<josh158> cow?
<josh158> f?
<Cow> f for fantastic?
<Cow> yup
<josh158> why cow?
<josh158> how old?
<Cow> cause they're cute
<Cow> <-- 28
<josh158> i know
<josh158> but normally women get offended
<Cow> oh i'm not a woman
*** josh158 has quit IRC (JOIN US on www.CHAT27.co.za - Bye!)

[Apr 10 14:53:50] <fuzzy> can i milk those beautiful udders...'D
[Apr 10 14:57:53] <Cow> sifff
[Apr 10 14:58:01] <fuzzy> mooooooooooooo
[Apr 10 14:58:13] <fuzzy> lol
[Apr 10 15:08:17] <fuzzy> why is it siffffffff/...
[Apr 10 15:57:58] <fuzzy> ?
[Apr 10 15:58:09] <fuzzy> no chance of that milking session
[Apr 11 15:58:28] <fuzzy> how the uddders need milking..lol
[Apr 14 11:47:40] <fuzzy> mooooooooooooo....
[Apr 14 11:47:44] <fuzzy> milking time..lol
[Apr 15 15:33:37] <fuzzy> bull
[Apr 15 15:33:41] <fuzzy> wanna romp

<sexychick> hey
<LordCow> haaai
<sexychick> asl
<LordCow> :\
<sexychick> asl
<LordCow> y4r like u asked that already
<sexychick> yes
<LordCow> kewl, i'm glad we agree on something
<sexychick> why
<LordCow> caus u just said yes
<LordCow> so like, we agree
<sexychick> ja
<sexychick> asl
<LordCow> ic this isn't sinking in ..
<sexychick> no
<LordCow> there, we agreed again!
<LordCow> we're on a roll
<LordCow> quite a match
<sexychick> not a match
<sexychick> where u live
<sexychick> age
<LordCow> nah, sorry
<LordCow> splitting it up ain't gonna work either
<sexychick> live,age plz
<LordCow> oh, wow, now that u put it that way ..
<sexychick> plz
<LordCow> i'm scared u won't want me if i tell u
<sexychick> why
<LordCow> cause we've built up such a beautiful relationship over these 20 lines
<LordCow> what if u think i'm too old?
<LordCow> i wouldn't b able 2 handle that
<sexychick> so
<LordCow> so?
<LordCow> don't toy with my feelings
<sexychick> what
<LordCow> you know, feelings & emotions & stuff
<sexychick> oh
<sexychick> age,sexand where u live.plz
<LordCow> well u r a feisty one
<sexychick> why
<LordCow> i dunno, must b the way u were brought up
<LordCow> how was u'r childhood?
<sexychick> no
<LordCow> u didn't have a childhood?
<sexychick> no telling
<sexychick> because im still a teenager
<LordCow> o ok
<LordCow> and how's that working out for u
<sexychick> fine
<sexychick> go to go bye
<LordCow> kthx

[Dec 17 08:15:20] <Calipso> loryn?
[Dec 17 08:15:34] <Calipso> kim?
[Dec 17 08:15:46] <Calipso> ...
[Dec 17 18:45:39] <Calipso> HEY..
[Dec 17 18:45:44] <Calipso> woopz..
[Dec 17 18:45:45] <Calipso> hey..
[Dec 17 19:06:48] <Calipso> ..
[Dec 18 12:24:00] <Calipso> hey..
[Dec 19 08:50:04] <Calipso> hey..

<katy> HI
<devdude> omg hellow!
<devdude> katy... azlslzL?
<katy> 24 f ct
<katy> u
<devdude> wow your old
<devdude> do you drive a car?
<katy> yes
<katy> asl
<katy> asl
<katy> please
<devdude> omg soz I wuz busy with a friend
<devdude> she is crazy!
<devdude> 25 m cpt
<devdude> so where do you stay aboot?
<katy> i stay in s point
<katy> urself
<devdude> i kick it in lavender hill
<devdude> where do you party?
<devdude> do you want to meet up this weekend and have a party?
<katy> we can
<katy> where is lavender hill
<devdude> its in teh ghetto.. near manenberg
<devdude> its not really that bad
<devdude> I know you white people fink we kullids are vhusint.. but we can party it up duidelik!
<devdude> its actually a lekka place to ghansta roll.... just every now and then there is a shooting or a drive by
<devdude> but atherwise its what I call home
<devdude> so do you want to come pick me up in Lavender hill, or at the bus station?
<katy> are u serious
<katy> gotta g
<katy> gotta go
<katy> can i sms u
<devdude> yeah sure
<devdude> 082xxxxxxx
<devdude> kewl chatz babes
<devdude> check you on teh weekend

<Clockwork_Orange> u know, i was looking at your nick and i was tryna decide whether i should msg you, cuz theres no way a babe would want anything to do with me, so i thought about it and decided that, well, i play the lotto too and ive never won, but theres always the possibility so i decided to msg you
<Clockwork_Orange> hello
<Babe18> hi, lol
<Babe18> how u?
<Clockwork_Orange> im thuper thankth fur athkin
<Clockwork_Orange> how are you
<Babe18> fine thanks...
<Babe18> u always this funny
<Clockwork_Orange> no
<Babe18> u made a good first impression
<Clockwork_Orange> most days and nights im suicidal
<Babe18> so tell me bout yourself?
<Clockwork_Orange> but then i take my pent up rage out on the rats that i share my room with
<Clockwork_Orange> hello?
<Clockwork_Orange> did i share too much
<Clockwork_Orange> are you still
No such nick/channel
<Clockwork_Orange> there?
No such nick/channel

<Amz^D> hi
<muttley> no
<Amz^D> asl plz
<Amz^D> why?
<muttley> cuz i dont do asl
<Amz^D> i was asking age, sex, where u're from!
<muttley> do you say that to everyone u walk up to?
<Amz^D> yup
<Amz^D> im trying 2 be frendly!
<Amz^D> u there?
<muttley> yeah
<muttley> but i dont do asl
<Amz^D> i was asking u to tell me about yourself!
<muttley> how old are you?
<muttley> 12?
<muttley> 13?
<Amz^D> why?
<Amz^D> 14
<Amz^D> why?
<muttley> thought so
<muttley> does your mommy know you still awake?
<Amz^D> my mom's passed away!
<muttley> damn
<muttley> no wonder she was so quiet last night
<Amz^D> wat?

<Feed^me^weird^things> ah the power
<Feed^me^weird^things> u one of them net bitches that never goes out hey?
<Feed^me^weird^things> its not your fault dont worry
<Koosh> u know what i wonder about, is why you people always end up bitching at a person for your own stupidity
<Feed^me^weird^things> what was stupid?
<Feed^me^weird^things> you spend time wondering about this shit
<Feed^me^weird^things> thats male
<Feed^me^weird^things> shit
<Feed^me^weird^things> not male
<Feed^me^weird^things> lame
<Feed^me^weird^things> cheers creampuff
<Feed^me^weird^things> lol
<Koosh> dude, you can carry on and on, but really, anything you say will not make a difference to me, so feel free to rant away until ur done
<Feed^me^weird^things> well i take it that are a clever gay
<Feed^me^weird^things> there nothing wrong with that
<Koosh> well actually i'm a chick so if you could maneuvre your insults around that it would be great
<Feed^me^weird^things> ai caramba
<Feed^me^weird^things> couldn't smell that one
<Feed^me^weird^things> i apologies
<Feed^me^weird^things> i deserv a ban
<Feed^me^weird^things> bye
<Feed^me^weird^things> so
<Feed^me^weird^things> whats up babes

[00:33] <Hub> hi
[00:33] <Hub> asl
[00:33] <kismet> fuck off
[00:34] <Hub> sorry jou poes ook
[00:34] <kismet> lol
[00:35] <Hub> is jy 'n fokken ou?
[00:35] <kismet> ja ek is a fokken ou
[00:35] <kismet> bwhaha
[00:35] <kismet> :)
[00:35] <Hub> sorry fokop
[00:36] <kismet> nee dis reg poes
[01:50] <Hub> hi
[01:50] <kismet> lol
[01:50] <kismet> [00:33] <Hub> hi
[01:50] <kismet> [00:33] <Hub> asl
[01:50] <kismet> [00:33] <kismet> fuck off
[01:50] <kismet> [00:34] <Hub> sorry jou poes ook
[01:50] <kismet> [00:34] <kismet> lol
[01:50] <kismet> [00:35] <Hub> is jy 'n fokken ou?
[01:50] <kismet> [00:35] <kismet> ja ek is a fokken ou
[01:50] <kismet> [00:35] <kismet> bwhaha
[01:50] <kismet> [00:35] <kismet> :)
[01:50] <kismet> [00:35] <Hub> sorry fokop
[01:50] <kismet> [00:36] <kismet> nee dis reg poes
[01:51] <kismet> remember me >?
[01:51] <Hub> oo soz fuck!

<KILPIN> r u the lord of cows?
<LordCow> ru a pot plant?
<KILPIN> no soz
<KILPIN> r u lord of all cows?
<LordCow> go away?
<KILPIN> fuck off
<KILPIN> basterd
<LordCow> what in the world r u on about
<KILPIN> ur ass
<KILPIN> asswipe
<LordCow> check
<LordCow> i can't read this properly, 2 many windows
<LordCow> type /mode kilpin -v
<LordCow> because i don't have another window for messages
<LordCow> u'r being jumbled up with everyone else
<KILPIN> were do i type it?
<LordCow> anywhere
<LordCow> in mirc that is
<LordCow> didn't work
<LordCow> did u type it?
<KILPIN> yes
<LordCow> mm
<LordCow> well u'r still in 1 window
<LordCow> where'd u type it
<KILPIN> do i put in the forward slash?
<LordCow> yep
<KILPIN> do i do a space an then type -v
<LordCow> yes
<LordCow> shot
<LordCow> cheers
<KILPIN> were u goin


<LordCow> *** KILPIN has quit IRC (Ping timeout)
<xRaPiDx2> ?
*** KILPIN has quit IRC (Ping timeout)
<pissedkitten> hello
<pissedkitten> how are you??
<devdude> like... im great hey
<devdude> you?
<pissedkitten> thats good to hear
<pissedkitten> im well thanx
<pissedkitten> what makes you so great??
<devdude> Im the new shit on the block
<pissedkitten> oh really?????
<pissedkitten> wat makes you say that??
<devdude> hey man... you asked, remember
<devdude> what do you do anyways?
<pissedkitten> asl???
<devdude> and are you enjoying that?
<pissedkitten> enjoying wat???
<devdude> what you do
<pissedkitten> i work at a computer shop and internet cafe, and no, i hate it
<pissedkitten> wat do you do???
<devdude> work with computers and stuph
* devdude misses working with people
<pissedkitten> why, wat did you do before you started working with computers???
<devdude> I use to play with my friends and we had such fun times
<pissedkitten> ahahhah ok
<pissedkitten> asl???
<devdude> no, I work with computers
<pissedkitten> no wat???
<pissedkitten> asl???
<devdude> is your 'h' key broken?
<pissedkitten> ?????????
<pissedkitten> hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
<pissedkitten> asl = age sex location
<devdude> is your 'h' key stuck?
<devdude> asl?
<pissedkitten> asl = age sex location
<devdude> when I was 20 I had sex on the beach
<devdude> yours?
<pissedkitten> dude!!! you are confused
<pissedkitten> asl= how old are you, where are you from and wat is your gender??
<devdude> oh.... oops..
<pissedkitten> lol
<devdude> I thought you wanted to know my best sex and the location
<devdude> but now I told you already
<pissedkitten> no
<devdude> so you have to tell me
<pissedkitten> well, bonus for me
<pissedkitten> no
<pissedkitten> wats your asl???
<devdude> your 'h' broken again?
<pissedkitten> wat the fuck are you on??
<devdude> wHat?
<devdude> Im sitting on a chair numnuts
<devdude> and you?
<pissedkitten> my hhhhhhhhh key is fine
<devdude> seems to get stuck though
<pissedkitten> im asking you ur asl, remember ur age place you live and gender
<devdude> can you only type one 'h' ?
<pissedkitten> hhhhh h h h h h h h hhhh h h h h h h h hhh h h h h h h h h h
<pissedkitten> hhhhh h h h h h h h hhhh h h h h h h h hhh h h h h h h h h h
<pissedkitten> hhhhh h h h h h h h hhhh h h h h h h h hhh h h h h h h h h h
<pissedkitten> hhhhh h h h h h h h hhhh h h h h h h h hhh h h h h h h h h h
<pissedkitten> hhhhh h h h h h h h hhhh h h h h h h h hhh h h h h h h h h h
<pissedkitten> hhhhh h h h h h h h hhhh h h h h h h h hhh h h h h h h h h h
<pissedkitten> hhhhh h h h h h h h hhhh h h h h h h h hhh h h h h h h h h h
<pissedkitten> hhhhh h h h h h h h hhhh h h h h h h h hhh h h h h h h h h h
<pissedkitten> hhhhh h h h h h h h hhhh h h h h h h h hhh h h h h h h h h h
<devdude> thats more than one
<pissedkitten> even more if you like
<devdude> I have enough thanks
<devdude> so, whats your asl anyways?
<pissedkitten> im glad
<devdude> no man.... your asl?
No such nick/channel
<devdude> hahaha
No such nick/channel

<devdude> hey
<pissedkitten> hello again
<devdude> where did you go?
<devdude> I still wanted to ask you something
<pissedkitten> had to do some work
<devdude> wat?
<pissedkitten> im at work at the moment
<pissedkitten> i work at a computer shop and internet cafe, my mom owns it
<devdude> wow, she owns her own shop?
<devdude> whats her name?
<pissedkitten> wat???
<pissedkitten> wats the big deal???
<devdude> h key broken again I see
<pissedkitten> what??
<pissedkitten> happy now
<devdude> wat?
<pissedkitten> hhhhhhhhhhhhhh h h h h h h hhh hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh h h h h hh h h h
<devdude> All I wanted was her number
<pissedkitten> hhhhhhhhhhhhhh hhhh h h hhhh h h h h h h
<pissedkitten> why???
<devdude> so I can invest in the shop
<devdude> I know computers
<pissedkitten> no
<devdude> I want to help out
<pissedkitten> point being???
<devdude> maybe be her partner
<pissedkitten> what can you do??
<pissedkitten> i doubt that
<devdude> I dont want to take your dads job over like that
<devdude> I just want to be a business partner
<pissedkitten> my dad isnt a part of this
<devdude> I can connect the computers up
<pissedkitten> she doesnt want a partner
<devdude> why is your dad not part of it?
<pissedkitten> just because
<devdude> your mom doesnt trust other people with her money?
<devdude> is that the reason?
<devdude> Some people are like that... I can understand it
<pissedkitten> no, she just doesnt want a partner
<pissedkitten> she doesnt need one
<devdude> so why did she marry your dad then?
<devdude> Can she do it on her own?
<pissedkitten> dude are you fucked or something!!!!!!!??????!?!?!?!???!
<devdude> I told you... I only did it once on the beach
<pissedkitten> my parents are married, my dad doesnt deal with computers
<pissedkitten> the shop belongs to my mom my brother and i
<devdude> I thought your mom 0wned it?
<pissedkitten> we have shares in it
<devdude> whats that?
<pissedkitten> we own a percentage of the business
<devdude> is it listed on the jse?
<pissedkitten> but she is the official owner
<pissedkitten> jse????
<devdude> jse is where shares come from
<devdude> well.. can I also buy shares in the computer shop?
<pissedkitten> ok, i dont know
<pissedkitten> no!!
<devdude> I am good at controlling computers
<pissedkitten> why are you so interested
<pissedkitten> we have 3 full time technicians
<devdude> yes I know.... you, your brother, and your mom
<devdude> but I can help out
<pissedkitten> besides my mom my brother and i we have 3 other technicians
<devdude> so there are 6 people with shares in it?
<devdude> why cant I be number 7?
<devdude> I will work for free at the begining
<devdude> to show my skills
<devdude> I am fast, even if the computers are slow
<pissedkitten> we are the only 3 with shares
<pissedkitten> the others dont have
<pissedkitten> and we are not interested
<pissedkitten> AT ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!
<pissedkitten> AT ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!
<pissedkitten> AT ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!
<pissedkitten> AT ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!
<pissedkitten> AT ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!
<pissedkitten> AT ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!
<pissedkitten> AT ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!
<pissedkitten> AT ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!
<pissedkitten> AT ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!
<pissedkitten> AT ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!
<pissedkitten> AT ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!
<pissedkitten> AT ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!
<pissedkitten> AT ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!
<pissedkitten> AT ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!
<pissedkitten> AT ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!
<pissedkitten> AT ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!
<pissedkitten> AT ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!
<pissedkitten> AT ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!
<devdude> hey man, you need to relax...
<devdude> you look like you ready to pop
<pissedkitten> you need to listen and get the point!!
<devdude> All I wanted was a chance to show you I am not a worthless human
<pissedkitten> im just tired of repeating myself
<devdude> I can make something of my life... and then prove to my dad that I too can become something
<pissedkitten> i never said you where worthless in the first place
<devdude> I know... but my dad said so
<pissedkitten> you should want to prove it to yourself not to your dad
<pissedkitten> where do you live????
<devdude> at home
<devdude> but Im probably going to move in with my aunty next month
<devdude> my dad keeps on yelling at me...
<devdude> he says I just sit on the internet all day
<pissedkitten> where is your home???
<devdude> but thats cause Im looking for work
<devdude> and now you giving me a hard time
<devdude> all I wanted was a chance
<devdude> Its not my home... its my dad's
<pissedkitten> you are looking in the wrong places
<pissedkitten> well where is it??
<devdude> thats what he said
<devdude> he said I am probably looking at porn
<devdude> but you know how it goes...
<devdude> the stuff pops up by itself
<pissedkitten> yeah
<devdude> I dont goto the pron sites
<pissedkitten> ok
<pissedkitten> where do you live??
<devdude> I only clicked on it once
<devdude> then I saw a naked man
<pissedkitten> where do you live??
<devdude> I will never click it again
<pissedkitten> good for you
<devdude> its sick stuff
<pissedkitten> where do you live??
<devdude> have you ever thought about looking at naked men?
<pissedkitten> no
<pissedkitten> i dont care for shit like that
<devdude> my aunty says anyone who says they dont like sex is probably a liar
<pissedkitten> now tell me where do you live????
<devdude> cause its human nature to want to be naked
<devdude> thats why we are born naked
<pissedkitten> ok thats nice
<pissedkitten> now tell me where do you live????
<pissedkitten> now tell me where do you live????
<pissedkitten> now tell me where do you live????
<pissedkitten> now tell me where do you live????
<pissedkitten> now tell me where do you live????
<pissedkitten> now tell me where do you live????
<devdude> please dont do that
<devdude> it makes my computer screen go funny
<devdude> AND I TOLD YOU ALREADY!!!!
<devdude> AND I TOLD YOU ALREADY!!!!
<devdude> AND I TOLD YOU ALREADY!!!!
<devdude> I live at home with my dad!
<pissedkitten> where???
<devdude> now stop bugging me about it
<pissedkitten> where is that???????
<pissedkitten> i have a home to, its in plett
<devdude> I have my own room.. just so that you dont think we sleep in the same room
<pissedkitten> where is yours????
<pissedkitten> i dont care!!!
<devdude> I live in south africa
<devdude> at the very bottom
<devdude> its called cape town
<devdude> its not really a town...
<devdude> its more like a city
<devdude> its just called that
<pissedkitten> thank you was that so hard
<pissedkitten> how old are you???
<devdude> it wasnt hard
<devdude> Im 29
<devdude> and 3 months
<devdude> my dad said by the time Im 30 I have to move out
<devdude> so I will just go and stay with my aunty till my internet business picks up
<devdude> that is if I can get a break!
<devdude> no-one wants to help me
<devdude> please can I just come work for your mom for one day!
<devdude> I promise I wont break stuff
<pissedkitten> NO!!!!!!!!!!!!
<pissedkitten> NO!!!!!!!!!!!!
<pissedkitten> NO!!!!!!!!!!!!
<pissedkitten> NO!!!!!!!!!!!!
<pissedkitten> NO!!!!!!!!!!!!
<pissedkitten> NO!!!!!!!!!!!!
<pissedkitten> NO!!!!!!!!!!!!
<pissedkitten> NO!!!!!!!!!!!!
<devdude> I just want to see if its what I want to do one day!
<pissedkitten> NO!!!!!!!!!!!!
<pissedkitten> NO!!!!!!!!!!!!
<devdude> okay okay!
<pissedkitten> NO!!!!!!!!!!!!
<pissedkitten> NO!!!!!!!!!!!!
<devdude> you dont have to shout
<pissedkitten> NO!!!!!!!!!!!!
<pissedkitten> NO!!!!!!!!!!!!
<pissedkitten> NO!!!!!!!!!!!!
<pissedkitten> NO!!!!!!!!!!!!
<pissedkitten> NO!!!!!!!!!!!!
<pissedkitten> NO!!!!!!!!!!!!
<pissedkitten> NO!!!!!!!!!!!!
<pissedkitten> NO!!!!!!!!!!!!
<pissedkitten> NO!!!!!!!!!!!!
<pissedkitten> NO!!!!!!!!!!!!
<pissedkitten> NO!!!!!!!!!!!!
<devdude> Im leaving now...
<pissedkitten> NO!!!!!!!!!!!!
<devdude> you are rood
<pissedkitten> NO!!!!!!!!!!!!
<devdude> byebye
<pissedkitten> NO!!!!!!!!!!!!
<pissedkitten> NO!!!!!!!!!!!!
<pissedkitten> NO!!!!!!!!!!!!
<pissedkitten> NO!!!!!!!!!!!!
<pissedkitten> NO!!!!!!!!!!!!
<pissedkitten> how old are you???
<pissedkitten> how old are you???
<pissedkitten> how old are you???
<pissedkitten> how old are you???
<pissedkitten> how old are you???
<pissedkitten> how old are you???
<pissedkitten> NO!!!!!!!!!!!!
<pissedkitten> how old are you???
<pissedkitten> NO!!!!!!!!!!!!
<pissedkitten> NO!!!!!!!!!!!!
<pissedkitten> NO!!!!!!!!!!!!
<pissedkitten> NO!!!!!!!!!!!!
<pissedkitten> NO!!!!!!!!!!!!
<devdude> STOPIT!!
No such nick/channel
<devdude> hahahahahah
No such nick/channel

*** LuverlMann (trippin@rdg-dial-196-30-235-17.mweb.co.za) has joined #ct
*** LuverlMann has left #ct
<Matt18[Ct]> now why do u suppose thats happening
<Matt18[Ct]> anyone?
<LordCow> what's what
<Matt18[Ct]> ppl are coming and and leaving
<Matt18[Ct]> y u think thats happenin
<LordCow> caus nothing's happening?
<LordCow> or the dewds they're lookin 4 ain't here
<LordCow> or they saw u
<LordCow> or they joined wrong # by mistake
<LordCow> or they cuttin down on phone bill
* LordCow starts running out ..
*** ct_knight_brb is now known as ct_knight
<LordCow> so matt .. a/s/l?
<Matt18[Ct]> i didnt know u were funny
<LordCow> i'm also just discovering it
<Matt18[Ct]> the irony of it all
<LordCow> as in?
<Matt18[Ct]> u ask too many questions
* LordCow asked 2 .. both justified
<Matt18[Ct]> one was stupid
<Matt18[Ct]> the other one u just didnt use ur head
<Matt18[Ct]> ok wait BOTH of them u didnt use ur head
<LordCow> ah sorry 3
<LordCow> which 1
<LordCow> 1st 1, i just got here
<Matt18[Ct]> well done
<LordCow> yes
<LordCow> so i didn't know what u were on about ;p
<Matt18[Ct]> so if u dont know what i was on about
<Matt18[Ct]> why did u presume with ur smart comments
<LordCow> <Matt18[Ct]> now why do u suppose thats happening
<LordCow> <Matt18[Ct]> anyone?
<LordCow> <LordCow> what's what
<LordCow> wtf r u on about ..
<LordCow> no presumption there
<LordCow> & i'd still like 2 know what irony
<LordCow> then we can discern whether i'm not usin my head ;p
<Matt18[Ct]> instead of telling u
<Matt18[Ct]> im gonna give u another chance
<Matt18[Ct]> what do u think my asl is
<Matt18[Ct]> just take a wild stab at it
<LordCow> hahahahahaha
<LordCow> & i'm the gay?
<Matt18[Ct]> are u sure ur "all there" ?
<LordCow> um
<LordCow> this's stupid
*** Matt18Ct has quit IRC (Ping timeout)
*** Matt18Ct (dude@ has joined #ct
<Matt18Ct> that was pretty childish
<Matt18Ct> and pretty pathetic
* LordCow enjoyed it ;)
<Matt18Ct> hehe
*** ct_knight is now known as ct_knight_brb
<Matt18Ct> no hard feelings Cow?
<LordCow> course not

<grousom> wiesit nou die
<grousom> jen of celest
<Cow> niks
<grousom> ok dis jen
<grousom> dink ek
<grousom> nee wag
<grousom> dis celest
<grousom> JA!
<grousom> hey
<grousom> hoe gaan dit
* Cow laffs
<Cow> dis gareth ;p
<grousom> wie de fok is gareth
<grousom> jammer maar
<grousom> ummmmmmm
<grousom> fok
<Cow> hehe
<grousom> se net asb
<Cow> se wat
<grousom> wie jy is bra
<Cow> what made u think i'm any1 else?
<Cow> <-- gareth = lordcow
<grousom> oic
<grousom> sorry man
<Cow> yebo
<grousom> theres this friend of mine that chats by that nick
<grousom> Cow
<Cow> ah
<Cow> on this network?
<grousom> and her friend is Chicken
<Cow> heh charming
<grousom> Cow and Chicken
<grousom> yea
<Cow> weird .. caus i got nickserv kill on cow
<grousom> since when?
<Cow> -NickServ- Time registered: 2001/04/11 00:09:32 SAT
<grousom> lol
<grousom> lol
<grousom> lol
<grousom> no wonder
<grousom> u see the thing is
<grousom> shes been moning bout her mirc that keeps dc'ing the whole time
<grousom> lol
<Cow> haha
<Cow> tell her i'm sorry :)

<commando> wheres chicken
<commando> ??????
<Cow> i'm not cow ;p
<commando> WHO ARE U THEN
<Cow> i am lordcow
<commando> O REELY
<Cow> yebo
<Cow> *curtseys*
<commando> |||||
<Cow> would u like my id number?
<commando> no its cool hey

<celica> ?
<celica> what ARE u on about ?
<troll314> ahoy - are u a person?
<celica>  well,...depends,..define person
<troll314> not a bot, and can pass the turing test
<celica> i'm not a bot,...and whats the turing test ?
<troll314> test of artificial intelligence
<celica> ho hum
<celica> yes
<celica> i can
<celica> so ask me something else
<celica> cos i get bored easily
<celica> with most ppl
<celica> how old are u ?
<troll314> matthew
<troll314> and how old are u?
<celica> matthew ?
<celica> meaning ?
<celica> i never asked your name
<troll314> yeah, and then i asked "how old where u"
<troll314> u are a kleva bean indeed
<celica> i asked u first dorothy
<troll314> "[21:02] <celica> i never asked your name "
<celica> yes i know i am,...but are you ?
<troll314> twenty three
<celica> are you as clever as me ?
<celica> you are still a baby
<troll314> i doubt it but maybe when i am as old as u i will be able to compete on an equal footing
<celica> i said i am clever not perfect
<troll314> how clever are you?
<troll314> can u predict the past?
<celica> no but the akashic records can
<celica> and if u access those then u can
<celica> have u read fingerprints of the gods ?
<troll314> well then u wouldnt know about the akashic records
<troll314> i have
<celica> but i do
<celica> do you ?
<troll314> graham hanCOCK
<troll314> who hasnt
<celica> yes
<celica> normal ppl prolly havnt
<troll314> are you 50+?
<celica> no
<troll314> damn
<troll314> :(
<celica> why ?
<troll314> i like older woman
<celica> so u dont even know me,...u dont even know what i look like.....so why say damn
<celica> i could be an ugly motherfucker for all u know
<troll314> hopefully
<celica> why ?
<troll314> cos pretty girls dont wanna score me
<celica> well thats not important
<celica> whats important is,..why are we here ?
<celica> you are one of those bots ?
<celica> well i tried a test once with one of them and they suck
<troll314> i am a bot yes - im sorry if i wasted ur time :(
<celica> prove it ?
<celica> that u are a bot
<celica> anyone can say they are a bot
<celica> u know that though
<celica> thats the thing about bots,....not saying that u are one
<troll314> i dont mind
<troll314> i like being a bot
<troll314> it helps me sleep better at nite
<celica> but when they cannot answer a question,...there is always a sarcastic remark,..cos that fits anything ;)
<celica> sarcastic remarks cos they are not programmed 100% perfect
<troll314> ok now i know this is going to sound harsh
<troll314> BUT
<troll314> have u ever fucked a midget?
<celica> nope
<celica> have you ?
<troll314>  <sadly>no</sadly>
<troll314> so how tall are u? below 1.3m?
<celica> so whats that got to do with anything
<celica> i mean theres a lotta things i havnt done,..so what
<troll314> u almost sound bitter about it.. i know. i've always wanted to too
<celica> i dont know how tall i am,..i have never bothered to measure,...cos whats the point ?
<troll314> just couldnt find the little buggers
<celica> thats not funny
<troll314> well cos if u below the 1.3m mark then maybe u could qualify
<celica> u have to try really hard if u want to make me laugh
<celica> what do you look like ?
<troll314> ooh ice queen has spoken. ok now hang on here u not being fair
<troll314> i am a really nice bot. i got sexy variable and lots of extra debuggers
<celica> why arnt i being fair ?
<troll314> cos u cant just tell me i have to try and be hard
<troll314> i gotta be in da mood for that :(
<celica> i never said that
<celica> and u know i didnt
<troll314> well i guess we are at an impasse then
<celica> why ?
<troll314> cos i am no match for your intellect, and u are no match for my lack of it
<celica> well at least u tried
<troll314> and cos we both never shagged a small statured but big hearted man (or woman i guess)
<celica> thats got absolutely nothing to do with anything
<celica> and do you think the planets had sex and earth was born ?
<troll314> *blink* did u just make that up now
<troll314> ?
<celica> or do you think we are just a figment of gods imagination ?
<celica> no
<troll314> i think thats the meanest thing anyone has ever said to me
<troll314> :(((
<celica> was an old thought
<celica> locked in my mind
<celica> what is ?
<troll314> well why the fuck didnt u keep it that way. FUCK
<celica> why should i ?
<celica> i can say whatever i want
<celica> i was given a mouth to talk with
<celica> and to say what ever i want
<troll314> <listens>
<celica> botty boy
<celica> :)
<troll314> carry on, that was exciting
<troll314> i love it when u talk dirty
<celica> what was ?
<celica> do u think the aliens landed where the pyramids are,..and entered onto earth through them,..like attached to earth like a big ice cream cone ?
<troll314> ever considered nude horseriding?
<troll314> hahaha - fuck ur a freak, did u just say aliens
<troll314> lfmao
<celica> yes
<celica> so what if i am ?
<celica> does this face look bothered ?
<celica> no
<troll314> the thing is im not ready for another relationship rite now...
<troll314> ur a nice person, lets just be friends
<celica> well for a start your hair is too long
<celica> i prefer short hair nowadays
<troll314> riiiight, well goodnite babe, hugs and kisses. i gotta go now. (my boyfriend is waiting outside)
<troll314> laters sweet thing
<celica> lol
<celica> so why u still here ?
<celica> bit of an addict ?
<troll314> sorry im all out of midgets. u can ask at enquiries but they will probably just think ur a sick fuck
No such nick/channel
<troll314> lol
No such nick/channel
<celica> hmm,...u again ?
<troll314> no its u
<troll314> i came again
<troll314> and again
<celica> yes i saw
<troll314> AND
<troll314> she swallowed everytime

<housegod> hey cow ... how you enjoy tobie's last night
<housegod> i saw you from across the balcony
<LordCow> quite kewl
<LordCow> yeah u2
<LordCow> wot u doing standing outside?
<housegod> shit richard was drunk
<LordCow> hehe
<housegod> waiting for fuck-up of an ex-girlfriend
<housegod> ready to fight again
<housegod> hehehe
<LordCow> heh
<housegod> how's this
* LordCow remembers a "i'm in luv with my ex gf"
<housegod> i said i would give richard a lift home
* housegod knows i am too
<LordCow> erk .. k
<housegod> then i had to take the ex and her friends home
<housegod> so marco said he would give richard a lift home
<housegod> i left at 12:30
<housegod> 1:30 comes and my cell rings
<LordCow> rich?
<housegod> it is richard and he says that i mustn't give him a lift home cos' (then he mumbles someone's name) gave him a lift home, and that he had puked and was now going to bed
<LordCow> hehehe
<housegod> 5 mintues later
<housegod> my cell rings again
<housegod> richard
<LordCow> at brooks i spose ..
<housegod> wait a sec... give me time to type this one out
<LordCow> k ..
<housegod> he was at home
<housegod> it is richard and he says that i mustn't give him a lift home cos' (then he mumbles someone's name) gave him a lift home, and that he had puked and was now going to bed
<housegod> the same fuckin story
<LordCow> haha
<housegod> then he says
<housegod> didn't i speak to you just now
<housegod> i say yes, 5 mintues ago
<housegod> oh, i just thought that i should phone again and that i have puked and i am going to bed
<housegod> thank you richard
<housegod> i find this funny and phone pat
<housegod> pat says rich phoned him too
<housegod> while i am speaking to pat, pat's other line rings
<housegod> it is richard to tell him the same story twice as well
<LordCow> haha
<LordCow> u @ home then i take it
<housegod> you just can't win
<housegod> yip
<housegod> just about to fall asleep
<LordCow> heh
<housegod> after laughing so much i just couldn't sleep

<hotbod> hallo
<Carter> lo
<hotbod> a.s.l
<Carter> 17.male.england.
<Carter> u?
<hotbod> COOL
<hotbod> were in england?
<hotbod> ya there
<hotbod> hey u there
<Carter> yes i am here
<Carter> i live in London
<hotbod> you will be seeing me around alot
<Carter> oh will i?
<Carter> whys that?
<hotbod> because im moving there
<Carter> oh kewl
<Carter> we must like become buds
<Carter> dont u reckon?
<hotbod> like fully!
<Carter> ahh yeh
<Carter> how kewl is this???
<hotbod> mager cool
<hotbod> so what
<hotbod> do you have a girly friend
<Carter> of course man
<Carter> english chicks are so hot
<Carter> not tanned but totally awesome
<hotbod> aaagh no
<Carter> no man its kewl
<Carter> they like sleep with you the second date!
<hotbod> thats nice
<Carter> they are like so kewl man
<hotbod> siff
<Carter> my chick is one major hooker..i mean looker
<hotbod> you are 17
<Carter> ja so?
<Carter> fuk man the sooner u start fucking the better
<hotbod> well goood bye
<Carter> agg no man
<Carter> i thought we were going to be buds man
<Carter> aggg no
<Carter> im devastated now man
<Carter> i think ill go shoot myself
<hotbod> we are but i am disapointed
<Carter> why are u disapointed?
<hotbod> we didn't think youwere sleping with chics
<hotbod> already
<Carter> of course man
<Carter> jus like - dont worry - we'll get u sorted soon man
<hotbod> whatever
<Carter> i tell u man - once u come here - ull be bonking like a rabbit

<Neurosis> hi
<longtom> hey
<longtom> where ya from?
<Neurosis> jhb
<Neurosis> n u?
<longtom> Virginia, USA
<Neurosis> kewl
<longtom> u m or f
<Neurosis> m
<longtom> me too
<Neurosis> um...yah- otherwise the longTOM would b kinda strange
<longtom> age?
<Neurosis> 19
<longtom> yeah, i'm 24
<Neurosis> kewl
<longtom> so how's things in SA
<Neurosis> um..same as always
<Neurosis> still at the bottom of africa and stuff :)
<longtom> yeah, i know
<longtom> arde
<longtom> are you w or b
<Neurosis> my witchdoctor sez im in luck this week- gonna get a new job
<Neurosis> y- u a racist?
<longtom> nope
<longtom> u?
<Neurosis> so y sould it matter?
<longtom> it doesn't
<Neurosis> k then
<Neurosis> u an indian?
<longtom> nope
<Neurosis> o...ok
<longtom> u gotsomething against Indians?
<Neurosis> cos i think it was really bad of ur country to oppress them like that
<Neurosis> moving them off their home and stuff
<Neurosis> check...my dad brought home a bushbuck the other day
<longtom> i think it ws pretty bad the way Europeans oppressed people all over the world
<Neurosis> it had gotten hit by a car on the highghway
<Neurosis> we sold it to the witchdoctor and he put a curse on my neighbour
<longtom> oh, thats kewl
<Neurosis> but that hardly ever happens anymore
<Neurosis> im the first in my family to convert to christianity
<Neurosis> i had to cos of school
<longtom> what was your religion before?
<Neurosis> tribal- my family is heavily into ancestor worship
<Neurosis> my neighbour insulted my family line - thats y we had a curse put on him
<longtom> kewl
<Neurosis> he sed that all blacks descended from apes.....so if the curse doesnt work we'r gonna call the cops
<longtom> I'm black
<Neurosis> so u c y we were so upset?
<longtom> yes, i most certainly do
<Neurosis> anyway...my names Sipho
<Neurosis> whats urs? ill bet its TOM
<longtom> mine is Tom
<Neurosis> geez im good
<longtom> you'll do wellin school
<Neurosis> heh- im in std 6 now
<Neurosis> i think thats like um....8th grade
<longtom> kewl
<Neurosis> i failed a few times cos they make us learn in afrikaans
<longtom> that stinks
<Neurosis> i know
<Neurosis> and now the teachers hate me and i get lashed almost every day
<longtom> really
<Neurosis> i called the one teacher a racist and he got arrested cos thats illegal (well...sorta)
<longtom> thats good
<Neurosis> my dads gettign all cross with me now for using the computer. its gonna overload the connection outside-we dont even have to pay for electricity
<Neurosis> we paid this one guy to climb the power pole outside our house and plug us in
<longtom> thats kewl
<Neurosis> it like gets sent to sum1 elses bill
<longtom> kewl
<Neurosis> anyway- i better go cos my dads gonna whip me again if i stay on too long
<Neurosis> cheers
<longtom> cheers

<mouse> i hear you got in to a little shit from the ROACHMAN
<DeathMage> heh, what a wuss ;)
<DeathMage> i did
<DeathMage> :)
<mouse> BULLSHIT
<DeathMage> well, on the phone
<DeathMage> he is too chicken to come over
<DeathMage> i gave him my address and everything
<mouse> EXACTELY
<mouse> BULL
<DeathMage> says he'll be over in 30 minutes
<DeathMage> never shows up
<DeathMage> i mean, how pathetic is that?
<DeathMage> umm, no he didn't
<DeathMage> <DeathMage> need the address?
<DeathMage> <roachman> yes
<DeathMage> <DeathMage> 30 heythrop drive, linkside
<DeathMage> <roachman> send me on a wild goose chase and I will realy give u a hiding
<DeathMage> <DeathMage> k
<DeathMage> <DeathMage> please come
<DeathMage> <DeathMage> thats my address
<DeathMage> <roachman> on my way !!
<DeathMage> <DeathMage> k
<DeathMage> <DeathMage> see you
<DeathMage> and i know that he's a drug dealer, drives a 328i
<DeathMage> his name is Brett Wambacht
<DeathMage> his email address is overkill@mweb.co.za
<mouse> GOOD
<mouse> GOOD AGAIN
<DeathMage> his car is yellow, as well
<DeathMage> :P
<DeathMage> bladdy macho idiot
<DeathMage> why not ?
<DeathMage> whats he going to do?
<DeathMage> i dare him
<mouse> TRUST ME
<DeathMage> well tell him to do it
<DeathMage> i'm sick of threats
<DeathMage> i want action
<mouse> LITTLE BOY
<DeathMage> yes big dadddy?
<DeathMage> i think you need to grow up
<DeathMage> get a life
<mouse> I AM
<DeathMage> and stop having these pathetic inferiority attacks
<DeathMage> its stupid
<DeathMage> you're just a typical dutchman with typical problems
<DeathMage> i hope not
<DeathMage> i hear you're quite chubby
<DeathMage> could break the damn thing
<mouse> REALLY
<DeathMage> excuse, me i have work to do
<mouse> SURE SEE UM
<DeathMage> does typing in caps give you some kind of dominant feeling?
<mouse> I HAVE A LIFE
<mouse> BYE BYE
<DeathMage> oh, what is it? getting drunk and smoking weed?
<DeathMage> sounds like a real life :)
<DeathMage> i envy you :P
<mouse> NOT AT ALL
<DeathMage> explain your 'cool' life to me?
<DeathMage> thinking hard?
<mouse> IN PERSON
<DeathMage> i can't wait
<DeathMage> blah
<DeathMage> all the same
<DeathMage> i would actually respect someone who took action
<DeathMage> but i have no respect for talkers
<mouse> HOW IS MANDY
<mouse> DONALD
<DeathMage> she's fine thanks
<DeathMage> how'z your mother?
<DeathMage> you tell me, you know so much
<DeathMage> :P
<DeathMage> too bad you wasted your life researching mine, maybe you could have a career ;)
<DeathMage> are you sleeping with brett?
<DeathMage> entertain me
<mouse> im not a computer man i leave that up to my friend
<mouse> so when can we meet
<mouse> in person that is
<DeathMage> whenever you have the guts
<mouse> how about tomorrow
<DeathMage> sure
<DeathMage> where?
<mouse> name the place
<DeathMage> could you come here, i have a lot of admin work to do
<mouse> what about mommy and daddy
<DeathMage> what about them?
<mouse> they gonna let you out
<mouse> late
<mouse> i dont think so
<DeathMage> of course man
<DeathMage> don't be an idiot
<DeathMage> i live indepent of my parents
<mouse> who s your idiot
<DeathMage> you
<mouse> dont take me for a poes as well i dont think you can handle two
<DeathMage> i've handled six
<mouse> your so cool
<mouse> bravo
<DeathMage> no i'm not
<DeathMage> you're so cool :)
<mouse> i know
<DeathMage> i mean, the MAN, wanting to beat up a 'little' boy
<DeathMage> blah
<DeathMage> you're a fucking idiot.
<mouse> name a place for tomorrow
<mouse> not your house chickin
<DeathMage> my house
<DeathMage> my parents won't be in
<mouse> woes
<DeathMage> blah, sorry, i'm a busy person
<DeathMage> i don't get R5.50 for working at McDonalds
<mouse> fucking wet
<DeathMage> are you scared of my house now?
<DeathMage> how will you ever face me
<DeathMage> :P
<DeathMage> and i'm 20 times uglier than my house
<mouse> fuck child grow up and get some better chirps going
<DeathMage> umm, was that directed at me or you?
<mouse> you boring me
<DeathMage> blah, all you wannabes bore me
<mouse> get my point
<DeathMage> if you wanna fight, be a boxer
<DeathMage> cause you're never gonna touch me
<mouse> chickin
<mouse> chickin
<mouse> chickin
<DeathMage> stupid
<DeathMage> stupid
<DeathMage> stupid
<DeathMage> can't you even spell chicken?
<DeathMage> my goodness man
<DeathMage> you are a very sad case
<DeathMage> one of the saddest
<mouse> boring
<mouse> ........
<mouse> come on
<mouse> where
<DeathMage> anyway, i need to fax some documents
<mouse> bullshit
<DeathMage> may i be excused governer of all life ?
<mouse> dont act
<DeathMage> blah
<DeathMage> do you have a fax?
<DeathMage> i'll send you a copy
<mouse> yes
<mouse> of what
<DeathMage> of the documents
<DeathMage> :P
<mouse> cute
<DeathMage> now please
<DeathMage> i have money to make
<DeathMage> you wanna speak shit
<DeathMage> just come visit me
<DeathMage> you know the address
<mouse> i think you might be getting a visit soon
<mouse> see you
<DeathMage> i hope so
<DeathMage> cause this is bullshit
<mouse> sure
<DeathMage> what are you thinking right now?
<mouse> that your a child

<Bemmer> you go first
<Bemmer> or do you want me to go first
<sexkitten> id prefer it if you went first
<Bemmer> what are you wearing
<sexkitten> a nightie
<Bemmer> i take the top of your nightie off to reviel your smooth breasts
<sexkitten> actually iv got quite fat tits
<Bemmer> they can still be smooth
<sexkitten> no iv got pimples
<Bemmer> fine with me
<sexkitten> in fact im quite fat
<Bemmer> fine with me
<sexkitten> i was in a fire as a child so iv got scars all over my body
<Bemmer> all the more kinky
<sexkitten> so carry on
<Bemmer> your turn now
<sexkitten> no i insist
<Bemmer> i made the 1 move
<sexkitten> well carry on ur making me slimy
<Bemmer> i am busy licking you up and down
<sexkitten> are you licking the slime?
<Bemmer> i am licking you more and more you are getting wetter and wetter
<sexkitten> x-tra slime then
<Bemmer> bring it on

Session Start: Sat Nov 14 23:15:36 1998
Session Ident: ^stingray^ (stingray@pswb25-01-p08.ec.saix.net)
<Stingray> wherz ur sis?
<LordCow> on my lap
<Stingray> no really
<Stingray> where is she?
<LordCow> well she's moved a bit but she's still on top of me
<Stingray> i'm talking bout amanda
<Stingray> not whoever ur dreaming is on top of u
* LordCow dusn't dream about reality ;)
<LordCow> she's in bed
<LordCow> with sum other dewd
<Stingray> i'm sure
<Stingray> ur lying
<LordCow> well i dunno if he's still there
<LordCow> caus normally they're over quickly with my sis
<Stingray> hahaa
<Stingray> they're?
<LordCow> they are
<LordCow> us english ppl call it a contraction
<Stingray> contraction?
* LordCow sighs heavily
<LordCow> don't worry u'll learn bout it in university ;)
<Stingray> hahah
<Stingray> i'm sure
<Stingray> ur sis doesnt get in2 bed with some other dewds
<LordCow> well only the ones i approve
<LordCow> that cancells u out ;)
<Stingray> hah
<Stingray> well that just coz i dont do 3somes
<LordCow> nono i don't join in
<LordCow> only if they really need me
<Stingray> whateva
<Stingray> u must tell her i say hii
<LordCow> ok
<LordCow> dunno if she'll hear me with all the screaming
<Stingray> hah
<Stingray> and tell her ur sorry for nething bad u've said or done against her
<LordCow> she enjoy's it wen i'm naughty sumtimes
<Stingray> haha
<Stingray> i gtg
<LordCow> hey .. don't be sour caus my sis donesn't want u man
<Stingray> lol
<Stingray> she can pretend
<LordCow> well she has 2 humour u i suppose ;)
<Stingray> msg nickserv identify compubug
<Stingray> sorry
<Stingray> ignore that
<LordCow> haha
<LordCow> next time buddie :)
<Stingray> i was testing something
<LordCow> yaya
<LordCow> wot most of the imbeciles say
<Stingray> u dont beleive me?
<LordCow> well i beleive u'r not 2 familiar with the slash command
<Stingray> i am
<Stingray> that was j/k
<Stingray> u hav2 beleive me
Session Close: Sat Nov 14 23:43:27 1998

<Tenchu> more than you can imagine.
<Carter> of a martyr?
<Tenchu> no.
<Carter> im a stern beleiver aswell
<Tenchu> something else, call me a communicator
<Carter> but the way u make it sound is disgraceful
<Tenchu> ?
<Tenchu> what do you mean?
<Carter> u are by no means higher than them in anyway - they may not beleive in god but it is their decision - u, by acting like an apostle make ppl like that dislike christianity even more
<Tenchu> i know i told them that.
<Tenchu> i asked them to at least stop mocking us!
<Tenchu> do you see angels?
<Tenchu> no i didnt think so.
<Carter> no - i dont beleive im that holy
<Carter> im assuming you do?
<Tenchu> yes.
<Tenchu> i have been in bad places.
<Tenchu> they came to help.
<Carter> and u think i havent?
<Tenchu> but if you aint christian why do you provoke?
<Tenchu> most people call us freaks if we do, see them.
<Tenchu> then y arent you christian?
<Carter> but i am a christian
<Tenchu> they changed me.
<Carter> yes fair enough -and that is a miracle, but - by acting like ure a higher being than they are u lower ureself to underneath them
<Carter> then they are able to attack you
<Tenchu> who, attack me.
<Carter> them
<Carter> nraider etc
<Tenchu> thats right, it comes at a price
<Carter> but u are not higher than anyone
<Tenchu> because i see them, alot is sacrificed.
<Tenchu> that is why i am lower.
<Carter> christianity doesnt mean that u are higher than them
<Tenchu> LOWER.
<Carter> christianity means that u are fufilled
<Tenchu> thats what i am.
<Carter> with happiness and the sense of faith
<Tenchu> and you dont believe in this, but you speakit.
<Carter> and exactly how do u know what i beleive?
<Tenchu> THEN DO Not dictate religion to me!!
<Tenchu> cos you already told me!
<Carter> no i dont think u are paying attention to what i am saying.
<Carter> I AM a christian
<Tenchu> you said you dont beleive in that holy...
<Carter> no i said i dont beleive that im that holy to see angels
<Tenchu> but if i have made a mistake, i am humbled and sorry.
<Tenchu> :)
<Tenchu> i thought you were on of those antichrists who attack christians.
<Carter> no
<Tenchu> yeah.
<Tenchu> it's hard, dude.
<Tenchu> if you knew where i was coming from.
<Tenchu> how can you let nraider mock our religion then!
<Tenchu> can you not atleast stand up!
<Tenchu> i was kicked 8 times!~
<Carter> well maybe i dont - maybe ive had a relatively peaceful existance compared to you - but u are by no means higher than those who mock you or lower. U are equal to them except you possess sumthing they do not have - faith
<Tenchu> i already said i was lower.
<Carter> but u are not
<Tenchu> i aint afraid to admit, that i am lower.

Session Start: Wed Oct 21 19:52:19 1998
Session Ident: Cyber_Excite (irc@station10.surfnet.co.za)
<Cyber_Excite> does anyone know how to run a dedicated quake server with map rotation
<LordCow> no but i know how 2 kill mass msg's
<Cyber_Excite> hmmm
<Cyber_Excite> same
<Cyber_Excite> but i need map rotation!!1
<LordCow> sorry don't got
<Cyber_Excite> u know where can get, or know how to do?????????????
<LordCow> no sorry
<Cyber_Excite> why not?
<LordCow> mm
<LordCow> wot u wanted again?
<Cyber_Excite> does anyone know how to run a dedicated quake server with map rotation
<Cyber_Excite> does anyone know how to run a dedicated quake server with map rotation
<Cyber_Excite> does anyone know how to run a dedicated quake lan server with map rotation
<LordCow> o
<LordCow> um well i'm not running quake
<LordCow> couldn't tell u enyway
<Cyber_Excite> o what
<Cyber_Excite> why
<Cyber_Excite> why
<Cyber_Excite> why
<Cyber_Excite> why
<LordCow> caus i do not have it
<Cyber_Excite> why
<Cyber_Excite> why
<Cyber_Excite> why
<LordCow> lewk here u cloth eared fool
<LordCow> it is not on my drive
<Cyber_Excite> why, cant u play it?????
<Cyber_Excite> why, is it tooo small!
<LordCow> save me
<LordCow> no
<LordCow> caus i got better things 2 do
<Cyber_Excite> ahhh
<LordCow> shot
<Cyber_Excite> whois in the #quake , why invite only
<LordCow> hehe closed down
<LordCow> try quake2
Session Close: Wed Oct 21 20:00:47 1998

Session Start: Sat Oct 24 19:57:52 1998
<LordCow> wattup tonight?
<shah> fookall
<shah> en met u?
<LordCow> selfde hier
<LordCow> no oktoberfest for u?
<shah> is it not november?
<LordCow> uhhhh
* LordCow thinx about that
<LordCow> no man
<LordCow> it's the 10th
<LordCow> october
<shah> honestly?
<LordCow> haha
* LordCow laffs quite a bit
<LordCow> yeah man
<LordCow> 24th today
<shah> hhmmm
<shah> now in just baffled
<LordCow> 24 of october today
<LordCow> u ppl haven't even started exams
<LordCow> how can it b the 24th of november
<shah> nm
<shah> what did the 10th have to do with anything?
<LordCow> 10th = october
<shah> shut up
* LordCow just laffs ;)
<shah> pig slut
<shah> :P
Session Close: Sat Oct 24 20:05:14 1998

<shah> what u do at walmer park?
<LordCow> bought some property
<LordCow> setting up my shop there next week
<shah> what shop???
<LordCow> i'm kidding fool =)
<shah> good joke
<shah> err...not
<shah> how do u do that?
<LordCow> this mind trick i picked up
<LordCow> and i'm special 2
<shah> lol
<LordCow> heh
<LordCow> control k
<LordCow> 1,8
<LordCow> :)
<shah> huh?
<LordCow> control
<LordCow> the button
<LordCow> hold it down
<LordCow> then push "k" and then type ...
<LordCow> 1,8
<LordCow> then the smiley thing or wotever
<LordCow> hehe
<LordCow> alll in one line my friend
<shah> :)
<shah> hhmmm
<LordCow> welll done
<shah> so how do u make that tongue?
<LordCow> ok
<LordCow> this recquires more talent
<LordCow> i learnt this from my time in the cia
<LordCow> hold down alt
<LordCow> take off numlock
<LordCow> and press 0
<shah> yes nig...
<LordCow> then 222
<LordCow> all at once
<shah> yeesh!
<LordCow> complicated hey
<shah> Þ
<LordCow> well dun boetie
<LordCow> try 254
<shah> Þ
<shah> :Þ
<LordCow> þ
<shah> þ
<LordCow> kewl
<shah> ye ye ye!
<LordCow> i'm hoping u didn't just paste that
<shah> shot man
<shah> paste?
<LordCow> yes
<LordCow> mr william's worksheet efforts :Þ
<shah> hehehe
<LordCow> =)
<LordCow> highlight my amazing text
<LordCow> and go control "c"
<LordCow> then .. let go
<LordCow> that copies 2 the clipboard
<LordCow> and that is called copying
<LordCow> then 2 paste
<LordCow> control v in any text area
<shah> what is this for?
<LordCow> for ppl who'r quite bored
<shah> what does it do?
<LordCow> let me put this in simple terms
<LordCow> it copies and pastes
<shah> ok...
<shah> pastes to what?
<LordCow> *sigh*
<LordCow> go control v
<LordCow> c what happens
<shah> ste
<shah> <LordCow> contr
<shah> stop
<shah> i give up
<LordCow> viva
<LordCow> now that was in u'r clipboard
<LordCow> temporary copied shyte
<shah> what!
<LordCow> mm worry not
<LordCow> it'll come clear in about a year or so ...
<shah> ssshhhh
<LordCow> hehe
<shah> its much easier to understand in person
<LordCow> yep
<LordCow> much funnier 2 caus i can c u'r blank stare in person
<LordCow> =)
<shah> mmm
<shah> maybe id actually be able to concentrate

<shah> whats with the nick??
<LordCow> arr
<LordCow> y dus every1 keep asking that
<shah> well?
<shah> u wanna check out my pc now?
<shah> or not
<shah> u there?
<LordCow> yeah
<LordCow> wat u mean?
<shah> cruthers sent me tht virus thing
<shah> cruthers(however u spell it)
<shah> huh!!!
<LordCow> sorry
<LordCow> which 1??
<shah> u know the first letter of the lphbet...
<LordCow> a
<shah> mine doesnt work
<LordCow> haha
<shah> y is tht?
<shah> y?!
<shah> hh
<shah> sorry
<LordCow> hehehe
* LordCow just checked
<LordCow> who gave it 2 u?
<LordCow> quo?
<LordCow> put a password on
<shah> my pc just shut down
<shah> ye
<shah> how?
<shah> what is error #101?
<shah> ??????
<LordCow> erm
<LordCow> quovadis did that
<shah> error #101?
<shah> it just appeared on my screen
<LordCow> erm i dunno
<shah> cant u take a look?
<shah> ????
<LordCow> no
<LordCow> he put a password on it
<shah> chckd?
<shah> hhmmm
<LordCow> bwhahaha
<shah> :P
<shah> can u check?
<LordCow> noooo
<LordCow> i don't have the password genius
<shah> while i still have vowels
<LordCow> noooooooooooooooooooo
<shah> cant u speak to him then?
<LordCow> u do not understand
<LordCow> erm
<LordCow> he can't do anything
<shah> u r right
<LordCow> only u can
<LordCow> lewk
<LordCow> u've loaded something
<LordCow> he put a password on it
<LordCow> only he can acces u
<LordCow> only u can get rid of it
<LordCow> restart in msdos
<shah> what more do i have to do?
<LordCow> and delete the file that he sent u
<LordCow> simple as that
<shah> ive deleted it
<LordCow> well then reload everything
<shah> huh?
<shah> ill have to get someone in
<LordCow> eh ??
<shah> how do i reload it?
<LordCow> no man
<LordCow> reload everything
<LordCow> windows and all
<shah> fuck
<LordCow> eh?
<LordCow> okok
<LordCow> did u delete it before u got rebooted ?!?
<shah> rebooted?!??
<LordCow> wen u shut down
<shah> yes
<LordCow> u did?
<LordCow> erm well
<LordCow> u haven't gotten it off then
<shah> well what?
<LordCow> wat was it called?
<shah> ping game
<shah> yes...
<shah> exe
<LordCow> pingame.exe u mean?
<shah> :(
<LordCow> eh?
<shah> bad, right?
<shah> yes
<shah> thats what it was
<shah> do u know caruthers?
<LordCow> not in rl
<LordCow> no it's not bad
<LordCow> i just wanted 2 know what it's called
<LordCow> he renamed a file called patch.exe
<LordCow> i knew that
<LordCow> u just need 2 know the new name
<LordCow> now go into dos
<LordCow> type: ..
<LordCow> cd\
<shah> mo....
<LordCow> dir/s pingame.exe
<LordCow> yo?
<shah> i deleted it tho
<LordCow> no
<LordCow> it obviously moved or copied itself
<LordCow> check all directories
<shah> so now what?
<shah> for ?
<shah> pingame?
<LordCow> yeah
<shah> where is dos?
<shah> what is dos?
<LordCow> ok i'm going 2 paste that 2 the channel
<LordCow> ok?
<LordCow> they'll help u
<LordCow> *g*
<shah> like how?
<LordCow> watch
<shah> i still dont know what paste is
<shah> well?
<LordCow> well
<LordCow> dos stands for disk operating system
<LordCow> go run
<LordCow> type command
<LordCow> and then enter
<LordCow> c what happens :)
<shah> run?
<shah> ???
<shah> hello?
<LordCow> bottom left
<LordCow> start button
<LordCow> click there
<LordCow> run button appears
<LordCow> :)
<shah> right click?
<LordCow> no left
<LordCow> like normal ppl
<shah> :P
<shah> where it says open, must i type it?
<LordCow> yes
<LordCow> commmand
<LordCow> then enter or wotever
<shah> will your window disappear then?
<shah> ??
<LordCow> yes
<LordCow> just go alt tab
<shah> ok
<LordCow> 2 get it back
<LordCow> then alt tab 2 go back 2 windows
<shah> done it
<LordCow> kewl
<LordCow> then
<LordCow> cd\
<LordCow> dir/s pingame.exe
<shah> is tab the 2 arrows?
<LordCow> yep
<shah> ok...
<shah> then what?
<LordCow> then do wat i said above
<shah> yeah...
<shah> then what??
<shah> then what??
<shah> mo?????
<LordCow> wat it say ?
<shah> 1 file
<shah> so how do i get rid of it?
<shah> c'mon mo
<shah> just help me now...
<shah> and i wont have to bother u again
<LordCow> well what directory is it in?
<shah> what does that mean?
<shah> c:/windows
<LordCow> that means
<LordCow> go cd windows
<LordCow> then
<LordCow> del pingame.exe
<shah> cwindows
<LordCow> but u have 2 restart in dos first
<shah> \
<shah> how?
<shah> how?
<shah> where do i type delete pingame.exe?
<shah> how do i restart in dos?
<shah> what does that mean?
<LordCow> eh
<LordCow> ok
<LordCow> go start
<LordCow> click shutdown
<LordCow> and then restart in msdos
<LordCow> then do all that shyte
<shah> in ms dos?
<LordCow> yes
<LordCow> well done
<shah> wtf is that???
<LordCow> microsoft dos
<LordCow> don't worry wat it stads for
<LordCow> just click the button like a good boy
Session Close: Mon Sep 21 21:19:23 1998

Session Start: Mon Sep 21 21:22:48 1998
Session Ident: shah (justmick@196-7-187-92.iafrica.com)
<shah> look...i restarted in msdos
<shah> then was lost
<shah> u must understand...
<shah> im a computer-idiot
<shah> MO!!!!!

Session Start: Thu Jan 28 21:31:34 1999
Session Ident: shah (justmick@196-7-187-44.iafrica.com)
<shah> how do u send something?
<LordCow> dcc?
<shah> mmm
<LordCow> send wot ..
<LordCow> how?
<shah> pic
<shah> how?
<LordCow> pic
<LordCow> erm by email?
<LordCow> rather ..
<LordCow> type /dcc send <nick> <file>
<shah> with the <>s?
* LordCow will ignore that
<LordCow> sigh
<LordCow> click on their nick
<LordCow> and click dcc
<LordCow> menu pops up
<shah> ...
<shah> and?
<LordCow> send ..
Session Close: Thu Jan 28 21:42:48 1999

Session Start: Mon Sep 14 15:10:03 1998
Session Ident: halifax (rolmey@196-7-187-77.iafrica.com)
<LordCow> fuckit
<halifax> SO WATZUP
<LordCow> take caps key off
<halifax> ok
<halifax> y?
<LordCow> thanx well done
<halifax> garreth tel y i shouldnt use CAPS ???///
<LordCow> because
<LordCow> it's like u'r shouting
<LordCow> no caps or colour
<LordCow> or special ascii
<halifax> HUH?----ASCII , wats wrong wit shoutin
<halifax> y ca u use color
<LordCow> well u can
<LordCow> just not execcisvely
<halifax> fool cant u sepll ?
<LordCow> bwhahahaha
<halifax> c wat i mean
<LordCow> clyde u'r 2 stupid
<halifax> y do u have '@' infrunt of u'r nick
<LordCow> caus i've got ops
<halifax> wat hapened to u'r nick
<LordCow> got d/ced .. disappeared
<halifax> y did u get ops
<LordCow> caus
<LordCow> i'm like a reg
<halifax> kewl fool , dats wat u 'r
<LordCow> yeppo
<LordCow> don't make me disconnect u =)
<halifax> i dont care ,theres always scool tommorow .BUT violence is not in my natur
<LordCow> arr i was kidding u twat
<LordCow> and u'r not coming 2 school tomorrow :Þ
<halifax> i wil if u continue kiking me 4 stupid reasons
<LordCow> i haven't kicked u for stupid reasons
<halifax> i stil dont kno y u kiked me on fri.
<LordCow> on fri??
<LordCow> that was styx u idiot
Session Close: Mon Sep 14 15:27:43 1998 1998

Session Start: Wed Mar 11 08:31:59 1998
<Mave> join #music
<LordCow> ok
<Mave> so y haven't u joined yet
<LordCow> i dunno how 2
<Mave> go to channel folders
<LordCow> but my filing cabinets downstairs
<Mave> go to channel folders on top of your screen
<LordCow> there's nothing there
<Mave> does there stand DCC on top of your screen
<Mave> 3rd word
<LordCow> yeah
<Mave> underneath that thers a drawing that looks like a book
<Mave> go to it
<LordCow> how big is it?
<Mave> small
<Mave> 2mm by 3mm
<Mave> ok wait
<LordCow> shit i left my ruler in my bedroom
<LordCow> i'm gonna have 2 estimate this
<Mave> on top of your screen there stands mIRC
<LordCow> yes
<Mave> underneath that there stands file, tools, DCC, commands, Window, help, that is in a horizontal row
<LordCow> yes i got that
<LordCow> i don't have the commands part though
<Mave> thats ok
<LordCow> ok
<Mave> underneath that horizontal line there is another horizontal row with drawings in it
<Mave> see it
<LordCow> yeah they're like little pictures
<Mave> good
<LordCow> kewl
<LordCow> so what must i do with them?
<Mave> they are divided into little blocks
<Mave> notice it
<LordCow> yup
<LordCow> which 1 must i go 2?
<Mave> go to the 3rd block but dont click on it
<Mave> ok
<LordCow> so must i just look at it?
<Mave> theres a little book inside the block and a little circle
<Mave> see it
<LordCow> am i looking at the right picture?
<Mave> how does the picture look that your looking at
<LordCow> like a yellow folder
<Mave> yes
<LordCow> that it??
<LordCow> kewl
<Mave> click on it
<LordCow> yep that's my setup stuff
<Mave> then type in #music
<Mave> and dont ever forget this
Session Start: Wed Mar 11 08:52:16 1998
<LordCow> sorry bout that
<LordCow> i got disconnected
<LordCow> where were we?
<Mave> oohh no
<Mave> remember the instructions i told u
<LordCow> yeah we were talking about the setup stuff
<Mave> are u at the yellow folder again
<LordCow> yep
<LordCow> i clikced on it
<Mave> ok type in #music
<LordCow> ok
<LordCow> and then enter?
<Mave> no
<LordCow> oh?
<Mave> move your mouse to JOIN and then click on join
<LordCow> then i join it?
<LordCow> kewl
<LordCow> but how'm i gonna remember all this?
<Mave> in your memory
<Mave> have u done this
<LordCow> i'm trying