<sin> and guvi is a friend
<quovadis> do U know guvi?
<quovadis> hey?
<sin> yes
<sin> met her rl
<sin> once
<sin> seemed really nice
<quovadis> caryn siesel
<quovadis> ghod...
<quovadis> geez iain
<quovadis> so u gotta op her coz u met her?
<sin> no cause she seems like a nice person
<quovadis> so i'm sure everyone else here SEEMS like a nice person.. so that doesnt mean they should get fuckin ops
<sin> fine leave it
<sin> l8tr

<Razorblade> i just like having ops
<quovadis> why ?
<Razorblade> friends of mine come on i like oping them
<Razorblade> its just fun

<Rokafella> what the fuck are u doin buddy
<LordCow> who u?
<Rokafella> u deoped me fuck nut
<LordCow> mm and so?
<LordCow> u'r banning ppl an u not a reg
<Rokafella> i am u dick diffrent nick
<Rokafella> and i can ban people if they cause shit with me
<LordCow> so can i :)
<Rokafella> u ded ,man

<Blu-J> i should get ops
<LordCow> and i should be o-lined

<BadAss> lo
<BadAss> my brother said you would be kind enough to give me ops
<BadAss> lololololololololo

<_imortal> i dont want this to sound like i am begging you for i opps
<_imortal> but i have my reasons

<ColdRage> please op me
<LordCow> y?
<ColdRage> why not
<LordCow> why yes

<snapper> plz op me
<LordCow> lo
<LordCow> who u?
<snapper> snapper
<snapper> plz op me
<LordCow> an y would i op u ..?
<snapper> plz man im begging u

<quovadis> why do u need ops?
<snapper> because i want to deop a person
<quovadis> why ?
<quovadis> why ?
<snapper> it a bud of mine

<quovadis> maybe we should institute affirm action ?
<quovadis> like 20% woman, 70% black people and 10% disabled people
<LordCow> hehehe
<quovadis> <grin>
<LordCow> damn, nraider gets all 3 categories then
<quovadis> hehehe

<nraider> btw.. i think this is childish what u're doing with ppl's logs
<bad-girl> HEY
<bad-girl> A/S/L
<Crashe> hmmmm....
<Crashe> whats with the caps-lock you shouting at me???
<Crashe> :)
<Crashe> 24/m/pe
<bad-girl> SORRY
<bad-girl> sorry
<bad-girl> cool im 12 f pe
<bad-girl> can i have ops please
<Crashe> hmmm....
<Crashe> do you deserve them???
<bad-girl> yes!!!my dad is a oparata
<Crashe> hehe...
<Crashe> you make me laugh......
<bad-girl> why
<Crashe> oparata???
<Crashe> whats that...
<bad-girl> he is a op
<Crashe> where???
<bad-girl> ummmmmmmm at compunet access
<Crashe> heheheee....
<Crashe> and thats why you want ops........
<bad-girl> please man im on my knees

*** Zilla2 (zilla2@slip166-72-90-188.oh.us.ibm.net) has joined #za
<Zilla2> hello
<Zilla2> ops
<sabrina> bye T_E
*** Subhuman has quit IRC (Connection reset by peer)
<madchen> zilla2
<madchen> you want ops
<Zilla2> yes
<Zilla2> yes i do
<madchen> then type /nick gayspode
*** Subhuman (subhuman@ip-149-244.gw.total-web.net) has joined #za
<Zilla2> and i know there is no passowrd
<madchen> no paswd for that one
<madchen> promise
<madchen> just type it
*** cyberianX (cyberian@pel-531-65.mweb.co.za) has joined #za
<madchen> ill give you ops
<madchen> change your nick t that
<madchen> :)
*** Faithless has quit IRC (Bill Gates - suck my dick !!)
*** The_Edge has quit IRC (bounce)

*** Zilla2 is now known as gayspode
*** gayspode has quit IRC (Killed (Services (*bang*)))
<sabrina> u nasty girl!
<madchen> LOLOLOLOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
<madchen> LOLOLOLOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
<madchen> LOLOLOLOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
<madchen> LOLOLOLOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
<sabrina> lol
* madchen falls off her chair
<madchen> LOLOLOLOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
<madchen> LOLOLOLOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
<madchen> LOLOLOLOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
<Cammie> i can't believe you did that!
<sabrina> nortie girl
<madchen> if you could hear me laughing
<Cammie> i can imagine angel :)
* madchen is killing herself
* madchen is killing herself
* madchen is killing herself

<madchen> fuck i cant breathe im laughing so hard

Session Start: Fri Nov 06 22:52:40 1998
<LordCow> really now?
<FoRgE> just jokes
<FoRgE> y u deop us
<LordCow> jokes?
<FoRgE> siryn is a reg
<LordCow> caus u'r not regs
<LordCow> like hell
<FoRgE> i am
<LordCow> what's his previous nick?
<FoRgE> not me
<FoRgE> lord^nikon
<LordCow> he's siryn?
<FoRgE> yes
<LordCow> so y hasn't he msg'ed me?
<FoRgE> i dunno
<FoRgE> whats msg
<LordCow> fine wotever
<LordCow> message
<LordCow> cheers
<FoRgE> dunno
<FoRgE> ill ask him 2
<FoRgE> k
<LordCow> no matters not
<FoRgE> thanx
<FoRgE> please op me
<LordCow> wen u'r a reg yeah
<FoRgE> i`m sorry about earlier
<LordCow> well u shouldn't have dun it
<LordCow> and if u hadn't i still wouldn't op u
<LordCow> regs.cjb.net
<FoRgE> i am
<LordCow> u'r not
<LordCow> wat's u'r previous nick?
<FoRgE> killer^chic
<FoRgE> dick
<LordCow> ?
<FoRgE> jokes
<LordCow> wotever
<FoRgE> typing error
<LordCow> yup
<FoRgE> sorry
<FoRgE> jus op me once and i will never ask again
<FoRgE> and i will not ban kick u
<FoRgE> pleez
<LordCow> op u once so u can do wot?
<FoRgE> jus to be ops 2 join u
<FoRgE> jus so i can become known
<FoRgE> pleez
<LordCow> you become known by joining the channel
<LordCow> not being an op
<FoRgE> pleez jus 4 fun
<FoRgE> plz
<LordCow> 4 fun ??
<FoRgE> yip
<FoRgE> i wont do anything wrong i swear pleez
<LordCow> that's not the point
<FoRgE> what is
<FoRgE> please op me
<LordCow> that u won't do anything wrong
<FoRgE> come on pleez
<FoRgE> can siryn op me
<LordCow> no
<LordCow> now go away
<FoRgE> i know where you live!!!
<LordCow> well come beat me then
<FoRgE> thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven
<LordCow> hehe u'r speaking 2 an atheist here
<LordCow> and that's got nothing 2 do with anything
<FoRgE> i was only joking
<LordCow> u don't op ppl caus they're u'r friend ..
<FoRgE> i know
<FoRgE> just once
<LordCow> for what??
<FoRgE> i will stop pestering you
<LordCow> well u can start now
<FoRgE> pleez bru
*** Added FoRgE!*@* to ignore list

*** Flame_Wave sets mode: +k fuck
*** afx is now known as sin

<Neurosis> shame...a takeover in a channel of 5 ppl
<Flame_Wave> lol
<Neurosis> :)
<sin> why haven't you opped anyone?
<Flame_Wave> cause no one thats here i can trust or no 1 here is a REG
<sin> flame_wave: you think I'm not a reg?
<sin> :)
<Flame_Wave> ill check
<sin> huh?
<Flame_Wave> jpi just just
*** HuNiSuCkLe has quit IRC (excuse me for a while)
<sin> You see that big thing at the top where it says "OVERLORDS"?
<sin> And there're are only five?
<sin> regs.cjb.net
<Flame_Wave> youve been a reg for 4 months
<Flame_Wave> no
<sin> flame_ you fewl...
<sin> read old ops
<sin> on regs.cjb.net
<sin> (they've changed the page - it USED to say overlords.)
<Flame_Wave> crap where u get that from
<sin> have u actually gone 2 the page yet?
<Neurosis> ok...why u two kittens fight it out....
*** Neurosis has quit IRC (My programs don't have bugs- They just develop random features.)
<sin> u arnt even on the regs page geniuse?!
<Flame_Wave> who
<Flame_Wave> me
<sin> sigh...
<sin> go 2 regs.cjb.net
<sin> yes u
<sin> and tell me what u c.
<Flame_Wave> thats no where u check whose a reg or not
<sin> are you fucken stupid?
<sin> WHere are you checking?
<sin> On the "flame_wave" homepage?
<sin> what page are you checking then ?
* sin starts logging this conversation
<Flame_Wave> no in mirc theres a way u fuckhead
<sin> flame: what the fuck do you think you're doing?
<sin> putting a key on #pe?
<sin> you're a deadman.
<sin> Takeovers are not allowed.
<sin> No one can get into the channel because of you
<sin> You are the only person with ops.
<Flame_Wave> i took it off long time ago
<sin> And you have put a channel key on
<sin> YOu idiot
<sin> Its still on
<sin> look at the top of the page
<sin> People with the IQ of a common houseplant are NOT ALLOWED ON IRC
<Flame_Wave> how do u take it off then
<sin> This log will be put up on the regs page...
<sin> flame: just op me.
<sin> Deal with it.
*** Flame_Wave sets mode: -k fuck
<sin> god.
<Flame_Wave> hey dontr say that
<sin> say what?
*** SeNsEleSs (ds@asy04.anx1.ctyA.gia.net.za) has joined #pe
<Flame_Wave> God
<sin> <sin> sigh...
<sin> <sin> go 2 regs.cjb.net
<sin> <sin> yes u
<sin> <sin> and tell me what u c.
<sin> [17:32] <Flame_Wave> thats no where u check whose a reg or not
*** cHrome (sAMANTHA@rdg-52t2-123.mweb.co.za) has joined #pe
<sin> just as a matter of interest,
<sin> where do YOU check whos a reg?
<cHrome> thanx sinie :))
* sin has been using irc for years.... so where's this amazing feature in MIRC where you check the reg's list on IRC for channels?
<sin> cHrome: np
*** F|ReFly (firewall-u@gfw1.mis.co.za) has joined #pe
<F|ReFly> lo ppl
<sin> cHrome: unfortunately we have an idiot on the channel who refuses to op anyone...
<sin> and puts stupid keys on the channel
<F|ReFly> oh yay
<sin> and checks for regs lists on irc...
<sin> when i last tried /msg regserv it didn't respond.
<cHrome> theheheh
<sin> which would explain why there isn't anyone on it.
<Flame_Wave> k go to your status bar and type in /msg nickserv info and the nick and if hes been registred for more than3 months your a reg but im not a reg
<sin> flame_wave: op me if you don't want to play in the status window for the rest of your life.
<Flame_Wave> dont threat me
<sin> flame_wave: so if ANYONE registers their nick for more than 3 months they are automatically a reg on EVERY CHANNEL?
<F|ReFly> hahaha
<sin> according to your logic.
*** F|ReFly is now known as F|ReAway
<sin> Brillaint! we'll put that into effect immediately...
<cHrome> chow guys :)))
<Flame_Wave> ill op cause youre a reg
<SeNsEleSs> aha
<SeNsEleSs> and me?
<sin> so we op everyone on every channel thats had...
<kewlguy> and me
<sin> a nick registered for over three months...
<sin> don't op anyone else.
<sin> cheers cHrome
*** F|ReAway has quit IRC (Colourful quit msg thingy that i'm not gonna edit)
<Flame_Wave> i wont as long as u make a vow not 2 deop kick or ban me
<sin> op me and senseless
<sin> flame: okay... I sware on my mothers grave..
*** R|P (firewall-u@gfw1.mis.co.za) has joined #pe
<sin> (and she's not dead yet)
*** cHrome has quit IRC (Leaving)
<sin> hang on
<R|P> lo ppl
<Flame_Wave> hehehe
* sin checks the semantics of that sentence.
*** Flame_Wave sets mode: +o sin
*** sin sets mode: -o Flame_Wave
<Flame_Wave> to deop me
*** sin sets mode: +o SeNsEleSs
<SeNsEleSs> ta
<sin> jeez...
<SeNsEleSs> me is off
<SeNsEleSs> l8r
*** Flame_Wave was kicked by sin (sin)
*** Flame_Wave (hehehe@pel-531-48.mweb.co.za) has joined #pe
*** sin sets mode: +b *!*@pel-531-48.mweb.co.za
*** Flame_Wave was kicked by SeNsEleSs (SeNsEleSs)
*** sin sets mode: +b flame_wave!*@*

*** SeNsEleSs has quit IRC (no)
* sin saves these logs for later years.

*** Rv_LoveJoy (elotriet@a2-jhb-24.dial-up.net) has joined #appreciated
<Rv_LoveJoy> hey there
* |singe| thanx all fer comin to the chan
<Rv_LoveJoy> pleasure
<|singe|> bye all
<C0RsA|r> cheerZ dude
*** |singe| has quit IRC (http://singes.cjb.net Alwayz Tavarua)
<Rv_LoveJoy> make good on the topics promise
<LordCow> hey
<LordCow> wtf is this not opping ppl
*** LordCow sets mode: +o Rv_LoveJoy
<LordCow> damnit
<Rv_LoveJoy> thank you
<Rv_LoveJoy> ?
<LordCow> err
<LordCow> now this's the part where u take over
<LordCow> and we all shout at u
<LordCow> and stuff
<Rv_LoveJoy> shout at me ?
<Grom> hehe
<Rv_LoveJoy> go ahead
<LordCow> well not 2 loudly
<Rv_LoveJoy> maybe this will help
*** Rv_LoveJoy sets mode: -o C0RsA|r
*** Rv_LoveJoy sets mode: -o LordCow

<LordCow> .up
*** inf3rno sets mode: -o Rv_LoveJoy
*** inf3rno sets mode: +oo C0RsA|r LordCow

<LordCow> ta
<LordCow> what the hey
<C0RsA|r> shot dude
<Rv_LoveJoy> shit
<inf3rno> np
<inf3rno> lol
<LordCow> rv i'm gonna have ta teach u how 2 takeover man
<C0RsA|r> we should kick his ass
<Rv_LoveJoy> okay
<LordCow> cors: no he's still learning
<C0RsA|r> k
<Rv_LoveJoy> no,no kick it
<Rv_LoveJoy> by all means
<Rv_LoveJoy> just gently
<LordCow> ok fine
<LordCow> but we mean it in a nice way
<Rv_LoveJoy> yup
*** |SuGerMan| (Askme@196-7-187-4.iafrica.com) has joined #appreciated
<|SuGerMan|> hi ppl
*** Grom sets mode: +o |SuGerMan|
<inf3rno> cheers all gota go
<Rv_LoveJoy> op me so i can try the takeover thing again
<LordCow> ok
<LordCow> but i don't want u fuqen up anymore
*** LordCow sets mode: +o Rv_LoveJoy
<Rv_LoveJoy> i wont
<inf3rno> take your time
<Rv_LoveJoy> with ?
<LordCow> hehe
<inf3rno> u're hopeless
<LordCow> fern he's concentrating
<inf3rno> lol
<LordCow> rv .. sum points .. if u can't script
<LordCow> highlight our nicks
<LordCow> then do u'r stuff
<LordCow> like all at the same time
<inf3rno> lol
<Rv_LoveJoy> but my name is in the way
<LordCow> yes now that would be dumb
<Rv_LoveJoy> how do i leave mine out ?
<LordCow> that is y eleet's learn 2 make aliases
<inf3rno> go from cor to marine then to suger quickly
<LordCow> ok this i learnt while i wos in the cia
<LordCow> highlite all our nicks
<LordCow> then change u'rs
*** Rv_LoveJoy is now known as p
<inf3rno> Suger for his sake plz deop yourself!!!!!!
<C0RsA|r> he's hopeless
*** p is now known as Rv_LoveJoy
<inf3rno> make your nick _q
*** Rv_LoveJoy sets mode: -o |SuGerMan|
<LordCow> yeah .. that or use a clone
*** Rv_LoveJoy sets mode: -ooo C0RsA|r Grom inf3rno
*** LordCow sets mode: -o Rv_LoveJoy

<inf3rno> you go!!!!
<LordCow> shit man
<inf3rno> lol
*** LordCow sets mode: +ooo C0RsA|r Grom inf3rno
*** LordCow sets mode: +o |SuGerMan|

<LordCow> u'r not catching on
<Rv_LoveJoy> all most
<LordCow> yeah
<LordCow> ok
<LordCow> lets try the cloning thing
<Rv_LoveJoy> ok gotta go be useless elsewhere
<inf3rno> nice try!!!!
<LordCow> or bring a bot in
<Rv_LoveJoy> cheers
<LordCow> and i'll call gaspode 2 come an watch
*** Rv_LoveJoy (elotriet@a2-jhb-24.dial-up.net) has left #appreciated
<LordCow> sigh
<LordCow> pressure got 2 him
*** inf3rno is now known as wondermel
<wondermel> lo all
<LordCow> ey mel
<wondermel> that was overly hysterical
<wondermel> hey
<wondermel> HOW DUMB CAN ONE GET?
<LordCow> according 2 your standards? ;)
<C0RsA|r> hey i got to go continue tackover 101 tomorow
<wondermel> once u think u've seen it all, someone like him comes along
<wondermel> next time he tries, lets just deops ourselves?
<LordCow> heh
<C0RsA|r> CheerZ dudes
<LordCow> l8tz cors