<^calypso^> whats up
<Lea> nm, u?
<|BLaDE|> o rly
<^calypso^> chiiling
<^calypso^> just finished backing my cookies
<^calypso^> now waiting for them to cool
<Lea> cute! :P

[ snip ]

<^LuVbug^> mom made cupcakes :D
<Angel_dust> Erk
<^IT> why she make easy stuff
<^IT> she lazy?
<^calypso^> i made more cookies

<Angel_dust> i gotta go to the hospital
<MaX_PaYnE> why?
<Angel_dust> my friend is in hospital
<MaX_PaYnE> what happened?
<MaX_PaYnE> did they crash their roflcopter?
<Angel_dust> she has a pinched nerve in her arm + she's pregnant
<MaX_PaYnE> thought its something serious
<MaX_PaYnE> *shrug*
<Angel_dust> nah
<Angel_dust> what copter?
<MaX_PaYnE> zomg!!
<MaX_PaYnE> haha
<MaX_PaYnE> i gotta paste that!!

<casanova> can we swear in main?
<casanova> nt vulgar though
<Hitgirl> no fucking ways
<casanova> haha
<casanova> f'tsek
<casanova> :P
<IceBerg_5> casanova dude is not not nt
<IceBerg_5> is = it
<IceBerg_5> it = it is
<IceBerg_5> ok im out
<Hitgirl> u screwed that one up ice, best to just leave it now

<KaNdiGurL> wtf dnt ppl get about " I dnt have his number"
<IceBerg_5> so do you have his number or not
<LordCow> mm yea
<LordCow> it IS a bit ambiguous
<KaNdiGurL> oh stfu
<LordCow> haha
<KaNdiGurL> fucking shit stirrer
<KaNdiGurL> :P
* KaNdiGurL goes back to her movie
<Milenko> who's number?
* IceBerg_5 looks at LordCow , someones touchy today
<KaNdiGurL> my bosses brother
<LordCow> IB: seems so, i'd be sour too if i kept losing my numbers

<IceBerg_5> inara can i ask you something
<inara> sure
<IceBerg_5> i dont know your asl , wanna pvt it to me
<inara> not particularly, no... why?
<IceBerg_5> just asking
<IceBerg_5> seems i have no clue who you are
<inara> thats ok... knowing my asl isn't going to help you with that anyway
<IceBerg_5> well it will tell me if you m or female
<IceBerg_5> been some strange people hanging out here
<inara> <--- 45/f/PE
<IceBerg_5> 45
<IceBerg_5> nice
<inara> been? most of them are still here, IceBerg_5
<IceBerg_5> yes i know
*** IceBerg_5 has been kicked off #pe by LordCow (pls don't asl in #, by order of management)
*** IceBerg_5 (Ice@sg-20267.mtn.co.za) has joined #pe
*** BabyServ sets mode: +o IceBerg_5
<LordCow> *ducks*
*** LordCow has been kicked off #pe by IceBerg_5 (<@IceBerg_5> i dont know your asl , wanna pvt it to me)
*** LordCow (lordcow@lhc.phy.uct.ac.za) has joined #pe
*** BabyServ sets mode: +o LordCow
<LordCow> sorry dewd
<IceBerg_5> as i was saying
<LordCow> u said asl
* IceBerg_5 points to LordCow
<LordCow> cardinal rule
*** LordCow has been kicked off #pe by LordCow (omigod i just said it)
*** LordCow (lordcow@lhc.phy.uct.ac.za) has joined #pe
*** BabyServ sets mode: +o LordCow
<IceBerg_5> HAHAH
<IceBerg_5> logged that nigga
<cap0ne> thats a homo thing to do
<cap0ne> ^%
<cap0ne> ^%
<cap0ne> ^5
<LordCow> no cap0ne, a homo thing 2 do would b a cock fight
<LordCow> u up 4 1?
*** cap0ne has been kicked off #pe by IceBerg_5 (^% <=- thats homo)
<LordCow> hey IB, ^%
<LordCow> hahaha
*** cap0ne (cap0ne@sg-28002.telkomadsl.co.za) has joined #pe
<IceBerg_5> yeah ^% LC
<LordCow> shift ftw ^%
<IceBerg_5> better go sit with Pyron now
<LordCow> this's definately the start've something big
<cap0ne> comes back wearing a ti-yara

*** Leeto has been kicked off #pe by IceBerg_5 (fucking identify fucker)
<Mavrix> quiet livly tonight :)
*** Leeto (Leeto@sg-23276.vodacom.co.za) has joined #Pe
*** BabyServ sets mode: +o Leeto
<Leeto> You, are a stupid cunt
<IceBerg_5> well you have ops now
<IceBerg_5> and you did not have to part and join
<Mavrix> wow thanks
<IceBerg_5> so i did you a favour
<Leeto> How fast do you think i can put in your mothers name when i identify for my password on my cell?
*** IceBerg_5 has been kicked off #pe by LordCow (/msg nickserv acc leeto)
<LordCow> *hides*
*** IceBerg_5 (IceBerg_5@sg-20267.mtn.co.za) has joined #pe
*** BabyServ sets mode: +o IceBerg_5
<IceBerg_5> olo
*** Hairbo has quit IRC (D.U.T.A is a copyright of Hairbo INC. Hairbo INC getting chicks wet since '97)
*** Chau has quit IRC (Leaving)

*** Hitgirl sets mode: +v Basket_casE
<Leeto> I can't even remember what 3 means
<LordCow> it means that like u've identified bru
*** Milenko (milenko@sg-23276.vodacom.co.za) has joined #pe
*** BabyServ sets mode: +o Milenko
<IceBerg_5> Ray Ray
<LordCow> 2 is u'r on via an access mask
<Leeto> Wow.. Isn't that exciting :/
<LordCow> and 1 is nothing i think
<LordCow> i know
<Milenko> hey jo
<IceBerg_5> [18:36] -NickServ- 0 = No such registered nickname
<IceBerg_5> [18:36] -NickServ- 1 = User is not online or not identified to NickServ
<IceBerg_5> [18:36] -NickServ- 2 = User is identified via ACCESS lists
<IceBerg_5> [18:36] -NickServ- 3 = User is identified via IDENTIFY command
<Leeto> Thanks there captain hero.
* IceBerg_5 Slaps Leeto around with a
<IceBerg_5> oops
<IceBerg_5> with a nothing
<Milenko> what was the question
<Leeto> Irc will be safe from imposters forever now.
<Leeto> The question was, whats the gayest command
<Leeto> Ib5 wins
<LordCow> //say $decode(aGkgDQogcXVpdCA6aW0gZ2F5,m)
<LordCow> that's def gotta b the gheist
<IceBerg_5> Rays a Man Eater
<IceBerg_5> HAHAHA
*** MaX_PaYnE has changed the topic on #pe to http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RyZj0X1mUjY
<Milenko> im only ghei for Leeto
<Milenko> sorry dude
<Milenko> IceBerg_5: ive never heard the whole song, so now im listening to it
<|BLaDE|> hi
*** |BLaDE| has quit IRC (im gay ..... u cant place a function in a fariable)
<IceBerg_5> olo
*** |BLaDE| (AfroNinja@sg-66.208.4451) has joined #pe
*** BabyServ sets mode: +o |BLaDE|
<LordCow> hahaha

*** eeyore has quit IRC (Leaving)
*** studdm (stud@sg-16470.telkom-ipnet.co.za) has joined #pe
*** bmad has quit IRC (Leaving)
<shandi> is eeyore a girl or boy?? not sure there?
<LordCow> ru a ghei?
<shandi> excuse me....!
<LordCow> dorry worry about it ..
<shandi> dont worry wont let it keep me up at night
<LordCow> well it isssss night now
<LordCow> & u'r worried about it
<shandi> if i agree will it shut u up???
*** KaNdiGurL is now known as Lucifear
<LordCow> no
<LordCow> but u should agree anyway
<LordCow> caus i'm always right
<shandi> u need to get ur facts straight
<LordCow> o they are
<shandi> one question..are u a guy?
<LordCow> omg u r such a ghei!
<LordCow> i was so right

[ snip ]

*** unreliable (disavowed@sg-66.14.24815) has joined #pe
*** BabyServ sets mode: +o unreliable
*** Gareth (shutup@sg-66.14.2900) has joined #pe
*** BabyServ sets mode: +v Gareth
*** unreliable has quit IRC (cheers)
<IceBerg_5> i'll give R50 so anyone who says something
<IceBerg_5> so = to
<LordCow> banking details, fnb, account # 60346234486
<GoggA> lol
<unreliable> where do u think i will find an irish guy ?
<chau> in ireland?
<|BLaDE|> ireland im guessin
<LordCow> pwned

<Pisces1> and i've lost touch wiht the ct industry
<Pisces1> what is the hospitality industry like there?
<IceBerg_5> 1 good one
<IceBerg_5> otheres are all blek
<IceBerg_5> well 2 good ones
<Pisces1> 2 good ones?
<IceBerg_5> St Georges / Greenacres
*** Michael (Carnage@sg-7577.rgt.co.za) has joined #pe
<IceBerg_5> Hey Beep_Baap
<Pisces1> what is st georges and greenacres?
<IceBerg_5> St Georges Hospital
<MaX_PaYnE> lawl
*** Michael is now known as UNRELIABLE
<IceBerg_5> Greenacres Hospital
*** UNRELIABLE is now known as unreliable
<LordCow> haha
<MaX_PaYnE> rofl
<Pisces1> lol!
<Pisces1> not hospital
<Pisces1> hospitality
<MaX_PaYnE> IceBerg_5 u idiot
<MaX_PaYnE> lawl
<IceBerg_5> i know thanks

<IceBerg_5> fuck this , i need to email germany , bbl
<LordCow> oh well, guess i can't follow thru with the most uber joke in the world
<LordCow> kbye
<Excess> naa i gots an uberer one Lord...
<LordCow> doubt it
<Excess> Why did the chicken cross the playground?
<LordCow> 2 get 2 the other side?
<LordCow> duh
<Excess> To get to the other slide...
<LordCow> yar that's wot i said
<Excess> hehe
<Excess> no sLide!!
<LordCow> yeah i know
<LordCow> 2 get 2 the other slide
<Excess> Why did the lobster blush?
<LordCow> caus it's red
<LordCow> haha
<Excess> no...cos the seaweed!!
<LordCow> cos the seaweed what?
<Excess> thats why the lobster blushed
<LordCow> yeah, what'd the seaweed do
<Excess> it weed!!!
<Excess> pissed
<LordCow> yar but the lobster was red anyway
<Excess> lol...yaya
<Excess> what trees do Ghouls like?
<LordCow> pine trees?
<Excess> Ceme-trees.
<LordCow> wft is a ceme tree
<Excess> cemetry?
<Excess> dead people
<LordCow> y4r but like which tree is a ceme tree
* LordCow never heard've it
* Excess can also play at that game
<LordCow> k
<MaX_PaYnE> lol
<MaX_PaYnE> fucking idiots

*** LordCow (lordcow@lhc.phy.uct.ac.za) has joined #pe
*** BabyServ sets mode: +o LordCow
<Drake> ... man
<LordCow> u want?
<Drake> sex
<LordCow> with a man?
<unreliable> lol
<Drake> shhhh
<Drake> keep it on the LOW down
<SanteriA_ChicK> yeah i do actually...
<SanteriA_ChicK> he lives kinda up north tho so for now its impossible
<LordCow> kewl, u'r homoerotic secret's safe with me
* Drake winks...
<LordCow> santeria: that's caus he's got a small ./.
* LordCow is able 2 cross provincial boundaries himself
*** Bo-GuS has quit IRC (Leaving)
<SanteriA_ChicK> lol
<SanteriA_ChicK> well he doesn know I wanna rip his clothes off :P
<SanteriA_ChicK> brb

<Milenko> how do u remove that new spyware thingi thats around
<Rabbit> shift_delete
<LordCow> /s ware
<LordCow> brings up a menu
<GoggA> del *.*
*** IceBerg_5 (IceBerg_5@sg-30838.telkomadsl.co.za) has joined #pe
<Angel_dust> IceBerg_5 :)
*** Angel_dust sets mode: +v IceBerg_5
<IceBerg_5> Hey Angel, Ta


<Milenko> which of those iso's must i download
<Milenko> or do i need them all?
<LordCow> /s ware doesn't have isos
<LordCow> just a menu
<Milenko> no im talkin about that freebsd stuff we were talkin about the other day
<LordCow> o
<LordCow> *looks*
<LordCow> just this 1
<LordCow> ftp://ftp.lordcow.org/pub/FreeBSD/releases/i386/ISO-IMAGES/5.4/5.4-RELEASE-i386-disc1.iso
<LordCow> u get the spyware thing sorted?
<Milenko> where i do that thing?
<LordCow> anywhere


*** Milenko has quit IRC (i officially name Wed copying day.. dont come any other day.. because i WILL be playing WoW)
<LordCow> YES!
*** Milenko (milenko@sg-13399.telkomadsl.co.za) has joined #pe
*** BabyServ sets mode: +o Milenko
<LordCow> did it work? ;)
<Milenko> no
<Milenko> but thanks for that
<LordCow> haha

*** Milenko has changed the topic on #pe to Foxtrot Unicorn Charlie Kilo
<IceBerg_5> FUCK
<Milenko> nu uh ;p
<Milenko> so meneer fuller.. wat se jy?
*** MaX_PaYnE has changed the topic on #pe to wish ppl would stop saying michael jackson molested those children, he made love to them, big difference
<MaX_PaYnE> dont fuck with my topics u fucking cunt
*** Milenko sets mode: -o MaX_PaYnE
*** Milenko sets mode: +b *!*@sg-6846.telkomadsl.co.za
*** Milenko sets mode: +v MaX_PaYnE
<Milenko> cry me a river biatch
<Milenko> ur topics suck
*** Milenko sets mode: -b *!*@sg-6846.telkomadsl.co.za
*** Milenko sets mode: +o MaX_PaYnE
<MaX_PaYnE> Mike India Lima Echo November Kilo Oscar
*** Saucy_Drip (Saucy_Drip@sg-23300.isadsl.co.za) has joined #pe
*** MaX_PaYnE sets mode: +v Saucy_Drip
*** MaX_PaYnE sets mode: +b MaX_PaYnE!*a@sg-6846.telkomadsl.co.za
*** MaX_PaYnE has been kicked off #pe by MaX_PaYnE (suck my ass)

<Milenko> LOL
*** Saucy_Drip is now known as Miss_MyStErIoUs
<Milenko> hope u logged that LordCow
<Aqualoop> xray Yankee Zulu
<DeMi> hey ray ray
<LordCow> huh wot i miss?
<Milenko> read the last 15 lines
*** Milenko sets mode: -b MaX_PaYnE!*a@sg-6846.telkomadsl.co.za
<LordCow> ah lollers
*** MaX_PaYnE (a@sg-6846.telkomadsl.co.za) has joined #pe
*** BabyServ sets mode: +o MaX_PaYnE
<MaX_PaYnE> i really gotta work on those tab skills...
<MaX_PaYnE> *coff*
* LordCow updates ;)
<GoggA> lol
<Milenko> rad

* Milenko np: Chesney Hawkes - The One And Only [03:42]
<Milenko> woops
<Milenko> ;p
<Milenko> for MaX_PaYnE
* Milenko np: Dexy's Midnight Runners - Come On Eileen [04:13]
<Tribe> Milenko, play your shot
*** MaX_PaYnE has been kicked off #pe by MaX_PaYnE (for Milenko)
*** MaX_PaYnE (a@sg-8805.telkomadsl.co.za) has joined #pe
*** BabyServ sets mode: +o MaX_PaYnE
<MaX_PaYnE> jesus christ
<MaX_PaYnE> i go kick myself
<MaX_PaYnE> what a dumbass
<Milenko> lol
<GoggA> lol

<Hooded_Villian> uhuh
<KaNdiGurL> hoodie :)
*** Hooded_Villian has been kicked off #pe by MaX_PaYnE (uhuh is copyrighted by me)
<MaX_PaYnE> mafaka
*** Hooded_Villian (Hooded_Vil@sg-23276.vodacom.co.za) has joined #pe
*** MaX_PaYnE has been kicked off #Pe by IceBerg_5 (so was that kick)
<Hooded_Villian> nice
*** MaX_PaYnE (666@sg-5730.telkomadsl.co.za) has joined #Pe
*** BabyServ sets mode: +o MaX_PaYnE
*** IceBerg_5 sets mode: +v Hooded_Villian
<MaX_PaYnE> eat shit fuller
*** MaX_PaYnE has been kicked off #Pe by IceBerg_5 (beat you)
*** MaX_PaYnE (666@sg-5730.telkomadsl.co.za) has joined #Pe
*** BabyServ sets mode: +o MaX_PaYnE
*** IceBerg_5 has been kicked off #Pe by IceBerg_5 (beat you again)

*** IceBerg_5 (IceBerg_5@sg-33282.telkomadsl.co.za) has joined #Pe
*** BabyServ sets mode: +o IceBerg_5
<MaX_PaYnE> stupid poes
<Hooded_Villian> hehehe
<IceBerg_5> haha
<MaX_PaYnE> thats one for the logs
<Wednesday> haha

*** odd (w@sg-4439.telkom-ipnet.co.za) has joined #pe
<Anti> hey thats odd
<|nFrA> what?
<Chau> lol
<AquaLord> *pats |nFrA*
<Anti> sorry some blonde moment
<AquaLord> its ok not to get it
<odd> whats is odd/
<AquaLord> :)
* |nFrA lifts up his hands & shrugs his shoulders.... duno wtf they on about
<odd> get what
<Anti> [22:52] * odd has joined #pe
<Anti> [22:52] <Anti> hey thats odd
<odd> Im still not getting you
<Chau> lol
<Chau> odd is slow
<AquaLord> lol
<AquaLord> omg
<LordCow> wft ru gheis on about?
<LordCow> what's odd
<Anti> u guys need 2 DRINK MORE !
<|nFrA> lol
<|nFrA> ok
<odd> Hmm.... your odd
<Anti> fuck glases.... go for the bottle next time
<|nFrA> i didnt see the part where odd joined
*** Hitgirl sets mode: +v Nocturno
<AquaLord> bwa ha ha ha ha ha
<Chau> lol
<AquaLord> i give up
<Hitgirl> lol
<odd> give up.. on what
<AquaLord> on all the odd/slow ppl

*** jiggy_jiggy_pe (jiggy@sg-15631.telkom-ipnet.co.za) has joined #pe
*** shandi has quit IRC (Leaving)
<jiggy_jiggy_pe> fuck
<LordCow> not now
<CrystalMeth> lol

*** bazz (Hunt@sg.196.147.3671) has joined #pe
<bazz> wazzup?
<bazz> aaaah my pc is lagging somting terrible and pissing me off
<bazz> !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
<LordCow> damn
<LordCow> sounds bad
<bazz> yeah
<LordCow> i've fixed that once before
<LordCow> but can't really remember
<bazz> its eva since i got my 24hr connection
<LordCow> u'r 24hrs r prolly just up
<bazz> lol

<AquaLord> coz women in general are difficult
<|BLaDE|> in general?
<|BLaDE|> in generaaal?
<|BLaDE|> AquaLord-> ....woman...are ...difficult.
<AquaLord> yeah\
<Raina> no, i think guys are difficult!
<AquaLord> im trying to be polite
<AquaLord> lol
*** PostmanPat (dfsaaasd@sg-4724.mweb.co.za) has joined #pe
<AquaLord> i know some decent women
<|BLaDE|> the easy women are hoez...and even they can be difficult sometimes
<|BLaDE|> Raina-> u a woman?
<Raina> yip
<LordCow> <|BLaDE|> the easy women are hoez...and even they can be difficult sometimes
<LordCow> hahahahaha
<LordCow> spot the innuendo ;p
<AquaLord> lol
<LordCow> raina: condolences
*** bev (be@sg-32471.mweb.co.za) has joined #pe
<|BLaDE|> lol @ lordcow
<AquaLord> bwa ha ha ha a LordCow
<Raina> he, thanks
*** bev has left #pe
<Raina> but i'm serious, guys in my opinion have way more complexes than girls
<|BLaDE|> Raina-> ..take me to your planet..
<AquaLord> lol
<ImaginaryFriend> Raina....never
<ImaginaryFriend> Raina....never
<ImaginaryFriend> everf
<ImaginaryFriend> girlz aere the devil
<Raina> ok, maybe it's just the guys i kno
<|BLaDE|> Raina-> ...simple explanation.
<|BLaDE|> Raina-> ...they gay.
<AquaLord> yeah
<AquaLord> probably
<Raina> u kno, i think ur right
<AquaLord> bwa ha ha ha
<|BLaDE|> lol

*** Cynder (cynder@sg.196.147.2899) has joined #pe
<racoob> lo...
<Cynder> hi
<Cynder> :)
<racoob> how goes it Cynder
<Cynder> good n u?
<racoob> does go well here too
<racoob> what ya up to??
<Cynder> not much, bored, u?
* LordCow scratches his eyes out
<racoob> yeah bored too
<Cynder> :)

*** randomboy (Randomboy@sg-29571.telkomadsl.co.za) has joined #pe
<randomboy> anybody here from walmer
<LordCow> y
<LordCow> (but no)
<housegod> liar
*** DocWood (blar@sg-17916.telkomadsl.co.za) has joined #pe
<housegod> LordCow lives in water road
*** BabyServ sets mode: +o DocWood
<siryn> ;p
<LordCow> lies!
<randomboy> i live in church road
* LordCow looks out his window @ table mountain ;p
<housegod> randomboy : *noddy badge*
<LordCow> hahahaha
<LordCow> that's gotta b a new pickup line
<housegod> LordCow: the picture of table montain fools no one, that is the top of target kloof you see
<housegod> randomboy: LordCow is easy :)
<LordCow> especially wen ppl start talkin bout where they live
* LordCow moistens
<housegod> lol
<housegod> where do you live? wanna fsck?
<housegod> gone are the days of nice shoes :p
*** rubelicious (genius@sg-12631.btcentralplus.com) has joined #pe
<rubelicious> the drunkard has arrived!
<rubelicious> wooo
<LordCow> housegod: got any badges left?
<Sorbic> hehehe
<housegod> lol
<housegod> clean out
<housegod> waiting for supplier to deliver
* housegod licks this thumb
<MaX_PaYnE> noddy badges?
<housegod> MaX_PaYnE you gay ass punk
<housegod> you only get the "I'm proud to be gay" badge
<housegod> noddy may have slept with big ears in the cartoon but there aint no noddy badge for fudgepackers here :P
<MaX_PaYnE> yeah yeah
<MaX_PaYnE> lol
<MaX_PaYnE> u fuckshit
<housegod> :p
<housegod> i dont fuck shit
<housegod> you fuck shit remember
<MaX_PaYnE> true
<MaX_PaYnE> lol
<housegod> :)
<MaX_PaYnE> i'll fuck a woman wherever she wants 2 b fucked
<LordCow> but u'd prefer it in the ass
<rubelicious> eew
<MaX_PaYnE> no
<housegod> lol
<MaX_PaYnE> lol
<MaX_PaYnE> christ, every word getz turned around in here
<MaX_PaYnE> no, my pa does...
<housegod> turned around ey?
<MaX_PaYnE> but u should know that already ruby?
<housegod> rubelicious likes it in the ass ????
<MaX_PaYnE> no man
<MaX_PaYnE> she should know that my PA does...
<housegod> you know whihc positions your dad likes most?
<housegod> that is siff dude
<MaX_PaYnE> pa u fuck
<MaX_PaYnE> personal assistant
* MaX_PaYnE goes away
<housegod> to ask your dad which other positions he likes? :P
<MaX_PaYnE> gotta go pick up my new car this afternoon
<MaX_PaYnE> housegod, since u got such a big mouth, how about a voice there?
*** housegod sets mode: +vvv MaX_PaYnE rubelicious Sorbic
<housegod> if i must
<MaX_PaYnE> u did yr gewd deed 4 da day
<MaX_PaYnE> thnx
<housegod> and one for rubelicious in case she is upset with me for asking if she likes it up the ass ?:P
<MaX_PaYnE> yeah, gotta make up...
<MaX_PaYnE> :P
<Sorbic> SHWEET dude
<Sorbic> shoit aloit
<randomboy> listen my chaaina....i will moer all your teefs out...you come look for kak in holland park my pel
<housegod> randomboy: hush
<randomboy> if i break this bottle i become a farken stabbing machine my bo
*** housegod has changed the topic on #pe to [10:47] if i break this bottle i become a farken stabbing machine my bo
<randomboy> kyk hier...you is being a lekker clever laatie....i can like to smack your teefs out
*** Kane (Kane@sg-30466.telkomadsl.co.za) has joined #pe
<Kane> hey
<Kane> can anyone give me directions to the Speed Services office in central hill?
<Kane> wtf's central hill again? :P
<randomboy> dirrent i tell you about my cortina....i spin it in first,second and fird my pel
<DocWood> Russel Road, Traffic lights by Adult World, Turn right (Away from The Ranch)
<randomboy> i pull away in fird and put it strait to fif
<Kane> lol
<MaX_PaYnE> randomboy, get a decent car, but ford, jirre, that LANK kuk bru
<randomboy> i smaak my car stukkend my pel......its got stripes and fur and is covered with the neccesary tupperware... and its a nice green too...the cherries smaak it

<horny> anyonw work in geenacres
<LordCow> yeah of course, how would they make any money otherwise?
<horny> who
<LordCow> hahaha
*** lucy is now known as josie
<LordCow> damn if only i didn't haveta go watch soccer
<LordCow> this could've bin fun
<LordCow> byeeee
<horny> i mean in the chat room
*** kewlguy (heyy@sg-20770.tmns.net.au) has joined #pe
<horny> u fucker
<horny> ha ha

*** GoggA has changed the topic on #pe to Hard boyz cd launch at 9yards this friday.R5000 worth of prizes being given away
*** GoggA has changed the topic on #pe to Hardy boyz cd launch at 9yards this friday.R5000 worth of prizes being given away

<GoggA> bad typo that

<minus> who has heard the fkn ice cream truck by mill park , newton park area?
<minus> and no.. i am not high

*** Jive has changed the topic on #pe to AUS VS. E N G L A N D FOR FINAL!!!
<dieselx> that's more like it Jive
<Jive> thank you:)
<raVen235i> no france aus
<raVen235i> and france is gonna win
<raVen235i> R 500 buck says it
<Jive> i'll still support england
* LordCow reckons england & new zealand
<betterman> lordcow
<betterman> new zealand lost already
<dieselx> lol
<LordCow> hahahahahaha
<Jive> lol
<LordCow> such a ghei

<Method> whos got a funny website or summing interesing to share
<LordCow> method: http://home.earthlink.net/~atawmic123/aol.txt
<Method> whats on the site
<Method> funny stuph
<Method> ?
<LordCow> a virus
<LordCow> in txt format
*** Chamber (Chamber@sg-9888.mweb.co.za) has joined #pe
*** BabyServ sets mode: +o Chamber
<Method> wtf
*** Chamber sets mode: +v nixx
<Method> i want a normal website
<LordCow> y don't u check it out
<Method> not these aids infected ones
<LordCow> that'll b quicker than me explaining what's on it
<Method> u just sed its a virus
<LordCow> but i meant that u'r a moron
<LordCow> it's a fsckin txt file ;p
<nixx> thanks :)

* Donald_Duck wishes Hairbo a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!
<pixie-love> IS it his bday today?
<NameleSS_Soul> i heard there's a houseparty happining in mount plesant
*** BoA (guess@sg-34713.mweb.co.za) has joined #pe
*** Mode change "+o BoA" on #pe by BabyServ
<LordCow> nameless: it's that loud?
<Munchie> BOred...
<NameleSS_Soul> what u mean dude?
<LordCow> <NameleSS_Soul> i heard there's a houseparty happining in mount plesant
* LordCow waits ..
<NameleSS_Soul> yeah...some friend told me
<NameleSS_Soul> its open i think?
<NameleSS_Soul> u just rockup!
<NameleSS_Soul> lol
<NameleSS_Soul> why lordcow?
*** raVen235i (Blah@sg-2516.telkom-ipnet.co.za) has joined #pe
<LordCow> *sighs*
<NameleSS_Soul> wd raven
<NameleSS_Soul> is it ur party man?
<LordCow> <NameleSS_Soul> i *heard* there's a houseparty happining in mount plesant
<LordCow> <LordCow> nameless: it's that loud?
<NameleSS_Soul> yeah i know...what about it
<LordCow> haha
<NameleSS_Soul> what do u mean its that loud?

*** housegod (housegod@sg-2752.telkom-ipnet.co.za) has joined #pe
*** Mode change "+o housegod" on #pe by BabyServ
<Acidhed> rowan
<LordCow> 3 points
<Acidhed> sarcasm

<Sentar|> LordCow you on another irc server right?
<LordCow> sentari: what gave it away?
*** Depach is now known as TrueForm
<Sentar|> ive had a few fights with you before....
<LordCow> kiefness
<Sentar|> i still have to finish them thou :)
<Sentar|> hehe
<Sentar|> j/k
<LordCow> heh
<LordCow> well if u jog my memory ..
<Sentar|> LordCow my nicks Sentari...
<LordCow> u reckon
<[HusH]> (ppsst... senti: who would've guessed?)
<[HusH]> ;)

*** da_chick (jesspesa@203-79-98-65.tnt13.paradise.net.nz) has joined #pe
<da_chick> anyone seen kewlguy?
<LordCow> da_chick: can't connect
<LordCow> he's on zanet.net
<da_chick> why?
<LordCow> dunno yet .. hostname not resolving
<da_chick> who's hostname?
<LordCow> heh
<LordCow> like a name for his ip
<da_chick> ok
<da_chick> lol
<da_chick> :)
*** da_chick has quit IRC (Leaving)

<Kryptonite[CE]> !last seen Be
<Kryptonite[CE]> !last seen Bev
<Kryptonite[CE]> ??
<LordCow> waitwait
<LordCow> lemmie switch my script on
*** metalica has left #pe
<LordCow> k go now
<Kryptonite[CE]> !last seen Bev
<Kryptonite[CE]> !last seen Be
<LordCow> na sorry ;p
<Kryptonite[CE]> gsuz

<Crimson> Someone ping me please.
<Depach> ping yrself
<Depach> lol
<Depach> same blody thing
<fors4ken> cheers all
*** fors4ken has quit IRC ("alcohol, the cause and solution to all of lifes problems" - Homer J Simpson)
<LordCow> crimson: ip?
<minus> cheers foreskin
<IceBerg_5> Depach You Can Ping Yourself
<Depach> ?
<IceBerg_5> ./ctcp depach ping
<Depach> why ask someone else to do it if he can do it himself?
<IceBerg_5> do it
<IceBerg_5> tell me your ping
<Depach> -
<Depach> [22:58] [Depach PING reply]: 5secs
<Depach> -
<Depach> *blink*
<minus> i wish i knew more bout pcs
<Depach> your point?
<Depach> ;)
<IceBerg_5> Hmm...
<IceBerg_5> Well You Requesting It From A Server Right
<Depach> ctcp's travel via the irc server
<IceBerg_5> So You Want To Know You Ping
<IceBerg_5> Not The Ping From Me TO You
<IceBerg_5> Or You To Someone Else
<IceBerg_5> SO It Should Vairy
<IceBerg_5> If Someone Pings You
<Depach> well i dont wana know other ppls's lag
<Depach> lol
<minus> right... i see now
<Depach> would vary per person
<IceBerg_5> olo
<IceBerg_5> I KNow
<Depach> lol
<IceBerg_5> Still WAiting For The Reply
<minus> ta, i owe u one...
<IceBerg_5> LC : Ping BabyServ
<LordCow> ice: type /mode iceberg_5 -v
<IceBerg_5> Hmm...
*** nemesis (watcher@sg-26857.dial-up.Signoff:net) has joined #pe
*** Mode change "+o nemesis" on #pe by BabyServ
<Depach> dstv dms dance channel sux
<nemesis> KaNdiGurL ! ! ! ! !! ! ! ! !
<IceBerg_5> There
<Depach> i shoudl work there
<IceBerg_5> [23:00] * IceBerg_5 sets mode: -v
<IceBerg_5> -
<nemesis> i werk there ?
<IceBerg_5> [23:01] * IceBerg_5 sets mode: +v
<IceBerg_5> -
<IceBerg_5> HeHe
<LordCow> sweeeeet
<LordCow> hahaha 2 late ;)))))
<IceBerg_5> olo
* LordCow sort've feels bad tho
<DeathMage> whoopsie :)
<Depach> lol
*** IceBerg_5 has quit IRC (Ping timeout)

<Eraser> * Leeto blows goats
<Leeto> ahahahahaa
<Leeto> not right now mike.. your mom is at home isnt she?
<Eraser> donno
<Eraser> maybe she is in the meadows
<Eraser> u might be lucky
<Leeto> hahaahah

<secop> who playing tomoro
<tash_oh> turkey i think?
*** smokie has quit IRC (I swear on my life, Crackie is gay!!!)
<LordCow> turkey - senegal
<LordCow> spain - korea
<tash_oh> ahhh i'm not watching anymore
*** sexy_devil has quit IRC (Leaving)
<tash_oh> now that david beckham, brian mcbride are out
<tash_oh> what's the point?
*** red_fyre (waffle@psw53-02-p06.ec.saix.net) has joined #pe
<LordCow> tash i know
<LordCow> heard fifa r scraping the rest've the cup
*** Chill3r has quit IRC (Leaving)
<tash_oh> ha ha ha

<Crimson> Does any1 wanna save money with there service provider?
*** Hitgirl is now known as Hitgirl^bathing
* LordCow would rather make a profit on selling u a dictionary
<Crimson> i am bein serious
<Crimson> y pay R110 when u can pay R90 per month
<Kane> Because, as a good south african, you must be content at being ripped off.
<Crimson> dude thas coz u Blonde
<Kane> By merchants, by the government, and by the Springbok Rugby team.
<LordCow> i'd advise not bothering with dialups in the 1st place, but pray tell what's this incredible offer anyway
<Kane> lol
<Kane> no suspicion detected
<Kane> i bid thee a fair evening
<Crimson> oaks i own a service provider
*** Kane has quit IRC (meh)
<Crimson> i am offerin a special
<LordCow> can i b u'r friend?
<LordCow> i don't think any1's listenin
* LordCow strokes his router ;p
<Crimson> shut up

<rabbitess> hey
<rabbitess> a screw.....
<rabbitess> what way do u turn it to unscrew it?
<rabbitess> anyone?
<rabbitess> ???????
<rabbitess> no?
<rabbitess> i take it you're all poofters then huh?
<m3nt0r> what
<Mo> l0lness
<rabbitess> scroll up
<Mo> anticlockwise
<rabbitess> why thank u
<m3nt0r> you know which way anti cockwise is right?
<rabbitess> yeeeeeees
<m3nt0r> gewdie

*** detoxed (yaahooo@pel-dial-196-7-205-76.mweb.co.za) has joined #pe
<detoxed> lo ppl
<detoxed> hey ^IT
*** ^IT sets mode: +v detoxed
<detoxed> ops....lol
*** ^IT sets mode: +o detoxed
*** ChanServ sets mode: -o detoxed

<^IT> sorry man :)
<detoxed> lol
<detoxed> the wankers still noy given me ops
<duckfeet> calling em wankers wont get you far
<detoxed> u not gonna get far on irc anyway
<Cow> detoxed: what'd u get far on
<detoxed> rl....this is just a spending time
<detoxed> cow: why u ask?
<Cow> i'm inquisitive
* Cow wants 2 know what rl is
<duckfeet> bout this real life thingie.. me too
<Cow> soundz interesting

*** LordCow was kicked by Equinox (Go See Mother Idle Teef :))


*** LordCow (lordcow@shell.rucus.ru.ac.za) has joined #pe
*** BabyServ sets mode +o LordCow
<LordCow> equinox: did u have 2 ban?
<|Jason|> lol
<|Jason|> omg
<|Jason|> *hide*
*** Equinox was kicked by LordCow (anyway, thought i told u not 2 kick for idling)
*** Equinox (Equinox@pel-dial-196-7-205-14.mweb.co.za) has joined #pe
*** BabyServ sets mode +o Equinox
*** LordCow was kicked by Equinox (you did..? weird... I forgot.. sowz.. L))

*** LordCow (lordcow@shell.rucus.ru.ac.za) has joined #pe
*** BabyServ sets mode +o LordCow
<LordCow> careful
<Equinox> :)
<LordCow> and anyway
<LordCow> i wasn't idling
<Equinox> carefull.. 2
<LordCow> r u trying 2 b a smartass?
<Equinox> I am doos
<Equinox> wtf
<Equinox> go fuck a horse or something
*** Equinox has quit IRC (Ping timeout)
*** Equinox (Equinox@pel-dial-196-7-205-39.mweb.co.za) has joined #pe
*** BabyServ sets mode +o Equinox
<|Jason|> wb :)
*** Equinox sets mode: +b *!*@shell.rucus.ru.ac.za
*** LordCow was kicked by Equinox (Equinox)


*** LordCow (lordcow@shell.rucus.ru.ac.za) has joined #pe
*** BabyServ sets mode +o LordCow
<LordCow> sorry
<LordCow> thought u were the horse

<BAsEMaN> *pow*
<BAsEMaN> bang ur dead:P
<ASiDMaN> prepare tobe neutralized
<ASiDMaN> aah
<BAsEMaN> haha
<BAsEMaN> :)
*** ASiDMaN is now known as ASiDMaN^BaSeMaN
<ASiDMaN^BaSeMaN> u basterd
<ASiDMaN^BaSeMaN> :P
* ASiDMaN^BaSeMaN shoots baseman
*** BAsEMaN is now known as BaSeMaN^ASiDMaN
<BaSeMaN^ASiDMaN> :)
<ASiDMaN^BaSeMaN> ehhe
<BaSeMaN^ASiDMaN> lol
<BaSeMaN^ASiDMaN> where u go 2night BA?
<BaSeMaN^ASiDMaN> lol
<ASiDMaN^BaSeMaN> ur BA dumbass
<ASiDMaN^BaSeMaN> im AB
<ASiDMaN^BaSeMaN> :P
<BaSeMaN^ASiDMaN> hmm
<BaSeMaN^ASiDMaN> lol
<BaSeMaN^ASiDMaN> its confusing

<RiFt_away> hey rowan
<FrIeNdS> oops
<housegod> hey marco
<RiFt_away> fuck u
<RiFt_away> k?
*** RipGirl (iloveian@196-7-187-112.iafrica.com) has joined #pe
<RiFt_away> good
<housegod> hehe
*** housegod sets mode: +o RipGirl
<housegod> you like your channels marco?

RiFt_away is Apoc@pel-531-45.mweb.co.za * none
RiFt_away on @#I_like_to_suck_myself @#my_girlfriend_gives_good_head@#i_share_my_girlfriend @#cum_cucking_vampires @#avi_naked @#young_boys @#gaysex @#Big_Black_Cocks_up_my_ass @#kiddiesex @#pe
RiFt_away using timewiz.zanet.org.za TimeWiz's server
rift_away End of /WHOIS list.

<housegod> kayle : where's my chocolate ??????
<kayle> shush
<housegod> kayle : where's my chocolate ??????
<housegod> kayle : where are my drugs ?
<housegod> that better ?
<housegod> *duck*
<housegod> what everyone been doing ????
<kayle> whatever
<kayle> just come to me for any kinda drug you need
<kayle> i'm the local drug dealer
*** housegod changes topic to '[13:11] i'm the local drug dealer'
<housegod> fuckit this place smells like paint
<housegod> fucken office being repainted ...
<LordCow> housegod: put those 2 sentences together .. makes sense ;)
*** kayle changes topic to '.'
<housegod> tee fucken hee .. i was just explaining why it smelled like paint
<housegod> i'll moer you wif a hokie stiek
<kayle> hahahahahhahahhah
<housegod> anywayz, more work calls
<housegod> l8r peeps
<kayle> lol@housegod

* MegWitch really must go
*** Mode change "-o MegWitch" on #pe by housegod
* MegWitch needs beauty sleep
<housegod> i agree
<housegod> fucken sleep for yrs
<LordCow> meg u going hibernating? :)
<housegod> =)
<MegWitch> chop
<housegod> twinkie
*** Mode change "+o MegWitch" on #pe by Neurosis
*** Mode change "-o MegWitch" on #pe by housegod

<housegod> cow my man!!!!!!
<housegod> hehe
*** Mode change "+o MegWitch" on #pe by Neurosis
*** Mode change "-o MegWitch" on #pe by housegod

<MegWitch> WHAT
*** Mode change "+o MegWitch" on #pe by Tyrant
*** Mode change "-o MegWitch" on #pe by housegod

<MegWitch> rowan
<housegod> ooo aaaa i love auto-deop
<MegWitch> i am never speaking to you AGAIN
<housegod> yep meg
*** Mode change "+o-o MegWitch housegod" on #pe by Neurosis
* housegod is sorry
*** Mode change "+o-o housegod Neurosis" on #pe by provocation
<housegod> hehe
<Neurosis> u ppl having fun?
<MegWitch> not forgiven
<housegod> meg plz
* housegod is soooo sorry
*** MegWitch changes topic to 'Housegod is an unforgiven chop and he will regret messing with me'

<Hotstick> have u been to ZaNet
*** Mode change "+o Hotstick" on #PE by lordcow
<lordcow> i'm on zanet
<Hotstick> thanx
<lordcow> nps
<Hotstick> what are uu on
<lordcow> wot u mean
<Hotstick> what server
<lordcow> o
<lordcow> rucus
* lordcow @ rhodes
<Hotstick> o have u been to ZaNet
<Hotstick> i need someone to do a favour for me
<lordcow> i'm there
<lordcow> um ..
<lordcow> scrolling up now tho
<lordcow> in telnet .. only help u in like 5 minutes ..
<lordcow> y wot client u using .. mIRC ?
<Hotstick> Lagnet
<lordcow> *sigh*
<Hotstick> do u know where ZaNet is
<lordcow> um
<lordcow> it's a network
<lordcow> bout 10 servers around the country
<Hotstick> if you go to the options
<lordcow> in?
<lordcow> mirc?
<Hotstick> startup of the program
<Hotstick> yes
<lordcow> eh k
<Hotstick> where all your info is
* lordcow not on mirc .. but enyway
<lordcow> um
<lordcow> zanet's right at the bottom
<Hotstick> yes
<lordcow> and?
<Hotstick> if you goto zanet
<Hotstick> get list
<Hotstick> and
<Hotstick> go into that pe room
<lordcow> channel list?
<lordcow> ya ..
<Hotstick> well
<Hotstick> ive been K-lined from zanet
<Hotstick> so i cant get in
<lordcow> hehe .. might be a problem
<Hotstick> i need one of the opz to un kline me
<lordcow> ircops?
<lordcow> erm .. wot'd u do
<Hotstick> can u go and try get into that room
<Hotstick> and look and tell me what opz are there
<Hotstick> i know a few of them
<lordcow> ?
<lordcow> #PE ops?
<lordcow> they're not = ircops
<Hotstick> they are the room operators
<Hotstick> can u get in there
<lordcow> i am
<lordcow> can't talk now
<Hotstick> why
* lordcow is realy trying 2 understand u here ..
<lordcow> worry not
<Hotstick> are u helping me out
<lordcow> room operators aren't ircops
<lordcow> yeah i am
<lordcow> but u say u'r klined
<Hotstick> thanx
<lordcow> u mean banned from #PE?
<Hotstick> yes
<lordcow> banned?
<Hotstick> klined from Zanet
<lordcow> well then #PE can't do anything about it ..
<lordcow> um
<lordcow> try change u'r username or ip
<lordcow> hmm
<Hotstick> it must be my ip address
<lordcow> wen'd it happen?
<lordcow> ya .. try reconnect 2 the net
<Hotstick> 2 days ago
<Hotstick> someone in PE did it
<lordcow> hmm
<lordcow> who
<Hotstick> dont know
<lordcow> erm
<lordcow> none of us are o-lined
<Hotstick> can they un kline peopple
<lordcow> no
<lordcow> only ircops ..
<lordcow> tried changing u'r nick?
<Hotstick> yes
<Hotstick> every thing
<lordcow> mmm
<Hotstick> must be my ip address
<Hotstick> i think
<lordcow> no .. bin 2 days
<Hotstick> they pick that up
<lordcow> unless u got direct connection?
<Hotstick> let try quickly and see what they say
<lordcow> heh k
<lordcow> uhhh
<lordcow> so u on zanet?
<Hotstick> yes
<Hotstick> im on lagnet
<Hotstick> first
<Hotstick> it says connecting
<Hotstick> then it says clones
<Hotstick> then it says
<Hotstick> Hotstick ( this long adress) been K-Lined
<lordcow> ok .. well i can check wen i'm finished this shyte
<lordcow> brb
<Hotstick> there was someone in the room last time who was telling me how to get un klined
<Hotstick> his name is FRIENDS
<Hotstick> he is an opz in the #pe room at Zanet
<Hotstick> if u go there look for him
<Hotstick> just open mirc for the 2nd time
<Hotstick> and connect to Zanet
<Hotstick> and choose get list
<Hotstick> and goto pe
<Hotstick> and look for FRIENDS
<lordcow> mm
<lordcow> i'm in zanet
<lordcow> but ..
<lordcow> friends won't be able 2 help u
<Hotstick> why
<lordcow> how in the world were u on zanet if u were klined?
<Hotstick> i wasnt
<Hotstick> is friends there
<Hotstick> his name is Ross
<lordcow> ya i know
<lordcow> im almost finished
<lordcow> but i promise u he can't do anything
<lordcow> so how were u talking 2 him ..
<Hotstick> just say to him
<Hotstick> your old friend mark sheppard
<Hotstick> has been klined what can he do
<lordcow> ya ..
<Hotstick> to un kline himself
<Hotstick> tell him my nick is Hotstick
<Hotstick> okay
<lordcow> k k
<Hotstick> maybe tell him to come here, if it'll be easier
*** NeCrOmAnCeR (necro@psw53-02-p78.ec.saix.net) has joined #pe
<NeCrOmAnCeR> um
<Hotstick> hi
<Hotstick> its not this pe
<NeCrOmAnCeR> i thought you where banned here?
<Hotstick> not this pe
<NeCrOmAnCeR> in what channel then?
<Hotstick> you have to connect to ZaNet
<Hotstick> pe
<NeCrOmAnCeR> hahahaha
<NeCrOmAnCeR> noway
<lordcow> coming i think
<lordcow> lo necro
<NeCrOmAnCeR> sorry
<NeCrOmAnCeR> but zanet aint my place
<NeCrOmAnCeR> lo cow
*** NeCrOmAnCeR has left #pe
<Hotstick> okay
<Hotstick> did u say hes coming?
<lordcow> ya
<Hotstick> okay
<Hotstick> whats taking him so long
*** FrIeNdS (92163.92@du-028-0305.claranet.co.uk) has joined #pe
<Hotstick> ross
<FrIeNdS> mark
<Hotstick> yip
<Hotstick> im in trouble
<Hotstick> im klined from Zanet
<Hotstick> what can i do
<FrIeNdS> press alt f4
<Hotstick> what will that do
<FrIeNdS> unkline you
<Hotstick> are u sure
<FrIeNdS> yes
*** Hotstick has quit IRC (Leaving)
<FrIeNdS> bwhahahahahahahaha!
<lordcow> oh my fuck
<FrIeNdS> LC: wanna put this into the Zanet channel?
*** noways (proon_2@syn60.pri1.peA.gia.net.za) has joined #pe
<lordcow> hehe course
<noways> didnt work
* lordcow gonna find out how 2 log this then put it up :)
*** noways is now known as hotstick
<hotstick> ross
<hotstick> wat happend
<hotstick> it made me exit mirc
<FrIeNdS> i dunno
<FrIeNdS> ummmmmm
* FrIeNdS thinks
<hotstick> i cant connect to ZaNet
<hotstick> but everything else i can
<FrIeNdS> well i dont know what to suggest
<hotstick> is it my ip address
<hotstick> that they pick up
<FrIeNdS> yes
<hotstick> can i change that
<hotstick> hey?
<hotstick> what can i do
<hotstick> hello
<hotstick> Rossssssss
*** FrIeNdS has quit IRC (JuSt CoZ iM pArAnOiD dOeSnT mEaN tHeY aReNt OuT tO gEt Me)
<hotstick> im fucked now
<hotstick> lordcow are u there
<hotstick> whose an ircoperator
*** hotstick has quit IRC (Leaving)

* cHrome has to go
* cHrome blows kisses to you all

<LordCow> l8rz chrome ;)
<cHrome> baaaaai Bunny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
<cHrome> :)))))
<cHrome> cally ou later
<PSYCHObunny> l8r chrome
<cHrome> call y ou later
<PSYCHObunny> k
<PSYCHObunny> bye
<sin> *sniff*
<cHrome> cheers LC:))
<cHrome> bye bye sin :)))))
<LordCow> group hug :Þ
<sin> yay she said goodbye 2 me
<sin> :P
<PSYCHObunny> hehehe
<LordCow> sin i still luv u
<PSYCHObunny> hey
<PSYCHObunny> sin is mine
<PSYCHObunny> go away
<LordCow> em
<LordCow> i mean in a guy way
<LordCow> u can have him u'r own way ;)
<sin> LC: im not doing that again after DM logged it
<PSYCHObunny> hehe
* cHrome is not goign....sorry
<LordCow> ahh shyte
<PSYCHObunny> hehehe
<sin> damn
<LordCow> an i'd already opened the champagne
<sin> :P

<Serpent> Cow
<Serpent> u gotta take that shit off!
<LordCow> the <original nick> stuff?
<Serpent> fuck yes
<Serpent> listen to my reasoning
<Serpent> !
<LordCow> its not u right ..
<Serpent> shhhh gawd demmit!
<Serpent> heh
<Serpent> the 1st i saw hackers and the 1st i got IRC
<Serpent> voken acting core
<LordCow> ah
<Serpent> l0l
<Serpent> common Cow
<Serpent> as a favour plze
<Serpent> ill be in debt
<LordCow> but it's a classic dewd
<LordCow> every1's favourite
<Serpent> plze cow
<LordCow> tell them u weren't <original nick>?
<Serpent> every1 knows that was me
<Serpent> l0l
<Serpent> COW PLZE!
<Serpent> d3mm1t
<LordCow> hehehe
<LordCow> i will try
<LordCow> but the ftp connection may b shakey
<Serpent> hmm..
<Serpent> try hard
<Serpent> u do this for me and ill be in yer debt
* LordCow pleads
<LordCow> ..
<LordCow> well like every1's already read it
<Serpent> well like no1 else has to!
<Serpent> Cow im begging here
<Serpent> i will neva beg for a shell again?
<Serpent> :P
* LordCow pouts
<LordCow> but i like hardly have any traffic anyway
<Serpent> plzzzzzzzzzzeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee COW!!!!!!
<Serpent> l0l
<Serpent> demmit im beggin here
<LordCow> so'm i
<LordCow> can't we have a vote?
<Serpent> fuck no
<Serpent> gawd u trying to ruin me?
<Serpent> l0l
<LordCow> ..
<LordCow> can i move it down a bit?
<Serpent> Cow - I wont ask anything again!
<Serpent> but just plze
<Serpent> get rid of all those old logz of me
<LordCow> for how long?
<Serpent> o my god!
<Serpent> l0l
<Serpent> Cow - plze
<Serpent> You going to do this for me m0n?
* LordCow is thinking hard
<LordCow> i *could* put this log up as well :)
<LordCow> how bout i put this up then take it down?
<Serpent> o my cow
<Serpent> would u do that?
<LordCow> no, i mean take this 1 down after i put it up ;p
<Serpent> omg
<Serpent> there's no stopping u
<LordCow> dewd .. u'r log is vital 2 my page ;)
<Serpent> ok wait
<Serpent> cant u just edit the nick?
<LordCow> i could i spose
<Serpent> plze my man
<LordCow> ok .. semi deal
<Serpent> any otha nick
<LordCow> <original nick with letter changed> ?
<Serpent> change it to anything
<Serpent> l0l!!!
<Serpent> NO
<LordCow> k k
<LordCow> Not_<original nick>
<Serpent> must not have <part of original nick> or <other part of original nick>
<LordCow> alright
<Serpent> o gawd
<Serpent> hmmm
<Serpent> me thinks
<Serpent> Serpent ??
<LordCow> kewl .. done
<Serpent> ure king
<Serpent> go do it
<Serpent> :P
* LordCow wants lots've sex for this
<Serpent> l0l
<Serpent> crawl be4 walk
<Serpent> besides i wanna be luved and not just used for sex!!!
<LordCow> hehe
<Serpent> ;p
<LordCow> AND i'm putting this up
<Serpent> o no
<Serpent> :(
<Serpent> common demmit
<LordCow> k .. spose that would give it away
<Serpent> yes
<Serpent> no more damn catches now!
* LordCow confers with lawyer
<LordCow> gotit
<LordCow> i'll put this up as Serpent as well
<Serpent> hmmm
<Serpent> sorted
<LordCow> thereby explaining the change 2 the patrons
<Serpent> :P
<Serpent> not wen u say <original nick with letter changed>
<Serpent> or shit like that
<Serpent> edit this log azwell
<LordCow> course
<Serpent> kewl man
<Serpent> so wen u gonna do all this?
<LordCow> by tomorrow i spose
<Serpent> NO
<Serpent> CHANGE NOW
<Serpent> dont tell them to go!!!
<LordCow> hehehe
<LordCow> it'll take awhile
<LordCow> it's quite the large log :)
<LordCow> and i gotta d/c
<Serpent> k k k
<Serpent> plze by 2moro
<LordCow> sure
<Serpent> shawt
<Serpent> but if u put this log on they'll know the real nick
<LordCow> there will b no mention of <original nick>
<Serpent> or <original nick with letter changed>
<Serpent> or any shit like that
* LordCow pwomises
<Serpent> shot brufa

*** desiac changes topic to '[18:57] <Serpent> on the block i clicked on the little x'
<desiac> lol
<sin> [19:01] <Serpent> u oviously dont know what hack means
<sin> [19:01] <Serpent> bo is so childish
<sin> he syaz this 2 me...
<sin> this is the same person who ahd his house raided by interpol
<Serpent> brew it os
<provocation> get rid of one of u quick ...........
<sin> when he was in std7
<sin> and he sayz this 2 me....
<Serpent> yes sin yes
<provocation> a ban is coming
<provocation> 1
<provocation> 2
<sin> prov:am i lying
<sin> des:am i lying?
<sin> jaguar:am i lying?
<sin> ask lordcow nxt time u c him 2
<Serpent> do u know how to send a root sin?
*** sin sets mode: +b *!*@196-7-187-58.iafrica.com
*** Serpent was kicked by sin (sending root in2 status window now.)
*** desiac sets mode: -b *!*@196-7-187-58.iafrica.com

<desiac> are you mad
<desiac> such entertainment and you ban him!!!
<provocation> hehehe
<provocation> he was getting a wee bit irritating
<sin> [19:04] <Serpent> i just know the ways of hacking
*** Serpent (Turd@196-7-187-58.iafrica.com) has joined #pe
*** desiac changes topic to '[18:57] <Serpent> on the block i clicked on the little x ||||||||| <Serpent> do u know how to send a root sin?'
<desiac> send a root?
<MegWitch> root?
<desiac> Serpent - how does one send root?
<CyPrEsShIlL> ye
<sin> [19:05] <Serpent> i dont call myself a hacker
<sin> [19:06] <Serpent> u have a lot 2 learn
<desiac> why doesnt he talk to me?
<desiac> i wanna talk to him
<Serpent> go ahaead
*** sin changes topic to '[18:57] <Serpent> on the block i clicked on the little x ||||||||| <Serpent> do u know how to send a root sin?||||||[19:04] <Serpent> i just know the ways of hacking'
<Serpent> lammers they r all around us awwwwwwwwww
<m3nt0r> hehe
<sin> i mean for fucks sakes the fewl isnt responding 2 what iv told him unless he's typing reeaally slowly and he's on farqing zanet #haxors..i mean cant he go for f-net or something
<desiac> lammers = little sheep
*** sin sets mode: +b *!*@196-7-187-58.iafrica.com
<FrIeNdS> sin: whats the topic all about?
<FrIeNdS> :P
*** Serpent was kicked by sin (the iq of the irc user must be equal 2 that of a dead animal equal to his weight)
<FrIeNdS> lol
<sin> freinds:hehehe just an idiot
<FrIeNdS> lol
<sin> when he apolagises he can come back in
<sin> but until then...he can go sleep it off in the status window
*** desiac sets mode: -b *!*@196-7-187-58.iafrica.com
*** Serpent (Turd@196-7-187-58.iafrica.com) has joined #pe
<m3nt0r> sin he is going to hack you
<MegWitch> lol
<m3nt0r> :>
<FrIeNdS> oh no sin
<sin> m3:no pls protect me
<desiac> he's gonna get root on your windows machine
<FrIeNdS> what will you do?????
* FrIeNdS is now worried for sin
<FrIeNdS> lol
<m3nt0r> rather let your criminal brother protect you
<F|rEfLy> lo ppl
<sin> its ok..im burning my unix manuals in front of my monitor 2 make a firewall
<desiac> lol
<m3nt0r> heheheheh
<desiac> m3nt0r do you know sins bro?
<m3nt0r> ya
<m3nt0r> afx
<m3nt0r> heheh
<desiac> yeeeee
<sin> des:shh damnit im lame cant u c?
<m3nt0r> twisted okie
<sin> so serpent: tell me how the little x in the corner of the screen works again?
*** darkmetal (hotmetal@hackerz.co.za) has joined #pe
<m3nt0r> heh
<darkmetal> [Serpent(Turd@196-7-187-58.iafrica.com)] they r talking about hacking shit
<darkmetal> Serpent: talk in here.
<sin> no
*** sin sets mode: +b *!*@196-7-187-58.iafrica.com
*** Serpent was kicked by sin (will u never learn)

<sin> o ok
<darkmetal> heh
<darkmetal> naa.. sin, let him talk *g*
<sin> would u like 2 c the conversation darkmetal?
<sin> ;)
*** sin sets mode: -b *!*@196-7-187-58.iafrica.com
<darkmetal> yea
<sin> [18:57] <Serpent> sorry
<sin> [18:57] <Serpent> on the block i clicked on the little x
<sin> [18:59] <Serpent> why did u do dat to desiac???
<sin> [19:00] <Serpent> thnx alot man
<sin> what?
<darkmetal> lovely.. this should be good
*** Serpent (Turd@196-7-187-58.iafrica.com) has joined #pe
<sin> ok no we'l skip that bit
<Jetblu> lo fire
<Jetblu> ta hun
<Shandi> npz :o)
<darkmetal> serpent: so.. what's happening?
<Serpent> bull metal
<sin> serpent: pls explain yourself :)
<Serpent> i did'nt say that
<sin> this should be entertaining
* sin gets out the popcorn
<darkmetal> Serpent: so what u gonna teach us about hacking?
<F|rEfLy> :)
<Serpent> metal u think evey1 is scared of u
<darkmetal> i
<darkmetal> er
<desiac> darkmetal - beware he mite send you root
<sin> [19:04] <Serpent> i just know the ways of hacking
<darkmetal> LOL
<darkmetal> Serpent: thats new to me
<desiac> i still want him to explain what he meant by that
<sin> watch out darkmetal..he nos the "ways"
<darkmetal> lol @ sin
<FrIeNdS> lol
<Serpent> hehehehe
<Serpent> thats funny
* FrIeNdS gets his extra large coke out and gives meg some
<darkmetal> Serpent: so.. know what port 111 is ?
<Serpent> tell me has any1 heard of the_wreeper?
<Serpent> tell me has any1 heard of the_wreeper?
<sin> darkmetal:the movie hotline?
*** sin changes topic to '<Serpent> on the block i clicked on the little x ||||||||| <Serpent> do u know how to send a root sin?||||||[19:04] <Serpent> i just know the ways of hacking''
<FrIeNdS> dark: of course he does - he "knows the ways"
<sin> i prefer this topic
<darkmetal> sin: hehe
<m3nt0r> ya
<darkmetal> wtf
<SiRyN_> lo again ppl
<m3nt0r> 111?
<desiac> 11!?
<Shandi> u back luvi
<darkmetal> do u know how to send a root sin?
<darkmetal> wtf is that?
<m3nt0r> send root ?
<Serpent> The_Wreeper is my brother in america
<FrIeNdS> oooooooooh
<Serpent> ever heard of him?
* FrIeNdS quivers
<desiac> no
<desiac> lemme guess he r0x
<Serpent> ok
<MegWitch> what
<desiac> and he loves you
<darkmetal> Serpent: and?
<m3nt0r> that is nearly lamer then soul` that says ping -l gives you r00t
* FrIeNdS is really worried - The Wreeper huh?????
<sin> [19:03] *** Serpent was kicked by sin (sending root in2 status window now.)
<sin> thats what i thought he ment
* FrIeNdS is going into hiding
<darkmetal> *lol*
<desiac> you mean the_rapist
<Serpent> well hes friend was Datastream_Cowboy
<sin> or the_weeper
<Serpent> u do tha math
<desiac> hahaa
<sin> o that guy...
<m3nt0r> hehehe e
<desiac> who would have such a huge fucking nick
<sin> the 1 who wears shirts
<sin> and has 2 eyes
<darkmetal> Serpent: u know a bud of mine called "Bypass"?
<m3nt0r> does that mean he is 31333337
<MegWitch> hello
<sin> des: he's freinds with serpent:what do u expect
<desiac> no self respecting person would have a underscore in his nick
<darkmetal> *lol*
<sin> lol
<FrIeNdS> lol
<Serpent> Datastream_Cowboy was the boy who cracked the pentagon
* FrIeNdS gasps
<darkmetal> ./nick dam_eleet_dark_metal
<desiac> he cracked monica lewisnky's ass
<FrIeNdS> the boy "knows his stuff"
<darkmetal> Serpent: take note..
<darkmetal> "cracked"
<sin> geez now i feel bad
<sin> like u dont hack fone lines u "phreak" them
<Shawn_> hi
<m3nt0r> darkmetal : let vortexia fuk him up :>
<m3nt0r> *lol*
<sin> be carefull or we'l keep u back after class
<FrIeNdS> sin: u really should be worried
<darkmetal> heh
<darkmetal> i HATE vortexia.. he's a power hungry moronic twit
<m3nt0r> hahahah
<sin> vortexia...met him once..hehe tried 2 sell us sweets at a net night :)
<Serpent> u the twit
<m3nt0r> nah he is a kewl okie
<darkmetal> Serpent: excuse me?
<m3nt0r> we wank together
*** FrIeNdS changes topic to 'Im So WoRrIeD nOw FoR sIn - I tHiNk YoU sHoUlD aLl Go InTo HiDiNG'
<Serpent> u heard me
<sin> he's ok..just that any1 who sets their pc 2 wake them up 2 tell them about new zero-day scares me
<FrIeNdS> lol
<darkmetal> i've been called alot of things.. Twit is a new 1
*** sin sets mode: +o darkmetal
<sin> doh..wrong button
<darkmetal> heh
<darkmetal> naa
<cheros> ops plz
<Serpent> wait here is my boet
*** Serpent was kicked by darkmetal (can u say c l u e l e s s?)
*** sin sets mode: -o darkmetal

<sin> id say your work here is done :)
<darkmetal> ta sin.. that was a must
<darkmetal> yea
<darkmetal> hehe
<sin> hehee np
<desiac> No Such Nick Name : Serpent [ is.zanet.org.za ]
<sin> anytime
<desiac> hey man
<sin> bwhahaha
<darkmetal> *grin*
<desiac> why did you kick him
<sin> o well that was his brother
<desiac> i wanted to meeet his brother
<darkmetal> i sent him a root which anal raped his port 0
<darkmetal> *grin*
<darkmetal> ehhehe
*** The_Wreeper (Turd@196-7-187-58.iafrica.com) has joined #pe
<sin> u mean the guy who datastream cowboy?
<desiac> yueeeeee
<sin> hehehe
<desiac> its the wrrrreeeeeeper!!!!!!
<sin> yeeehaaaw!!!!!
<darkmetal> wait wait
<sin> its the_weeper!
<darkmetal> erm erm
* FrIeNdS is really worried
*** Jetblu sets mode: -b *!*@gfw1.mis.co.za
<FrIeNdS> lol
*** sin sets mode: +o darkmetal
* m3nt0r waits for the_wanker to protect his brother
<The_Wreeper> is there a darkmetal here?
<sin> u mean the_rapist
<desiac> BWAHAHA!!!
*** The_Wreeper was kicked by darkmetal (CLUELESS TWIT!!!)
*** darkmetal sets mode: +b *!*Turd@*.iafrica.com

<sin> open your eyes geniuse
<darkmetal> u know who that is..
*** desiac sets mode: -b *!*Turd@*.iafrica.com
<sin> what r u blind and dum?
<desiac> NO
<MegWitch> wreeper it is spelt reaper
<desiac> please dont ban em
<darkmetal> lol
*** The_Wreeper (Turd@196-7-187-58.iafrica.com) has joined #pe
<desiac> i want some entertainment
<darkmetal> okay
<sin> meg:dont ruin it for him
<FrIeNdS> lol
*** darkmetal sets mode: -o darkmetal
<darkmetal> The_Wreeper: lol..
<MegWitch> lol
<MegWitch> y not
<sin> im feeling faint..im not getting enough air
<The_Wreeper> its funny yes
<darkmetal> The_Wreeper: u really must learn to change your ident
<sin> *rotfl(*
<sin> dark:aww he had us going their 2
* darkmetal laughs himself to death
<desiac> what do you wreeep in the USA?
<sin> cant..breath...need...oxygen..tent
<darkmetal> hehe
<sin> des:i believe its child porn
<The_Wreeper> im here with my familly now
<sin> yes wait!
<m3nt0r> hehe
<sin> iv heard of u!
<desiac> a/s/L?
<sin> the great king pin of child porn!
<m3nt0r> check this mass smurf attack
<FrIeNdS> lol
<FrIeNdS> bwhahahahaha
*** MegWitch sets mode: +o Bemmer
<sin> they call u saloir boy because ur such a big porn pir8
<The_Wreeper> so u have heard of my bud Datastream_Cowboy?
<sin> no never.
<MegWitch> lamer
<sin> he sell hotdogs?
<sin> i like hotdogs
<FrIeNdS> cant say that i have
<darkmetal> The_Wreeper: u crack me up
<FrIeNdS> lol
<The_Wreeper> nope
<sin> candy floss maybe
<sin> ?
<darkmetal> The_Wreeper: heard of my group?
<desiac> was he in the movie hackers?
<The_Wreeper> he almost launched a nukular earhead
<FrIeNdS> sin: dont be silly - hes a cowboy
<darkmetal> HOD = Hackers On Drugs
<FrIeNdS> stupid
<darkmetal> :)
<desiac> grrrrrrss!!!
<sin> he launched an earhead?!?!?!
<desiac> l0l
<sin> myu god>!?!?!
<The_Wreeper> nope he was in the you
<The_Wreeper> 5 pages long
<sin> i cant breath
*** The_Wreeper was kicked by m3nt0r (i am getting a erection)
<MegWitch> lol
<FrIeNdS> sin: Not an earhead - a blackhead stupid
<desiac> what a fucking bad typo
*** The_Wreeper (Turd@196-7-187-58.iafrica.com) has joined #pe
<sin> my god...a nuclear earhead...what will they think of next
<The_Wreeper> if u can go read it
<sin> so it mentions u?
<sin> :)
<sin> kewl
<The_Wreeper> nope my bud
<The_Wreeper> DC
*** The_Wreeper was kicked by m3nt0r (many a coon has ruined my day)
<sin> the weeper and buffalo internet
<FrIeNdS> lol
<FrIeNdS> !
*** The_Wreeper (Turd@196-7-187-58.iafrica.com) has joined #pe
<darkmetal> The_Wreeper: i almost mentioned an Anal Probe against mah dog
<sin> the weeper and buffalo internet
<desiac> he cant even use auto - rejoin
*** opium (bleh@r00ted.hax0r.za.org) has joined #pe
<The_Wreeper> hehehe
<The_Wreeper> reject this
<sin> wreaking havoc across www.yahoo.com
<The_Wreeper> metal
*** Mr-X has quit IRC (Ping timeout)
<desiac> wreeeper - why dont you use auto - rejoin bud?
<darkmetal> dont ph33r me cause i'm eleet... ph33r me cause i'm gay
<darkmetal> *lol*
<sin> dark:dont burst his bubble
<MegWitch> gawd
*** desiac is now known as Datastream_Cowboy
<The_Wreeper> u not eleet bud
<opium> lol
<Datastream_Cowboy> YO! Wreeeper!
<Datastream_Cowboy> how you doing bud?
*** killer_chic (candi@psw53-01-p90.ec.saix.net) has joined #pe
<sin> *rotfl*
<Datastream_Cowboy> i got oxycute to take out them earheads
<darkmetal> i'm not?
*** Datastream_Cowboy was kicked by MegWitch (hey i read about you in the huisgenoot!)
*** Datastream_Cowboy (bongani@196-7-187-121.iafrica.com) has joined #pe
<darkmetal> LOL!!!
<FrIeNdS> sin: look youve got it all wrong - his bud (Data-something) is a cowboy and he launches Blackheads - u understand now?
*** Jetblu sets mode: +o killer_chic
<killer_chic> lo all
*** MegWitch sets mode: +o Datastream_Cowboy
<killer_chic> ta
*** cide (styx@pel-531-51.mweb.co.za) has joined #pe
<cide> hey all
<opium> *** The_Wreeper has quit IRC (Ping timeout)
<The_Wreeper> wrong thing to do
<sin> freinds:thanks for clearing it up
<FrIeNdS> np
<Jetblu> np
*** iCe has quit IRC (Ping timeout)
<Datastream_Cowboy> iooooooh why?
<sin> wreeper:bad news:setting books on fire in front of the pc does not constitute a firewall
<FrIeNdS> anyway
<darkmetal> BUWHAHAH
<opium> LOL
<opium> LOL
<MegWitch> bwahahaha
<The_Wreeper> darkmetal gtg now go check hack.co.za tommorow
<The_Wreeper> darkmetal gtg now go check hack.co.za tommorow
<darkmetal> okay
<The_Wreeper> my boet telled me u owned it
<darkmetal> and what will i see?
<darkmetal> LOL!!!!
<The_Wreeper> nothing
<The_Wreeper> :)
<sin> we'l be there and can i get your signature sometime?
<ckb> hi all
<darkmetal> *falls off his chair laughing*
*** cide changes topic to 'MUFC 2 Liverpool 1'
<darkmetal> whoever can hack my www.hack.co.za site
*** m3nt0r is now known as kujo
<The_Wreeper> bi now
<darkmetal> wait wait
<darkmetal> whoever can hack my www.hack.co.za site..
*** Jetblu (rola@196-7-187-4.iafrica.com) has left #pe
<The_Wreeper> my brother will be back
<darkmetal> i like personally..
*** kujo is now known as the_mentor
<sin> we want u here weeper
<darkmetal> lick any of part there body
<opium> /nslookup the_weeper
<the_mentor> i hack banks and make money
<opium> oops
<darkmetal> bwuhaha
*** FrIeNdS changes topic to '<sin> wreeper:bad news:setting books on fire in front of the pc does not constitute a firewall'
<Datastream_Cowboy> what language do these guys speak?
*** The_Wreeper (Turd@196-7-187-58.iafrica.com) has left #pe
<the_mentor> my name is kevin mitnick
<sin> dark:same sorta reward system we keep in #pe
<cide> sin: a little sour after the game today??
<darkmetal> lol
<FrIeNdS> cheerz peeps
*** detox (GaryPlayer@sciugd011.ugd.unp.ac.za) has joined #pe
*** FrIeNdS has quit IRC (Leaving)
<the_mentor> ph33r mah |33Tn355
<sin> cide:shudup
<darkmetal> #pe rules.. i must come here more often
<darkmetal> lol
* detox waves to everyone
*** Pro_madman (Pro_madman@syn30.anx13.rivA.gia.net.za) has joined #pe
<darkmetal> i though #hax0r was funny
<opium> heheeheheh
<darkmetal> but this takes the cake
<opium> brb
<Pro_madman> man u rules
<sin> fuck shoulda logged this
<opium> change my domain
<opium> this one is too ereet
<the_mentor> darkmetal : i will assist you to hack the_wanker !
*** opium has quit IRC (bbl)
<the_mentor> hehe
<sin> wait let me get my axe
<sin> ill help
<the_mentor> only shit is ... i am in jail
<darkmetal> lol
<the_mentor> hehe
<MegWitch> lol
*** opium (bleh@do.u.want.some.opium.za.net) has joined #pe
<darkmetal> i logged everything
*** detox (GaryPlayer@sciugd011.ugd.unp.ac.za) has left #pe
<sin> yeah me 2..im ircing off a calculator and a paper clip
<opium> better
<MegWitch> bwahahahaha
<sin> darkmetal send when u can
*** Datastream_Cowboy is now known as desiac
*** the_mentor changes topic to 'free kevin mitnick'

<darkmetal> haha
<F|rEfLy> seeya ppl
*** F|rEfLy has quit IRC (l3er)
<sin> my linux box in installed on the gameboy
<darkmetal> oh boy..
<Pro_madman> goto go getting kicked outa my own room! cheers see ja later
*** Pro_madman (Pro_madman@syn30.anx13.rivA.gia.net.za) has left #pe
<darkmetal> my cheeks are hurting here
<the_mentor> hehe
<opium> heheheheheheehhe
<the_mentor> win 3.1 is the best
<opium> :)
<the_mentor> i used it to hack the bank
*** CyPrEsShIlL sets mode: +o ^busty^babe
<sin> u mean they made win3.1.??
<sin> :P
<darkmetal> *lol*
<darkmetal> er.. where'd the moron go?
<the_mentor> i used f secure to ssh out and wanked the bank
<opium> ThE_GrOmMeT: what was the admin pass?? cash?
<sin> dark:crying i think
<opium> the_mentor i mean
<darkmetal> hehe
*** Tamera (T.Williams@syn44.pri1.peA.gia.net.za) has left #pe
<sin> bust watching "hackers" again
*** the_mentor is now known as Vortexia
*** Vortexia has quit IRC (Killed (Services (attacking Services)))
<sin> bust=busy
<sin> lol
<sin> bad mistake
<darkmetal> *grin*!!!!
*** SLeN (slen@syn53.pri1.peA.gia.net.za) has joined #pe
<darkmetal> ;p;
<MegWitch> i love hackers
*** killer_chic sets mode +o funkycow
<MegWitch> jonny lee miller is so hot
<darkmetal> lol
*** Blau has quit (Connection reset by peer)
<sin> yeah the only hacking movie 2 make it look like u need a voodoo2 2 do anyhting
*** Wade (idont@m1-24-ctn.dial-up.net) has joined #pe
<desiac> lol
<darkmetal> lol
<sin> now sneakers..there was a good movie
<sin> that craker box
<sin> yeeeehaaaaw
<opium> lol
<sin> crackerjack goodbye..hollywood here i come
<desiac> check carte blanch
<sin> the weeper on?
<opium> hehehhehe
<opium> for hacking banks
<opium> :P
<darkmetal> yea.. whats on?
<darkmetal> er
<desiac> much better
*** BoGGit (BoGGit@196-31-18-214.iafrica.com) has joined #pe
*** DeathMage^Prazzie is now known as DeathMage
<sin> dark:can u dcc that log?
*** surferdude (surferdude@cbsa25-03-p11.wc.saix.net) has joined #pe
*** betty (tobia@empB-port17.net.McMaster.CA] has joined #pe

<surferdude> lo all
<surferdude> whats up
*** sin changes topic to 'free kevin mitnick (with every third burger u buy)'
<MegWitch> lol
<sin> dark:send the log and check out the 1's at logs.cjb.net
<darkmetal> wait wait..
<darkmetal> checking mnet
<darkmetal> sheesh
*** glacier has quit (Leaving)
<darkmetal> hectic fighting
<opium> hahahahha
*** glacier (alien@psw53-01-p49.ec.saix.net) has joined #pe
<opium> that thing on mnet is kewl
<opium> heheheehe
<darkmetal> and real time stabbing
<sin> what up?
<opium> yeh
<sin> family watching video cant c
<opium> in the back
<MegWitch> cheers
<MegWitch> ppl
*** C0RsA|r (Hell@pel-531-94.mweb.co.za) has joined #pe
<MegWitch> cya
*** MegWitch has quit (i imagined us chasing the wind and catching that air, sometimes i wonder if we hadn't sinned, would we still have cared?)
<darkmetal> okay
<darkmetal> u want that log?
<sin> damn right

<LordCow> teorbrs: no comment frum u mr webpage boy :P
<LordCow> sum1 ..
* LordCow brb
*** You were kicked by Teorbrs (have u updated your page!!!!)
*** Attempting to rejoin...
*** Rejoined #PE
<Tyrant> mmmmm
<LordCow> erm
*** Teorbrs sets mode: +o LordCow
<LordCow> ta
<LordCow> y i'm asking
<Tyrant> l0ol
<LordCow> is caus i can't connect 2 it :P
<Teorbrs> ic
<LordCow> yup
*** Cannabis-X sets mode: +o Cleo_
<LordCow> but wen i do i promise i'll put u'r name up in big gayish type colours :P
<Tyrant> LC ,.... you should stop drinking so much
<LordCow> i know
<LordCow> uther ppl need sum as well ..
<Cleo_> fanks buddy
<Teorbrs> YAY like purple or sumin????/?
<Tyrant> teo !!
<LordCow> teo: maybe even purple an pink together
<Teorbrs> with YELLOW!!!!!
*** Cleo_ was kicked by Tyrant (wot you doing up there!)
<LordCow> mm dunno, don't want 2 many guys coming onto u
<Teorbrs> YES BUT I DO!!!!!
*** Cleo_ (lin@hdp25-01-p06.saix.net) has joined #pe
<LordCow> but u have 2 think bout tyrant's feelings ..
<Cleo_> jajaja
<Teorbrs> NO!!!!! the two timing slut, i saw him flirting with u last night]
<Cleo_> i want my ops back
<surreal> hmmm
*** Cleo_ was kicked by Tyrant (begging)
<LordCow> gawd no
<LordCow> thought u couldn't c me that far down
*** Cleo_ (lin@hdp25-01-p06.saix.net) has joined #pe
<Teorbrs> i try not to think about it
<Tyrant> you dewds need help
<Teorbrs> aw shudUP!!!
<SecTor> LOL
*** Tyrant sets mode: +b *!*@hdp25-01-p06.saix.net
*** Cleo_ was kicked by Tyrant (shudder)

<LordCow> tyrant: u'r all i need ;)
<Tyrant> [00:22] <Cleo_> you mess with me...
<LordCow> heh
<LordCow> mm 00:22
<Cannabis-X> now im gonna play GUITAR and thats is that so bye all-> Dont be kompospompers
<Tyrant> mmmm
<LordCow> cannabis: between what times do u speak english may i ask?
*** Cannabis-X changes topic to 'This is not a KOMPOS-POMPER Channel'
<Tyrant> life is full ov surprizes
*** Tyrant changes topic to 'no it is not !'
*** You were kicked by Teorbrs (feel like kicking tyrant)

*** Attempting to rejoin...
*** Rejoined #PE
*** Cannabis-X sets mode: +o LordCow
<LordCow> ta
*** Tyrant was kicked by Teorbrs (Teorbrs)
*** Tyrant (Tyrent@196-7-187-119.iafrica.com) has joined #pe
*** LordCow sets mode: +o Tyrant
<LordCow> teo: good aim
<LordCow> l8tz

<guided1> kow : did u know that a cow is femail
<LordCow> guided1: y u want me 2 dress up again?
<guided1> kow : nah my brothers got my doll house
<LordCow> hehe
<LordCow> well hold it in till next time then :Þ
<guided1> sure buddy
<nraid3r> i have a wooden pony
<nraid3r> and boy...do i ride that thing
<guided1> hehehe psicko
<LordCow> lol
<guided1> nraid : thats unfair ponys cant say yes so its rape
<nraid3r> guided1: and i care ? :P
<guided1> hehhe
<guided1> do u get splinters
<nraid3r> no
<guided1> hehe
<nraid3r> we have lotsa sandpaper
<guided1> ow....
<guided1> u mean for the horse right
<nraid3r> for him too yes
<guided1> hehehe

<Topia> Tyrant: you big PEANUT!!!!
<sin> hehehe
<LordCow> topia he turn u on?
<Topia> Lordcow: no ways,
<LordCow> o ok
<sin> LC: gives him a big "penut"
<LordCow> peanut just sounded so affectionate
<Tyrant> i can say that i have been called alot ov things but NEVER that
<Topia> Lordcow: there's only one thing that turns me on and that is........

we stop there ..

<HuNiSuCkLe> I just got such a clever email
<HuNiSuCkLe> do any of u wanna do it?
<LordCow> yeah
<HuNiSuCkLe> ok cool
<HuNiSuCkLe> have u got a pen and paper?
<HuNiSuCkLe> u guys should try this is really cool, go get a pen and paper
<LordCow> nope i'm gonna write on my forehead
<HuNiSuCkLe> no u need apen and paper
<LordCow> ic
<orosman> what is it about
<Air^_David> hehe
<quovadis> someone yell "KICK ME!"
<LordCow> "KICK ME"
<LordCow> yeah
<HuNiSuCkLe> who has a pen and paper?
<Air^_David> just very hard
* LordCow has a 2 pens
<LordCow> anyone need a pen?
<HuNiSuCkLe> is anyone gonna do this?
<HuNiSuCkLe> cause its really clever
<orosman> shoot
<HuNiSuCkLe> ok...
* LordCow is about 2 fall off his seat
<HuNiSuCkLe> 1. First of all, pick the number of days a week that you would like to go out (or eat pizza, whatever).
<HuNiSuCkLe> u done that?
<LordCow> nope still thinking
*** You were kicked by quovadis (delayed reaaction)
*** Attempting to rejoin...
*** Rejoined #PE
*** quovadis sets mode: +o LordCow
<LordCow> ta
<Air^_David> done it
<HuNiSuCkLe> 2. Multiply this number by 2
<LordCow> quo that'd b fine
<LordCow> except i have 2 ignore all these dcc send requests
<Air^_David> ok
<Air^_David> done
<HuNiSuCkLe> 3. add 5
<Air^_David> ok
<HuNiSuCkLe> <Air^_David> are u doing it?
<Air^_David> done
<HuNiSuCkLe> ok good
<Air^_David> yip
<LordCow> heh
<HuNiSuCkLe> 4. mutilpy it by 50
* LordCow gets a calculator
<orosman> wait this could take a while
<Air^_David> ok
<HuNiSuCkLe> 5. If you have already had your birthday this year...add 1748, if u havent, add 1747
<orosman> lordcow, multiply 13 by 50 for me
<LordCow> oros i couldn't find it
<LordCow> we're stuck hunisuckle
<Air^_David> ok
<Air^_David> use a culkulator
<LordCow> hehe
<Air^_David> use a cukulator
<Air^_David> go on
<HuNiSuCkLe> agh never mind!
<orosman> carry on
<Air^_David> no man
<Air^_David> im there
<orosman> u can't stop now
<HuNiSuCkLe> Last step
<Air^_David> ok
*** Disconnected
<provocation> px who is the doc ?????????
<px> provocation: i have no idea
<provocation> what a fucker
<px> provocation: i'll drink to that :)
<provocation> hehehhe
<px> check this:
<px> <TheDoc> i can't help it if u suck
<px> <TheDoc> i don't even have a voodoo 2
<px> <TheDoc> i'll cream u
<px> <px> listen here little boy...
<px> <px> i dont care about u
<px> <px> and your voodoo2
<px> <px> or your quaking skills
<px> <px> i honestly dont give a fuck
<px> <px> so pleasee shutup
<px> <px> and stop wasting my time
*** px sets mode: -b *!*@196-7-187-112.iafrica.com
<guided1> heheh
<px> fucken idiot...
<provocation> ahh mr guided1 ahh naturel
<px> he thinks i am adam
<LordCow> ahh
<guided1> heheh
<provocation> plastic u say
<provocation> hehehehe
<guided1> provo : i have changed my whole belief system again
<guided1> plastic is beautiful
<provocation> what due to us
<guided1> specially when one puts it over one's head
* C0Nv|K wanders if anyone here Except himself has a life on this #
<provocation> ahh so its no longer nature as a whole
<guided1> provo : well you guys just basically showed me the flaws...so i just decided to rethink it
<guided1> you cant blame me i dint have 1000 years to perfect mine
<C0Nv|K> -NickServ- *** px is I'd give up forever just to touch you...
<C0Nv|K> how sweet
<C0Nv|K> :>
<guided1> i prolly made myne in an hour
* C0Nv|K wants to cry
<px> -NickServ- *** C0nv|k is gay and black
<provocation> ahh so giuded we converted u u say
<caine_> Address beast@pe-cs1-AS9.sprintlink.co.za
<caine_> Realname David
<caine_> Server sinbad.zanet.org.za
<caine_> Channels #cybersex
<caine_> [00:31] <SemenDemon> ok you gay
<caine_> <caine_> ok cybersex boy
<caine_> <caine_> ;)
<caine_> <caine_> lonley you say?
<px> hehe
<caine_> [00:31] <SemenDemon> no...
<caine_> <caine_> oooohhhh
<caine_> <caine_> ok then
<caine_> [00:31] <SemenDemon> ou r the fuck up
<caine_> <caine_> LONLEY...
<SemenDemon> [00:24] <caine_> Lets make love
<guided1> my whole life is a mess thanks to caine and provo
<caine_> hehehehe
<guided1> from now on call me ....
*** guided1 is now known as guidedknow1
*** caine_ sets mode: +m

<px> caine_: u beat me to it
<caine_> [00:40] <SemenDemon> i r wanker
<guidedknow1> hehe
*** caine_ sets mode: +b *!*beast@*.sprintlink.co.za
<guidedknow1> wtf r u mullets doing?
*** px sets mode: -m
<caine_> hehehe
<caine_> guided1 is now the ungided1
<px> if he r banned.. he cant speak i believe..
<caine_> yup
<caine_> ;)
<px> :)
*** LordCow is now known as Guided1
<Guided1> i r stoopid
<guidedknow1> heheh
<Guided1> i can't even put a nick kill on
<Guided1> that's how stoopid i is
<guidedknow1> do you know why i cant put a nick kill on piglet
<Guided1> because i r stoopid?
<caine_> semen: you having fun...?
<px> guidedknow1: cos u're dumb
<px> hehe
<guidedknow1> no..because you put a password on it and knowbody knows what it is
<Guided1> bwhahahaha
<guidedknow1> fewl
<guidedknow1> not even you
*** px sets mode: -b *!*beast@*.sprintlink.co.za
<guidedknow1> hehhe
* px wants to hear what this gay guy has to say
<Guided1> ya well wen i set passwords i don't make it a habit 2 forget them :p
<px> come on.. speak up boy
<caine_> not anything worth listening to
*** Guided1 is now known as LawdCow
<guidedknow1> the # is not +m
<px> really???
<px> fool
<LawdCow> and that's the end of our channel statistics
<guidedknow1> shut up !!!
<guidedknow1> heheh
<provocation> ahh fagot s im outta here
<px> cheers provo
<caine_> cheers prov
<provocation> send semendemon my regards
<guidedknow1> later provogaytion
<LawdCow> l8r provo
*** guidedknow1 is now known as laudcow
<laudcow> i r dumb and stuff
<laudcow> woops i got peanut butter on my back again
<Lawdcow> hahaha
<laudcow> thats cos im stoopid
<provocation> cheers mates
<laudcow> later
<px> cya prov
*** SemenDemon was kicked by provocation (fewl)
*** provocation sets mode: +b *!*beast@*.sprintlink.co.za

<LawdCow> bi agin prov
<caine_> cheers mate... remeber... there will be other mugs
*** provocation has quit IRC (Broken pipe)
<px> cheers ppl
<guided1> later
<LordCow> l8ta px
*** px has quit IRC (i am the hod, the hod of gouse!)
<guided1> i'm out too....i have maths early tomorrow
<LordCow> u is joking me
* LordCow has sleep early tomorrow
<guided1> buena vista au vau
<guided1> heheh
<guided1> well its the last one ever
<guided1> wooo hooo
<LordCow> auravoir or however u spell it guidedgay
<guided1> never have to see that shit place again
* LordCow is missing algebra already ;(
<guided1> wait
<guided1> listen to this
* LordCow hangs on ..
<guided1> i went to maths
<LordCow> no
<LordCow> honestly?
<guided1> so i show her one of mrs blake's papers
* LordCow didn't c u there
<LordCow> ya
<guided1> then she says do you want to carry on with this or do another one
<LordCow> ?
<guided1> so i say, "no, i want to do another one"
<LordCow> yeah let her know who's boss
<guided1> so she says, "NO I SUGGEST YOU DO ANOTHER ONE"
<guided1> heheh
<Loken> guided1:parle vous francais`?
<LordCow> guided1 n'est parlez nie
<LordCow> hehe
<guided1> bonjour
<guided1> heheh
<LordCow> haha
<guided1> bon apetite
<LordCow> lol
<LordCow> and bon voyage for tomorrow
<Loken> bon!:)
<guided1> that's bout it
<LordCow> ye bon
<LordCow> uc we're fluent
<Loken> Loken:vous pouvez parler trs bien pour un sud-africain :)
<guided1> hehhe
<LordCow> gewd stuff wotever that is
<guided1> sansond dies nurf
<LordCow> o
<guided1> hehhe
<LordCow> but a bit o south african ..
<guided1> later all
<LordCow> l8tr g
* LordCow parlez french an stuff pour he's more bien @ english
<Loken> LordCow:o avez-vous appris le parler?
<LordCow> um
<LordCow> no i'm not that hungry ta
<Loken> huh?
<Loken> i asked where did u learn to speak it?
<LordCow> haha
* LordCow ment he wasn't hungry wen he was learning
<LordCow> @ skewl
<Loken> lol
<Loken> ok

*** LordCow sets mode: -b *!pi@gaspode.org
<DeathMage> what blasphemy lc :)
<LordCow> t h t 2 g ;)
<m3nt0r_> l33t cow
* LordCow deletes that stoopid encoder
<m3nt0r_> <LordCow> mentor i want to have your child
<Tazzz> heehe
<Hairbo> hehhee
<LordCow> <LordCow> but i don't want no heavy moaning
<m3nt0r_> <LordCow> i want to cum in your ear
<Tazzz> u ppl haveing cybersex here?
<Grom> sies
<LordCow> <m3nt0r_> well then this's gonna take awhile
* Neurosis grabs the popcorn and sit down for the show
<Hairbo> <LordCow>i want u...cos ur da best looking guy on da net!!!!
<m3nt0r_> hairbo i can see that is fake
<m3nt0r_> cause the letters are gainst each other
<m3nt0r_> heheh
<LordCow> yeah hairbo
<Hairbo> <LordCow> i want u...cos ur da best looking guy on da net!!!!
<LordCow> we want real logs
<Hairbo> better
<m3nt0r_> heheh
<LordCow> <m3nt0r_> don't take eny notice of hairbo .. i'm the one u really want
<Hairbo> <LordCow> i wish i could be like u...u r so kewl...all the chicks dig u!!!!
<Hairbo> ask me how i know that that is my neighbours cat??
<Hairbo> ask me how i know that that is my neighbours cat??
<Hairbo> ask me how i know that that is my neighbours cat??
<|singe|> hehe
<LordCow> how i know that that is my neighbours cat
<|singe|> were there fer u

* SecTor starts grinning
<SecTor> ((((((((((\
<SecTor> ((_  _  )))))
<SecTor> ))     ((((((|
<SecTor> ((<     ))))))
<SecTor>  \o     .-'-.
<SecTor> `--.( _    '-.
<SecTor> ::\  - _   '-.          _.-'''''-.
<SecTor> ::: ''-._-    '-.    .-'          `.
<SecTor> :::.  ': '-._    :-:'              :
<SecTor> ::::     ' : ::.   ::..          .:
<SecTor> ::       : : ::::.  :::)        .:
<SecTor> : ::`-.-'`'-'-'-'-;  )/        .:
<SecTor> :  .:              /  ;        .: _
<SecTor> :  .:              (''o\_______.:'' '''
<SecTor> .:                \ |`"     /.-''-._
<SecTor> ' .:                  :        /
<SecTor> _.---' .:                   :
<SecTor> ===d..:/                     :___,;,,,,,,,,,,,
* SecTor grins like a mad man
<SecTor> like it!!!?!!!
<SecTor> i think its beautiful

[ 10 minutes later .. ]

<SecTor> theres going to be a fucking take over unless someoune around here likes it
<LordCow> oh my gawd
<LordCow> beauty
<SecTor> hehehe
<LordCow> *tries 2 hump his screen*
<SecTor> LOL
<LordCow> brb ..
<SecTor> you ppl are spared thanks to LordC
<LordCow> *bows*
<LordCow> k now i'll really brb ..
<Hairbo> *tries 2 hump his screen* doesnt shock me!!!
<SecTor> i know where lord cow is going , lets see how long it takes him to come back
<LordCow> damn that was good
<SecTor> 4 mins, musta been hard work that chicken must be dead...
<SecTor> did you fire blanks?
<LordCow> choked a bit yeah
<LordCow> hairbo: i don't use live ones
<Hairbo> neither do i
<Hairbo> station does though
<SecTor> well it IS more fun
<SecTor> hey, Station!!!!
* LordCow runs off again ..
<Station> what r u guys talking about!!!
<LordCow> chickenz ..
<SecTor> and about not keeping your eggs in one basket
* Karlos bwhahahaha
<Hairbo> hehehe

private ..

<Zues> y?
* Carter rummages around
<Carter> im sure there is a reason somewhere
<Zues> why did you ban me in the first place?
<Zues> and sorry for insulting me
<Carter> ermmm is this it? <Zues> hi morons
<Zues> you

channel ..

<Carter> <Zues> ag, geez, i was joking
<Carter> <Carter> we are very sensitive in #pe
<Carter> <Zues> and now i cant even chat with my friends cause i said that
<Carter> <Carter> Kellhound is gay u see and he doesnt like ppl calling him a moron coz it brings back personal memories
<Carter> ;)
<MegWitch> bwahahahaha
<KellHound> Meg I hope you rot in the blackest pits of hell
<MegWitch> wtf did i do now kell
<KellHound> you laughed at me
<Carter> <Zues> well, then its wrong to bring personal matters in the channel, am i corrct ?
<KellHound> Carter: bit of a funny-boy today huh? :)
<Carter> oh my god
<Carter> this person belives it
<KellHound> that makes me ill
<Carter> bwahhahahaha
<KellHound> hhahahaahahaha
<MegWitch> lol
<Carter> KellHound: would u like to participate ?
<MegWitch> kell-shut up
<KellHound> Carter: "how about, NO, Scott?!"
*** Carter sets mode -b *!*Kom@*.ec.saix.net
<Carter> ahh gee
<KellHound> Meg: no-one listens to you
<KellHound> Meg: you might as well just shut the hell up
<Sorbic> MEG........ummm
<Sorbic> who the hell is meg
<Sorbic> ?
<KellHound> Sorbic: some bulimic woman
*** KellHound was kicked by MegWitch (shut up u knob sucker)
*** KellHound (Kiedis12@pel-dial-196-7-204-91.mweb.co.za) has joined #PE
<KellHound> Sorbic: some bulimic woman
<KellHound> Sorbic: some bulimic woman
<KellHound> Sorbic: some bulimic woman
<KellHound> Sorbic: she just can't take it that enjoy eating so much
<KellHound> Sorbic: she just can't take it that enjoy eating so much
<KellHound> Sorbic: she just can't take it that enjoy eating so much
<Carter> god u dont have to flood kell
<Sorbic> ahhahahahah
<Sorbic> lol
<KellHound> Carter: u sure bud?
<KellHound> Carter: u sure bud?
<KellHound> Carter: u sure bud?
<Sorbic> heehehehahhah
<Carter> <Carter> i really think u should apologise to him
<Carter> <Zues> cause i said every1 in the # are morons/ because i affended him cause he is gay?
<KellHound> Zues... I am going to have to hurt you soon. I'm sorry, you know.
*** KellHound was kicked by MegWitch (u kfc shagging liar)
*** KellHound (Kiedis12@pel-dial-196-7-204-91.mweb.co.za) has joined #PE
*** Carter sets mode +o KellHound
*** MegWitch was kicked by KellHound (Fuck off NIGWITCH!)

*** MegWitch (sisters@ue53-01-p57.ec.saix.net) has joined #PE
*** KellHound sets mode +o MegWitch
<Carter> <Zues> ta, youre not so bad afterall
<KellHound> Meg: how about I MEGWITCH R NIG
<MegWitch> kell how about u fuck off
<KellHound> Meg: "How about, NO, Scott!?"
*** Zues (Kom@psw53-01-p39.ec.saix.net) has joined #PE
*** Zues was kicked by KellHound (Zues you fuck!)
*** Zues (Kom@psw53-01-p39.ec.saix.net) has joined #PE
<Zues> sorry for calling you all morons
*** Zues was kicked by KellHound (DEATH TO GITS)
*** Zues (Kom@psw53-01-p39.ec.saix.net) has joined #PE
<Carter> Zues: go ahead
<Zues> sorry for calling you morons
<Zues> please forgive
<Carter> now to Keehound
<MegWitch> i'm sorry we can't
<Zues> there
<Carter> now to Kellhound
<Acidhed> Zues repeat after me : I am a fuck up ...
<Zues> did, in a private, but i don't think hes gonna forgive me
<Carter> apologise in public
<Carter> we all know Kell is gay - its not a secret - he is very open about it ;)
<Zues> for kell?
<Carter> yes
<Carter> kell is waiting
<Zues> sorry for affending you kellhound didn't mean it at all PLEASE FORGIVE ME
*** Carter changes topic to ''
<Carter> *g* im good
<KellHound> Zues: You lack the cim we require here
<Carter> chuckles merrilly
<Zues> i didn't know you are gay
<KellHound> cim=vim
*** stingray (me@psw53-02-p75.ec.saix.net) has joined #PE
<KellHound> now you understand
<Carter> bwhahahahahaha!
<KellHound> I can kick you
<Carter> bwhahahahahaha!
<Carter> bwhahahahahaha!
<KellHound> it is not personal
*** Zues was kicked by KellHound (Woohooooo!)
*** Zues (Kom@psw53-01-p39.ec.saix.net) has joined #PE
*** Zues was kicked by KellHound (Arise, Aggressive gays!!!)
*** Zues (Kom@psw53-01-p39.ec.saix.net) has joined #PE
*** Zues was kicked by KellHound (Gay-power!!!)
*** Zues (Kom@psw53-01-p39.ec.saix.net) has joined #PE
*** Zues was kicked by KellHound (Thou shalt not mock the gay man!)
*** Zues (Kom@psw53-01-p39.ec.saix.net) has joined #PE
<Carter> bwhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
<Zues> c'mon
*** Zues was kicked by KellHound (To be gay is to be happy!)
*** Zues (Kom@psw53-01-p39.ec.saix.net) has joined #PE
<Zues> i wasn't mocking
*** Zues was kicked by KellHound (GAAAAAAAAAYYYYSSS YEAAAHHH)
*** Zues (Kom@psw53-01-p39.ec.saix.net) has joined #PE

<m3nt0r_> you know what .... i had this kewl dream the other night
<m3nt0r_> i dreamt that i was sitting with a knife in my hand and there was this other guy sitting next to me naked offcourse ... so then i took of my dress and the started cutting off pieces of my dickhead ... and for everypiece i gave the guy next to me he gave me a ten rand note
<LordCow> haha
<m3nt0r_> Dont' you guys just rate that as kewl
<LordCow> mentor i worship u :)
<|singe|> mentor , if u think this is funny an we are laughing , think again
<wuLFe> m3ntor : seek help
<m3nt0r_> thx dood
<m3nt0r_> there is only one problem
<m3nt0r_> i now have this sick fettish to do it
<m3nt0r_> does anyone want to help me do it ?
<px> mentor: u are one sick mutherucker
* px will do what he can to get mentor transfered out of #pe
* |singe| will help mentor , with a shot gun between the eyes

<m3nt0r_> i am ?
<px> and into #penis_fetish or something stupid
* m3nt0r_ will help himself to px's nads
<wuLFe> #homofreaks has a few openings
*** m3nt0r_ was kicked by px (u r sick)
*** m3nt0r_ (.4@hdp25-01-p11.saix.net) has joined #pe
*** LordCow sets mode: +o m3nt0r_
<m3nt0r_> px i don't think that was funny
<|singe|> mentor , then stop with the crap
<m3nt0r_> you have fucked up my whole rythm i had going
<px> doesnt matter what u think, mentor
<m3nt0r_> |singe| is dC@ppp.01.gaysex.com * Bend over
<m3nt0r_> |singe| on #pe @#Buttsex @#Anal-Action @#gayskinheads @#gay-opers @#gaycuseeme
<m3nt0r_> |singe| using csir.zanet.org.za []
<m3nt0r_> |singe| has been idle 15 seconds, signed on 04/12/98 23:56:47
<m3nt0r_> End of /WHOIS list.
*** m3nt0r_ was kicked by |singe| (|singe|)
*** m3nt0r_ (.4@hdp25-01-p11.saix.net) has joined #pe
<m3nt0r_> errr...px ... who the fuck do you think you are
*** LordCow sets mode: +o m3nt0r_
*** |singe| has quit IRC (http://singes.cjb.net NOTEPAD Junkies Arena)
<px> htf do you want me to answer that question?
<m3nt0r_> i would love to wank you all but i already have soo many dicks coming through the dcc it would be a waste of time
<nraider_> heh.. px is my lord

Session Start: Wed Oct 28 00:16:26 1998
*** Now talking in #PE
#PE topic is 'M A N I C S T R E E T P R E A C H E R S'
#PE topic set by quovadis on Tue Oct 27 23:43:38
#PE created on Tue Oct 27 18:16:59

* LordCow tries his damdest 2 change that topic
<nraid3r> y don't we all just imagine it's something else
<LordCow> yeah
* LordCow feelz better now ..
<nraid3r> me too
<nraid3r> aaahhh
<LordCow> ahh
* LordCow gets some more coffee while he's still got this warm feeling inside
<nraid3r> btw...is tommorrow thursday ?
<LordCow> thas right
<nraid3r> o ok
<nraid3r> SHIT
<nraid3r> erm...lemme think now
<LordCow> this mey take awhile
<nraid3r> i was supposed to write a computer exam today then...and i will...didn't go
<nraid3r> that's quite funny
<nraid3r> and what's funnier is that i only remember it now
<Celica> wow...this anti smoking thingy is doing wonders for the ciggie sales!
<nraid3r> lol
<nraid3r> what ?
<Rabbit> huh??
<LordCow> today as in wensday?
<nraid3r> yes
<LordCow> hehe cool
<Teorbrs> how so cel?
* LordCow ses he'll brb 'n stuph
Session Close: Wed Oct 28 00:13:57 1998

Session Start: Wed Oct 28 00:16:26 1998
*** Now talking in #PE
<provocation> my god cel
<Celica> beanus!
<nraid3r> mr hankey, the christmas poo
<nraid3r> LOL
<provocation> ppl r gonna b getting vapourised thanks to u
<provocation> :>
<Celica> brb...checking mail
<provocation> hehehehehe raid
<nraid3r> :)
<provocation> o.8
<provocation> k/sec
<provocation> i hate downloads
<LordCow> that's caus u'r stoopid
<LordCow> haha
<LordCow> all the mp3 channels bin taken over on efnet
<nraid3r> hey...leave my little provvie alone
<provocation> yea cow dont make me go to the puke on the car stories again
<provocation> i was there
<Rabbit> whoooo.....
<LordCow> hehe
<Rabbit> hhehe
<nraid3r> what's the chances of me arriving at school tommorow and it being blown up ?
<Rabbit> 83.5555%
<nraid3r> that's a chance at least
<provocation> what being blown ????
<nraid3r> the school
<nraid3r> like in exploded into millions of fucking pieces
<nraid3r> it would be kewl if i got to school...and they anounced that all the teachers....are.....*drum roll*.....DEAD !!!
<Teorbrs> anything is possible at a cost...
<nraid3r> i'll have a moerse party then
<nraid3r> Teorbrs: how much ?
<provocation> with beer i hope
<nraid3r> beer yes man
<Rabbit> and beeer
<nraid3r> we can't forget beer
<Rabbit> and don't forget the beeeer
<nraid3r> and the beer
<Rabbit> did I mention THE beeeeeeer
<nraid3r> ....lotsa beer
<Rabbit> heheheh
<nraid3r> we should take beer with too
<Teorbrs> how many teachers? wait! did u say teachers? Fuck I'll do it for free!
<nraid3r> Teorbrs: :)
<nraid3r> when and where and i'm game :P
<provocation> a six pack for every dead one
<nraid3r> just a six pack ?!
<nraid3r> *bleh*
<nraid3r> i was thinking 12 dosen for every part of a dead person
<nraid3r> 'tis why i'm gonna be using explosives
<provocation> mmm at least
<nraid3r> millions of little pieces
<nraid3r> we'll buy fucking SAB
<provocation> well this beer is tasting mighty fine
<nraid3r> provocation: shuttup
<Teorbrs> explosives are no fun, u don't get to hear them scream for long...
<Rabbit> We'll MOVE INTO SAB
<nraid3r> provocation: u'll provoke me into coming to your house and stealing that from u
<nraid3r> Teorbrs: razor blades are kewl
<nraid3r> especially on male teachers
<nraid3r> who's listening to CBFM ?!?!
<provocation> mmm ok what time dick breath :>
<nraid3r> :P
<nraid3r> nah....i'd rather go buy my own :P
<nraid3r> don't wanna get moered over half a beer now...would i
<Rabbit> CB what?
<nraid3r> Rabbit: neva mind
<Rabbit> hehehe
<nraid3r> it's for intelligent ppl
<provocation> heheheh
<nraid3r> ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.....
<provocation> yes a german and his beer r never parted
<nraid3r> lol
<nraid3r> 'tis ok..i'll have to settle for whiskey then...or brandy :P
<Rabbit> prov : well...on saturday I show u german sluts how to drink beer...
<nraid3r> Rabbit: lOL
<nraid3r> german sluts rule man
<provocation> ahh u dutch cheese freak
<Rabbit> Us NETHER ppl know all about liquour and stuff of h2o
<provocation> yeehaw
<Rabbit> hehehehehe
<provocation> hehehehe
<Rabbit> cheese goes well with fish no?
<nraid3r> no
<provocation> ahhh the nether regions u say
<Rabbit> indeed
<nraid3r> lol
<Rabbit> hehehe...down below lol!!
<nraid3r> ok fuck
<nraid3r> i'm off
<Rabbit> hehe
<provocation> ahh the cock cheese :>
<Rabbit> getting off?
<nraid3r> cheerz u wankerz...have fun with whatever you're doing
<provocation> hehehehehehhehee
<nraid3r> Rabbit: been there...done that
<provocation> cheers mon
<provocation> praise b to ja
<provocation> fight the powa mon
<nraid3r> whatever u said back at ya :P
<nraid3r> fight for woman rights
<nraid3r> and gay right
<provocation> very niiiiice
<Rabbit> nraider : mmm...bwhahaha
<nraid3r> :P
<nraid3r> cheerz Celica
<provocation> yech
<nraid3r> i would say bye to the rest of u...but fuck...i don't give a fuck about u :P

<Ap0c> you ever watch the program 'buzz' ?
<DeathMage> nope
<Ap0c> ok...wellk...it's this dating game!
<DeathMage> okie
<Ap0c> anyways...let me copy/paste it
<Ap0c> <Ap0c> fuck this is funny!
<Ap0c> <px> yea.. buzz.. go on
<Ap0c> <px> never seen it no
<Ap0c> <Ap0c> ok..
<Ap0c> <Ap0c> so..now
<Ap0c> <Ap0c> they got these Blacks on the show..
<Ap0c> <Ap0c> so...
<Ap0c> <Ap0c> the black guy...and the 4 black chicks..
<Ap0c> <Ap0c> so..
<Ap0c> <px> hehe
<Ap0c> <Ap0c> sooooooo....
<Ap0c> <Ap0c> he calls them up..
<Ap0c> <Ap0c> one...by..one..
<Ap0c> <px> lol
<Ap0c> <Ap0c> and..asks them questions..
<Ap0c> <Ap0c> it gets to the 2nd' one...and the question is:
<Ap0c> <Ap0c> 'where is the weirdest place you have had sex' - thats what he asks her...
<Ap0t> <px> ehehehheeh
<Ap0c> <Ap0c> now...you know...us..being 'white' expect an answer like:
<Ap0c> <Ap0c> 'in the lift, or in the car...or something'
<Ap0c> <Ap0c> BUT NO!!!
<Ap0c> <Ap0c> the chick answers: 'UP THE BUM'!!!!!
<Ap0c> <Ap0c> bwhahahahahahahah
<Ap0c> <px> jeezuz christ
<Ap0c> <Ap0c> Never EVER EVER EVER have i laughed so hard!
<Ap0c> <Ap0c> fuck...
<Ap0c> <px> on tv????
<Ap0c> <Ap0c> i'm actually laughing out laud now!!!
<Ap0c> <Ap0c> ON TV!!!!!
<Ap0c> <px> my lord...
<Ap0c> <Ap0c> in front of millions!!!!
<Ap0c> fuckin funny!
<Ap0c> what ya think?
<Dark-Knight> lol
<Dark-Knight> ahahhahahahahahaah
<DeathMage> thats even funnier than if alistair thought he was straight!
<Dark-Knight> cool
<Ap0c> I dare anybody to have a better story!
<Jaguar> hahahaha
<LordCow> hehe
*** willix has quit IRC (Ping timeout)
<DeathMage> thanx justin for making me smile :P
*** Scarman (Pentium@dial-59.usr1.dbn.lia.net) has joined #pe
<Ap0c> it's fuckin funny! - I was actually crying when it happened!!!
<Jaguar> heheh
<DeathMage> haha
<DeathMage> fukken blacks
*** Don_Juan sets mode: +o Stareyes
*** willix (willix@kny-25-14.mweb.co.za) has joined #pe
<cheros> Pe = the house of racists !
<cheros> :)
<willix> hahaha
<willix> yes
<Thunder> :)
*** cheros was kicked by LordCow (u hev a problem with that blek boy?)
*** cheros (kewlio@pswa25-02-p07.ec.saix.net) has joined #PE
*** LordCow sets mode: +o cheros
<cheros> ta
<Don_Juan> cheros: put it up as a topoic
<DeathMage> <Stareyes> bbl guys!
*** Stareyes has quit IRC (Connection reset by peer)
<LordCow> always a plsr :
<willis> me mem emmemememee
<Dark-Knight> me not racists me hate them all the same
<LordCow> lol dark
<Dark-Knight> :)
<Dark-Knight> why does a black keep tin foile on his nose
<Dark-Knight> ??
<LordCow> keep food warm?
<Dark-Knight> good boy
<DeathMage> why are blacks so stupid?
*** Ap0c has quit IRC (Ping timeout)
<Dark-Knight> cow
<Dark-Knight> y?
<LordCow> cool
<LordCow> um
<LordCow> it's genetic?
<DeathMage> cause they're black
<LordCow> oh ya
*** macbeth has quit IRC (Connection reset by peer)
*** willix is now known as willix-lord_thor
<Thunder> why is the SA soccer team called Bafana Bafana instead of just Bafana?
<LordCow> um
<DeathMage> cause they're so dumb they need it twice or summing ?
<Thunder> Cause you have to say everything to a black twice before he starts understanding
<LordCow> mm
<LordCow> say again ..
<Thunder> Cause you have to say everything to a black twice before he starts understanding
<LordCow> hahaha
<LordCow> thunder i was kidding u dumbass
<DeathMage> what you get when you cross alistair with a black ?
<willix-lord_thor> LORDCOW
<willix-lord_thor> !!
*** Avenger has quit IRC (Leaving)
<DeathMage> a gay black :P
<LordCow> willex!
*** LordCow sets mode: +o willix-lord_thor
<cheros> guys dont talk about blacks being stupid ... u might offend lordcow and his family
<Don_Juan> hehehe
<Dark-Knight> lol
* LordCow has no comeback there :Þ
<Thunder> alistair lives for a 286 with BBS
<DeathMage> cheros: ye, I guess seeing he is your dad
<LordCow> heh
<cheros> lol
<Don_Juan> hey, i want to play with
*** ^zAzzY changes topic to 'hu gives a shit bout blax its a waste of time!!!'
*** Etheresia (~Astera@vhd25-01-p02.saix.net) has joined #pe
<DeathMage> Don_Juan: this requires intelligence, sorry...
*** ^zAzzY was kicked by cheros (we do !)
<LordCow> l8r
<Don_Juan> DeathMage: that's why you can't play

*** MegWitch sets mode: +o LordCow
<LordCow> ta
<LordCow> ey meg
<MegWitch> mooo
<LordCow> eth stingay
<Stingray> eth lc
<LordCow> u'r truly dum ;)
<LordCow> eth = ethereal
*** LordCow sets mode: -b speed_!*@*
<ongeskik> that time of the month?
<Ambrin> HOW NICE?!?!?!
<honeygirl> whats with u and nice?
<LordCow> uhh the colour kiddies r back
*** ongeskik was kicked by MegWitch (stop being so ummmm omgeskik?)
*** ongeskik (discrete@syn23.pri1.ptaA.gia.net.za) has joined #pe
*** Liquid (me@196-31-64-201.iafrica.com) has joined #pe

*** Liquid (me@196-31-64-201.iafrica.com) has left #pe
*** LordCow sets mode: +b *!*@196-31-64-201.iafrica.com
*** LordCow sets mode: +b *!*me@*.iafrica.com

<ongeskik> thank you very much :D)
<Ambrin> Just wondering?
*** ongeskik was kicked by LordCow (shurup)
*** ongeskik (discrete@syn23.pri1.ptaA.gia.net.za) has joined #pe
<ongeskik> bout what
<MegWitch> hehehehe
<Stingray> nothing with u and nice....honeygirl and nice
<Stingray> now we r talking synonyms
<ongeskik> so what is wrong with color your browser doesnt work???
*** ongeskik was kicked by LordCow (something like that)
*** LordCow sets mode: +b *!*@syn23.pri1.ptaA.gia.net.za
*** LordCow sets mode: +b *!*discrete@*.pri1.ptaA.gia.net.za

<Ambrin> boy, are we kick-happy. Complex about something?
<LordCow> ambrin u wanna go 2?
<Ambrin> where we going?
*** Ambrin was kicked by LordCow (out :)
*** LordCow sets mode: +b *!*@rnb-ts532-210.mweb.co.za
*** LordCow sets mode: +b *!*pirch@*.mweb.co.za

<honeygirl> mo...u on a role here man
* LordCow tries ..
<MegWitch> ta cow
<MegWitch> you're a good prick fighter
<LordCow> tee hee
*** MegWitch changes topic to 'Where is everyone today? Did I miss out on something?'
*** LordCow sets mode: -bb *!*me@*.iafrica.com *!*@196-31-64-201.iafrica.com

<caine_> I have Returned
<caine_> hey cow.. you back i see
<LordCow> hey caine
* LordCow was always here ..
<caine_> heheh
<caine_> just i wasnt
<caine_> ;)
* lostwolfe returns from a call
<lostwolfe> though i need the loo
*** LordCow sets mode: +b *.*!*@*.*
*** LordCow sets mode: +b *!*.*@*.*

<caine_> lost: that was probably more than weeee (hehehe) needed to know
<LordCow> *sigh*
*** angelgirl (yeahright@pm3ctn-1.dockside.co.za) has joined #pe
*** _StaLKer sets mode: +o angelgirl
*** LordCow sets mode: -o angelgirl

*** _StaLKer has quit IRC (and i'd give up forever to touch you............)
*** angelgirl (yeahright@pm3ctn-1.dockside.co.za) has left #pe
<lostwolfe> haha
*** sin (woot@196-7-187-70.iafrica.com) has joined #pe
*** LordCow sets mode: +o sin
<LordCow> sin
<sin> ta
<sin> lo all
<Stingray> sin
<sin> heya sting man
<sin> i c honeygirl is still here
<sin> hehehe
<MegWitch> so am i
<Stingray> ...shhh shez in a good mood
<Stingray> oh but meg is here...
<sin> sting: we'll fix that
<sin> oo...meg
<MegWitch> of course
<sin> mind if we try a few experiments on u?
<MegWitch> no kicking and banning pls
<sin> no we wont
<MegWitch> otherwise go ahead
<sin> ok....
<sin> u walk in2 a bar..and a incredibly good looking guy walks up 2 u and sayz...
*** Ziggy (rola@196-7-187-22.iafrica.com) has joined #pe
<sin> "hey baby u wanna shag"
<sin> your reaction?
*** LordCow sets mode: +o Ziggy
<LordCow> ziggy ;)
<Stingray> ziggy
<Ziggy> ta :)
<Stingray> hehee
<LordCow> sin is there a choice?
<Ziggy> hey
<MegWitch> i'd say don't touch what you can't excite
<sin> LC:hehehe
* LordCow bbl
<sin> Meg:and if he then started..umm touching u?
<sin> l8tr LC
<sin> ill hold down the fort :P
<MegWitch> i'd kick him
*** Disconnected
Session Close: Sat Oct 10 13:47:05 1998

*** ^^HERC^^ (Hercules@lys25-01-p02.saix.net) has joined #pe
*** kittybabe (talbertyn@pcb010.bxtslc.uct.ac.za) has joined #pe

<^^HERC^^> happy new year 4 those celebrating!
*** Bond| sets mode: +o kittybabe
<kittybabe> ta
*** LordCow sets mode: +b *^^*!*@*.*
*** ^^HERC^^ was kicked by ReghiSy_ (banned: *^^*!*@*.* by LordCow)

<LordCow> tanx reg
<ReghiSy_> anytime man
<kittybabe> who is doing this to me
<LordCow> k i'll stop kitty
<kittybabe> am am realy getting sick and tired of this game
<kittybabe> was it you
<kittybabe> lc
<LordCow> um
<LordCow> depends, was it good?
<kittybabe> what did i do wrong
<kittybabe> just tell me
<ReghiSy_> {{{{{{{{ kittybabe }}}}}}}}
<ReghiSy_> here
<LordCow> i is joking
<LordCow> wat's wrong ..
<ReghiSy_> calm down kitty ::::::::lordcow aint that bad
<kittybabe> someone keeps on nuking me
*** Dare_ (stuv@pel-531-73.mweb.co.za) has joined #pe
<LordCow> o
* LordCow dusn't nuke
<LordCow> it's illegal
<LordCow> dare ;)
<kittybabe> if that is what you call it
*** Dare has quit IRC (Ping timeout)
*** LordCow sets mode: +o Dare_
<kittybabe> i don't even know what it means
<Dare_> got disocnnected
<Dare_> again
*** Chris_PE was kicked by nraid3r (u look funny)
<LordCow> shot raider
<ReghiSy_> don't you have a firewall kittybabe
<LordCow> reg think that over and ask again ..
<nraid3r> :)
<ReghiSy_> ?
<LordCow> worry not
<LordCow> higher grade ;)
<kittybabe> firewall?
<kittybabe> hey
<kittybabe> watch it
<LordCow> wasn't talking bout u kitty
<ReghiSy_> hmmm
<ReghiSy_> I won't spread a word
<Dare_> shame nraider.......he aint coming back!!!!!!!!
<Dare_> bwahahahah
<nraid3r> it just wasn't meant to be
<LordCow> /invite
<LordCow> that would b 2 easy
<nraid3r> *bleh*
*** quovadis changes topic to 'spicegirl and rabbit sitting in a tree'
*** TY^17 was kicked by nraid3r (that "TY" looks funny)

<Tyrant> mmmm
*** TY^17 (02168151@pswa25-03-p10.ec.saix.net) has joined #pe
<kittybabe> where is Wizz???????????
<LordCow> in my back pocket
<Squishy> LordCow: u know where sin is?
<LordCow> uhh
<Squishy> hehe
<LordCow> @ steven's house i think
<Squishy> ohhhhhhhh
<Squishy> drinking? :P
<LordCow> *never*
<Squishy> lol
<Squishy> yeah right!
<caine_> lc: doncha mean.. up your ass? ;)
<LordCow> no dime's taking up all that room
<caine_> lc: point taken
<LordCow> ;)
*** LordCow sets mode: +v firefly
*** kittybabe changes topic to 'WHERE R ALL THE COOL PPLE?????'

* LordCow sticks his hand up
<nraid3r> there is such a thing as a cool person?
<Dare_> i agree kittybabe
<kittybabe> i am one
<kittybabe> heheheh
<kittybabe> the coolest
<Dare_> LORDI......trust you for a good comment every now and again
<nraid3r> yea sure
<kittybabe> jokes
<LordCow> ;)
<nraid3r> and my mom is slim
<Gildor> all the cool ppl i know are pricks ;)
<Puck_> like caine.
<Puck_> except he ain't cool. he's frigid.
<nraid3r> yea....gildor...i think pricks are cool too :P
<caine_> heheh
<Gildor> hhehehehehehhehehe
<nraid3r> they provide hours of entertainment
<nraid3r> even edutainment
*** kittybabe changes topic to 'WHERE R ALL THE COOL PPLE????? - like WIZZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!'
*** TY^17 was kicked by Tyrant (Suck My Wet hot Big FANNy, you Dumbaassss WanaBE)

<DeathMage> kittybabe: are you going out with him or does he give you a boner?
<nraid3r> LOL
<kittybabe> hey
<LordCow> hehe
<kittybabe> he is just a cool person
<nraid3r> LOL
<nraid3r> that gives u a boner ?
<nraid3r> :P
<kittybabe> he was in matric when i was in std 6
<LordCow> good enuff reason i suppose
<nraid3r> and he gave u a boner then too ?
<Tyrant> sowwy for the crude remarks but hey he pissed me off
<Gildor> woah
<nraid3r> don't worry tyrant...i hate him too :P
<kittybabe> and we met on irc again after all those years
<Gildor> kewl
<Gildor> *g*
<kittybabe> hehehe
*** TY^17 (02168151@pswa25-03-p10.ec.saix.net) has joined #pe
<nraid3r> and he gave u a boner on irc too ?
<nraid3r> fuck..he's good
<Dare_> hehehehehehehe
<Tyrant> def
*** TY^17 was kicked by nraid3r (we hate u...fuck off)
<Dare_> nraider is still trying to impress
<Puck_> its all in the wrist.
<kittybabe> sisssssssssssss
*** TY^17 (02168151@pswa25-03-p10.ec.saix.net) has joined #pe
<nraid3r> lol
*** TY^17 was kicked by nraid3r (wwoaaaaaahhhhh....isn't this just lotsa fun)
<kittybabe> guys
<nraid3r> girls
<kittybabe> hehehe
<Tyrant> boys
<kittybabe> and there r so many
<nraid3r> ah sorry...i thought this was a game
<nraid3r> and there r so few
*** TY^17 (02168151@pswa25-03-p10.ec.saix.net) has joined #pe
<nraid3r> to we like TY^17 allready ?!
*** TY^17 was kicked by Tyrant (die died ied ied iediediexideiediediediediedieideideidiedieideiddiedieideie)
*** provocation (crow@pedial04.eastcape.net) has joined #pe
*** Dunax sets mode: +o provocation
<nraid3r> LOL
<Puck_> provo baby darling!
<provocation> very niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice
<LordCow> provocashin!
<kittybabe> very very niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice
<provocation> hey darling boy
<kittybabe> hehehehehehhhehehehehhehehehehhehehehehehehehehhehe
* Tyrant feeeels like his gonna win the race
<nraid3r> :P
<provocation> heeheheeh
<caine_> wow... prov you just lit up the channel
<Tyrant> compo wahteva
<provocation> im a party animal :P~
*** TY^17 (02168151@pswa25-03-p10.ec.saix.net) has joined #pe
*** TY^17 was kicked by nraid3r (*BOO*)
*** LordCow sets mode: +b *!*@pswa25-03-p10.ec.saix.net
*** LordCow sets mode: +b *!*02168151@*.ec.saix.net

<caine_> prov: im sure you are
<nraid3r> hey...we were having fun
<provocation> so caine u coming to get me at 12
<Puck_> so provo: you up to some vodders now?
<caine_> for what big sexy hunk of male you?
<Puck_> or you and caine going to have aromp at 12?
<provocation> vodka at 12
<provocation> u say
<caine_> puck: you really shouldnt have that stuck up your ass
<provocation> kitty is going to join us :P
*** kittybabe changes topic to 'One hour and 3 minutes to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1'
<caine_> prov: OHHHH... is she now...
<caine_> ;)
<provocation> c boys its a bday celebration
<caine_> oh
*** Fanta-O (679890@a6-jhb-22.dial-up.net) has joined #pe
<Tyrant> nite you dewda's
<Fanta-O> o.k who's heard of 4 minute warning?
<Tyrant> mmm
<nraid3r> cheerz Tyrant
<kittybabe> i want to come home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
<caine_> me...
<Tyrant> i win nraid !!
*** Fanta-O was kicked by Gildor (4 minute warning)
*** Gildor sets mode: +b *!*679890@*.dial-up.net

<nraid3r> lol
<nraid3r> LOL
<kittybabe> i want to come home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
<caine_> it what they say when the owner REAAAALLLLY wants you to get outta the bar...
<kittybabe> i want to come home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
<provocation> so caine 12 u say
<nraid3r> yea ok Tyrant
<nraid3r> when u want your blowjob?
<caine_> prov: for vodders?
<nraid3r> *g*
<LordCow> nraider let me finish first
<nraid3r> so u want a blowjob too now?
<nraid3r> i can only handle one at a time u know
<provocation> so caine u in for the bulletproof test
<LordCow> no i'm kewl
<LordCow> bin overdone today
<kittybabe> i want to come home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
<caine_> prov: a) forgive me... ive got 8 secs lag... and b) wtf is the bulletproof test?
<Pot2mus> LC :The roof the roof the roof is on fire!!!
<LordCow> eish this is bad news
<nraid3r> lol
*** Tyrant has quit IRC (i want nraiders assss)
*** kittybabe changes topic to '57 minutes to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1'
<provocation> c if we can keep drinking until the movie at 9
<provocation> cainie boy
<firefly> \me bye guys
*** nraid3r changes topic to 'where i come from...there is no time...a.k.a. the NEW SOUTH AFRICA'
<caine_> prov: then.... things may just get ugly ... ;)
<provocation> and puck u keen for the leechie concentrate?
<LordCow> ew
<provocation> yeehaw
*** firefly (bovril@pel-531-36.mweb.co.za) has left #pe
<provocation> so 12 u say
<caine_> prov: 12 YOU say ;)
<nraid3r> i'll be there yes
<LordCow> raider what u b wearing?
<nraid3r> nothing
<nraid3r> :P
<LordCow> doh
<nraid3r> same as now
<nraid3r> and u?
<LordCow> ya same
<kittybabe> i got a new bikini today!!!!!!
<nraid3r> kewl
<LordCow> i'll have 2 recognise u by that short thing again then
<nraid3r> ag sis man kitty
<caine_> prov: i think nraid3r might just be a "silent warrior"... eh?
<nraid3r> we didn't need to know that
<LordCow> kitty we have stomache stability rules
<nraid3r> nah....my parents say i'm not that silent
<Puck_> sorry provo when now?
<kittybabe> why
<nraid3r> but i am a warrior though
<kittybabe> it is cule
<nraid3r> yea fuckit
<nraid3r> not to me
<provocation> heheh i think u right caine
<kittybabe> hey
<provocation> so 12 is a definite
<nraid3r> yes
<LordCow> cu there
<nraid3r> ok
<LordCow> done
<nraid3r> look for me
<caine_> agggg... good god man... my liver canna take much more 'o this!!!
<nraid3r> :P
<Puck_> so who cares?
<provocation> heheheh done
<Puck_> winey boy caine.
<provocation> puck well be seeing u start looking for the pantry key:>
<kittybabe> about what
<caine_> ok... puck... you go pick him up.. and come to my house... ;)
<LordCow> um
<LordCow> caine u mind if i bring a friend?
<caine_> as long as a) he isnt a blow up doll b) hes not a figment of you imagination & c) hes not your mom
<nraid3r> lol
<hitgirl> y is TY^17 banned?
<nraid3r> he was swearing
<nraid3r> i hate ppl who fucking swear
*** LordCow sets mode: -bbb *!*02168151@*.ec.saix.net *!*@pswa25-03-p10.ec.saix.net *!*Denied@*.shisas.co.za
*** LordCow sets mode: -b *!*@bfn1.shisas.co.za

<caine_> nr: fuck you ;)
<nraid3r> no thanks caine :P
<nraid3r> i have to get to know u first
<nraid3r> i'm not that sorta guy :P
<LordCow> lol
<caine_> nr: but thats not what i heard from cow-man
<caine_> ;)
<nraid3r> hey COW...i told u not to talk out
*** Disconnected

*** Now talking in #PE
<LordCow> re
<Bones> hey moo
*** Wicked sets mode: +o LordCow
<LordCow> ta
<LordCow> ey bones
<px> who are u sherry?
<LordCow> wicked, px
<px> cow
<sherry> why ??
<Bones> how you man
* LordCow is weking up
<LordCow> u?
<sherry> hi lordcow
<LordCow> mornin sherry
<Bones> so sherry why did you tell me to shush?
<LordCow> bones shush
<Bones> lordcow up yours?
<Bones> hehehehe
<LordCow> ;)
<sherry> thanx lordcow
<px> lordcow: what are u doing for tomorrow's exam??
<Bones> lc do you know sherry?
<px> there is fuckall to learn
<LordCow> i am hoping it goes away
<LordCow> bones ya she'z sitting next 2 me
<LordCow> px wut u done?
<Bones> what you learning for?
*** sin (woot@196-7-187-36.iafrica.com) has joined #pe
*** LordCow sets mode: +o sin
<LordCow> 3rd year maths
<Bones> hey what subject?
<LordCow> ey sin
<Bones> hey sin!!!
<sin> ta
<sin> lo bones,LC
<sin> LC/px y rnt u learning maths?
<LordCow> px um .. if 3x = 6 .. what's x ?
<Bones> 2
<Bones> duh?
<sin> well done bones
<LordCow> sin we decided it dusn't deserve 2 b learnt for
<px> lo sin
<sherry> i am getting lank insulted everyone has got ops and i am like the only one who doesnt
<sin> LC:so we'r all gonna fail
<px> sin: u are the one who shud be learning.. Mr 36%
<Bones> shit and i left matric 9 years ago!
*** LordCow sets mode: +v sherry
<sin> sherry:your point?
<LordCow> haha
<Bones> wtg
<LordCow> bones the level has dropped :
<sin> px:and it was 26% and i got 45% for the next 1 that i sorta learned for
<Bones> you mean its easier?
<LordCow> hehe
<px> heheh
<LordCow> u and keenan should get together sumtime
<px> and pat..
<sin> tee hee
<px> lordcow: wanna hear something funny? apparently clyde has been at school everyday this week for extra lessons!!
<LordCow> bwhahahaha
<px> i almost died laffing when i heard that
<LordCow> nononono
<LordCow> sumthing funier
<Wicked> px: iv seen him....
<LordCow> lemmie forward this mail of his 2 u
<px> wicked: hahahahaha every day?
<Wicked> px: not sure...
* px is rotfl
<Wicked> but did see him
<px> shame poor clyde
*** souswurm_san (katnat@syn24.anx8.rivA.gia.net.za) has joined #PE
<LordCow> sum1 has 2 do it
<souswurm_san> "Guess whos back in tha mufukkin' house!!
<sin> this is a silly question but my minds gone blank.......the formula for the sum of a progresion (not the 1 where the last term is known...) Sn=n/2(2a-(n-1)d)
<LordCow> souswrurm!
<LordCow> no it's sin = stoopid
<sin> does that mean the entire equation after n/2 is over 2?
<sin> hehehe
<LordCow> ya either way u look at it
<souswurm_san> hey there moo-man
<souswurm_san> ?
<sin> does it work either way LC?
<LordCow> yeah
<souswurm_san> RICH!
<px> sin: u r dumb..
<px> levon :) sup man??
<sin> y dont they just write the whole thing over 2 then?
*** LordCow sets mode: +o souswurm_san
<souswurm_san> not particularly much u?
<LordCow> it's all 2 confuse u sin
<souswurm_san> thx
<sin> px:rather dumb than a slut....wait what am i saying
<sin> lol
<souswurm_san> meh heh heh
<px> hehehehehehehhe
*** Dare (stuv@pel-531-72.mweb.co.za) has joined #pe
*** LordCow sets mode: +o Dare
<LordCow> dare ;)
<Bones> hi dare
<Dare> px!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
<Dare> lordi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
<px> dare!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
<sin> another person joining the ranks of us who r going 2 fail maths
<Dare> sin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
<Dare> nope
<sin> darE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
<Dare> not me
<px> heheheheh
<LordCow> do not lie 2 us
<Dare> been at school since 7 : 30 am this morning
* px and lordcow are not gonna fail
<px> we r gonna get A's
<sin> dare:u go 2 pearson..u have 2 b able 2 fail an iq test 2 b let in
<LordCow> lol
<Dare> only got back now
<px> dare and sin are gonna fail :)
<sin> ill pass but not a chance in hell am i gonna get an a
<Dare> pearson is the school that cares!!!!!!!!
<LordCow> about fluffy animals yes
<sin> like the cares bears
<Dare> ya sin....thats why RUDI is at our school doing maths?????
<Dare> ya sin....thats why RUDI is at our school doing maths?????
<Dare> ya sin....thats why RUDI is at our school doing maths?????
<px> dare: wtf were u doing at school?
<Dare> ya sin....thats why RUDI is at our school doing maths?????
<Dare> ya sin....thats why RUDI is at our school doing maths?????
<Dare> ya sin....thats why RUDI is at our school doing maths?????
<Bones> hey i like the care bears
<Dare> doing maths!
*** Dare was kicked by LordCow (Excess Flood ×ܦtråCøW×)
<sin> rudi's afrikaanse its forgivable
*** Dare (stuv@pel-531-72.mweb.co.za) has joined #pe
<sin> rudi's afrikaanse its forgivable
<Dare> i hate that LORDICOW!
*** sin sets mode: +o Dare
<Dare> heheheh
<LordCow> i'm a slave 2 my script ;)
<souswurm_san> ah
<Wicked> wahaha
<Dare> yeah yeah
<sin> dare u sure u rnt afrikaanse?
<Bones> no she isnt
<px> dare is WORSE than afrikaans
<Bones> are you?
<Dare> i freaken promise you
<Dare> im greek!
<Bones> greek?
<px> she is greek
<px> heheh
<sin> sure sure
<Dare> up yours SIN!
<Dare> ooops
<Dare> i mean PX
<LordCow> didn't know there was greek afrikaans
<px> dare = greek dutchman
<souswurm_san> well,can't be staying for long,must go and learn,be back later
<px> cheers levon :)
<Dare> sin.....you know what
<sin> bones:if i was afrikaanse i woulda said "hoesit boet" ages ago or something equally stooopid
<Dare> you gonna flunk
<Bones> hehehehe
<Dare> does anyone know a chick called grain?
<Dare> does anyone know a chick called grain?
<Dare> does anyone know a chick called grain?
<souswurm_san> no
<Dare> px..................
<souswurm_san> no
<souswurm_san> no
<px> dare?
<Dare> you were in my maths paper tomorrow!
<Dare> you were in my maths paper tomorrow!
<Dare> you were in my maths paper tomorrow!
<Dare> i mean today
<Dare> i mean today
<Dare> i mean today
*** Dare was kicked by LordCow (Excess Flood ×ܦtråCøW×)
<souswurm_san> bye y'all
<souswurm_san> bye y'all
<souswurm_san> bye y'all
<souswurm_san> bye y'all
<souswurm_san> bye y'all
<souswurm_san> bye y'all
*** Dare (stuv@pel-531-72.mweb.co.za) has joined #pe
<souswurm_san> bye y'all
*** souswurm_san was kicked by LordCow (Excess Flood ×ܦtråCøW×)
<sin> told u she was afrikaans
<sin> l8tr
<Dare> never
<Dare> never
<Dare> never
<px> dare: i am ALWAYS in maths papers!!
<sin> she's gonna do it again wach
<Dare> heheh
<Bones> hehehehehehe
<Dare> neva
<px> brb.. phone
<sin> so am i in the trgi section
<sin> so am i in the trig section
<Dare> trgi?
<LordCow> dutch for trig
*** LordCow sets mode: +o Dare
<sin> along with my best freinds cos and tan
<Dare> you lie
*** IRONEAGLE (SIGRI@pswb25-01-p12.ec.saix.net) has joined #PE
*** IRONEAGLE was kicked by LordCow (Caps ×ܦtråCøW×)
<sin> lol
<Dare> sin.....go learn..you gonna nead it
* px back
<LordCow> happy dayz
<Bones> are here again
<sin> dare:only if the paper is afrikaanse
<Dare> hey..sin, come online tomorrw after maths..i wanna laugh at you after you tell us you failed
<LordCow> dare we can do that now
<Bones> ooooh..
<Bones> thats cruel dare
<Dare> you cna laugh at me on tuesday
<Dare> after i fail business
<sin> tee farqing hee
<Dare> its more than BIO and geog and havnt started
*** Ironeagle (SIGRI@pswb25-01-p12.ec.saix.net) has joined #PE
<Ironeagle> hey bones
<px> how many of u people do maths on HG ?
* Bones is proud to say I never failed a subject in my life!
<Dare> not me
<Dare> you the only looooooooooooooooser
<Bones> hey iron
<px> hehehe, me AND lordcow ;)
<Dare> hey sin
<LordCow> hehe
<Ironeagle> what's up
<Dare> was psychobunny on today?
<sin> nope SG
<Bones> he was dare
<sin> yeah this morning
<px> fuck, u people must be DUMB to fail sg maths
<sin> i told him not 2 fone u
<LordCow> haha
<Dare> no......
<Dare> i dont wan him to phone me
<Bones> lol
<px> i also spoke to psychobunny...
<px> i told him u hate him dare
<Dare> lucky you *sarcasm*
<sin> i told him u want his beef...maybe i shoulda lied
<Dare> why would i hate such a nice guy*****
<Ironeagle> what standard and school you guys in
<Dare> i hardly want his beef!
<Ironeagle> hello
<Dare> im in cape receife in std 7
<sin> u wanna play hide the salami u sick wimmin
<Dare> bwahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah
* Dare laughs like a black
<Ironeagle> hallo
<Ironeagle> bones
<Bones> mookie not nookie?
* px is listening to his maid on the phone as we speak
<Bones> oops
<px> she is laughjing just like dare
<Dare> his maid?
<LordCow> "no, px .. she is not here"
<sin> px:dare's at your place?
<Dare> fuck you bud!
<sin> now she wants 2 fuck u
<Dare> ya....pulling nipples
<sin> told u she was duch..duch chicks r ez
<Dare> been there done that sin!
<px> sin: wahahhahahah
<sin> just ask px
<sin> *duck*
<Dare> hehehehehe
<Dare> you go boy~!
<Bones> you guys are fucked up :))
<px> tee fucken hee
<Dare> we know we are....thanks
<sin> bones:u make it sound like a bad thing
<px> i have to go now
<Dare> i know something that irretates people
<Dare> irretates people
<Dare> irretates people
<px> i'll come back later when all the NICE people are on irc
<sin> px gotta go and pull his maid off the bathroom tap
<Dare> i know something that irretates people
*** Dare was kicked by LordCow (Excess Flood ×ܦtråCøW×)
*** Dare (stuv@pel-531-72.mweb.co.za) has joined #pe
<Ironeagle> what
<LordCow> me 2 dare ;)
*** LordCow sets mode: +o Dare
<px> hehe
<Dare> hehehehehehe
<sin> lol
*** Disconnected

<sin> dosnt the nick "honeygirl" strike u as slightly sexual?
<vu-vu^shah> yes
<LordCow> course
<honeygirl> haha
<sin> honey: u sure u dont want 2 have sex?
<N^i^l> definitly
<l{ild> LC. ...Meg been on ?
<sin> its fun
<LordCow> sally - quite the opposite
<sin> lc: grrrrrr :P
<LordCow> earlier kild
<LordCow> sin j/k
<l{ild> drat
<Dunax> does this count as harrassment?
<honeygirl> YES
<sin> dunax: probally
<N^i^l> i think it should
<N^i^l> but i like it
<sin> awww fine
<N^i^l> plz ...continue
<sin> honey: do u plan on having sex soon?
*** sin was kicked by Dunax (Go sit in the corner! Frivolous sexual deviant you!)
*** LordCow sets mode: -o Dunax
*** Dunax was kicked by LordCow (user kick protection
*** sin (blah@196-7-187-91.iafrica.com) has joined #pe
*** LordCow sets mode: +o sin
<N^i^l> hehe
<LordCow> oops
<sin> hehehe
*** Dunax (dunax@pedial03.eastcape.net) has joined #pe
*** LordCow sets mode: +o Dunax
<Dunax> Anoying yes
*** sin was kicked by m3nt0r (You sick fuck ....you)
*** LordCow sets mode: -o m3nt0r

*** sin (blah@196-7-187-91.iafrica.com) has joined #pe
*** m3nt0r was kicked by LordCow (user kick protection ×ܦtråCøW×)
*** LordCow sets mode: +o sin
<LordCow> very
*** m3nt0r (zenzor@pswa25-03-p04.ec.saix.net) has joined #pe
<Dunax> but friend kicks suck :)
<sin> m3: thats MRsick fuck 2 u :P
<m3nt0r> heh
*** LordCow sets mode: +o m3nt0r
<LordCow> dunax i only did em caus i like the colours :Þ
*** coregirl (FUNKI@syn24.pri1.peA.gia.net.za) has joined #pe
*** LordCow sets mode: +o coregirl
<l{ild> lo Core
<Dunax> lord: *lol*
<coregirl> shot
<coregirl> hey
<LordCow> re core
<coregirl> hi
*** sin changes topic to 'blaaaaaaaaaaa'
*** sin changes topic to 'blaaaaaaaaaaablaaaaaaaaa'
*** l{ild changes topic to 'blaaaaaaaaaaa.....!'
*** sin changes topic to 'vu-vu is a slut hoar'

<honeygirl> now u can bug core sin
<sin> o ok
*** Dunax changes topic to 'blaaaaaaaaaaa.....! the sound sin mimicks when playing with his blowup sheep'
<sin> core: how old r u?
<honeygirl> haha
<coregirl> y?
<LordCow> hehe
<honeygirl> shes 15
<l{ild> lol
*** sin changes topic to 'blaaaaaaaaaaa.....! dunax fantaises'
<honeygirl> lol
<coregirl> y?
<coregirl> wat?
<coregirl> wat?
<coregirl> wat?
<honeygirl> next question....
<sin> core: how many ppl have u slept with?
<coregirl> wat r u guys on about?
<coregirl> ummm...y?
<coregirl> y u so inquisative?
<sin> ill take that as 5
<LordCow> hehe
<honeygirl> c'mon gitz
<sin> ppl
<honeygirl> tell him!
<coregirl> none
<coregirl> why?
<sin> im conducting a servey
<coregirl> i'm confused
<honeygirl> haha
<sin> for population control
<Dunax> sin: My god, thems watermelons boy, go vent some steam before youz explodeds all over the place
<l{ild> later folks ....
<honeygirl> hes a piedofile
<coregirl> gr8
<Dunax> *shudder*
<sin> dunax: shhh
<l{ild> =)
*** l{ild has quit IRC (What would ya do if i sang outta tune...would ya stand up and walk out on me...lend me ur ears and ill sing ya song...ill try not to sing outta key..)
<coregirl> i feel much betta
<sin> core: as i was saying: how many?
<sin> its purely scientific
*** vu-vu^shah is now known as shah
<Dunax> sin: this sound like a personal survey if you ask me ;)
<sin> dunax: shhh
<sin> core: ur only making this harder
<sin> how many :)
*** coregirl is now known as core^girl
<honeygirl> she said already
<sin> say it again
<sin> didnt hear
<core^girl> say wat?
<core^girl> is this like a personal joke?
<sin> coregirl: how many ppl have u had sexual intercourse with?
<core^girl> i'm not a 2 yr old...none
<sin> no im doing a servay
<core^girl> wat kind of survey?
<sin> so ur 15 and u havent had sex?
<core^girl> pretty much
<sin> for population control
<core^girl> y should i have?
<sin> yes or no?
<core^girl> YES
<sin> yes u have slept with some1???
<core^girl> CAN'T U READ?
<core^girl> piss off
<sin> hehehehe
<sin> awwww
* sin will stop
<sin> :)
<core^girl> shot
<sin> im jk
<core^girl> i know
<sin> sorry :(

Session Start: Wed Nov 04 14:14:54 1998
*** Now talking in #PE
<guided1> hello clone mo
*** Loken sets mode: +o guided1
* Mo demands a refund
<Miser> um
<Mo> clone u say
*** guided1 sets mode: +o Mo
<Mo> ta
<Mo> i am the effect of u'r lame ass nuking
<guided1> mine
<Mo> yeah stoopidguide
<guided1> i dont even have3 nuke utitlities
<Mo> that's wot all the guilty one's say
*** LordCow has quit IRC (Ping timeout)
*** Mo is now known as LordCow
<guided1> liar
*** polo-boy (brett@syn46.pri1.peA.gia.net.za) has joined #pe
*** cHrome sets mode: +o polo-boy
<guided1> they all say.."it was someone else"
<LordCow> except for the stoopid ones
<polo-boy> someone is using hairbo;s nick
<LordCow> mm might be hairbo hey
<guided1> mini : do u study for afrikaans
<polo-boy> he wasnt on today
<Miser> bwahaha
<polo-boy> someone is using hairbo;s nick
<polo-boy> he wasnt on today
<LordCow> mmm
<guided1> hehehe
<LordCow> maybe it's not hairbo then poloboy
<polo-boy> he is on the fone now
<LordCow> that's ev'n worse
<guided1> blurt
<cHrome> you talking to him now polo=boy?
<LordCow> phone sex
<guided1> hehehe
<polo-boy> yip
<polo-boy> u wish
<LordCow> polo can i have my turn yet?
<polo-boy> how much money do u have
<LordCow> um can i pay the same as last time?
<guided1> 555-sex
<polo-boy> ive increased
<polo-boy> must i pretend that im your father again
<guided1> blert
<guided1> blirt
<LordCow> hehe
<guided1> blurt
*** Miser has quit IRC (Ping timeout)
*** polo-boy changes topic to 'HAIRBO IS THE BEST LOOKING GUY ON THE NET that was he says'
<LordCow> he's gotta get past me first
* guided1 is starting to drool....i is so bored
*** Loken has quit IRC (Leaving)
<mini> brb
<mini> k
*** polo-boy has quit IRC (Leaving)
<mini> ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh this is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo boring!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
<guided1> noooooooo
<LordCow> we shell await u
<guided1> dont go!!!
<guided1> dont do it!!!!
<LordCow> ya we need u an stuff
<guided1> dont jump
<LordCow> guided u on mp3 pc yet?
<guided1> nope y?
<LordCow> *sigh*
<LordCow> trust u 2 ask y :Þ
<guided1> what do u want?
<LordCow> i want 2 ensure u'r irc'ing comfort
<LordCow> :Þ
<guided1> hehehe
<LordCow> eish hey
<LordCow> jen page - crush
<guided1> let me refrase
<guided1> what wuld u like
<LordCow> i would like one of those mint magnum thingies
<LordCow> but they don't sell them online
<guided1> hehehe
*** mini has quit IRC (Ping timeout)
<LordCow> stoopid guide
<LordCow> i will sey agin
<LordCow> jenifer page crush
<guided1> i dont have it
<guided1> cow i am able to reach my pc coz i have connected to via network
<LordCow> daa kewl
<LordCow> u set up u'r own network ??
<guided1> just have to swidge it on
<guided1> yes
* LordCow is impressed :Þ
<guided1> but i still dont know how to use the modem from the other one
<LordCow> haha
<LordCow> run wingate
<guided1> y r ye impressed ....i am able to do many thing....dress my self...eat by myself
<guided1> wingate????
<guided1> never heard of it
<LordCow> haha
<LordCow> the impressed mood drops slightly
<guided1> lemme try dat
<guided1> hehhe
<guided1> where am i able to get this.....wingate...thingie
<LordCow> from me .. u'r friendly warez supplier
<guided1> heheh
<guided1> send away
<guided1> pls
* LordCow decides if it's worth it
<guided1> shut yer pie hole
*** Magical1 (rafi@syn29.pri1.peA.gia.net.za) has joined #pe
* LordCow shuts his dcc sockets @ the same time
*** LordCow sets mode: +o Magical1
<LordCow> megic ;)
<guided1> heheh
<guided1> magical1
<Magical1> thanx mo
<LordCow> k k lemmie find it
<LordCow> nps
<Magical1> whats up
<Magical1> hey G
<guided1> cow how does yer ban thing work
<Magical1> hhehehe
<guided1> the one that bans ppl who enter and leave
<guided1> greets mag
<LordCow> guided1 using esp and overtalented scripting skills
* cHrome blows kisses to you all
<cHrome> bye bye LordCow :) cya hun
<LordCow> cu chromey ;)
<guided1> what are the critria
*** cHrome has quit IRC (Its my intention to be your obsession. its my obsessionn to be your addiction)
<guided1> mag : i see u r working as hard as we are
*** SeaBeeze1 (Cafe1@cafe1.gis.co.za) has joined #pe
<Magical1> oh absolutely
<Magical1> the short stories are really going in
<Magical1> how science learning going
<LordCow> guidedgay it sets timer up wen sum1 joins the channel
<LordCow> if they part within 10 seconds they get banned
<guided1> ahhh
<LordCow> ya that's the scientific explanation :Þ
<guided1> anybody
<Magical1> :)
<guided1> or just non ops
<LordCow> no everyone
<LordCow> no1 is exempt!
*** mini (gerriea@196-7-187-68.iafrica.com) has joined #pe
*** LordCow sets mode: +o mini
<mini> wellllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll i am back
<LordCow> mini ;)
<LordCow> so r my flud kicks
<guided1> mag : not gud
<guided1> mini ...u came back
<LordCow> guided1 ever the master of deduction
<guided1> so its true
<mini> yes
<mini> and
<Magical1> not surprised guided
<guided1> if u love somthing let them free....if it comes back to u it was meant to be......
<guided1> hehehe
<mini> i am bored!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
<mini> word of wisdom there guided
*** mini was kicked by LordCow (we gather'd)
<guided1> hehe
<guided1> lord pig have u found it yet
<Magical1> guys I'm off
<Magical1> chat to u l8r or 'morrow
<guided1> later magical
* LordCow is still lewking
<Magical1> cya
<LordCow> cu megic
*** Magical1 (rafi@syn29.pri1.peA.gia.net.za) has left #pe
<guided1> heheh
*** mini (gerriea@196-7-187-68.iafrica.com) has joined #pe
<mini> aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh freaking idiots!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
<guided1> christ what happened
<LordCow> mini: say it properly, i is bored
<guided1> where did all the ops go
<LordCow> guided1 the question is where is u'r connection going?
*** guided1 sets mode: +oo LordCow mini
<LordCow> ta
<mini> fuck you
<mini> ah fuck off
<LordCow> mini i r kidding ;)
<guided1> hmmmm
*** You were kicked by mini (go get a life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1prick!!!!!)
*** Attempting to rejoin...
*** Rejoined #PE
<LordCow> hehe
<guided1> cow makes no sense
*** You were kicked by mini (dont you learn)
*** Attempting to rejoin...
*** Rejoined #PE
<guided1> hehheh
<mini> yesssssssssss
<mini> there
<LordCow> mini i can nev'r win
<guided1> the violent side
*** You were kicked by mini (just when i thought i was rid of you .....)
*** Attempting to rejoin...
*** Rejoined #PE
<LordCow> guided1 i ake sense 2 ppl who speak english
*** mini sets mode: +o LordCow
<LordCow> ta
<guided1> <LordCow> guided1 i ake sense 2 ppl who speak english
<guided1> hehhehhe
<LordCow> haha
<LordCow> shadup
<LordCow> i don't have 2 do anymore english exams so leave me
*** mini was kicked by LordCow (just caus i know u don't have auto rejoin on ;)
<guided1> hehehe
*** mini (gerriea@196-7-187-68.iafrica.com) has joined #pe
<guided1> tis not nice
*** LordCow sets mode: +o mini
<guided1> heeh
<mini> as if i f.... care!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
*** You were kicked by mini (mini)
*** Attempting to rejoin...
*** Rejoined #PE
*** mini sets mode: +b *!*@196-7-187-120.iafrica.com
<LordCow> hehe
<mini> just for a min
<mini> ok
<guided1> youre gonna get it now coow
<guided1> hehhe
<mini> hang on
<mini> k
*** mini sets mode: -b *!*@196-7-187-120.iafrica.com
<LordCow> -
<LordCow> #PE Cannot send to channel
<LordCow> -
<LordCow> #PE Cannot send to channel
<LordCow> -
<LordCow> :Þ
* LordCow is broken now
<mini> ha ha ha
<mini> shutup
<guided1> hehe
* guided1 sits in his corner...so he doesnt anger mini
<mini> ha ha ha
<mini> whats wrong with you two
<guided1> im scared
<guided1> hehehhe
<mini> jsut because you are form the same school..........dont!!!!!
<mini> ah ah ah we beat you in hockey
<mini> heeheheheheheheheeh
<mini> heeheheheheheheheeh
<mini> heeheheheheheheheeh
<mini> heeheheheheheheheeh
<mini> heeheheheheheheheeh
<mini> heeheheheheheheheeh
<mini> heeheheheheheheheeh
<LordCow> i would kick u hard now ..
<LordCow> but u know ..
<guided1> what schewl are u
<LordCow> peason
<LordCow> her that is
*** guided1 sets mode: +o LordCow
<LordCow> ta
<LordCow> wooo
*** LordCow sets mode: -oo mini guided1
<LordCow> :Þ
<guided1> cripes
*** LordCow sets mode: +o guided1
*** guided1 sets mode: -o LordCow

<LordCow> .up
<LordCow> hehe
<guided1> hehhe
<LordCow> how many times ..
<guided1> everyone but cow can have ops
<mini> hey
<mini> what about me
*** pdp (peterm@rucus.ru.ac.za) has joined #pe
<LordCow> haha
<LordCow> <mini> what about me
*** guided1 sets mode: +o mini
<mini> taaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
<mini> only us
<pdp> hi ppl
<mini> i have asshole
<guided1> hehhe
<mini> he pdp
<mini> he pdp
<mini> hi pdp
<pdp> he he - hi?
<guided1> greetins
-> *babyserv* list
<LordCow> -Babyserv- no entries
<mini> dont be so formal pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeez
<LordCow> *sigh*
<guided1> mini : me
<guided1> mini : me??
<mini> yes
<mini> you
<mini> you guided
* LordCow changes 2 stealth mode
*** LordCow is now known as MiniSlayer
<guided1> k...hows this
<guided1> *burp*
<MiniSlayer> hehe
*** mini is now known as LordCow
*** LordCow is now known as LordCow_

*** Disconnected
Session Close: Wed Nov 04 14:47:17 1998

Session Start: Wed Nov 04 14:47:34 1998
*** Now talking in #PE
<MiniSlayer> i get d/ced?!??!
* LordCow_ is roflol
* LordCow_ is roflol
* LordCow_ is roflol
* LordCow_ is roflol
* LordCow_ is roflol
* LordCow_ is roflol

<MiniSlayer> fuqing zanet
* LordCow_ is roflol
<MiniSlayer> fuqing zanet
* LordCow_ is roflol
<MiniSlayer> fuqen mini
<MiniSlayer> fuqing zanet
*** pdp is now known as com1
*** com1 has quit IRC (Killed (Services (get lost)))
<guided1> heheh
*** MiniSlayer is now known as LordCow_withoutthe_
<LordCow_withoutthe_> so there ..
*** LordCow_withoutthe_ is now known as LordCow
*** laurie (whitehouse@196-7-187-69.iafrica.com) has joined #PE
<LordCow_withoutthe_> /msg nickserv register LordCow*
*** You were kicked by LordCow_ (2 lord cows wont do!!!!sorry)
*** Attempting to rejoin...
*** Rejoined #PE
<celica> ta guided1 :)
<laurie> gareth !!
<LordCow> mini u will roast slowly an painfully
<guided1> lorie!
<LordCow> laurie :))
<laurie> i`m trying 2 phone u !!
*** LordCow_ (gerriea@196-7-187-68.iafrica.com) has joined #pe

This long log for one line ..
to all those ppl that know rift's real name ..

*** Magical1 sets mode: +o halifax
*** RiFt changes topic to 'plz stop lying to urselves....'

<halifax> action:wat up beeyatch
<Action> ok
<halifax> u want a piece of me fool
<Action> you can have ops
<LordCow> no
<LordCow> action
<LordCow> do not give in
*** LordCow sets mode: -o halifax
<halifax> .up
<LordCow> halifax we have a system going here
*** SuGaRbEaN sets mode: +o halifax
<RiFt> we do?
<SuGaRbEaN> bye garreth:)
<halifax> mo:do u want 2 die on wed
<LordCow> new rules .. kick ban all ppl that disobey me
<LordCow> hali u want 2 die now?
<LordCow> cu sugar :)
<RiFt> wow
<RiFt> what incredibly manly pplz
<RiFt> testosterone flying
<halifax> mo:theres always wed
<LordCow> re rift
<RiFt> :)
<RiFt> :)
<LordCow> ahh wher'z that kill code
<RiFt> hahahaha
<RiFt> ur wed?
<RiFt> gay lovers etc...?
<halifax> ta nadja
<LordCow> coloured spelling for wednesday rift
<RiFt> oh ic
<RiFt> :)
<RiFt> is that clyde?
<halifax> wednesday-kant
<LordCow> yeah unfortunately
<halifax> rift: maybe :)
<RiFt> hehe
<RiFt> shame.... give clyde opz... hes a reg from LOOOOOOOOOONG ago...
<RiFt> i remember
<RiFt> :)
<RiFt> *grynne*
<LordCow> yeah baq in the days wen he was still mastering his calculator
<RiFt> shame shamwe
<RiFt> what horrible pplz
<halifax> mo;whos rift
<LordCow> we do our best ..
<RiFt> tada
<RiFt> guess
<LordCow> halifax .. styx's brother
<RiFt> nope
*** SuGaRbEaN has quit IRC (YATLOML-malcolm)
<RiFt> thats px fewl
<RiFt> :)
<LordCow> uhh styx's brother 2 b
<RiFt> but sorta
<RiFt> hehehe
<LordCow> yea heh
<RiFt> true.. um
<RiFt> hmmm...
<RiFt> that could be bad....
<LordCow> yeah
* LordCow denounces that
<halifax> u chased ' awayer
<DeathMage> gawd U2 kicks ass :)
<RiFt> o goody
<RiFt> u know donald
<halifax> deathmage:do u hav anymore funny stories
<RiFt> I heard this one guys had 96 gigs of shite burnt to cd
<RiFt> we wanna visit him, see what it is....
*** beastiality is now known as semendemon
*** semendemon was kicked by RiFt (jeez.... get a grip fewl)

<halifax> i agree adam
<RiFt> adam?
<RiFt> wtf is adam?
<halifax> i was just bout 2 do dat
<RiFt> fewl.....
<RiFt> hehehe
<halifax> same thing
<LordCow> bwhahahaha
<RiFt> um....
<RiFt> not really
<RiFt> Im alot bigger
*** LordCow changes topic to '<halifax> i agree adam'
<halifax> hehe
<RiFt> :)
<RiFt> *sigh*
<LordCow> sorry that must b framed ..
<RiFt> dmna u cow....!!!!
<RiFt> :)
<RiFt> see.. I cant even type straight
<RiFt> so distressed
<halifax> mo:whos actionman
<halifax> cheers mo
<halifax> tired
<RiFt> cheers clyde
<LordCow> halifax i am actionman
<LordCow> fear me
<LordCow> cu
*** RiFt changes topic to 'hmmm.....'
*** halifax changes topic to 'lc(aka)his-high-gayness'

*** halifax has quit IRC (Leaving)
<LordCow> daaaaaaa
<LordCow> fuqen leave like that
*** LordCow changes topic to ''
*** RiFt changes topic to 'why?'

<LordCow> caus
<RiFt> damn
<LordCow> would've bin fun killing him
<RiFt> u gay?
<RiFt> hmmm....
<RiFt> bad bad
<LordCow> rift only on sundays
<RiFt> I think i'm gonna hurl
<RiFt> oopz
<LordCow> ya
<RiFt> that means... in 20 SECONDS!!!!1
<LordCow> so if u want a session i'm free tomorrow :Þ
<RiFt> u change sexuality
<Raker> capetown
<LordCow> heh
<Raker> opppsssss
<LordCow> raker wrong channel perchance?
<RiFt> mebbe hey....
*** RiFt changes topic to 'Weirdo's are everywhere.... damn transexuals....'
<LordCow> i object 2 that
<LordCow> we're not that weird
<RiFt> hehehe
<RiFt> hmmm....
<RiFt> time to go...
<RiFt> cheerz all...
*** VoLuMe (dunno@net-35-111.cis.co.za) has joined #pe
<LordCow> heh cu
<LordCow> volume :))
*** LordCow sets mode: +o VoLuMe
<VoLuMe> ta
<VoLuMe> eish cow
<VoLuMe> told u i'd be back
<LordCow> eish volume u miss me that quickly?
<LordCow> kewl ppl rn't on yet tho
<VoLuMe> mo: only u
<LordCow> hehe
<VoLuMe> i know
<VoLuMe> lol
*** Disconnected
Session Close: Sun Oct 11 00:00:57 1998

<White^Guy> Waxies rule and computer fags suck my dog's dick
*** caine_ is now known as ^vi0-B-at0r^
<DeeVeeM> say water boy :)
* LordCow has never touched u'r dog
<provocation> hehehe
<^vi0-B-at0r^> yeehaaa
*** ^vi0-B-at0r^ is now known as caine_
*** Woodie (hllo@psw53-01-p47.ec.saix.net) has joined #pe
* DeeVeeM remindes White guy that he also has computer
<provocation> vibra pleasure 2000 schweet
<caine_> sons of bitches
<White^Guy> cause i am grounded
*** Laurie (djgi@196-7-187-7.iafrica.com) has joined #PE
*** Shai`tan sets mode: -o caine_
<Laurie> hi ppl
*** DeeVeeM sets mode: +o Laurie
*** Shai`tan sets mode: +o caine_

<White^Guy> i would be at party but no i had to fail woodwork
*** Shai`tan sets mode: -o LordCow
*** Shai`tan sets mode: +b *!*lordcow@*.ru.ac.za
*** LordCow was kicked by Shai`tan (BLAM! BlAM! BLAM!)
*** Shai`tan sets mode: -b *!*lordcow@*.ru.ac.za

*** bugzy (Quickslva@196-7-187-44.iafrica.com) has joined #pe
*** MegWitch sets mode: -b *!*lordcow@*.ru.ac.za
<Shai`tan> damn my /alias skills rock
*** LordCow (lordcow@rucus.ru.ac.za) has joined #PE
*** Laurie sets mode: +o LordCow
<W4X_Inf3rno> lo mo
<Shai`tan> sorry bout that
*** Shai`tan was kicked by LordCow (u r truly stupid)
*** LordCow was kicked by provocation (provocation)

*** LordCow (lordcow@rucus.ru.ac.za) has joined #PE
*** Shai`tan (Lie@m1-38-pel.dial-up.net) has joined #PE

*** Laurie sets mode: +o LordCow
*** siryn sets mode: +o Shai`tan
*** LordCow was kicked by Shai`tan (dont piss me off)

*** LordCow (lordcow@rucus.ru.ac.za) has joined #pe
*** Laurie sets mode: +o LordCow
<Rems> LORD!!!!!!!!!!
*** Shai`tan was kicked by LordCow (feelin' mutual)
*** DeeVeeM has quit IRC (No Fate but What we Make!)
*** Shai`tan (Lie@m1-38-pel.dial-up.net) has joined #PE
*** LordCow was kicked by provocation (provocation)
*** LordCow (lordcow@rucus.ru.ac.za) has joined #PE
*** Laurie sets mode: +o LordCow
*** siryn sets mode: +o Shai`tan
*** LordCow was kicked by Shai`tan (BLAM! BlAM! BLAM!)

*** LordCow (lordcow@rucus.ru.ac.za) has joined #pe
*** Laurie sets mode: +o LordCow
<provocation> mmmm
<provocation> ???????
<Hairbo> pusssy
<Apoca|ypsE> Youre flooding my damn screen wif kicks!!!!!
*** Apoca|ypsE was kicked by Shai`tan (BLAM! BlAM! BLAM!)
*** Apoca|ypsE (Apoc@196-7-187-13.iafrica.com) has joined #pe
<Shai`tan> shit
<Shai`tan> doesnt it choose another fucking kick
<Apoca|ypsE> hmmmmmmm
*** LordCow sets mode: -oo+b provocation Shai`tan shai*!*@*.*
*** Shai`tan was kicked by LordCow (fuck off)

<caine_> -oo heh lordcow...
<caine_> ;)
*** LordCow sets mode: +b *!*lie*@*.*
*** ZiLeX (yes@syn01.pri1.peA.gia.net.za) has joined #pe
<Apoca|ypsE> calm down mo
*** ^vi0-L-at0r^ was kicked by W4X_Inf3rno (W4X_Inf3rno)
*** ^vi0-L-at0r^ (Audioworx3@196-7-187-90.iafrica.com) has joined #pe
*** caine_ sets mode: -bb *!*lie*@*.* shai*!*@*.*
*** W4X_Inf3rno sets mode: +b *!*@196-7-187-90.iafrica.com

*** Shai`tan (Lie@m1-38-pel.dial-up.net) has joined #pe
*** ^vi0-L-at0r^ was kicked by W4X_Inf3rno (W4X_Inf3rno)
*** siryn sets mode: +o Shai`tan
*** caine_ sets mode: +o provocation

<caine_> relax boys
*** LordCow was kicked by Shai`tan (are u not getting enough of it at rhodes?)
*** LordCow (lordcow@rucus.ru.ac.za) has joined #pe
<caine_> take it easy
*** Shai`tan sets mode: +b *!*lordcow@*.ru.ac.za
*** LordCow was kicked by Shai`tan (Shai`tan)

*** BaRbWiRe (NIL.GAIL@syn24.pri1.peA.gia.net.za) has joined #pe
<Shai`tan> anyone unban that
*** caine_ sets mode: -b *!*lordcow@*.ru.ac.za
<Shai`tan> and they get banned
<caine_> dave
<caine_> just relax
*** Shai`tan sets mode: +b *!*lordcow@*.ru.ac.za
<caine_> quicklike
<Shai`tan> fuck that
<EnTiTy> lol
<MegWitch> leave garreth alone
<Shai`tan> he wants to be a dick
<Shai`tan> he can suffer
*** Puppy_ (rfgsfd@pel-531-91.mweb.co.za) has joined #pe
<MegWitch> garreth is not a dick
<Shai`tan> he acts like one
*** Puppy_ has quit IRC (Leaving)
*** siryn sets mode: -b *!*lordcow@*.ru.ac.za
*** LordCow (lordcow@rucus.ru.ac.za) has joined #PE
*** Shai`tan sets mode: +b *!*@*.ru.ac.za
<caine_> dave, just take it easy... count to 10 or something
*** MegWitch sets mode: +o LordCow
*** LordCow was kicked by Shai`tan (Banned)

<caine_> awww fuck
<MegWitch> shit
<caine_> oh well
*** Tuckster (taks@196-7-187-111.iafrica.com) has joined #pe
<Shai`tan> siryn u will join him next time
*** Little_Boy_Blue is now known as Ice-T
<caine_> im taking a bow out now... before things get ugly...
*** caine_ (dunax@pel-531-124.mweb.co.za) has left #pe
<provocation> mm so r the days of our irc
<provocation> ....
*** metaluna has quit IRC (Connection reset by peer)
*** siryn sets mode: -bbb *!*@*.ru.ac.za *!*@196-7-187-90.iafrica.com *!*@net-129-211.mweb.co.za
*** siryn sets mode: -bbb *!*@psw53-01-p41.ec.saix.net *!*Go@*.ec.saix.net *!*ootiecall@*.dial-up.net
*** siryn sets mode: -bbb *!*xmetal@*.iafrica.com *!*poison@*.dial-up.net *!*liq*@*.*
*** siryn sets mode: -b ?ar?e?e?!*@*.*

*** pacci (justmick@196-7-187-37.iafrica.com) has joined #pe
*** Ciris (blah@psw53-01-p120.ec.saix.net) has joined #pe
*** LordCow (lordcow@rucus.ru.ac.za) has joined #PE

<pacci> lo ppl
*** Kether (~kether@rucus.ru.ac.za) has joined #pe
*** MegWitch sets mode: +o pacci
*** fudge has quit IRC (Leaving)
*** siryn sets mode: +o LordCow
*** Shai`tan sets mode: +b *!*lordcow@*.ru.ac.za
*** LordCow was kicked by Shai`tan (Banned)
*** Shai`tan sets mode: +b *!*blast@*.ec.saix.net
*** siryn was kicked by Shai`tan (Banned)

<pacci> ta meg
<MegWitch> np
*** Shai`tan has quit IRC (Killed (Kether (stop fucking around)))
*** acidhed is now known as Homer
*** BabyServ sets mode: +o Kether
*** Kether sets mode: -b *!*lordcow@*.ru.ac.za

<pacci> lo neuro
*** LordCow (lordcow@rucus.ru.ac.za) has joined #PE
*** Kether sets mode: +o LordCow
*** Shai`tan (Lie@m1-38-pel.dial-up.net) has joined #pe
<Neurosis> hi
*** White^Guy has quit IRC (Leaving)
<Kether> shaitan: watch it
*** Gibalicious (jj@196-7-187-26.iafrica.com) has joined #pe
*** caine_ (dunax@pel-531-124.mweb.co.za) has joined #pe

<MegWitch> ye u tell him
<Kether> arbitrarily kick-banning ppl is not good
<caine_> is it safe to come back in yet?
<MegWitch> yip
*** MegWitch sets mode: +o caine_
<provocation> hello *echo echo ..*
<caine_> ta meggie
<Kether> personal grudges or having a bad day are rotten reasons for bans
<Kether> so plz just grow up.
<MegWitch> np
*** Kether (~kether@rucus.ru.ac.za) has left #pe
*** ^vi0-L-at0r^ (Audioworx3@196-7-187-90.iafrica.com) has joined #pe
*** LordCow sets mode: -b *!*blast@*.ec.saix.net
<MegWitch> hahahahahahahaa
<MegWitch> let's give a whhhhhhhhooooooooo for the mooooooooooooo
<LordCow> heh
<EnTiTy> hi
<Shai`tan> cow: when did someone stick a carrot up your arse?
*** flygirl15 (newskool@hdp25-01-p15.saix.net) has left #pe
<LordCow> shai`tan same for u ..
*** bwiched (DARKNESS@psw53-01-p18.ec.saix.net) has joined #pe
*** Pyroclastic (pyroclasti@196-7-187-55.iafrica.com) has joined #PE

<Shai`tan> huh u used to be able to take a joke
<LordCow> err
<LordCow> i don't take random bannings as jokes
<Shai`tan> fewl
*** caine_ sets mode: +o Shai`tan
<Apoca|ypsE> *lol*
<LordCow> and u've never taken a joke
<Shai`tan> heh i unbanned u straight away
<Shai`tan> and it wasnt a random ban
*** Fly-Guy has quit IRC (Leaving)
<caine_> now... hopefully well go back to a happy channel ;)
<Shai`tan> it was testing my alias
<LordCow> mm exectly
<LordCow> directed at me ..
<Shai`tan> well u had protection against it
<Shai`tan> so i was checking if it worked
<LordCow> u were checking if my protection worked??
<LordCow> last time we met my script wasn't working
<provocation> flowers birds singign etc ...
<Shai`tan> no i was checking if my deop worked
<provocation> happy
<provocation> :>
<Shai`tan> cow: get a fucking life
*** Morey has quit IRC (Ping timeout)
<caine_> im happy
<caine_> youre happy
*** W4X_Inf3rno has quit IRC (ph33r m3 0r 3y3 w1ll h4x0r j00 3y3 am l33t !)
<caine_> were all happy
<provocation> almost singing that is
<caine_> together
*** siryn (blast@psw53-01-p44.ec.saix.net) has joined #pe
*** Ciris has quit IRC (Leaving)
*** LordCow sets mode: +o siryn
<LordCow> shai .. y'd u ban siryn mey i ask?
<siryn> thanx man]
<LordCow> 'lo ..
<Shai`tan> coz i felt like it
<LordCow> gewd reason
*** ZZ_Top has quit IRC (why die with a good set of lungs......u not ganna use them down there)
<MegWitch> u cant ban for no reason
<Shai`tan> when did u start carring a grudge can i ask?
<Shai`tan> and what did i do to u in the first place?
<LordCow> uhh
*** SpEnCeR (me@pe02.pe.lia.net) has joined #pe
*** nitro187 (123@196-7-187-87.iafrica.com) has joined #pe

<caine_> so much for the friendly city channel
<LordCow> consecutive kicks for one ..
<Shai`tan> im talking like last week or something
<Shai`tan> when u started acting like a idiot
*** Morey (John@psw53-01-p70.ec.saix.net) has joined #pe
<caine_> yea.. provo, and that sweety i gave you 3 years ago... I WANT IT BACK!
*** bwiched (DARKNESS@psw53-01-p18.ec.saix.net) has left #pe
<provocation> u aint getting sheit caine

Enter the opper kings ..

Session Start: Tue Sep 01 20:11:42 1998
*** Now talking in #PE
#PE topic is 'Hmmm'
#PE topic set by quovadis on Tue Sep 01 19:57:40
#PE created on Tue Sep 01 08:50:41
*** Pologirl sets mode: +o LordCow

<LordCow> ta
<LordCow> re
* Shandi asks if his fist is alright
<quovadis> dave
<|singe|> hi lordcow
*** Nutcase sets mode: +o Ocean_Blu
* Shandi runs up to deathmage and gives him a kissy
<quovadis> u wanna organise the ops situation please
*** Lord-Soth sets mode: -ooooo Nutcase Razor Shandi sugargirl trooper
<Zero> gareth!!!!!!
<Shandi> hey i am a reg!!!!!!!!!!!!
<LordCow> ey singe zero
<LordCow> soth
<DeeVeeM> lo all
<Shandi> al plz op me i op u back!!!!!!
<Lord-Soth> hello
*** Ocean_Blu sets mode: +o Nutcase
*** LordCow sets mode: -o Ocean_Blu
*** honeygirl sets mode: +o Shandi

*** SaikO has quit IRC (Ping timeout)
*** quovadis sets mode: -o wilBA
*** z_cool (waxie@196-7-187-88.iafrica.com) has joined #pe
<DeeVeeM> how'ss life ??
<Shandi> ta ke
<shah> hello lord-boy
<killer_chic> hello
*** Lord-Soth sets mode: -o Shandi
<z_cool> hey ppl
<HuNiSuCkLe> why does a man find it so dam hard to pick up a phone and dial a number?!!?!!?!?!?!?!??!!?!?
<LordCow> yo shah boy =)
<HuNiSuCkLe> :(
*** stone (stone@ns1.x-link.ml.org) has left #pe
*** CelestiaL- is now known as Kk

* DeathMage 's fist is fine, solid rock, strenghtened by love..
* L8Midnight wondes if Shandi is ever going to say hello to him
<LordCow> hunisuckle i really ment 2 phone u
<Hubb> lo all
<shah> hey mo
* Shandi waves happily at L8Midnight ,` ^^ ` ^^ ` ^^` ^^ ` ^^` ^^ ` ^^ ` ^^ ` ^^ ` ^^ ` ^^ ` ^^ ` ^^ ` ^^ ` ^^ ` ^^ `
<shah> :)
<HuNiSuCkLe> ye ye ye
<quovadis> soth: thhat matric dance is a go
<HuNiSuCkLe> you men!!!
*** Lord-Soth sets mode: -o Nutcase
<HuNiSuCkLe> tsk tsk tsk!
<shah> whoah!
*** Pologirl sets mode: +o Shandi
<HuNiSuCkLe> :(
* L8Midnight thinks ahhhhhhh
*** Pologirl sets mode: +o candygirl
*** gilmore (gilmo@196-7-187-15.iafrica.com) has joined #pe
*** RipGirl (Oceanlover@196-7-187-95.iafrica.com) has joined #pe

<]{ild> Evening soth
<candygirl> thanx nikki
<candygirl> !!!!
*** nraid3r (nraid3r@pel-531-66.mweb.co.za) has joined #PE
<]{ild> Ripp!!
*** Pologirl sets mode: +o Nutcase
<RipGirl> Hi all
*** Wicked sets mode: +o RipGirl
<z_cool> hey candy
<trooper> hey Rip
<RipGirl> Hi
*** Lord-Soth sets mode: -o Nutcase
<shah> :)
*** Wicked sets mode: +o StaB
<killer_chic> ripgirl opz plz
*** Lord-Soth sets mode: -o RipGirl
*** Lord-Soth sets mode: -o StaB
*** Pologirl sets mode: +o Nutcase
*** killer_chic was kicked by Lord-Soth (shhh)

*** killer_chic (user@pswa25-01-p04.ec.saix.net) has joined #pe
*** Lord-Soth sets mode: -o Nutcase
<Nutcase> thanx man
*** Razor has quit IRC (Ping timeout)
<Lord-Soth> np
<RipGirl> Thanks
<DeathMage> oh god, lord soth is having his period again..
<LordCow> hey soth keeping the pe ppl happy as usual =)
<killer_chic> k
*** quovadis sets mode: -o DeathMage
<killer_chic> lol
<DeathMage> sheesh, isn't this the third time in 3 days?
<quovadis> period errhuh?
*** LordCow sets mode: +o Zero
*** Shandi sets mode: +o DeathMage

<]{ild> Ripp : u still angry wid me ?
*** nraid3r (nraid3r@pel-531-66.mweb.co.za) has left #PE
<Lord-Soth> deathmage: shh
<RipGirl> lol
*** fern (TERMINATE@196-31-98-116.iafrica.com) has joined #pe
<Shandi> leave my luv alone
<fern> re all
<killer_chic> u go
*** quovadis sets mode: -oo DeathMage Shandi
<quovadis> suffer for each other then
*** L8Midnight sets mode: +o Shandi
<killer_chic> KERRI SHOUL OPZ PLZ
*** killer_chic was kicked by LordCow (Caps ×ܦtråCøW×)
*** killer_chic (user@pswa25-01-p04.ec.saix.net) has joined #PE
*** L8Midnight sets mode: +o sugargirl
<Shandi> together again
<shah> rip:i wont even ask
*** Lord-Soth sets mode: -o sugargirl
<sugargirl> ta
*** Zero sets mode: +o RipGirl
*** L8Midnight sets mode: +o sugargirl
*** Zero sets mode: +o killer_chic
*** Lord-Soth changes topic to 'ONLY REGS GET OPS'
*** honeygirl sets mode: +o DeathMage

*** Lord-Soth sets mode: -oo killer_chic RipGirl
<honeygirl> AND DM
<Shandi> i am a reg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
*** Lord-Soth sets mode: -o sugargirl
*** Pologirl sets mode: +o Nutcase
*** Nutcase sets mode: -o Lord-Soth
*** Zero sets mode: +o RipGirl

*** TheDoc (void@196-7-187-40.iafrica.com) has joined #PE
*** LordCow sets mode: +o TheDoc
*** J-Bravo (holmesfm@asy10.anx1.peA.gia.net.za) has joined #pe
*** LordCow sets mode: +o Lord-Soth
<Shandi> c'monn sothy!!!!!!!!
<Shandi> plz
*** Lord-Soth sets mode: -o Nutcase
<TheDoc> hey hey hye
<Nutcase> lol
*** Zero sets mode: +o killer_chic
<J-Bravo> hiall
<DeathMage> soth: sugargirl is a reg, check babyserv.cjb.net
*** L8Midnight sets mode: +o sugargirl
<TheDoc> hey lordie :)
*** Lord-Soth sets mode: +b *!*coach@*.ec.saix.net
*** Nutcase was kicked by Lord-Soth (Banned)

<LordCow> yo doc =)
*** Zero sets mode: -o Shandi
<killer_chic> ta lord soth we r f#@$%*ing regs u freak!!!
<LordCow> L8
* TheDoc goes moooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
*** quovadis sets mode: -oo killer_chic Zero
*** Pologirl sets mode: -b *!*coach@*.ec.saix.net

*** firestarter18 (hehe@hdp25-02-p08.saix.net) has joined #pe
*** quovadis sets mode: -o RipGirl
*** Zero has quit IRC (Leaving)
<LordCow> killer since wen?
*** quovadis sets mode: -o sugargirl
<LordCow> lo quo
<L8Midnight> HEy Cow
<firestarter18> hi all :)
*** Pologirl sets mode: +o Shandi
*** L8Midnight sets mode: +o sugargirl
*** Lord-Soth sets mode: -o sugargirl

<DeathMage> oh god, Lord-Soth: please in future, don't ever fukking come to #pe
<quovadis> hey cow
<|singe|> looks like quovadis doesnt have anything better to do
*** LordCow sets mode: +o dare
*** quovadis sets mode: -o DeathMage

<killer_chic> a long time u farnes
*** Nutcase (coach@pswa25-01-p15.ec.saix.net) has joined #pe
*** L8Midnight changes topic to 'UP AND DOWN UP AND DOWN'
*** LordCow sets mode: +o DeathMage

<Nutcase> hehe
*** L8Midnight sets mode: +o sugargirl
*** Lord-Soth sets mode: -o sugargirl
*** quovadis sets mode: -o DeathMage

<TheDoc> hey l8 , sotho !
*** Lord-Soth sets mode: +b *!*coach@*.ec.saix.net
*** Nutcase was kicked by Lord-Soth (Banned)
*** L8Midnight sets mode: +o sugargirl
*** Lord-Soth sets mode: -o sugargirl

*** Jive (Odessap@syn48.pri1.peA.gia.net.za) has joined #pe
<Lord-Soth> l8 enough
*** candygirl sets mode: +o Jive
*** honeygirl sets mode: +o DeathMage

<candygirl> hey odie
<killer_chic> u ppl r fucking retards
<L8Midnight> Oh come on
*** TheDoc sets mode: +o Candleman
*** killer_chic was kicked by quovadis (quovadis)

<Candleman> ta
<Shandi> i am going off in 4 minutes!!!!!!!!
*** quovadis sets mode: +b *!*@pswa25-01-p04.ec.saix.net
*** Lord-Soth sets mode: -o Shandi
*** TheDoc sets mode: +o maeve
*** TheDoc sets mode: +o Shandi
*** Pologirl sets mode: -b *!*coach@*.ec.saix.net
*** Shandi changes topic to 'Shandi is leaving soon so bi everyone!!!!!!!!!'

*** Nutcase (coach@pswa25-01-p15.ec.saix.net) has joined #pe
*** provocation (you@asy03.anx1.peA.gia.net.za) has joined #pe

<firestarter18> what you all up to
<Nutcase> bloodyy childish game you're playing!!
*** Lord-Soth sets mode: -o Shandi
*** quovadis sets mode: -o Jive

<quovadis> who the fuck is jive
<quovadis> ??
*** tittentei (someplace.@ti28a02-0034.dialup.online.no) has joined #pe
*** honeygirl sets mode: +o firestarter18
*** Pologirl sets mode: +o Nutcase
*** Exi|e sets mode: +o RipGirl

<dare> quovadis!!!!!!!!!!!!!
*** quovadis sets mode: -o RipGirl
*** Lord-Soth sets mode: +b *!*coach@*.ec.saix.net
*** Nutcase was kicked by Lord-Soth (Banned)

<honeygirl> hehe
<]{ild> stop with the ops /deops
<shah> thx ke
<z_cool> hey
<firestarter18> thanx
<LordCow> yo ]{ild
*** RipGirl was kicked by quovadis (quovadis)
*** quovadis sets mode: +b *!*@196-7-187-95.iafrica.com

<]{ild> LC .. =P
<quovadis> [20:18] <RipGirl> YOU PATHETIC LOSER
<quovadis> [20:18] <RipGirl> Byeeeeee
<]{ild> watup home boy
<]{ild> ?
<quovadis> done
*** tittentei (someplace.@ti28a02-0034.dialup.online.no) has left #pe
*** Lord-Soth sets mode: -b *!*coach@*.ec.saix.net

<LordCow> kild i'm the house bruther
*** Nutcase (coach@pswa25-01-p15.ec.saix.net) has joined #pe
*** Warped (Shadow@kny-25-10.mweb.co.za) has joined #pe

<]{ild> yo yo yo check it out
*** Shandi has quit IRC (Leaving)
*** Lord-Soth sets mode: -o maeve
*** TheDoc has quit IRC (Choose a f****** television , choose furniture suits , choose DIY , choose f****** electric tin openers. TheDoc is off duty. If you require medical attention, take two Panado and call me in the morning - if your'e still alive. [ http://home.intekom.com/T)
<LordCow> right about now hey
<shah> about cow
*** HuNiSuCkLe has quit IRC (Leaving)
<firestarter18> offers some LIFESAVERS to honeygirl
<LordCow> ic u'v bin learning my quit msg
<shah> hehe
*** Pologirl sets mode: +o Nutcase
*** Lord-Soth sets mode: -o Nutcase

<shah> its stupid
<LordCow> it has a deeper meaning
<Ocean_Blu> y
*** funnyman (Tigger@cpt-ts531-190.mweb.co.za) has joined #pe
<shah> heh?
<honeygirl> thanx cenza
<Ocean_Blu> ur a chop
* L8Midnight is in the mood for icecream
<honeygirl> thanx cenzo
*** Anti-Hero (um@net-41-058.cis.co.za) has joined #pe
<shah> xplain
<honeygirl> hey L8
<|singe|> hi honeygirl
<]{ild> L8 ....u and me both
<honeygirl> didnt cya
<honeygirl> hey
<L8Midnight> heya honey
<LordCow> shah u can't see it?
*** DeeVeeM has quit IRC (Leaving)
<L8Midnight> how are you ?
<honeygirl> k
<honeygirl> u?
<L8Midnight> cool
<J-Bravo> :)
<L8Midnight> as ever lol
<quovadis> [20:01] <Candleman> -NickServ- Nick nutcase not registered
<quovadis> [20:01] <Candleman> -NickServ- Nick leechi not registered
<quovadis> [20:02] <Candleman> -NickServ- Time registered: 1998/08/04 18:07:21 GMT+2 - staB
<quovadis> [20:02] <Candleman> -NickServ- Time registered: 1998/07/27 22:17:12 GMT+2 - stone
<quovadis> [20:03] <Candleman> -NickServ- Nick candygirl not registered
<quovadis> [20:06] <Candleman> -NickServ- Nick sugergirl not registered
<quovadis> [20:07] <Candleman> not many legit ops in this world
<quovadis> [20:14] <Candleman> the opsterminator!!!
*** quovadis sets mode: -oo Candleman candygirl
<quovadis> as per command
* LordCow laffs
*** Chick (Oceanlover@196-7-187-17.iafrica.com) has joined #pe
<quovadis> any more candleman ?
<shah> cow:xplain yourself
<Candleman> interesting script there quo
<LordCow> shah don't worry i'm higher grade =)
<shah> me too
<quovadis> candleman: i got a log to proove it asshole
*** z_cool was kicked by Pologirl (Pologirl)
<shah> so?
*** Hacked (aseady@196-7-187-89.iafrica.com) has joined #PE
<LordCow> <quovadis> i made it up but don't tell anyone
<LordCow> ?
*** L8Midnight sets mode: +o sugargirl
<honeygirl> haha
*** Lord-Soth sets mode: -o sugargirl
*** LEECHiE has quit IRC (Excess Flood)
*** friends (rpudney@p53-blackbird-gui.tch.virgin.net) has joined #pe
<shah> anyone seen megwitch?
<L8Midnight> very fast soth
*** Chick is now known as RipGirl
<LordCow> at 2:00
*** DeeVeeM (svdm@196-7-187-102.iafrica.com) has joined #pe
<LordCow> no 1:00
*** LEECHiE (tarsa@pswa25-03-p05.ec.saix.net) has joined #pe
<Lord-Soth> l8midnight do that noe more time
*** friends (rpudney@p53-blackbird-gui.tch.virgin.net) has left #pe
<L8Midnight> keep you pants on soth
<quovadis> <lordcow> i'm gay and i really think that men with fat asses like deathmages are much better than men with small asses
<LordCow> soth: on 1:op:#:if $nick != reg deop $nick
<LordCow> <quovadis> hey screw off i've got deathmage
<honeygirl> :)
*** pe_africa (barry@pswb25-02-p03.ec.saix.net) has joined #pe
<Lord-Soth> cow: hehe
<Candleman> lol
<shah> mo:u puzzle me
<LordCow> shah that's caus i speak english
<Wicked> haha
*** SunBird (Phoenix@pswa25-01-p07.ec.saix.net) has joined #pe
*** StaB has quit IRC (Cheerzz all)
<DeathMage> hahahaha
*** Lord-Soth sets mode: +v wilBA
*** LordCow sets mode: -v wilBA

*** Lara (maddog@pel-531-28.mweb.co.za) has joined #pe
*** quovadis changes topic to 'hmmm'
*** LordCow sets mode: +v wilBA
<RipGirl> Dumb Topic
*** quovadis sets mode: +b *!*@196-7-187-17.iafrica.com
*** Lord-Soth changes topic to 'ONLY REGS GET OPS'
*** SunBird (Phoenix@pswa25-01-p07.ec.saix.net) has left #pe
*** RipGirl was kicked by quovadis (get lost kerri)

<Lord-Soth> that better?
<shah> mo:u puzzle me yet
* LordCow says eish again
<Lord-Soth> eish man
*** DeeVeeM has quit IRC (Leaving)
<quovadis> <LordCow> It's ok I prefer my blow-up sheep to him anyway
*** Kk has quit IRC (Ping timeout)
<|singe|> yeah an i only been regging her for the past few months
*** Polaris (polaris@pswa25-03-p16.ec.saix.net) has joined #pe
*** Lord-Soth sets mode: +o Polaris
<Polaris> 'ello ppl
<honeygirl> TYRON!!!!!!!!!
*** L8Midnight changes topic to 'People who dont let other ppl op regs, just because its that time of month, are pethetic'
<Polaris> ta lordie :)
<honeygirl> hi:)
<LordCow> <quovadis> ya k as long as i don't find u doing him behind my back
*** Nutcase (coach@pswa25-01-p15.ec.saix.net) has left #pe
<Polaris> Kerri !!!!!!!!!
*** Agony has quit IRC (Everything in life that counts can not be counted and everything can be counted doesn`t always count.Cheers all have a good 1!P.S. I LUV JACS!!!!)
* shah thinks cow is a bit gammy
*** Lord_Nitro (PheaR@196-7-171-176.iafrica.com) has joined #pe
<Lord_Nitro> lol
<Lord_Nitro> :>
*** Exi|e sets mode: -b *!*@196-7-187-17.iafrica.com
*** Lord_Nitro was kicked by quovadis (get a new nick)

<LordCow> hey lord
*** HuNiSuCkLe (ROT@196-31-19-95.iafrica.com) has joined #pe
*** Lord_Nitro (PheaR@196-7-171-176.iafrica.com) has joined #pe

*** LordCow sets mode: -b *!*@196-7-187-95.iafrica.com
*** Lord-Soth sets mode: +o HuNiSuCkLe

<LordCow> quo he was the first lord
<Lord_Nitro> cute
<HuNiSuCkLe> fuck!!!!!!!!!!!!
*** Babyroo (coach@pswa25-01-p15.ec.saix.net) has joined #pe
<HuNiSuCkLe> ta
<quovadis> cow: whoops hehehe
<Babyroo> hey guys!!
<Wicked> huni:what ?
<LordCow> eh
<Lord_Nitro> bi bi quo
<HuNiSuCkLe> why do the WRONG men always have to phone!?!?!?
<HuNiSuCkLe> :(
*** RipGirl (Oceanlover@196-7-187-17.iafrica.com) has joined #pe
<HuNiSuCkLe> why cant the right ones phone!!!!
<J-Bravo> okay wait
<LordCow> hunisuckle whats ur number
<L8Midnight> ill phone you but i dont have your number
<LordCow> i'll sort it out
<HuNiSuCkLe> hahahaha
*** z_cool (waxie@196-7-187-88.iafrica.com) has joined #pe
*** px (pxling@pe-cs1-AS15.sprintlink.co.za) has joined #pe

*** LordCow sets mode: +o px
<HuNiSuCkLe> I am waiting and waiting and waiting...
<LordCow> ey x
<HuNiSuCkLe> and its just not coming!
<HuNiSuCkLe> :(
<px> hey hey hey
<LordCow> hunisuckle that's caus u'r online
<HuNiSuCkLe> but the WRONG ones are!!
<HuNiSuCkLe> :(
<px> ey cow
<Wicked> sup px
<HuNiSuCkLe> hey px!
<|singe|> hey px
*** Pologirl sets mode: +o Babyroo
*** Lord-Soth sets mode: -o Babyroo

<px> lo wicked, huni, singe
<HuNiSuCkLe> hehehe
<HuNiSuCkLe> aaaaagh
* shah waves to the few that know him
<HuNiSuCkLe> !men!
<Lord_Nitro> ohh well.... cheerz all
<px> lol
<Lord_Nitro> :>
<px> soth :)
<Lord_Nitro> LordCow :>
<LordCow> l8r shah
<shah> hey px
<Lord-Soth> hey px
<shah> bye px
*** Pologirl sets mode: +o Babyroo
*** Lord-Soth sets mode: -o Babyroo

<LordCow> yo nitro =)
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*** LordCow sets mode: +o Lord_Nitro
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<px> cheers shah
<Lord_Nitro> hehe
*** Pologirl sets mode: +o Babyroo
<Lord_Nitro> just when i am leaving the channel :>
*** Lord-Soth sets mode: -o Babyroo
<shah> good luck man
<Lord_Nitro> heh
<Lord_Nitro> ta boet :>
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<LordCow> *eish*
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*** LordCow sets mode: +o TheDoc

<LordCow> cya
<HuNiSuCkLe> yay!!
*** quovadis changes topic to '1300 Opel Engine needed'
<HuNiSuCkLe> im offf!!!!!!!!!
<px> eish...
<quovadis> <Grin>
<HuNiSuCkLe> yay!!!!!!!!!
<shah> hehe
<px> byebye hunisuckle
<shah> bye
<HuNiSuCkLe> byebyebyeyebyebyebeybe
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<HuNiSuCkLe> cheers px talk to u later!!!
<funnyman> cum to st8rulz
*** L8Midnight changes topic to 'Lord-soth... If you only knew the power of the dark side... I will show you, hold on and let me bend'
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<LordCow> haha
*** LordCow sets mode: +v maeve
<quovadis> bend what?
<px> heh
*** LordCow sets mode: +v candygirl
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<LordCow> l8r
*** Disconnected