<noddie_x> ew
<Hyper_Viper> shutup
*** ReThan has quit IRC (Ping timeout)
<noddie_x> aren't u suppose to be washing my car
<odb> lol
<Hyper_Viper> dewd, arent you supposed to be doing something constructive instead of talking kak?
<Hyper_Viper> FUCK!!
<Hyper_Viper> wait
<Hyper_Viper> brb, german needs disciplining
<noddie_x> kewt, penis petname?
*** ReThan (Matt@sg-7626.telkomadsl.co.za) has joined #rave
*** BabyServ sets mode: +o ReThan
<odb> lol

*** Yucko (yucko@sg-5160.telkomadsl.co.za) has joined #rave
*** Yucko has left channel #rave
*** Djinn sets mode: +b *!yucko@*.telkomadsl.co.za
<odb> lol
<Djinn> :P
*** LordCow sets mode: -b+b *!yucko@*.telkomadsl.co.za *!*@*.telkomadsl.co.za
*** ReThan has quit IRC (Ping timeout)
*** Hyper_Viper (i.R.viper@sg-11610.MuthaFM.com) has joined #rave
*** BabyServ sets mode: +o Hyper_Viper
*** Djinn sets mode: -b *!*@*.telkomadsl.co.za
*** ReThan (Matt@sg-8139.telkomadsl.co.za) has joined #rave
*** BabyServ sets mode: +o ReThan
<Djinn> m00
<ReThan> m000
<Djinn> m0000
<Djinn> mad cow disease
<LordCow> o damn, rethan isn't telkomadsl is he
<Djinn> lol
<odb> you hear about the two cows talking about mad cow disease Djinn
<odb> sorry im bored i do this when im bored
<Djinn> nope :P
<odb> one said to the other cow arent you worried about this mad cow disease
<odb> cow number 2 replied not at all i'm a frog
* odb joins #lame-jokes
<LordCow> i thought u said 2 cows
<LordCow> not a cow & a frog
<Djinn> trick joke ? :P
<odb> eish dude
<odb> the other cow thinks hes a frog
<LordCow> or just the 1 cow got mad cow
*** Sens0rei_ (da@sg-33024.telkomadsl.co.za) has joined #rave
*** BabyServ sets mode: +o Sens0rei_
<odb> ya
<LordCow> ok
<LordCow> & the other 1's a frog?
* odb goes back to idling
<LordCow> *snigger*
<odb> screw you guys im going home
*** odb has quit IRC (seen da good side of bad and the down side of up and everything between, licked the silver spoon drank from the golden cup and smoked the finest green)
<devdude> lol

*** noddie_x (elves@sg-11610.MuthaFM.com) has joined #rave
*** BabyServ sets mode: +o noddie_x
<noddie_x> dagse
<LordCow> dagga
<noddie_x> not before breakfast ta
<LordCow> consider it after supper
<noddie_x> fine fine
*** Sens0rei_ (da@sg-33024.telkomadsl.co.za) has joined #rave
*** BabyServ sets mode: +o Sens0rei_
<GuStO> fucking dagga koppe
<GuStO> stiek uit
* devdude watches LordCow stieking uit
<LordCow> http://lordcow.org/lordcow.jpg ;p
<GuStO> honestly
<GuStO> that is a fucking king cow
<GuStO> lord of lords
<GuStO> a bit skinny but ill bone it
<meaga-byte> haha
<meaga-byte> ud bone anything
<meaga-byte> nice weed field
<GuStO> not really no heads on any of those plants
<GuStO> but i spose give them time to choose
<GuStO> bro talking about boning anything
<GuStO> last night a kapped at least a 4 hours session with my freinds boss's secratary
<GuStO> check what my mom says to me on msn this morning
<GuStO> Heather says:
<GuStO> Good grief - its the bonking boy
<GuStO> GuStO says:
<GuStO> huh?
<GuStO> Heather says:
<GuStO> not huh
<Djinn> depends on the noise ;p
<LordCow> Heather says: what time you coming around 2night?
<LordCow> LordCow says: 2night? i've already sorted u out 3 times this week
<LordCow> LordCow says: and damn, france's playing 2night
<LordCow> Heather says: ;(
<LordCow> eish i'm @ the end've my heather
<LordCow> i mean tether
*** LordCow has been kicked off #rave by GuStO (thats my fucking mother bro)
*** LordCow (lordcow@lhc.phy.uct.ac.za) has joined #rave
*** BabyServ sets mode: +o LordCow
<LordCow> forgot 2 *duck*
* devdude vrommels
*** Gareth (shutup@sg-66.14.2900) has joined #rave
<GuStO> oh ok
<GuStO> then its ok
<GuStO> kap aan
<Sens0rei_> LOL
<Sens0rei_> back in the trailer park...
<GuStO> what did your mother park your house in the wrong spot again Sens0rei_?
<Djinn> lol

<whoopie> OMG
<whoopie> just found my place I am going on safari on when I get home
<whoopie> *yay*
<whoopie> who wants to see ??
<whoopie> http://www.tagasafaris.co.za/tinga-game-lodge.htm
*** Huntress_^ has quit IRC (rebooting)
<whoopie> HOW AWESOME is that !
<LordCow> judging by the respone, pretty mediochre
<whoopie> well
<whoopie> obviously NO one went and looked
<LordCow> prolly not worth it
<whoopie> erm
<whoopie> yes it is
<whoopie> wow
<whoopie> looks super hot
<whoopie> w0w
<LordCow> doubt it
<LordCow> nothing's ever topped http://lordcow.org/
<LordCow> so odds aren't in u'r favour
<Hyper_Viper> lol

<MaX_PaYnE> she had a different top on the other day, u gotta check thise kickass knockers...
<MaX_PaYnE> rofl
<MaX_PaYnE> wrong window
<MaX_PaYnE> pwnd
<Sens0rei_> dumbass

*** acid (akira@sg-33810.your-freedom.de) has joined #rave
*** BabyServ sets mode: +o acid
<toughie> acid, did it come out ok?
<toughie> i think i mighta uploaded the wrong file
<acid> no it didnt
<acid> was all fucked up and shit
<acid> :/
<toughie> ok
*** DjSilver has left #rave
<toughie> gonna upload the proper one.....or u got it now?
<acid> nope
<acid> please do :)
<LordCow> riveting
<toughie> busy up'in
<toughie> 10mins :>
*** Sens0rei_ has quit IRC (Quit:)
<acid> yayness
<acid> same dir?
<acid> anyone know the number to phone for vodacom to check ur voice messages?
*** chopsky (Shamiro@sg-23365.uct.ac.za) has joined #rave
*** chopsky has left #rave
<devdude> 121
<toughie> 121
<acid> no
<acid> from a landline
<acid> sorry
<AnachromY> 911
<toughie> 082 121 <the rest of your cell number>
<acid> danke
<toughie> then it'll ask for your passwd
<toughie> 2 mins...
<toughie> 40sec....
<toughie> 20....
<acid> shot
<toughie> 10
<toughie> 5
<toughie> 4
<toughie> 3
<toughie> 2
<toughie> 1
<toughie> done :>
<acid> yay!
<toughie> Transferred: Gwen stafani f eve - Rich girl feat eve - Rich girl.mp3 5.52 MB in 14:16
<acid> where?
<toughie> same place
<toughie> /pub/incoming/gwen4acid/
<toughie> just make sure u take the correct one this time :-0
<LordCow> muffie: u mind comin over here & countin down my transfers?
<LordCow> my hash display is so boring
<toughie> LordCow. shaw :)
<LordCow> l33to
<toughie> lol
<toughie> fuck this shit on 5fm is rediculous
<acid> there's only 1 there
<toughie> they wanna ban GQ,FHM and COSMO to under18's
<toughie> acid, press F5
<toughie> got it?
<acid> f5?
<acid> dude i use unix
<dj> lol
<toughie> REFRESH
<toughie> im sure unix has a refresh
<toughie> NOOP
<acid> cd ok, cwd=~/pub/incoming/gwen4acid
<acid> lftp ftp.uunet.co.za:~/pub/incoming/gwen4acid> ls -l
<acid> drwxr-xr-x -- ..
<acid> -rw-r--r-- 5545k 2005-04-18 13:41 Gwen stephanie & eve - Gwen stafani & eve - Rich girl.mp3
<acid> lftp ftp.uunet.co.za:~/pub/incoming/gwen4acid>
*** Dj_Flea (g@sg-22076.telkomadsl.co.za) has joined #rave
<acid> only one file
<dinsda1e> hehe refresh
*** Sens0rei_ (kennyfrodo@sg-17361.uunet.co.za) has joined #rave
*** BabyServ sets mode: +o Sens0rei_
<toughie> acid
<toughie> REFRESH
<toughie> ffs
<toughie> NOOP
<acid> yeah its my lftp and my proxy being silly
<dinsda1e> leap ?
*** Sens0rei_ has quit IRC (Ping timeout)
<dinsda1e> my ftp proxy is properly wankered atm
<dinsda1e> -sigh-
<toughie> so is it there yet acid?
<acid> yeah it is
<acid> fucking lftp
<acid> im using wget then
<toughie> ok kewl
<toughie> :-()
<toughie> g'luck
<acid> yeah sorted :)
<acid> gay 40kb/sec
<LordCow> refresh u silly unix haha
<LordCow> 'nyway refreshing doesn't have 'nything 2 do with OS
<LordCow> it's whether u'r using a fairy graphical ftp or wotever
<acid> lftp is graphical?
<LordCow> lftp ftp.uunet.co.za:~/pub/incoming/gwen4acid> ls -l
<LordCow> that doesn't look graphical
<LordCow> mm is there such a word as graphical
<acid> my point exactly
<acid> it was my proxy
<devdude> graphical is in the eye of the mouseholder
<acid> i dont have anything graphical here
*** SpaCe_CraB (xxx@sg-4858.telkomadsl.co.za) has joined #rave
*** AnachromY has quit IRC (go east)
<LordCow> y4r i have teh special braille keyboard 2
* dinsda1e points and licks
<acid> good quality
<LordCow> where's my mouse *blind fumble* o wait i don't have graphics i don't need it
<dinsda1e> u prefer lftp to ncftp acid ?
<acid> i do indeed
<dinsda1e> it is the uber?
<acid> lftp is the own
<dinsda1e> i havent moved since using ncftp... its the uber for me
<dinsda1e> serial :o

*** sinX (chris@sg-34352.telkomadsl.co.za) has joined #rave
*** BabyServ sets mode: +o sinX
*** SaNdMaN has quit IRC (Ping timeout)
<sinX> fuk i need sleep :[
*** `MaGnEtO` has quit IRC (Ping timeout)
*** SpaCe_CraB has quit IRC (brb)
*** SpaCe_CraB (asshole@sg-14845.telkomadsl.co.za) has joined #rave
<Savage> I need a new catalyst 2950
<Savage> heh
<LordCow> i need new shaving cream
<LordCow> harrr
<subo> and a new deodorant dear
<devdude> hahahaha
<devdude> I was wondering what that smell was
<MaX_PaYnE> wanna get me that boss bellasirini
<subo> oh the laugh track has arrived
<MaX_PaYnE> hoever its spelt
<MaX_PaYnE> my hugo boss is nearly kaput
<subo> makes the girls rip their clothes off?
<devdude> thats spiders and ants
<LordCow> haha
<LordCow> devn00b u know what's really koo?
<LordCow> http://lordcow.org/koo/koo.jpg
<subo> when my 2nd son was a little boi they had to write an essay at school to say what they wanted to be when they grew up
<subo> and he said he wanted to be a laugh track
<subo> and i never really got that
* subo thinks about it now again
<subo> bizarre child he was
<LordCow> yeah that's weird
<LordCow> a laugh rack would've made sense
<LordCow> but that
<LordCow> strange
* SpaCe_CraB is AFK: Playing Quake III
<LordCow> newb
<LordCow> i've played quake like 10 times already
<SpaCe_CraB> hey Im playing it lan
<LordCow> my name's not lan
*** `MaGnEtO` (dskl@sg-31388.telkomadsl.co.za) has joined #rave
*** BabyServ sets mode: +o `MaGnEtO`
*** dinsda1e has quit IRC (Quit:)
<subo> i thought you ppl were adults
<n00b> haahhaah
<n00b> yea right :>
<subo> oh
<subo> do adult ppl sit and play games?
<LordCow> depends if they brought their chair
<sinX> and if they paint their walls blue

<DriFter> high
<Addict-> heyas darren bro :)
<DriFter> eh?
<Addict-> i said heyas darren bro
<Addict-> thats yer name, remember :P
<DriFter> lol
<DriFter> oic
<DriFter> i thought for a second you were saying howzit to my brother
<Addict-> lol
<DriFter> wadsup
<Addict-> whoze yer brother?
<DriFter> you dont know him
<Addict-> lol, then why the fuck would i be saying hi to him
<Addict-> lol
<Addict-> is he even here?
*** Mr_Chapel has quit IRC (Ping timeout)
<DriFter> hehe
<DriFter> nope
<DriFter> in ct
<DriFter> i got confused
<DriFter> probs cause i just smoked
<Addict-> no man .. i mean in the channel
<Addict-> i was about to ask how much u smoked?
<Addict-> hehehehe


*** EnoXieR (enox@sg-2165.mweb.co.za) has joined #rave
*** BabyServ sets mode: +o EnoXieR
<EnoXieR> anyone else having trouble sending sms's from vodacom4me.co.za?
<LordCow> yeah, i dunno what 2 say


<EnoXieR> your working?
<LordCow> not really ..
<LordCow> just fsckin around b4 headin off 4 teh drinkies ;p
<EnoXieR> u not able to send sms from that site either tho?
<LordCow> i was kidding
<LordCow> as in, i don't know what 2 say in the sms ;p


*** xTc (xtc@sg-4634.infosat.net) has joined #rave
<xTc> hi all
*** MaSuPaLaMi (dj@sg-3404.mweb.co.za) has joined #rave
<MaSuPaLaMi> omf, is anyone else having shit with fscking vodacom4me????
*** Brad-Man has quit IRC (Ping timeout)
* Enhanced looks at MaSuPaLaMi
<MaSuPaLaMi> I dont know what to sms.... Im all out of ideas.
*** ephedrine (matt@sg-1795.gxn.net) has joined #rave
*** BabyServ sets mode: +o ephedrine
<DriFter> why dont you sms from your phone?
<MaSuPaLaMi> im trying to sms to my phone from the site
<DarKHawK> ephedrine bastard
<ephedrine> DarKHawK twat!
<DriFter> you trying to sms yourself?
<DarKHawK> dewd you still in uk
<ephedrine> yep
<ephedrine> and always will b
<DarKHawK> Why so quiet then
<ephedrine> check u lot l8r
<MaSuPaLaMi> no, some fuckwit's got my phone. So I want to sms it and ask him to return my phone
<ephedrine> been workin hard
*** ephedrine has quit IRC (cya)
<DarKHawK> what you doing
<DriFter> ah ok
<DriFter> why dont you phone your phone instead?
<MaSuPaLaMi> thats why Im trying to get my phone back. So that I can phone it.
<DriFter> phone from a land line
<DriFter> if you get your phone back, you wouldnt need to phone it, cause you would have it
<MaSuPaLaMi> i cant, then I will lose my connection to vodacom4me, and I wont be able to sms my phone
<DriFter> what you mean lose your connection?
<DriFter> log on again afterwards
<MaSuPaLaMi> But Ive logged on already.
*** Hyper_Viper has quit IRC (brb)
<DriFter> so log off
<DriFter> phone your phone
<DriFter> then log on again
*** Captain_Dork (shale@sg-21486.mweb.co.za) has joined #rave
*** BabyServ sets mode: +o Captain_Dork
<MaSuPaLaMi> DriFter: why would I want to phone myself?
<thewanted_> omg.
<DriFter> cause you said some other person has your phone?
<MaSuPaLaMi> Im confused dude. I think you are too.
*** MaSuPaLaMi has been kicked off #rave by DriFter (I can't handle stupidity)
*** MaSuPaLaMi (dj@sg-3404.mweb.co.za) has joined #rave
<Mad> lol
<MaSuPaLaMi> then you must fucking hate yourself
<MaSuPaLaMi> cause youve just been taken for a ride
<MaSuPaLaMi> numbnuts
<MaSuPaLaMi> l8t0rz f00ls
*** DriFter sets mode: +b MaSuPaLaMi!*@*
*** MaSuPaLaMi has left #rave
*** TeamPlaYa (ryan@sg-33656.telkomadsl.co.za) has joined #rave
*** BabyServ sets mode: +o TeamPlaYa
*** Hyper_Viper (i.R.viper@sg-703.aol.com) has joined #rave
*** BabyServ sets mode: +o Hyper_Viper
<DriFter> *scratches head*
<Hyper_Viper> *scratches nuts*
<Hyper_Viper> :p
<DriFter> meh
<DriFter> hehe
<Mad> lol
<Mad> you've been taken for a ride!
<Mad> fuck sakes, I'm hungry
<thewanted_> Fuck that guy is a retard.
<DriFter> more than a retard for sure
<LordCow> hahahaha
<LordCow> u gheis
<LordCow> that's devdude
<LordCow> i'll b putting that up on logs.lordcow.org after i get back from drinkies ;))
<Hyper_Viper> lol

*** SpideyLady (nevermind@sg-12818.mweb.co.za) has joined #rave
*** SpideyLady has quit IRC (Leaving)
*** Lava_lamp (Jeffrey@sg-13159.telkomadsl.co.za) has joined #rave
*** ultra-mel has quit IRC (Quit:)
*** xTc has left #rave
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*** Lava_lamp has quit IRC (Killed (NickServ (Ghost command used by Jefman)))
*** Scythe` has quit IRC (*ShaGuaR*)
<Mad69> brb - working
<Mad69> back
*** Savage has quit IRC (Ping timeout)
*** Savage (savage@sg-8888.telkomadsl.co.za) has joined #rave
*** BabyServ sets mode: +o Savage
*** meaga-byte has quit IRC (Quit:)
*** D-Evil (edanb@sg-27281.012.net.il) has joined #rave

*** court-jester (m7gic@sg-4555.datapro.co.za) has joined #rave
*** BabyServ sets mode: +o court-jester
<court-jester> S.A ppl, what is the going price for a PCMCIA netwrok kard ??
<court-jester> O K
<LordCow> netwrok kards r out already?
<court-jester> don't all shout out at one!
<LordCow> g'damn time 2 sell my network card
<court-jester> i need to buy one
<MaX_PaYnE> lol @ lordcow
<LordCow> heh
<MaX_PaYnE> www.computersonly.co.za
<court-jester> ohh
<LordCow> cheapest from rectron = R250 incl
<court-jester> ahh not bad
<court-jester> shot cow :)
<LordCow> 11 Mb :/
<LordCow> kief
<court-jester> boughta laptop, HAS eveything but a fucking network thingy
<court-jester> ag does not really matter how fast, internet is only 200k anyway :P
<Legand> god my boss is classic
<LordCow> he's from the 1700's ?
<MaX_PaYnE> PHILIPS 19"" 109E - 0.27mm Dot Pitch - 1920x1440 - 3yr Warranty - Light frame technology"
<MaX_PaYnE> Price : R 1749.00
<LordCow> thanx max ..
<MaX_PaYnE> thats damn cheap man
<LordCow> yeah well i don't go pastin stuff bout u'r mom's prices 2 # now do i
<Legand> LordCow, no
*** VeXeD (vexed@sg-33000.telkomadsl.co.za) has joined #rave
<MaX_PaYnE> hmm
<LandR> you're looking for high resolution and high refresh rate
<MaX_PaYnE> another one...
<Legand> hes very picky abot his cell number
<Legand> always teases me
<VeXeD> lolo

k this isn't goin anywhere ..

<Halion> $?$"!?
<dinsda1e> !!!!
<dinsda1e> howcome on your keyboard u have a $
<dinsda1e> other people in uk when they go like that they have a #
<Halion> no
<Halion> see
<Halion> it's laid out different
<Halion> there are both
<Halion> the # is above the 3
<Halion> and
<Halion> the $ is above the 4
<Halion> magic innit?
<Hyper_Viper> scouser
<Hyper_Viper> :p
<DaRKNiGHT_> #
<DaRKNiGHT_> $
<dinsda1e> amazing stuff
<Halion> yeahhh
<Hyper_Viper> n00bs
*** n00b (ian@sg-21421.ubern00b.net) has joined #rave
*** BabyServ sets mode: +v n00b

*** LordCow (lordcow@lhc.phy.uct.ac.za) has joined #rave
<Djinn> hint taken Bevan
<LordCow> u gonna give it back?
<Djinn> LordCow: if it was you, for sure
<LordCow> nah
*** SmUrFeT has quit IRC (Connection reset by peer)
<a-cid> k im owning at Seti
<LordCow> u found an alien?
<a-cid> almost
<a-cid> doing roughly 11 units a day
<a-cid> and thats only on 3 machines

<MaGnEtO`> Random Fact: "Right-handed people live, on average, nine years longer than left-handed people do."
*** mahdullah (2552@sg-29542.mweb.co.za) has joined #rave
<LordCow> on average? how else ..
*** KeNNyDoPe` has quit IRC (Ping timeout)
<DriFter> its because left handed people suffer conditions related to using deviced intended for right handed people
<LordCow> yeah
<LordCow> like cricket bats
*** TurboCool (turbocool@sg-15237.telkom-ipnet.co.za) has joined #rave
<DriFter> like a lot of things you wouldnt even think of really :/
<LordCow> pens?
<DriFter> no
<DriFter> a pen isnt designed to fir into just a right hand
<LordCow> steering wheels?
<DriFter> fit even
<LordCow> mine is
<LordCow> i only use it with my right hand
<DriFter> but its straight
<DriFter> its not designed one sided
*** KeNNyDoPe` (Wu@sg-20797.dial-up.net) has joined #rave
*** BabyServ sets mode: +o KeNNyDoPe`
<LordCow> ah
<LordCow> so one sided things are only for right handed ppl?
*** LordFoul (LordFoul@sg.64.262.28408) has joined #rave

<DaRKNiGHT_> cause when i patched everything and got it all up and running
<DaRKNiGHT_> it would reboot when i downloaded large files
<Scythe`> dude
<Scythe`> if your pc is rebooting when it wants
<DaRKNiGHT_> so it could have been the modem drivers
<Scythe`> you probably have either a bug or someone is RPC DoS you
<DaRKNiGHT_> cause i got errors for the webstar.sys
<DaRKNiGHT_> would windows firewall stop an rpc dos?
<dinsda1e> if it cant get to the 113 port (i think, off hand) then yeh
<Scythe`> XP Internet Connection FireWall ?
<dinsda1e> but u should still do updates
<DaRKNiGHT_> yes
<Scythe`> *shrug* ... should
<DaRKNiGHT_> if its in the windows update it was installed
<LordCow> "you probably have either a bug"
<LordCow> lolness
*** Bevan has left #rave
*** Gornie (grrrrrr@sg-32200.mweb.co.za) has joined #rave
<DaRKNiGHT_> i hate bugs
*** Gornie has left #rave
<LordCow> write u'r own progs then
<DaRKNiGHT_> lol
<DaRKNiGHT_> sure LordCow
<DaRKNiGHT_> im glad u have that much time on your hand
*** Raoul (trust@sg-14865.telkom-ipnet.co.za) has joined #rave
<LordCow> i don't claim 2 hate bugs
<LordCow> we have learnt 2 co-exist
<DaRKNiGHT_> :)
<DaRKNiGHT_> im an idealist
<DaRKNiGHT_> i cant accept that
<LordCow> yet u use windows ..
<DaRKNiGHT_> it comes with the laptop
<DaRKNiGHT_> its free
<LordCow> hahahahahahahahahahhahahaha
<DaRKNiGHT_> besides
<DaRKNiGHT_> what else is there
<LordCow> u'r kidding right

<kgb__> no more bunking for your dumb ass!
<damn> no bra i have a valid reason
<kgb__> what?
*** dinsda1e (stephen@sg-32204.telkomadsl.co.za) has joined #rave
<Babe-E-Boy> cheers asses
<damn> i am tired
*** BabyServ sets mode: +o dinsda1e
<kgb__> LOL!@#$
<kgb__> thats kak reason
*** Kasandra (ircgoduser@sg-11422.mweb.co.za) has joined #rave
*** BabyServ sets mode: +o Kasandra
<Deevi> bunked work?
<kgb__> no lectures
*** Kasandra has quit IRC (Leaving)
<damn> nah bra i didn;t sleep much this w/end and i have a mountain of dished to do and i didn't have a chance to go shopping yet
<kgb__> so u not coming tonight?
<damn> nah :/
<dinsda1e> shame puppet
<damn> i can't
<dinsda1e> have ppl stopped pushing ur stool in yet ?
* dinsda1e looks @ topic
<kgb__> damn: its cool
<damn> no they havn't fucking started yet
*** shish has quit IRC (* shish has quit IRC (Local kill by Sinbad (advertising)))
<Gweedo> hehe
<dinsda1e> hehehe :D
<damn> these people aren't good for anything
*** Babe-E-Boy has quit IRC (Quit:)
<damn> all they know how to do, is talk about my bitch behind her/my back, fucken poesies
<kgb__> hehe
<damn> i am in a bad mood now
*** Bevan (celtic_za@sg.209.34.10435) has joined #rave
<LordCow> a mountain of dishes 2 do?
<LordCow> pls confirm b4 i pack out laughing by mistake
*** Fatmouse has quit IRC (Quit:)
*** bongo has quit IRC (((<o>))
*** MaX_PaYnE (jc@sg-20152.telkomadsl.co.za) has joined #rave
<damn> u know dishes, the shit civilised people eat off ?
*** Crimson has quit IRC (A Failure Is The begginning Of A Success is a © of Crimson²°°³)
<damn> well i have officially used every dish hehe
<LordCow> talk about stress
<bongo> no fuck off now
<bongo> jirre PIET
<^smile^> dwango :]
<bongo> mista smile :)
<damn> lol
<damn> get a job
<LordCow> like washing dishes
<LordCow> apparently there's a market
<bongo> lol
<damn> yeah or pooing on dinsda1e chest lol
<^smile^> cow :]
<bongo> how about getting a maid ?
<LordCow> wasabi smile
*** meaga-byte (meaga-byte@sg.213.195.19761) has joined #rave
<damn> nah, i aint gonna pay some1 to steal from my house
<damn> besides i got a gf
<LordCow> u'r gf steals from u'r house?
<bongo> generalizing a bit there dont u think
<takhisis> damn..spose u cant have 2 theif
<takhisis> s
<takhisis> theives
<takhisis> or whatever

<LordCow> u know what
<LordCow> i've got an alias 4 saying ghei
<LordCow> so all i have 2 do is go /ghei
<LordCow> ghei
<LordCow> there c
*** c0nfuzzed has left #rave
<LordCow> not impressed ..
<Judge-Mental> no
*** psyclone has quit IRC (Ping timeout)
* LordCow hops on 1 leg 4 fudge
*** Rubykins (Dee@sg-3713.btcentralplus.com) has joined #rave
<Judge-Mental> better
*** Surgeon (mippy@sg-12334.wireframe.co.za) has joined #rave
*** BabyServ sets mode: +o Surgeon
<Legand> thats the only reason he dated me
<Legand> cause i could cook
<LandR> lol
<Surgeon> so you can't any more ?
<damn> lol
<LandR> hehehe
<devdude> hahahaha

<xNtrik> WE LOVE UK POP IDONLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
<xNtrik> IDOLS
*** alice has left #rave
<LordCow> cactus: u promised ..
<Unit-E> ok
<Unit-E> what drugs are u on?
<Dharma> alot
*** Crimson has quit IRC (Ping timeout)
<xNtrik> who?
<Unit-E> xNtrik u
<xNtrik> i love it
<xNtrik> k this chick is fucked
<xNtrik> but the rest are really good
<CactusJack> LordCow .. ok, ok .. my bad, will think of a new one for #rave next ;-)
<xNtrik> og gosh no not these nevers
<xNtrik> nerves
<xNtrik> this chick is gonna cry
*** MaX_PaYnE (bleh@sg-28491.telkomadsl.co.za) has joined #rave
<xNtrik> yip
<xNtrik> shes crying
<xNtrik> stupid chick
<xNtrik> what u think its was glasgo
<eXpOsEd> huh?
<LordCow> xnitrik.1.0.tar.gz .. the latest tv 2 irc gateway
<xNtrik> HUH???
<xNtrik> wtf is that?
*** Crimson (ShadowMast@sg-7260.telkomadsl.co.za) has joined #rave
<LordCow> *sigh*
*** Purple_Plum_Fairy (Bloostrawb@sg.196.59.18044) has joined #rave
<xNtrik> LordCow??
<LordCow> if i try explain i don't think it'll b funny anymore
<LordCow> & i don't think u'll get it anyway
<eXpOsEd> LOL
<xNtrik> what
<xNtrik> now u sayin im stupid
<Crimson> l0l
<LordCow> 3 points
*** Kon_Artist (Try.me.on@sg.193.30.29754) has joined #rave
*** rory has quit IRC (Killed (NickServ (Ghost command used by Stu)))
<Crimson> Haha

<DriFter> ahoyz
<DriFter> u wanna buy my PC ?
<Court-Jester> you selling yorus ?
<DriFter> yup
<Court-Jester> i wish i could buy your man..
<Court-Jester> :)

<devdude> LordCow: you wanna buy my pc?
<LordCow> wen i got cash
<LordCow> unless u wanna do a deal like last time?
<devdude> no thanks, its still hurting
<Babe-E-Boy> deep
<LordCow> think that was the prob
<Babe-E-Boy> hehe

*** LoLLy-PoP (lollypopz@sg-32472.mweb.co.za) has joined #rave
*** BabyServ sets mode: +o LoLLy-PoP
<MaX_PaYnE> isnt there a song 'lolly pop'?
<LordCow> no
<MaX_PaYnE> i'm quite sure there is...
<LordCow> no u'r wrong
<LoLLy-PoP> u all freaks
<MaX_PaYnE> Daddy Cool / The Greatest And Coolest Hits(Disc 1) - Lolly Pop
<MaX_PaYnE> i beg 2 differ
<MaX_PaYnE> :)
<LordCow> u'r faking
<MaX_PaYnE> gawd...
*** dinsda1e (stephen@sg-23047.telkomadsl.co.za) has joined #rave
*** BabyServ sets mode: +o dinsda1e
<MaX_PaYnE> http://www.gracenote.com/music/search-adv.html?q=&qartist=&qdisc=&xt=1&qtrack=lolly+pop&n=10&x=31&y=6
<MaX_PaYnE> no shut up lordcow...
<MaX_PaYnE> get yr facts str8 b4 taking me on...
<MaX_PaYnE> :p
<dinsda1e> ohohoh look out LordCow
<LordCow> i don't care how many scaffy urls u have
*** MaX_PaYnE is now known as AgentSmith
<LordCow> i've never heard a lolly pop song
<LoLLy-PoP> u are just dumb LordCow
<AgentSmith> then dont say there aint one just cuz u never heard it...
<LordCow> my ass, i was top've me class in junior school
*** C-Ronaldo has quit IRC (Leaving)
<angelica> lol
<AgentSmith> yeah, rea the line again, JUNIOR skewl...
<LoLLy-PoP> bwhahahahahaha
<LoLLy-PoP> freka
<LoLLy-PoP> freak
<LordCow> pah, u guys just don't know anything about music
* dinsda1e woz in the A class in jnr skewl :/
<Angel_gurl> lol
<LoLLy-PoP> clearly u know nothing about anything
<AgentSmith> u wanna bet lordcow?
<dinsda1e> but then again there werent taht many ppl in my std :/
<AgentSmith> shoot
<dinsda1e> i woz smart until std 7 :|
<angelica> lmao
<angelica> and then what happened?
<LordCow> i don't have time 4 this
* LordCow gets back 2 cutting out pictures
* Angel_gurl was in the top class until matric :P
<devdude> moo
<devdude> LordCow.cellphone.cape.flats
<LordCow> hahahaha
<LordCow> devn00b =)
<AgentSmith> lol
<devdude> damn dude... that must have been your 4th phone this year
<LordCow> it is
<LordCow> not 2 mention last year ..
<LordCow> or how many times my car's bin violated
<devdude> where did it happen?
<LordCow> in the boot
<devdude> let me gues... outside the G
<devdude> lol
<LordCow> @ timecode
<LordCow> after i paid 24 bux 4 parking ..
*** Captain_Dork has quit IRC (Connection reset by peer)
*** LoLLy-PoP has quit IRC (Leaving)
<devdude> fharking bastards
<devdude> wtf did you pay R24 dollas?
<LordCow> yar .. cut battery again, always enjoyable
<LordCow> caus there was *no* other parking
<dinsda1e> R24 Dollas rand and dollars ?
<devdude> shit son
<LordCow> (half was mya's 'nyway *g*)
<devdude> dinsda1e... I cant be worrying about all the little things
<devdude> LordCow... so like, when you getting a new phone so I can spam you?
<dinsda1e> theres a huge difference btw rand and dollar :|
<LordCow> dev: soon .. but i got an old 1, same num & all .. hang till 2mrw
<devdude> btw: 'by the way' or 'between'?
<devdude> aight
<dinsda1e> btw
<dinsda1e> between
<devdude> yeah see... like I said...
<devdude> little things
*** mrSteyn has quit IRC (www.nawty.co.za :: www.artificialstudio.com)
<angelica> *stress point*
*** sinX (ci-5@sg.196.190.14027) has joined #rave
*** BabyServ sets mode: +o sinX
<LordCow> exactly
<angelica> wb sinX
*** sinX sets mode: +v angelica
<LordCow> like ppl get all stressed wen they realise there's no such song as lolly-pop
<sinX> angeli !!!!!!
<devdude> LordCow: hows aboot some drinkies Wednesday?
<LordCow> & they'll fight 2 the death 4 it
<angelica> lol
<LordCow> devdude: i'm getting gang raped by proffs again
<devdude> hope you using lube
<angelica> but there errr is a song lolly-pop

<Crimson> LordCow :)
<LordCow> y0 crimson
<Crimson> What's news ?
<LordCow> it's like latest developments

*** Legand (Legand@sg-83.telkom-ipnet.co.za) has joined #rave
*** BabyServ sets mode: +o Legand
<sinX> morning my shaggable Legand :)
*** mdma has quit IRC (Leaving)
<Legand> morning Chrissypoo
<dinsda1e> sinX: i thought u were still at the end of the queue? :D :D
<Legand> *huggles galore*
<dinsda1e> of like 5
<dinsda1e> or summing
<ShadowlorD> LOL
<a-cid> hey Romy
<Legand> 5?
<Legand> so little

<Legand> Judge-Mental, is there a dj by the name of jason @ the gallery?
<dinsda1e> wosnt there a jason 47 @ sum stage ?
<Legand> no not him
*** dinsda1e has quit IRC (That's it for today)
<Judge-Mental> jason blaze?
<Legand> tall
<Legand> coloured
<Judge-Mental> no
<Legand> the most amazing eyes ever
<Judge-Mental> lol
<Judge-Mental> not that i kno of
<Legand> well "according to him" he's playing a set on saturday 3 am
<Judge-Mental> lol
*** Babe-E-Boy (babe-E-boy@sg-32988.brabys.co.za) has joined #rave
*** BabyServ sets mode: +o Babe-E-Boy
*** Babe-E-Boy has quit IRC (Client closed connection)
<Legand> looks dj'ish
<Judge-Mental> well thats funny cos its a unity rewind party thing
<Judge-Mental> whats dj'ish mean?
<Judge-Mental> lol
* Judge-Mental wonders if he looks dj'ish
<Legand> had all his kuk in the bag
<Judge-Mental> lol
<Legand> very different to you
<Legand> you dont look dj'ish
<Judge-Mental> hah!
<Judge-Mental> why does everyone say that
<Legand> because its true...?
<Judge-Mental> oh he had a bag!
<Judge-Mental> yes he definetly looks the part then
<Legand> with cds and kuk
*** Gweedo has quit IRC (Leaving)
<Judge-Mental> lol!
<Legand> he came to eat at the restaurant
<Judge-Mental> then hes not a dj
<JellyBeanZ> cds?
<Judge-Mental> real djs dont spin cds
<Legand> vinyls are old
<Judge-Mental> unless they made the tune on it
<Judge-Mental> lol!
<Judge-Mental> vinyls are old?
*** dinsda1e (stephen@sg-32808.telkom-ipnet.co.za) has joined #rave
*** BabyServ sets mode: +o dinsda1e
<Judge-Mental> vinyls are the only thing keeping the scene together
<Legand> overseas they are
<Legand> we were talking about it in one of my shows
<Judge-Mental> if it wasnt for vinyls...
<dinsda1e> whot about cd's Judge-Mental
<dinsda1e> :D
<Legand> well our scene here is going down at a rapid pace
<Judge-Mental> there would be 2000 wanna-be djs all trying to play for free
<Judge-Mental> thats cos no one supports it
<Judge-Mental> everyone complains
<Legand> funk and hiphop
<Judge-Mental> and no one does anything about it
<Judge-Mental> funk = sux
<Legand> theres no demand for that anymore
<Judge-Mental> hip hop = boring
<dinsda1e> WHAT IS FUNK?!?!
<Judge-Mental> hahaha
<Legand> thats a matter of opinion
<dinsda1e> funk is the stupidest term i've heard for music
<JellyBeanZ> lol
<Judge-Mental> i agree
<Legand> dinsda1e, its not the name
<Legand> read Romeo and Juliet
<dinsda1e> i mean honestly.. WHOT (!?!?!?!??!?!??!!??!?!!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!) is funk
<Judge-Mental> lol
<Legand> and rose by any other name will still smell the same
<dinsda1e> Legand: go listen to sum funky music
<dinsda1e> :D
<Judge-Mental> hard trance still rox
<Judge-Mental> trance core will come next down here
<Legand> Judge-Mental, those places that play it are WHERE?
<Judge-Mental> gallery and dockside
<Legand> but no one is interested in that scene anymore
<Judge-Mental> ravers dont rave to funk
<JellyBeanZ> there are plenty who still support it
<JellyBeanZ> otherwise they wouldnt keep having the parties.
<Legand> ravers are so '99
<Judge-Mental> rave is a term that got bastarized
<dinsda1e> no Legand
<dinsda1e> ravers are so 1990
<Legand> exactly!
<Legand> support?
<Legand> where
<dinsda1e> go listen to sum funky music whiteboi
<Legand> there hasnt been a party to reach full capacity in AGES
<Judge-Mental> lol
<dinsda1e> play that funky music whiteboi
<Judge-Mental> cos everyone says the same as u
<Judge-Mental> thats why
<Legand> theres a reason
<Legand> it sucks
<dinsda1e> "we want funk" ?
<Judge-Mental> 'why should i pay R140?'
<Judge-Mental> thats too much
<Judge-Mental> blah blah blah
<dinsda1e> "when i can play funk on my ghetto blaster in my lounge for free"
<dinsda1e> :D
<Judge-Mental> and when the scene dies...
<Judge-Mental> dont come crying to me i say
<Judge-Mental> hehe
<Legand> well Rhodes house is expensive
<Legand> and people still go
<Judge-Mental> coke yeah
<Judge-Mental> lol
<Legand> yeah
<dinsda1e> isnt rhodes for shmoes ?
* dinsda1e wldn't know.
<Legand> pills are so '98
* dinsda1e just hears a ting or too
<dinsda1e> we need a new drug :|
<Legand> trendy bars and clubs are the people making the fortune
<Legand> its not the 'rave' clubs anymore
<Legand> the scene has changed
*** Babe-E-Boy (babe-E-boy@sg-32988.brabys.co.za) has joined #rave
*** BabyServ sets mode: +o Babe-E-Boy
<JellyBeanZ> Babe-E-Boy :)
<dinsda1e> use-less-e-boy
<dinsda1e> :D
<Babe-E-Boy> hehe
<Judge-Mental> ah back to the money
<Babe-E-Boy> hello you all
<Judge-Mental> lol
<Judge-Mental> well its not the music anyway
<Legand> it is too
<Judge-Mental> its how the dj plays to the crowd
<Legand> no one goes out and buys a 'rave' cd
<Legand> but no one is going
<Judge-Mental> thats cos everyone copys!
<Judge-Mental> which is why i love vinyl
<Judge-Mental> and ill never play from cds
<Judge-Mental> never
<Judge-Mental> romy have u seen me dj hard music b4?
<Judge-Mental> its not about the music
<JellyBeanZ> whats the point of dj'ing if u gonna play cd's?
<Judge-Mental> its about entertaining the crowd
<Legand> the crowd doesnt want to be entertained
<Judge-Mental> lol!
<Judge-Mental> now thats crap
<Legand> they want to sip their cocktails and talk kuk
<Judge-Mental> thats the only reason syntrax and i got in gallery
<Judge-Mental> cos we entertain the ppl
<Legand> whats gallery?
<dinsda1e> even i know of gallery and i aint in ct
<dinsda1e> :|
<Judge-Mental> lol
<Legand> camps bay is everything the gallery wishes it could be

<Unit-E> havent seen ascii
<Unit-E> p0rn in quite some time
* Hyper_Viper lewks ta playboy
<LordCow> that's not porn
<LordCow> it's
<LordCow> lordcow@lordcow:~$ figlet ./.
<LordCow> dunno what uc in it
<Hyper_Viper> Unit-E sees p0rn in anything
<Hyper_Viper> :p
*** DopEy (dopey@sg.213.196.31549) has joined #rave
*** BabyServ sets mode: +o DopEy
<LordCow> hyper_viper: the age old question ..
<LordCow> if u went camping
<LordCow> & woke up with a condom in u'r ass
<LordCow> would u tell any1?
<Hyper_Viper> no, i'm not going camping with you
<LordCow> hahahaha
<Hyper_Viper> :p
<Hyper_Viper> lol
<playboy> (_)_)===========D
<Unit-E> haha
<Unit-E> condom in the ass
<Unit-E> i love that that gag
<LordCow> u love having a comdom in u'r ass?
<Hyper_Viper> LOL
<Hyper_Viper> sounds like it
<Unit-E> hahaha
<Hyper_Viper> logs
<Hyper_Viper> def
* LordCow reckons so 2
<Unit-E> sounds like
<Unit-E> u guys have a pre-occupation
<Unit-E> with my ass
<LordCow> what's the waiting period like?
<Unit-E> for you, since u want it so baadly
<Unit-E> how about 2nite
<Unit-E> stud
<Dilinja> sies
<LordCow> dunno if i'll b finished with viper in time
*** fresh has left #rave
<Hyper_Viper> O_o
<Hyper_Viper> *runs*
<Unit-E> haha
<Addict-> hmm
<Unit-E> u can run, but u cant hide your orifice from the lordcow
*** Djinn (ZuLu@lordcow.phy.uct.ac.za) has joined #rave
<Dilinja> You guys are fucking dirty pigs!!!!!!!!!!
<Unit-E> Addict- : contemplating turning gay eh? :P
*** DopEy has quit IRC (Thank you for flying 'Air DopEy' :-)
<Addict-> heh fuckoff :P
<LordCow> addict-: it doesn't haveta b permanent
<Unit-E> we dont fuck dirty pigs
<Unit-E> i wash them 1st
<Dilinja> hahahaa
<LordCow> l0l

<a-cid> and this is the latest right?
<a-cid> cuz they want me to teach linux+ and security+ at some college thingy
<a-cid> but they want me to write the exams first
<a-cid> might as well go over the course material before i write
*** gry has quit IRC (Ping timeout)
<dinsda1e> a-cid
<dinsda1e> wrong channel
<sinX> lol
<a-cid> lol

<whoopie> <----- Hang over from hell
<sk8t-work> lol
<playboy> ll
<Ph4ntom> lol
<playboy> lol
<playboy> wha
<Ph4ntom> howcome?
<playboy> why
<Ph4ntom> ;p
*** Captain_Dork has quit IRC (Qmens sana in corpore sana)
<VeXeD> normally from drinking u dolts

<Legand> i have boring ork tonight
<Judge-Mental> ork is crap
<Judge-Mental> hahha
*** sinX has quit IRC (Ping timeout)
<Sens0rei_> I have a ork poster from warcraft
*** Mr_Chapel (fdgj@sg-6387.telkom-ipnet.co.za) has joined #rave
*** Mode change "+o Mr_Chapel" on #rave by BabyServ
<LoLLy-PoP> abbykins!!!!!!!
<Mr_Chapel> ay lolly :>
<Legand> oh shush man
<rory> wtf is ork?
<Sens0rei_> its this hectic thing
*** ^smile^ (smile@sg.66.125.4126) has joined #rave
*** Mode change "+o ^smile^" on #rave by BabyServ
<rory> ill take ur word 4 it Sens0rei_

<Huntress_^> wtf is come down monday?
<Mr_Chapel> radio show
<Mr_Chapel> on uct radio
<Mr_Chapel> hosted by shaun holiday
<Huntress_^> no I know what it is
<Mr_Chapel> and rory mitchell
<Huntress_^> where the fuck
* Addict- returns...
<Huntress_^> they still playing hip hop
<Mr_Chapel> uct radio
<Mr_Chapel> and no they dont play hip hop
<Mr_Chapel> just trance
<Huntress_^> no man you retard...
<Mr_Chapel> uplifting/hard/cheesy trance
<Mr_Chapel> is allthey play
<Huntress_^> "where the fuck is UCT radio...the other hip hop dj's are still on"
<Huntress_^> yew moron;p
*** LoLLy-PoP has quit IRC (will & grace)
<Mr_Chapel> jesus chick
<Mr_Chapel> u must take ur horemone pills
<Mr_Chapel> cuz u talking kak
<Mr_Chapel> i dont speak PMS
<Huntress_^> no, you must stop thinking I'm stupid;p
<Mr_Chapel> but its hard
<Mr_Chapel> u have tits
<Huntress_^> I only know PMS...better get a decoder;p

*** GuStO (jack@sg.155.80.7477) has joined #rave
*** Mode change "+o GuStO" on #rave by BabyServ
<GuStO> a;slkerj
<GuStO> ops
<GuStO> oops
*** GuStO has quit IRC (fuck)

<Legand> Raoul, you coming out tonight?
<LordCow> who doesn't go out on fridays
<Legand> but with me
<LordCow> ahh
<LordCow> how much r the tickets?
<Legand> hmmm

<lady^jane> ne one for coffee in making
<lady^jane> ?
<gold_dot> sure
<gold_dot> :P
<lady^jane> how many sugars?
<gold_dot> coffee and some amsterdam skunk por favor
<lady^jane> lol
* LordCow hangs around 2c if ladyjane gets any arber ..
<gold_dot> tres por favor
*** Twisted-Dreamer (willy@sg-24838.mweb.co.za) has joined #rave
<lady^jane> arber?
<Twisted-Dreamer> whats up
<lady^jane> wat u talking about LordCow?
<LordCow> hehe
<LordCow> arb = arbitrary ..
*** BabyServ sets mode: +v Snowangel
<lady^jane> y?
<LordCow> y what ..
<lady^jane> wat did i do?
*** DeViOuS_GiRl has quit IRC (mmmmm what to say, i b say bleh)
<LordCow> lady: don't worry, i still dig u
<lady^jane> realy?
<lady^jane> y is that?
* LordCow doesn't do well with 'y do u love me' type questions
*** choc_chip (blue_angel@sg.196.27.12185) has joined #rave
*** CactusJack has quit IRC (Hansie saw Satan, Pollock saw his moer ... what did you see lately? :-))))
*** Mr^Spock (Spockles@sg-9710.vip-za.com) has joined #rave
*** BabyServ sets mode: +o Mr^Spock
*** MansoN (manson@manson.co.za) has joined #Rave
*** BabyServ sets mode: +o MansoN
<Mr^Spock> lo
<c0nfuzzed> * CactusJack has quit IRC (Quit: Hansie saw Satan, Pollock saw his moer ... what did you see lately? :-))))
<c0nfuzzed> wtf is up with that
<c0nfuzzed> lol
<gold_dot> lol
<lady^jane> LordCow u r so wierd
*** choc_chip has quit IRC (Leaving)
<lady^jane> i like that
<gold_dot> funny shite
*** c0nfuzzed has left #rave
*** psychedelicSipho has quit IRC (dead)
*** splashy^fen is now known as mOOn^flowa
*** Captain_Dork (shale@sg-21749.mweb.co.za) has joined #rave
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<Mr^Spock> l8tah
*** Mr^Spock has quit IRC (l8tah)
<lady^jane> shit i was supposed to make coffee
<gold_dot> u suck
<gold_dot> !
<gold_dot> adios
*** gold_dot has left #rave
<lady^jane> bi
* lady^jane brings everyone some hot coffee
<LordCow> yes i win!
<LordCow> it was all worth it
<LordCow> *lurx* ;)
<lady^jane> wat?
<Judge-Mental> lol
<lady^jane> huh?
* lady^jane is totaly disconfuckulated

<ShadowlorD> You must identify to a registered nick to private message Court-Jester
<ShadowlorD> LOL
<ShadowlorD> fuck that :)
<splinter> hehe
<Court-Jester> james your just lazy
<Court-Jester> ./msg nickserv identify <password>
<JellyBeanZ> he dropped his nick
<JellyBeanZ> *twit*
<Court-Jester> who james ??
<JellyBeanZ> yup
<Court-Jester> why ?
<Court-Jester> some ppl ??
<JellyBeanZ> i dunno
<JellyBeanZ> hehe
<Court-Jester> i recon its just a rush to drop your nick and re register it
<LordCow> shadowlord: type /nick shadow
<Court-Jester> lordcow :)
<LordCow> court *unF*
<Court-Jester> lol
<ShadowlorD> Court-Jester
<ShadowlorD> the point is not to re-register it :P
<ShadowlorD> LordCow: /nick cow
<ShadowlorD> -g-
*** LordCow is now known as cow
<cow> *wow*
<cow> u'r turn ..
<JellyBeanZ> lol james
<JellyBeanZ> change ure nick to lord
<JellyBeanZ> hehe
<cow> or lordcow even ..
<ShadowlorD> hehe
<ShadowlorD> I hear if you change it to god
<ShadowlorD> you get in to some shit
<ShadowlorD> wanna test?
<ShadowlorD> :P
*** ShadowlorD is now known as shadow
<shadow> naw
*** cow is now known as shadowlord
*** shadow is now known as cow
*** cow has quit IRC (Killed (NickServ (Nick kill enforced)))
<shadowlord> -NickServ- shadowlord "shadowlord" is now registered under your account: lordcow@lordcow.phy.uct.ac.za
<shadowlord> <--- god
*** shadowlord is now known as LordCow
<JellyBeanZ> not nice mo!
<LordCow> haha
<LordCow> not my fault he didn't c the nick collide ;)
<JellyBeanZ> lol
<LordCow> would've been more beautiful if he tried lordcow ..
*** X-Con (bla@sg.196.19.4013) has joined #rave
<X-Con> LOL
* LordCow fondles the ghost command
<JellyBeanZ> lol
*** LordCow is now known as shadowlord
<X-Con> -g-
<LordCow> -NickServ- shadowlord Dropped nick shadowlord
<LordCow> <--- nice
<X-Con> yar
<X-Con> so are my fists :P
*** X-Con is now known as ShadowlorD
* ShadowlorD blinks
*** LordCow is now known as cow
<cow> shadow: /nick lordcow
<cow> *promise* i won't steal u'r nick again
<ShadowlorD> and I promise not to kick you again :)
<cow> long as we understand each other
<ShadowlorD> get that log from my brother
<ShadowlorD> with landr
<cow> kiefnuss
<cow> only if u change u'r nick
<ShadowlorD> ok
*** ShadowlorD is now known as slord
<cow> 2 lordcow ..
<slord> no thanks
<slord> probably on instant kill
<cow> *puppy eyes*
<slord> for address
<slord> you bastard :P
<cow> never
<slord> -NickServ- Nick kill enforce: IMMEDIATE
<slord> LOL

*** Signoff: Mr_Right (Quit: i love ziyaadh:))
<Mr_Chapel> o...k
<Mr_Chapel> thats some interesting shit
<Mr_Chapel> then again i remember the good old days
<Mr_Chapel> * Hydr0system has quit IRC (Quit: I love my sister.... often)
<eXpOsEd> dont talk kak
<eXpOsEd> he hasnt been on irc for ages
<Mr_Chapel> thats why i said the GOOD OL days
<eXpOsEd> yea yea

<^sirSMOKEalot^> anyone bored n wanan listen to some newly released tunes?
<LordCow> yeahhhhhhhh
*** Satriani is now known as Mad69
<^sirSMOKEalot^> wat connection u got
<LordCow> the internet
<^sirSMOKEalot^> ok forget it

*** Toggy_work (ask@sg-16758.nextgentel.com) has joined #rave
<Toggy_work> hm, anyone into markeding and financial games in here?
<LordCow> wtf
<LordCow> u did join #rave right?
<Toggy_work> wana join world games inc?
*** Toggy_work has quit IRC (I was using -=<{U#Control#6 IRC Client}>=-)
<LordCow> heh .. 'nyways