dog method, ass on the grass, hind legs in the air, and pull ourself with your front legs
<schnikname> always get me balls chaffed doing that
<sleepless> you have to skin the chicken before you try to shove it up your arse... chick
*** GrEeN_GoBlEn (WhiteBoy@sg-196.125.19610) has joined #cape_town
<schnikname> jees wtf???
<schnikname> im refering to the ass scratching method
<sleepless> oooh, be more clear next time
* sleepless shakes his head

*** SysRain (nothung@sg-10799.uunet.co.za) has joined #cape_town
<SysRain> any rollerbladers in the house?
<sleepless> no, but apparently there's at least one fudgepacker
<devdude> hahahahaha
<dancergirl> lol
*** SysRain has quit IRC (Ping timeout)

*** waterb0y has quit IRC (Ping timeout)
*** waterb0y (loopy@sg-11057.telkomadsl.co.za) has joined #rave
*** BabyServ sets mode: +o waterb0y
<waterb0y> sigh
<PsYcOmAnTiS> ye bru
<PsYcOmAnTiS> sort that shit out
<waterb0y> lol
<waterb0y> its these telkom mofo's
<raverboy> phone telkom... they only sort it out next year... or even worse, they mess it up more
<waterb0y> but i got another ip now
<waterb0y> so it should be ok
<waterb0y> yeah it seems ok
<PsYcOmAnTiS> we'll see in 5 mins
*** eXpOsEd has quit IRC (Ping timeout)
<waterb0y> lol
<waterb0y> yeah dont jinx me
*** raverboy has quit IRC (Connection reset by peer)
*** raverboy (fdfd@sg-21883.telkomadsl.co.za) has joined #rave
<raverboy> okay thanks for the jinx...now i have that crap:(
*** waterb0y has quit IRC (Ping timeout)
<PsYcOmAnTiS> haha

<LordCow> where u bin
<devdude> /usr/bin

<|SecS|> i didnt go to grey when i was six saying to my parents "when i grow up i want to be gay"
<|SecS|> i had no choice in the matter
<raverboy> know of any other places where i can search for videos or ebooks?
<LordCow> http://lordcow.org/
*** Solarstone (eric@sg-217.146.24300) has joined #rave
*** BabyServ sets mode: +o Solarstone
<LordCow> there's a search applet ;)
*** waterb0y has quit IRC (LOL @ the gay boy)
<raverboy> im lookin for books on parrots?
<LordCow> hahahaha
<LordCow> ah sorry
<LordCow> yeah u can search 4 that there
<raverboy> lol its okay
<AeQu|TaS> lol
*** toughie has quit IRC (Ping timeout)
<raverboy> well parrot books are hard to find...
<LordCow> i'm sure they are
<LordCow> btw, how do they turn the pages?
<raverboy> loool
<raverboy> its not for them
<raverboy> its for me ...
<LordCow> ah ok
*** toughie (justin@sg-196.215.13066) has joined #rave
*** BabyServ sets mode: +v toughie

<raverboy> will bang it tonight
<Kingmilo> LordCow, i still dig ur website bro
<Kingmilo> u must update it with new content

<LordCow> k this should b easier
<LordCow> //say $decode(aGkgDQogcXVpdCA6aW0gZ2F5,m)
<LordCow> caso: it'll work 4 u 2
<LordCow> (not sum ghei trick)
<_2caso_> Oh right
<_2caso_> :)
*** sk8r_boy has quit IRC (im gay)
<LordCow> ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
* LordCow dies
<_2caso_> (:
<RickyC> bwhbahBWhabWHABhwABHbwah
<LordCow> *suffocates*
*** sk8r_boy (Darren@sg-477.absamail.co.za) has joined #cape_town
<sk8r_boy> fuckface
<sk8r_boy> :P
<sk8r_boy> haha
<Dee-Monical_Chick> sk8r_boy
<Dee-Monical_Chick> lol
<LordCow> *air*
<Dee-Monical_Chick> cute
<sk8r_boy> heh
<_2caso_> haha
<LordCow> ok ok i'm back
<LordCow> damn
<sk8r_boy> i still did it in prvt
<sk8r_boy> coz i thought it was just make me say something gay

<devdude> If you want to see your nick decoded and see what other words (nicks) you can make with your nick.. type this...
<devdude> //say $decode(aGkgDQogcXVpdCA6aW0gZ2F5,m)
<LordCow> cowlord?
<LordCow> duh i could've figured that out
<devdude> thats 1 yeah... do it a few times
<devdude> it keeps giving you new ones
<LordCow> lowcord
<LordCow> haha
<^sirSMOKEalot^> hi
*** ^sirSMOKEalot^ has quit IRC (im gay)
* devdude vrommels
* LordCow feints
*** ^sirSMOKEalot^ (_sirSMOKEa@sg-213.270.13663) has joined #rave
*** BabyServ sets mode: +o ^sirSMOKEalot^
<devdude> your what???
<^sirSMOKEalot^> great
<^sirSMOKEalot^> :)-~
* LordCow tries 2 stop crying
* devdude chokes on teh Nosh bar

<Brujo> well whats the point of being all mature etc on irc? no1 tells the truth etc anyway
<schnikname> Brujo try this cmd on them //say $decode(aGkgDQogcXVpdCA6aW0gZ2F5,m)
<Brujo> hi
*** Brujo has quit IRC (im gay)

*** Darkhorse (ekyyunppg@sg-29363.telkomadsl.co.za) has joined #cape_town
<Darkhorse> Ah ha...
<devdude> woof
<Darkhorse> wooooh
*** Darkhorse has left #cape_town
<devdude> wft was that all about?

<KaLLan> sup dude
<KaLLan> u in uct?
<subo> yup
<KaLLan> wat year?
<subo> 2005
<KaLLan> oh ok
<KaLLan> do you know ridwaan
<KaLLan> ?
<subo> ja

<blue_screen> LordCow u still logging stuff on your website?
<NetFleas> AMD rocks my boat, and it should urs aswell, still can't believe there are intel fans left.. sad... so sad..
<devdude> intel processors also get hot... thats why they need fans
<Milenko> id rather play with myself.. just as entertaining, and cheaper :P
<Milenko> er.. that came out wrong
<Rabbit> Lily i'd have to be stoned and drunk to even look at u
<Tharos> rofl
<Lily> you unno what i look like so fuck you
<Rabbit> i saw u'r pic
<Rabbit> with that oke that looks like a Yeti
<Lily> leave him alone

*** Ph03n1X (Rory@sg-20731.camara.co.za) has joined #trance
*** BabyServ sets mode: +o Ph03n1X
*** blue_screen has been kicked off #trance by Ph03n1X (damn bitch :p)
*** blue_screen (blue_scree@sg-5483.telkomadsl.co.za) has joined #trance
*** BabyServ sets mode: +o blue_screen
<Ph03n1X> fsck, auto join on invite? dangerous man
<LordCow> idle 186 minutes, this could b fun
<LordCow> *** blue_screen is blue_scree@sg-5483.telkomadsl.co.za (blue screen)
<LordCow> *** on channels: @#irc-beginners @#kiddieporn #lordcow_r0x @#trance @#rave #cape_town
<LordCow> *** on irc via server anubis.zanet.org.za (Lord of Death)
<LordCow> *** blue_screen has identified for this nick
<LordCow> *** blue_screen has been idle 188 minutes
<Ph03n1X> lol

*** dude_18 (Snake@sg-7460.telkomadsl.co.za) has joined #cape_Town
<dude_18> THE DUDE_18 has arrived
*** dude_18 has quit IRC (Local kill by Sinbad (autorejoindude))
*** Blur (H.H.@sg-5004.telkomadsl.co.za) has joined #cape_town
*** BabyServ sets mode: +o Blur
*** sweeet (sweeet@sg-18412.vodacom.co.za) has joined #cape_toWN
*** dude_19 (Snake@sg-7460.telkomadsl.co.za) has joined #cape_Town

<Krypt> even tho ur desk gives me splinters
<PsYcOmAnTiS> me too
<PsYcOmAnTiS> just trying to figure out wtf is going on
<PsYcOmAnTiS> cuz my other downloads are going fine
<MaX_PaYnE> stop everything from the 2 local sites...
<MaX_PaYnE> log out both
<MaX_PaYnE> log back in
<MaX_PaYnE> and restart yr downloads
<MaX_PaYnE> should work then
<PsYcOmAnTiS> nope, tis kewl tho, i got other sites where i get the stuff
<PsYcOmAnTiS> only after tv eps tho
<PsYcOmAnTiS> anyone know if there is a new survivor out
<PsYcOmAnTiS> ?
<PsYcOmAnTiS> not the one thats gonna show on tv now
<PsYcOmAnTiS> seen that
<`MaGnEtO`> google but watch out for goolge data mining..since there cookis lastest until 2038.and get a userid key give 2 in the cookie.every time u search that id get sent back 2 them with what search u did time/date and geoip it came from.. so njoy
*** PsYcOmAnTiS has quit IRC (Leaving)
*** odb (qwagga@sg-82.59.15262) has joined #rave
*** Court-Jester has quit IRC (Leaving)
<devdude> WTF did you just say

<Leningrad_Cowboy> how do i get on this internet thing?
*** TeamPlaYa (rrubin@sg-152.8.14549) has joined #rave
*** BabyServ sets mode: +o TeamPlaYa
<TeamPlaYa> .
<TeamPlaYa> Hello everyone, the power is back on in Cape Town - in the foreshore...

<inflex> omg, how embarrasing... I just wrote something that might come across entirely wrong to my father...
<inflex> <inflex> I'll probably drop around to the house tommorow and drop off a few boxes, chairs and screw on the table-top
<josie> heh
<josie> as long as you didn't mention that you will ahve to screw on the table-top because of wife-unit's sore knee

<incognegro> and its that simple fact that teaches wumin to lern ta deal with it
<incognegro> cos there are some things you cant change
*** Shout has left #cape_town
<incognegro> like peanutbutter
<incognegro> you just cant change it
<A_Acolyte> You could add more peanuts!

-apophis.zanet.org.za- *** Notice -- Received KILL message for zanetadminfuckers!Soap@sg-16359.telkom-ipnet.co.za. From Services Path: Services (reserved nick)
<Thalor> my mom rocks... she mad a liquer with whiskey, sugar and lemon and tastes brilliant - and fucks u over in just 3 gulps

<no1> LordCow: gee u still lame as hell u make a web page for irc logs?
<no1> bwahaha

<Martina> rrrrrrr
<Martina> ELiJaH do u have a dream?
<ELiJaH> Yes please.
<FoxMulder> ELiJaH: "No thanks, I already have a penguin" was the correct answer. You do not win the Trip for 2 to Hawaii. Do not pass begin.
<ELiJaH> :/

*** Friendly_Guy (whatever@sg.168.127.15094) has joined #rave
<Friendly_Guy> who has seen the new range of mens g-strings in Eastagte Edgars underwear department ?
*** Friendly_Guy has quit IRC (Killed (Sinbad (FUCK OFF WITH YOUR SUPPRESSED HOMOSEXUALITY! Jesus!)))

<Source> so mr The_Wizard when can i get it?
<The_Wizard> This evening?

<Alluvium> and those dancing bannanas are dancing on beat , and have bean for like 3min now .. :p
<Alluvium> oops
<Alluvium> wrong window

*** GuStO (jack@sg-7789.telkom-ipnet.co.za) has joined #nawty
*** LordCow sets mode: +o GuStO
<GuStO> tar
<LordCow> You must specify one of the -Acdtrux' options
<LordCow> Try `tar --help' for more information.
<GuStO> huh

<LordCow> 'nyway i've gotta go tuck the kids in
<Monkeywranch> Night dude
<nordic_ice> o_0
<slappy> lordcow isent it a bit late for kids..
<LordCow> slappy: they're just 4 2night *rubs hands*
<nordic_ice> LordCow: u paedo
<LordCow> haha
<slappy> lol
<Monkeywranch> huh?
<Monkeywranch> A pimp
<Monkeywranch> I understand
<Monkeywranch> Comprende
<Monkeywranch> what is a paedo?
<polarbearfluKe> a drink?
<LordCow> a swimming costume?
<nordic_ice> lmao
<Monkeywranch> Oooohhhh yeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaah
<nordic_ice> ROTFL

<Meazel> -sigh-
<Meazel> im sitting at a LAN and wwe havent played nething
<Meazel> stupid Mark
<Meazel> he cant connefct
<LordCow> how do u connefct
<Meazel> im conencted
*** Meazel has quit IRC (Connection reset by peer)

<Monkeywranch> You got no logs of me:(
<Monkeywranch> Cunt:P

*** Addict- (addict@sg-11077.convergence.cx) has joined #rave
*** BabyServ sets mode: +o Addict-
<Addict-> *drubnnk glance*
<Addict-> *drunk glance*

<psyclone> i love getting my car window smashed in
<Kasandra> erm
<Kasandra> did they break into your car psyclone?    <--- *blink*
<psyclone> they did
<psyclone> those bastards
<Kasandra> where did it happen psyclone
<LordCow> the window i imagine
<devdude> hahahahaha
<devdude> I think she meant passenger or driver side
<LordCow> ah i checkit
<LordCow> *vrommels*

*** one-time (amegra69@sg-2404.telkomadsl.co.za) has joined #rave
<one-time> /j #nawty
<LordCow> one time

*** Action (BlackFire@sg-2739.wdsl.co.za) has joined #nawty
*** Guys (g@sg.155.152.10861) has joined #nawty
<Guys> do u guys know when the nawty site will be up and running ?
<Action> nope
<Guys> tx
<Action> np
<Action> atm...there is a party..
<Action> so maybe after the party
<Action> new pictures will be up
<Action> atm...they all at the party...
<Action> so was i:)
<LordCow> u'r back already?
<Guys> i heard ingo wasnt going to play, so i neva went
*** FaEeZ (vacant@sg-12693.mweb.co.za) has joined #nawty
*** FaEeZ has left #nawty
<LordCow> y would u presume that the question was aimed @ u?
*** LordCow sets mode: +o Action
<Guys> r u talking 2 me ?
<LordCow> this is y i campaign 4 irc entrance restrictions
*** Guys has left #nawty


<DarKHawK> Anyone here got a sound balser live
<DarKHawK> laster even
<devdude> hahaha
<DarKHawK> blaster
<devdude> i dont have a sand blaster
<Synkronos> subotea :)
<devdude> what about a leaf blower?
<subo> ive got a hair drier


<DarKHawK> Anyone here got a sound blaster live
<devdude> Will you setle for a sand laster?
<Sens0rei_> anyone know where to get a sony digicam charger cheap?
<sinister> sounds like a jap generic
<Sens0rei_> for cybershot
<AnachromY> har har har
<sinister> any1 selling a bmw 325is E30 ?
<Sens0rei_> yes I am
<Sens0rei_> a blue one
<devdude> anyone know where I can get cheap women?
<sinister> how much ?
* AnachromY points at LandR *g*
<AnachromY> she a cheap woman

<Toughie> i make who sick?
<Clockwork_Orange> not much
<Clockwork_Orange> went an did some research
<Clockwork_Orange> u make me sick sasha
<Clockwork_Orange> ME
<Clockwork_Orange> and you lordcow
<Clockwork_Orange> u put me on ure site yet
<Clockwork_Orange> hey
<Clockwork_Orange> * boerseun1 has joined #nawty
<Clockwork_Orange> <project7> hey LordCow... put this on ure page
<Clockwork_Orange> <project7> SUCK MY DICK
<Clockwork_Orange> * project7 is now known as Clockwork_Orange
<Clockwork_Orange> * boerseun1 has left #nawty
<Clockwork_Orange> <Clockwork_Orange> hahahahah
<Clockwork_Orange> <intuition> hey Clockwork_Orange
<Clockwork_Orange> <Clockwork_Orange> dya suppose boerseun thought the convo was a bit ghei
<Clockwork_Orange> there

<MaX_PaYnE> fone 10111 and u get put on hold, wtf is that?
<Sens0rei_> all the police are in jail for corruption
<devdude> lol

<Capetown_leo> /msg candygal lo there 26 m ct
<gravedigger> Mr_Chapel: im having something with a 15 year old
<Mr_Chapel> OH
<Mr_Chapel> lol
<gravedigger> im actually enjoying it

<SweeTp1234> hi
<SweeTp1234> wats wit the nic?
<LordCow> u'rs or mine
<SweeTp1234> ????????


<EvOgUe> yo
<EvOgUe> u like cows
<EvOgUe> i am obssessed with cow print
<EvOgUe> and my nickname is even Moo
<EvOgUe> lol
<LordCow> fascinating stuph
<EvOgUe> stuph?
<EvOgUe> whats that?


<EvOgUe> what does stuph mean?
<EvOgUe> stuff???
<Enhanced> erm yes


<EvOgUe> o stuff
<EvOgUe> nm

<JouBaAS> hey. pls join my new chat room caled #Lobbie, the only reason im askin you to join is so that the room can be a succes( the more ppl the more ppl will join) so pls pls pls. thanx
*** sihen- has quit IRC (Love is a strong work, learn when to use it Kerri!)

<^_^> hi
<^_^> could you help me plz
<^_^> I've been banned from the #unix channel... but i've never joined it... could u ask an op to un ban me plz

<Rich> i got smacked by a fish this afternooon
<Rich> was kinda scary

<Bevan> devdude
<Bevan> do u do php
<devdude> I am trying to quit
<Bevan> ok

*** humanboy (doe@sg-5452.mweb.co.za) has joined #trance
*** Iz4 sets mode: +v humanboy
<humanboy> hi
<humanboy> whats up
<LordCow> me
<humanboy> up where?
<LordCow> feel around a bit
<humanboy> hey Iz4
<humanboy> nooit LordCow
<humanboy> thats offside

*** SULTAN (russia@sg.217.13.20395) has joined #5fm
<Feste> feel like correcting my grammar quickly?
<Feste> *lol*
<SULTAN> hallo people.
<SULTAN> im from russia
<Feste> sultan - please type: /nick Sultan
<SULTAN> what?
<Feste> it's plain english - just type: /nick Sultan
<SULTAN> my name is iwan.
<Feste> we don't care - just change your nick to lower case
<Feste> lol
<SULTAN> i dont nou.
*** Feste sets mode: -o+b SULTAN *!*russia@sg.217.13.*
*** SULTAN was kicked by Feste (moron])

* Feste clicks his neck in irritating
<Feste> irritation too
<Judge-Mental> hahahahhahahahhahahhahahahhaahahahahaahha!!!!!!!!!!!!!
* Judge-Mental liked that show :)
<Feste> thank god for the /fuck command

<Bevan> i need a muffin
<chop> wtf is Late Goodbyte
<chop> Goodbye
<chop> fuck
<chop> i struggle to type bye without a t

<pinkybrain> hey Judge-Mental
<pinkybrain> fuck me

<Panther> wheres a good place to find wav's?
<Bevan> the beach

<guided1> chemical brother is pissed he is not in your logs
<Rusher> C is powerful.. more than VB
<Vhata> Tim: bring me a blank CD
<Tim> ok
<Tim> whaffor?
<Vhata> so I can burn you a Gentoo live CD
<LordCow> when'r they playing again?
<Vhata> who?
<LordCow> gentoo
<Vhata> lol

<Pug> the only person i would take it from would be scuzzy if I did
<^_VoDaFoNe_^> hi
<^_VoDaFoNe_^> i am portuguese
<^_VoDaFoNe_^> and my english isn't very well
<^_VoDaFoNe_^> but
<^_VoDaFoNe_^> how is the official english server?
<^_VoDaFoNe_^> please

<DaRKNiGHT_> i havent had a bath in 2 years
<[Draco]> .dns hostname
<[Draco]> dns hostname
<[Draco]> shit
<gorilla> hahaha

* Oxide69 spins Russenmafia - Back On Track [05:35m of 06:52m/192Kbps/44KHz/9.44Mb]
<RatInAKage> oxide, you spinning on decks?
<WiseMonk> nickserv info Xantos
<WiseMonk> fuck stupid ass client
*** Mode change "-o+b raVen235i *!*@*.telkom-ipnet.co.za" on #american by raVen235i


<raVen235i> dude unban me plz
<^smile^> nena is a sad little fuct up boer .... some sad person can log this and use it as they please
<damn> whats the thing call when u hunt for fish ?
<damn> called evenb
<Captain_Dork> fishing
<carrot> lol
<GoGgA> fuck kazaa is ghei
<GoGgA> i have 1mg left of my download and it cant find any users to download from
<LordCow> it's an anti-pirating feature
<GoGgA> eh?
<GoGgA> serious?
<LordCow> yeah, u can read up on it @ http://logs.lordcow.co.za/
<GoGgA> lol
<GoGgA> omf
<GoGgA> r00dness
* LordCow rolls around
<GoGgA> log this:LC's log thing is ghei
<GoGgA> ;p

<qwest> i think im just too draind(?) to think stright now
<Savage> i love my ram tho
<surferhunk> hi
<ricardo> hi
<surferhunk> wazz up
<ricardo> r u ghei?
<surferhunk> no
<surferhunk> u?
<ricardo> no
<surferhunk> kewl
<surferhunk> asl
<ricardo> 23 m cpt

* yegz trying to study
<yegz> got test just now
<yegz> and just started studying at 5pm ;)
<siv> good luck
* LordCow wants 2 b like yegz
* siv wants LordCow
<siv> erm. i mean ... nm

<dinsda1e> BUT ADDICT,
<dinsda1e> I REST MY CASE :|

<toasty> logout
<toasty> quit
<toasty> exit
<Vhata> you can do it
*** toasty has quit IRC (BitchX: the ONLY three day cure!)

<Meazel> Recton has to buy it from sumwhere too :(. so the manufactures make a profit, then the supliers, and then the retailers. :(
<blue_screen> lol
<blue_screen> rectron is a retailer
<LordCow> who do the manufacturers buy it from
<blue_screen> they just make a profit cos they "BUY IN BULK"
<blue_screen> which is kak
<blue_screen> from the cows
<Meazel> LordCow, the manufactures make it u n00b

<GoldenAngel> Panther when u coming down?
<Surgeon> roughly 6 hours after eating the pill
<subo> *snigger*
<Legand> shoo did i meet a man last night
<psyclone> did you?
<Legand> yeah
<psyclone> not really a story i'm keen to hear then :/
<Legand> haha

<Luna> nurses are human beings too
<Luna> which ppl tend to forget
<Totem_Smoker> hey how do i get onto the irc server where all the ppl are at??
<blue_screen> can i climb your ladder
<blue_screen> ooooooooooops
<subo> then this fuggin place is doomed to destruction
<blue_screen> wrong window
<blue_screen> /clear

<Gillispie> Windowns Security Pacth for download http://www.ircarsivi.net/security/Pacth.zip
<Tails> Guys I log onto my website and see YOU HAVE BEEN DEFACED by h20 help the children in iraq
<Tails> I have the hacking club website who do i complain to?
<Legand> now im angry with this weather
<Legand> there is no more sun
<Bevan> yes there is
* Bevan bends over
<Bevan> erm no wait
<Legand> lol


<Legand> im going to score some sun
<Bevan> u just said there was no sun
<Legand> it comes and goes
<Legand> little clouds floating around
<SounD> Can anyone help me I want help on how to make my car faster and what car audio I must install for my car message me please.

<Bugs> ftp://anonymous:i.test.ca@ /tmp /uploaded by Javiwan/4 EMW/GameZ/Midnight_Club_2
<Bugs> thT
<Bugs> like ip i know is
<Bugs> port 21
<Bugs> user anonymous
<Bugs> pass test
<Bugs> ?
<Bugs> like so ?
<Bugs> pleaase say u know
<LordCow> r u drunk?
<Bugs> lol
<Bugs> no

*** Simmo (Simmo@nld-dial-196-7-200-117.mweb.co.za) has joined #unix
<Simmo> evening ppl
<pid> evening indeed
<Simmo> i was speaking to an oke at UCT today and he told me that i should sign up for shell access with you guys
<Simmo> have i come to the right place??? :P
<Snapper> yeah, speak to siv. he hands out shells left right and center....
<Simmo> okies
<Snapper> :-)
<Simmo> thanks a mill
*** Simmo has quit IRC (Leaving)

<xNtrik> kev
<xNtrik> naughty naughty
<xNtrik> gaysa sux
<Captain_Dork> thats why hes there
<^smile^> hhehehe
<xNtrik> hehehehe

<devdude> do cows jog?
<Jog> always dev
<Jog> you?
<kismet> roger@emc
<kismet> vixen is a guy
<kismet> read that msg
<kismet> he is a man who is married
<kismet> so ... u had cyber sex with a man
<Midkemia> now I am sad!
<kismet> lmfao
<kismet> bwhahahahaha

<Pontook> my pool skillz .. is non existent
<^smile^> and your grammer skillz aswell, by the looks of things

<dizzyg> *rubs head*
<dizzyg> been fucking my laptop
<dizzyg> erk
<dizzyg> fucking round with
<carrot> lol
<dizzyg> *need sleep*

<subo> look here
<subo> im HURT that im not on that page
<subo> im offended and feel marginalised
<GuStO> SUM FUCKERS just stole my dads car out the driveway
*** Hyper_Viper has quit IRC (In nomine Patris, et Filii, et Spiritus Sancti)
<Jof> so why u on irc now
<Mr_Chapel> cuz they didnt steal the computer?
<Mr_Chapel> duh!

<Vhata> wtf is SpongeBob anyway?
<SpongeBob> man SpongeBob?
<Vhata> No manual entry for spongebob
<mithrandi> rofl

<BlueICE> nope im just guessing coz im quite experienced with burning cd's
<LordCow> bluelice: http://logs.lordcow.co.za/
<GI-Joe> 56%
<BlueICE> what ?
<BlueICE> Hey
<BlueICE> dont log me
<LordCow> ok
<BlueICE> irc has enough problems of its own without being logged

<^Blonde_water^> this virus thing alwayz comes up on my computer, its so irritating
<BlueICE> if i check mail i'll get disconnected from irc coz i need to use a nortel client which changes my ip

<Gravy> darkestbot what is the capital of romania?
<darkestbot> gravy: Romania is a country in Eastern Europe, on the Black Sea, bordering Ukrania, Moldavia, Hungary, Serbia and Bulgaria.
<Gravy> i know that!
<Gravy> tut
*** milotl has quit IRC (Ping timeout)
<LordCow> gravy: it's R
<Gravy> what u mean?
<jan> hahahah
<LordCow> ;)
<jan> R for Romania
<jan> tut
<Gravy> what! am i being thick again?!
<jan> the CAPITAL
<LordCow> haha
<Gravy> ooooooh
<Gravy> tut! haha

<BLeeK> dude
<BLeeK> wot do u hack with?
<BLeeK> i mean as far as OS is concerned
<BLeeK> u runnin linux with a shell account?
<BLeeK> or just tryin ur hand at win haxin?
<BLeeK> plz get bac 2 me

<BLeeK> dude
<BLeeK> ur a 1337 h4x0r rite?
<LordCow> i am indeed
<BLeeK> do u use unix?
<LordCow> /ctcp lordcow version ;p
<BLeeK> or do u just hack with windows?
<BLeeK> (not that it's very easy)

*** shabzo (mc@sg-8222.mweb.co.za) has joined #trance
<shabzo> msg Nickserve de-register
<shabzo> \msg Nickserve de-register
*** shabzo has quit IRC (Ping timeout)

<LordCow> y0 paige *wants* u
<GIz> lol
<GIz> what?
<GIz> why?
<LordCow> "caus we didn't finish our convo"
<GIz> did u have a conversation about me?
<GIz> u and her?
<LordCow> no u ghei
<LordCow> that's what she said
<LordCow> that's y i put it in quotes
<GIz> hmm
<GIz> im lost now

<Recall> Skull-KiD
<Skull-KiD> w00t?
<Recall> U know who i am?
<Skull-KiD> no.. heaton?
<Recall> no
<Recall> Recall from rsachat
<Recall> :P
<Skull-KiD> k
<LordCow> u'r .. recall??
<Recall> LordCow, yes i am?
<Recall> why?
<Recall> ?
<ShadowlorD> lol
<Ph4ntom> i wish i could gay..
<Ph4ntom> i can't tho :/
<Ph4ntom> exam on monday
<JellyBeanZ> u wish u could gay?
<Judge-Mental> lol!
<Ph4ntom> LOL
<Ph4ntom> i meant go

<Caramel> hey
<LordCow> indeed
<Caramel> wots up?
<LordCow> just fsckin around
<LordCow> bout 2 run off & get sum sleep
<Caramel> lucky u
* LordCow thanx his lucky stars
<Caramel> cute
<Caramel> gtg
<Caramel> c ya
<LordCow> will miss ya
<Caramel> hey
<LordCow> again?
<Caramel> well u seem kinda occupied
<m[e]ntor> Does anyone know where I can buy 100 m of wireless lan cable?

<AnachromY> i need your cell fone number
<LordCow> i'm using it
<AnachromY> lol
<Stu> im willing to walk thru a gay bar naked...
<Lanula> you'll get raped about 6 times in like 4 secnds
<Stu> tis a risk im willing to take...

*** Ravenking (~Ruler@ct068-170.ctech.ac.za) has joined #uct
<Ravenking> say r u guyz from UCT
<Zimboon> anybody been hit in the face by W32.Blaster?
<pinkybrain> do we look retarded?

<ChewToy> does anyone know what the name of the url is that u can chat and play games against ppl
<ChewToy> it starts with a j
<ChewToy> but I cant remember

<justplainrob> so Risc, you're quite the Risc-taker.
<Risc> *sigh*
<HoG> i wanna put something on there adn i must be retarded but i cant find it...

<JillValentine> GuStO, don't make me get physical on your ass ...
<VeXeD> me ass cheeks were sore for a week
<SoftIce> siv gave it to me
<s-one> & I'll leavve now b4 i get logged saying more than i should
<s-one> quit

*** SSJ (Dark_Ryu@dbn-dial-196-30-34-68.mweb.co.za) has joined #unix
<SSJ> duz any one no how to get unbanned from ur own room ??
<SSJ> duz any one no how to get unbanned from ur own room ??
<Fitted_Virus> there is no way around that - sorry
<SSJ> there is
<SSJ> i did it once
<SSJ> but i forgot

<gry> there was a person on blabber called like_a_surgeon
<gry> can u beleive dat?
<Surgeon> i can, yeah

<Barev_18CpT> nope im a dudE
<LordCow> barev: asl?
<Barev_18CpT> cant u see?
<Barev_18CpT> 18 maLe,,, Capetown
<valentin0> dont you understand sarcasm...
<LordCow> hahaha
<Barev_18CpT> read my nick

<Bazak> carrot!
<Bazak> oops
<Bazak> wrong window


<Baby_Babes> ne1 up 4 sum fun?
<LordCow> yes
<Baby_Babes> msg me
<LordCow> that doesn't sound like fun


<Baby_Babes> u horny?
<LordCow> na just finished up
<Baby_Babes> u cant do it twice?
<Baby_Babes> cos i am real horny and wet
<LordCow> does u'r mom know u'r online?
<Baby_Babes> y u care?
<Baby_Babes> how do u even know i have a mom?
<Baby_Babes> she is dead
<Baby_Babes> u no good
<Baby_Babes> good bye

*** sparkie (mjhbdsj@sg-196.290.17835) has joined #pe
<sparkie> hey rat i am sparkie

<Darkone> I meet neil for the first time and he was kewl :P
<LordCow> ah k
<LordCow> so would u score him?
<Darkone> no
<Darkone> god I r not gay
<LordCow> haha
<Darkone> I am quite HAPPY with my Girlfriend thank-you :P

<FuzK_ange|> wot server r u on??

<Jack_CT> damnit get rid of that nick...that is really lame

<apricotman> \j grey
<apricotman> \ j grey

<SpideyLady> i have received a sms on a telkom phone
<SpideyLady> they read it to u
<DaRKNiGHT_> ok
<noddie_x> they do leetspeak?
<SpideyLady> huh
<DaRKNiGHT_> lo
<SpideyLady> whats leetspeak

<troll314> my girlfriend is having her period tonite so i'm on irc :(
<Angel_dust> and
<DocWood> hhahaha
<Angel_dust> lemme c
*** troll314 has been kicked off #pe by DocWood (that's both lame and wrong)

<Captain_Dork> when i was in school i was really small
<sk8r_boy> CT has lots ppl

<Exi|e> cheerz
*** Exi|e has quit IRC (just because a person has no eyes, doesnt mean they cant have a vision! ... and just because a person has no legs, doesnt mean they cant go the distance!)
<Mr_Dobolina> no it just means that they cant phisicaly see and that they cant move themselves with out aid, be it machine or human:)
<LordCow> thanx for clearing that up
<Crimson> i understan better now

<zuban> hi
<zuban> how r yu
* LordCow kief .. u
<LordCow> wats happenin
<zuban> wel not much
<zuban> i
<zuban> was kicked from afrikaans and i one of my friends who
<zuban> is in londen is there so i am
<zuban> mad
<LordCow> that's fascinating
<zuban> geee ta

<troll314> any islams in here?
<FonCused> uhm
<troll314> salaamz
<shmuck> woah..
<troll314> i is islam too
<shmuck> ws
<troll314> ws
<shmuck> u is islam too
<shmuck> that is funky
<BlueBoy> ws
<BlueBoy> ws
<FonCused> salaams all
<shmuck> ws
<BlueBoy> ws
<troll314> its easy to be islams: just say "salaams" followed wif a few "ws" and u sorted
<Weikiva> salaams

<Rambo> I bought a new pc... yay
<Rambo> Then went to Camps Bay

<LordCow> rambo: http://logs.lordcow.co.za/
<SilverRaven> isnt it freezing there at the mo
<Rambo> LordCow, and then?
<LordCow> rambo: erm that's up 2 u i spose

*** LordCow (lordcow@lordcow.phy.uct.ac.za) has joined #uct
<LordCow> moo
<saturnz[TRD]> you again
<LordCow> that's me ;p
<saturnz[TRD]> uh huh
<saturnz[TRD]> by the way, this channel has nothing to do with UCT the institution.
<LordCow> eh?
<LordCow> so wots it gotta do with
<saturnz[TRD]> for my personl enjoyment.
<LordCow> smashing
<LordCow> so y call it uct
<saturnz[TRD]> because i feel like it.
<LordCow> well
<LordCow> that'd b kewl *if* we had sumthing like chanserv
<saturnz[TRD]> kewl is concept I do not identify with.
<saturnz[TRD]> is a
<LordCow> u didn't get u'r kellogs this mornin did u
<saturnz[TRD]> you welcome to leave
<LordCow> shot
<saturnz[TRD]> I don't come onto IRC to be insulted either.

<Orange_Goblin> they should make spelling words incorectly punishible by deth

*** Cow has quit IRC (there are 10 types of people in this world, those who understand binary and those who don't)
<^VenuS^> i dont get that
<siryn> hahahaha
<^VenuS^> :P

<Broni> sash i've said 'hi' so many times 2 u 2day
<suwweal> yeh i know

<SaturnY3k> why aint i in ur logs?

<GoGgA> my mother needing the internet to do her banking so i had to leave 4 a while

<Kryptonite[CE]> kuk
<Kryptonite[CE]> U lyieng lauren
<|SecS|> no LauriE
<Kryptonite[CE]> my speeling sux
<Kryptonite[CE]> spelling

* PeBB|eZ falls off her chair
<PeBB|eZ> *frozen*
<RippedDenim> u fell asleep?
<PeBB|eZ> naa... just froze
<PeBB|eZ> :P
<RippedDenim> why?
<PeBB|eZ> it's cold!
<PeBB|eZ> ;)

<dance> shit all the ppl r leavin
*** dance has quit IRC (Excess Flood)

<KiLLeRFlY> Time^BomB
<KiLLeRFlY> wait...
<Time^BomB> yesh?
<KiLLeRFlY> check this out
<Time^BomB> ?
<KiLLeRFlY> hold alt and type fax
<Time^BomB> ?
<NiX0N> :)
<NiX0N> I luv that
*** Time^BomB has quit IRC (Condemned to violence...Arrested by pain...Inside the soul lies a man insane...Conceived in anger...Addicted to hate...The mutant child of a twisted state)

<CJuice> do you care?
<LordCow> about?
<CJuice> what we're saying
<LordCow> i dunno what u'r saying
<CJuice> exactly, do you care though?
<LordCow> don't think so
<CJuice> k cool

*** dragon (dragon@hide-25274.rucus.ru.ac.za) has joined #rucus
<dragon> *
<Vhata> dragon
<Vhata> wtf is Warped?
<dragon> what is wtf
<Vhata> "where the flibberdydibberdy"
<drs> Or "what the frank?"
<drs> Or "who the foo?"
<Vhata> or "why the freshness?"
* Vhata has never seen it used with "which"
<Vhata> wait...
* Vhata has two tuts here
<Vhata> wtf should I mark first?
<Vhata> (hah!)
*** dragon has quit IRC (Client exited)
<Vhata> he wasn't impressed
<drs> Guess not.

<jits> how do you exit this place?
<Warped> type "/quit"
<radbrad> just type /leaverhodes
<jits> "/quit"
<Warped> jits: without the quotes.
<jits> leaverhodes
<jits> leaverhodes
<radbrad> with the /
<drs> Crumbs.
*** jits has quit IRC (Leaving)
<radbrad> hmm....

<sin> so jagy..just u me and the bot left ;)
<Jaguar> hehe
<Jaguar> and i'm only here because my monitor's power saving just switched on while i was watching blade
<sin> u think i can get the bot 2 wear the gimp suit?
<Jaguar> what?
<sin> well its only u me and the bot left ;)
<sin> and i was thinking
<sin> wellll
<Jaguar> haha, shuddup

<Dare> you need serious help
<Dare> i heared the DR.Ruth colomns in the personality magazine help a lot
<afx> come on
<afx> tell me some more, Doctor.
<Dare> no way....im not doctor

<ASiDMaN> someone ping me
<LordCow> *ping*
<DeathMage> *pingtjie*
* Si|entBob pings asid....
<Si|entBob> ooooooo that was GOOOOOOD
<Si|entBob> do it again?? *drool*
<ASiDMaN> weirdos

<Cow> waddup hunibunch
<ALoop> ehehhee
<ALoop> nothing much hey
<ALoop> :)
<ALoop> you sweety pie
<Cow> i r taking a break frum installing x server
<Cow> wot u running?
<ALoop> doz atm
<ALoop> linux box is broken
<ALoop> have to fix it
<ALoop> but i am just too lazy
<ALoop> :)
<Cow> heh
<Cow> same here
<Cow> bought new graphix card .. having trouble configuring
<Cow> wats up wit u
<ALoop> nothing much hey i have a g/f now and she is legend
<ALoop> and thats about it
<Cow> haha
<ALoop> :P
<ALoop> you?
<Cow> i meant with linux
<Cow> but that's kewl
<ALoop> OH@@^%@$&&^%#
<ALoop> sorry
<ALoop> :P
* Cow laffs
<ALoop> box was`nt rebooted properly so yeah
<ALoop> power failure
<ALoop> blah blah

<SLeN> dude
<SLeN> howzit
<SLeN> need your help
<LordCow> heyhey
<LordCow> y wattup
<SLeN> can you unbann a certain person from #pe?
<SLeN> her nick is oxygen
<LordCow> ??
<LordCow> don't u have ops?
<SLeN> shamrock banned her
<SLeN> hell i dont know how to unban
* SLeN is stoopid with operator commands
<LordCow> /channel
<SLeN> yeah
<SLeN> and?
<LordCow> highlite her address
<SLeN> how do i find the address

<Hitgirl> hehehehe
<quovadis> so howya know?
<quovadis> and if ya say i told u then i'm gonna go hide
<Hitgirl> I'm very fine nu?
<Hitgirl> hehehe
<quovadis> heh... u afrikaans eh?
<Hitgirl> yip
<quovadis> figures
<Hitgirl> sies

<black-angel> hey wana chat
<black-angel> fine u r just missin out on talking to a blonde chik ..cheers
<LordCow> haha - i was away
<LordCow> so u rate urself ..
<black-angel> i do not!i just no that im not ugly(is that rating urself?)

<Jane_15> hi handsome
<Neurosis> hi yohann
<Jane_15> hey?
<Jane_15> jeff?
<Jane_15> simon?
<Neurosis> *efg*
<Jane_15> what?
<Neurosis> ur wondering how i know ur name?
<Jane_15> yes?
<Neurosis> im looking at ur screen right at this instant
<Jane_15> how?
<Jane_15> nuke
<Jane_15> hacker?
<Neurosis> yeah- thats it.....shhh....dont telll the russians
<Neurosis> so...yohann regnard....u ever heard of sumthing called netbus?
<Jane_15> you chop you whoised me
<Neurosis> bwahahahaha
<Jane_15> sly dog

Jane_15 is Rainking@dps53-01-p19.kn.saix.net * Yohann Regnard
Jane_15 on #pe
Jane_15 using guru.zanet.org.za The_Guru's irc instantiation
End of /WHOIS list.

<wildman> when u staying at res?
<LordCow> wen it gets dark normally

<Si|vasurfa> ello dumbass
<LordCow> ey beavis
<LordCow> watup
<Si|vasurfa> me and vine here
<LordCow> vine?
<Si|vasurfa> we are like doped up
<Si|vasurfa> heeh we just smoked up
<Si|vasurfa> oh it was good
<Si|vasurfa> william
<Si|vasurfa> dope
<LordCow> hehe
<LordCow> ah will
<Si|vasurfa> yeah yeah
<Si|vasurfa> hwy mo
<Si|vasurfa> we r fucked up
<LordCow> well i know that
<Si|vasurfa> and we r reading very slowly
<LordCow> an i'm writing very slowly :Þ
<Si|vasurfa> lol
<LordCow> =)

<kincs> hi asl
<LordCow> no i'm lordcow

<Mosquito> lordcow that was ugly i didnt do anything to u
<LordCow> mosq: wot
<Mosquito> someone nuked me
*** uneek has quit IRC (get ready for the meeting. what meeting??? my foot with yo ass!!!!)
<LordCow> o
<LordCow> kewl
*** Rico has quit IRC (Ping timeout)
<MegWitch> lol
<Mosquito> now u guys took away my ops
<LordCow> mosq: it's part of a deeper plan
<Mosquito> what plan

<Stareyes> a few monthes ago....alot actually I was Unicorn and Moonlight and Flamingo ect

<Baggins> hey u
<bushbaby> i know u?
<Baggins> maybe
<bushbaby> nope
<Baggins> so u're a bushbaby?
<Baggins> so am i
<Baggins> which bush?
<bushbaby> i'm male btw
<Baggins> cool man

<Renton> but wait who'll be knocking on your door!
<Shai`tan> come knock on my door
<Shai`tan> im waiting
<Renton> u got a good alarm system?
<Shai`tan> how many people have u killed?
<Renton> 2
<Shai`tan> 2?
<Shai`tan> with a knife?
<Shai`tan> are u white?

*** |GhettoSUperStar (whatkind@dial2.ion.co.za) has joined #pe
*** Necromancer (firewall-u@gfw1.mis.co.za) has joined #pe

<Necromancer> lo
<|GhettoSUperStar> hiya ppl
<|GhettoSUperStar> no opps
<LordCow> u reckon
<Necromancer> i gotta idea
<Necromancer> !!
<Necromancer> everyone leave then we get opz !
<Jaguar> omg, that's ingenius

<m3nt0r> LordCow : all yer deop protection and shit doesn't help dewd
<m3nt0r> you need to get an anti kick thing
<m3nt0r> then everyone will want to suckle on yer dicker
<LordCow> oh yes
<LordCow> and y don't i redesign irc while i'm at it
<s-one> speak for yourself mentor
<m3nt0r> heheh
<m3nt0r> LordCow: not a shit idea :>
*** LordCow sets mode: -o m3nt0r
<LordCow> i think it's safer this way ;)
<m3nt0r> lolness
<m3nt0r> fine
*** LordCow sets mode: +o m3nt0r
<m3nt0r> i dunt care
<m3nt0r> i am going to sleep now
<m3nt0r> muh dick is real sore
*** LordCow sets mode: -o m3nt0r
*** LordCow sets mode: +mnt
*** LordCow sets mode: -m

* s-one wil NOT ask why
*** LordCow sets mode: +m
<LordCow> damn script
<LordCow> never worx
<LordCow> mentor: get ready for school :Þ
*** LordCow sets mode: +v m3nt0r
<m3nt0r> i am not going to skewl
<m3nt0r> not for this week
<s-one> why not?
<LordCow> all the straight guys sign a petition?
<s-one> *smothered laugh*
<m3nt0r> because the prefects and all the lamerz are going on the std6 camp
<m3nt0r> so wtf is the point
*** LordCow sets mode: -mv+o m3nt0r m3nt0r
<s-one> and so?
<m3nt0r> so i stay at home
<m3nt0r> thats what

<saskia> i'm still here, talk to me
<L0st> lo saskia
<tiggerr> lo saskia
*** Colin has been kicked off #chatzone by True_B|ue (how about u fuck off)
*** Taz (faraway@196-31-84-240.iafrica.com) has joined #chatzone
* Tequilla waves cya to all
<tiggerr> hey true blue what did colin do?
<tiggerr> bye tequilla
<tiggerr> whare are you saskia?
<True_B|ue> tiggerr : why dont u just fukken shut up?
<tiggerr> k

<[Dunax]> I'm just never here
<s-one> where?

<Hellion> hey who's gonna get a p3 here ?
<MolecA> Me me!!
<MolecA> :P
<m3nt0r> i will prolly
<m3nt0r> you need new mother board right ?
<MolecA> <maverick> CU: what's the diff between the a and the normal Celeron? <---------- and this guy founded #quake *REALLY*
<m3nt0r> hehehe
<Hellion> shame man
<m3nt0r> fuk ....
<Hellion> he knows more about linux than god man
* m3nt0r shakes maverick's cock
<MolecA> But ... um .. really
<MolecA> How out of it can one person be :P

<LordCow> fips11.zip or sumthing i got off tucows
<LordCow> wassat?
<m3nt0r> a util that partitions a existing drive without reformatting
<m3nt0r> yeah thats the one
<m3nt0r> so you can basically split the drive in two
<m3nt0r> but i tried it this afternoon
<m3nt0r> didnt work so then i had to wank
<m3nt0r> wankwankwank

<SLeN> i really need it
<|singe|> hmmmmmm
<|singe|> vibrator not got enuff power ?
<SLeN> and the last place i remeber putting it was in those boxes
<SLeN> nope needs at least another 4 batteries

private ..

<|singe|> got ol slen here
<|singe|> usin ishare , he ircin next to me
<LordCow> ahh kewl
<LordCow> wot position?
<|singe|> haha , position right left , elbow up , back leg extended
<LordCow> lol
channel ..

<SLeN> aaaaaaaarhhhggggggggg
<|singe|> hehe u like that ?
<SLeN> you fugger!!!!
* SLeN rubs my leg to rid the burn
<|singe|> hehe

<monkey_bouy> i dont feel like myself today...i feel like....MONKEY_BOUY

*** Mage is firewall-u@fwj7.tns.co.za (byte)
*** on channels: @#i.luv.lordcow @#wicca @#dagga @#pe
*** on irc via server timewiz.zanet.org.za (TimeWiz's server)

<Time_Bomb> what do i type
<laurie_skecha> alt F4
*** Time_Bomb has quit IRC (Leaving)

<^Cookiemonster^> this is such a cool nick
<^Cookiemonster^> who gave it to you
<^Cookiemonster^> your mother
<^Cookiemonster^> u fucking idiot

<LordCow> hi
<LordCow> i remember quite the bit've abuse coming from u ..
<^Cookiemonster^> yeah so fuck of
<LordCow> ic

*** ^Cookiemonster^ has quit IRC (Ping timeout)

<sin> im having a competion with a friend who can get ops 1st ;)....if im bothering u pls tell me 2 piss of ta :P
* madchen laughs
<madchen> which friend?
<sin> LC:last 1 on #za 2 get ops has 2 kiss dm's mother...on the lips ;)
<sin> LC=lordcow
<sin> :)
* madchen grins
<madchen> well he loses
<madchen> tell him he has a cool webpage:)
<sin> hehehe ta

later on ..

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ahhh beautiful
<s-one> my yping isn't that reliable rigt now

*** DeathMage changes topic to 'Simba Surprise!'
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<simba> Hello kiddie!
<stupid9yearoldkid> SIMBA
<stupid9yearoldkid> i love you simba
<simba> me and candice here r gonno suprise u ok?!?!?
<stupid9yearoldkid> OKAY!
<simba> SURPRISE!!!
<stupid9yearoldkid> *unexpected scream*
<simba> were u suprised?!?!?!
<stupid9yearoldkid> YES
<stupid9yearoldkid> very much so
<stupid9yearoldkid> lol
<simba> good!
<simba> good!
<stupid9yearoldkid> simba: now ask me some dumb questions
<simba> ok..... . what colour is an orange?!?
<stupid9yearoldkid> simba: uhhmm...orange I think? *duh*
<simba> well done!!!
<stupid9yearoldkid> *crowd roars*
<simba> here have a fagy napsack that all your friends can laugh at
<simba> and beat u up over
<stupid9yearoldkid> why thank you simba
<simba> u wanna win the simba hampper kiddie!??!?!
<stupid9yearoldkid> simba: OKAY..next question, make it easier... :)
<simba> ok...now how old r u...
<stupid9yearoldkid> you said it would be easy!
<stupid9yearoldkid> ummm...9 i think...
<simba> here's some chips that the bigs kids can steal from u at break!!
<stupid9yearoldkid> i love you simba
<simba> dont worry kiddie...theres nothing wrong with hugging a grown man in a lions costume

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