*** phazer (phazer@sg-196.59.13792) has joined #linux
<phazer> hi people
<phazer> what you people think of new bullet train speed record of 574 km/h
*** MaYh3m has quit IRC (Ping timeout)
*** phazer has left #linux

*** sana (sana@sg-9612.mtn.co.za) has joined #linux
<sana> hello
<The_Wizard> Hi sana
<sana> wizard, what do you talk about on this channel ?

*** Agent_A (a@sg-196.84.14457) has joined #linux
<Agent_A> does any1 know how to wryt programs??????
*** Agent_A has left #linux

<The_Captain> Um what was the joke site that showed you had massive Traffic fines?
<The_Captain> Or anyone know how to check for vodacom if your phone qualifies for an upgrade
<devdude> 0821082
<LordCow> 082URUGUAY
* devdude vrommls

<The_Wizard> Anyone heard of 4-3-4-3 notation?
<LordCow> without the dashes maybe
<devdude> Ive heard about the dashes but not the numbers

*** puma (cutagios@sg-3247.telkomadsl.co.za) has joined #linux
<puma> howzit
<puma> need some help again
<LordCow> http://lordcow.org/puma.jpg
<devdude> hahaha
<devdude> hamsters
<LordCow> lollies
<puma> voicemail.conf in asterisk
<puma> have any of you worked with it b4
<puma> ?
<LordCow> newp :/
<puma> do you know how to make it work
<devdude> nowp :\
<LordCow> type 'start voicemail.conf' i spose
<puma> ill try
<puma> no such command
*** cain has quit IRC (Client closed connection)
<devdude> what distro ?
<devdude> the distro wiff the beard?
<puma> i have no idea
<Light> Goatee Linux
<devdude> puma: try init 6; ./active voicemail
<devdude> you have to be root
<puma> bash: /active: No such file or directory
<LordCow> haha
<LordCow> puma: u the admin there?
<devdude> init 6
<devdude> then ./active <app name>
<LordCow> oh yea that'll prolly work
<devdude> you must be root
<puma> init 6?
<devdude> set the runtime
<puma> LordCow, Yes
<LordCow> & u don't know anything about linux?
<puma> true
<puma> ima Windows Boikie
<puma> linuw is a Bitch
<devdude> if you wanna reset the service level without deleting/losing anything... then use init 6
<devdude> its like a freshen up for linux
<devdude> then do a ./active <service>
<devdude> as user root ofcourse
<puma> but devdude where is this init 6?
<LordCow> /sbin/init 6
<LordCow> prolly
<LordCow> depends on the distro
<LordCow> should just b able 2 type init 6 as root tho
<LordCow> usually in the path
<devdude> the path to teh freshen up
<puma> [root@localhost /]# init 6
<puma> bash: init: command not found
<LordCow> but i'd advise gettin familiar with linux b4 u try admin it ;p
<puma> im using fedora core
<puma> just by the way
<LordCow> hold on, i got fedora
<LordCow> yeah its /sbin/init there 2
<LordCow> so
<LordCow> /sbin/init 6
*** puma has quit IRC (Client closed connection)
<LordCow> hahahahaha
<devdude> bhwahhahaha
* devdude falls off chair
<Light> lol you guys are assholes you know
* LordCow wipes tears
<LordCow> ah man, dev started it
*** weirdo has quit IRC (my volk het 'n hoerhuis geword)
<Light> Well at least it wasn't rm -rf /
<LordCow> nah we're not assholes
<The_Wizard> Shame on you people!
*** puma (cutagios@sg-3247.telkomadsl.co.za) has joined #linux
<puma> you guys are raw
<devdude> sorry puma
<devdude> I got confused...
<devdude> its init 0
*** puma has quit IRC (Ping timeout)
<LordCow> he did it??????
<The_Wizard> Oh gawd
<The_Wizard> I hope not

*** krypto (etienne@sg-8498.sentechsa.net) has joined #linux
<krypto> heya
<krypto> just started downloading Gentoo 2005
<krypto> should have it in about 1 hour
<krypto> if anybody wants a copy let me know
*** krypto has left #linux
<busker> oh he is a life saver
<busker> o.0

<siryn> How can i edit an executable without gettting a Segmentation fault while running it?
<siryn> :P
<LordCow> arch u'r back
<LordFoul> har har har
<siryn> can i like assing a hostname to an IP in my resolv.conf
*** The_Captain (info@sg-196.159.4339) has joined #linux
<The_Captain> Lo
<The_Captain> Who is good here with windows xp blue screen errors

<SiLvEr> Im strugeling my ASs of with something
<LordCow> silver: don't waste good ass
<LordCow> but what's the prob
<SiLvEr> I have a Smoothwall Box with 2 NIC. One is for the internal Private Network,and the other on is for the external Network.So the Firewall blocks the 2 networks from seeing one another
<SiLvEr> Now i want to enable a share inside the Private network to be visable to a external IP.
<SiLvEr> But i can't get this to work...err
<LordFoul> ok
<LordFoul> heres what you do
<LordFoul> first
<LordFoul> you'll need 3 farm fresh eggs
<LordCow> hahaha
<LordFoul> not that shop bought shit
<LordFoul> that won't do
<LordFoul> genuine farm fresh eggs
<LordFoul> one medium to large frying pan
<LordFoul> some butter
<LordFoul> some milk straight from the bull's udder
<LordFoul> and a bunsen burner

<Draconis> [x+7](square rooted) -2(square rooted) -1 = 0
<Draconis> anyone?
<LordCow> y can't u?
<nordic_ice> hahahaahaha
<nordic_ice> Draconis: thats like grade 9 maths
<Draconis> well do it
<Draconis> since i aint getting x=2
<nordic_ice> why should we do it ?
<LordCow> *sigh*
<LordCow> so it's
<LordCow> [x+7](square rooted) - [2](square rooted) -1 = 0 ?
<Draconis> since you can.
<LordCow> then it's not 2 ..
<Draconis> yeh
<Draconis> solve x
<LordCow> it'll b irrational ..
<LordCow> u write it out correctly?
<Draconis> yeh
<Draconis> no
<Draconis> omg fsck
<LordCow> <Draconis> yeh
<LordCow> <Draconis> no
<LordCow> *logs* ;)
<nordic_ice> hahaha
<nordic_ice> rotfl
<Draconis> [x+7](square rooted) - [2x](square rooted) -1 = 0
<Draconis> no wonder.
<LordCow> l33to
<LordCow> then it's 2 ..
<nordic_ice> yeah log it
<Draconis> log it for what?
<LordCow> *whistle*
<LordCow> as in .. http://logs.lordcow.org/ -> #linux ;p
<Draconis> ok work it out anyways
<Draconis> since im fscking it up again
<LordCow> <LordCow> l33to
<LordCow> <LordCow> then it's 2 ..
<LordCow> which brings us back 2 the question
<LordCow> of y u'r doin this
<LordCow> & y it's bein pasted 2 the #
<Draconis> since i'm studying this and you guys are supposed to be geeks who can do it.
<LordCow> heh
<LordCow> well i just gave u the answer?
<LordCow> u'r in grade 10?
<Draconis> erm
<Draconis> got correct answer but wrong sign
<LordCow> o fuck & i'd stopped logging
<Draconis> you dont fuck you can copy and paste.
<Draconis> but anyways
<Draconis> work it out.
<LordCow> "you dont fuck you can copy and paste" huh?
<Draconis> you dumb fsck
<LordCow> i'm not the 1 crippled by basic algebra ;p
<Draconis> i'm not the one who can't do it and won't admit it.
<LordCow> ??
<LordCow> i said it's 2 u ghei
<LordCow> & i've got a degree in maths
<LordCow> so i'm pretty sure i can do it ..
<Draconis> i can do this but am making a simple mistake somewhere in my logic
<Draconis> well then mr.degree in maths prove it.
<LordCow> ie. u want me 2 paste the steps ..
<nordic_ice> lol
<Draconis> see if you can work it out. if you can paste the steps.
<nordic_ice> i agree with LordCow on this one
<Draconis> i dont need you to agree with him.
<LordCow> u never asked me 2 paste the steps
<LordCow> u asked 4 the answer
<LordCow> square both sides
<LordCow> (can't believe i'm gonna do this)
<Draconis> i did.
<LordCow> take the right root & the -1 2 the other side
<LordCow> & square
<LordCow> u get
<LordCow> x+7 = 1+2x + 2*sqr(2x)
<LordCow> or
<LordCow> 6 -x = 2*sqr(2x)
<LordCow> square again
<Draconis> i did that.
<LordCow> 36 - 12x + x squared = 8x
<LordFoul> what if we really don't want to do it tho
<Draconis> i did that also.
<LordCow> or
<LordFoul> why don't we just las it
<LordCow> x squared - 20x + 36 = 0
<LordFoul> and play some backgammon
<LordFoul> or something
<LordCow> get 2 ..
<LordFoul> -burps-
<LordCow> then check
<LordCow> since u squared
<LordCow> happy? ;p
<LordCow> lordfoul: prvt
<LordCow> o u mean proper backgammon?
<Draconis> yes thank you
<LordFoul> no
<LordFoul> i meant
<Draconis> did -12x instead of 20x
<LordFoul> like i treat your back like its a piece of pork
<Draconis> havent done maths in nearly a year so i fsck the small things up
* LordCow hasn't done that maths in about 10 yrs ..
* LordFoul hasn't done maths...
* LordCow hasn't done lordfoul
* LordFoul hasn't done Tina Turner
<LordFoul> i wish i could do sign language
<LordCow> i wish i was rich
<LordFoul> fuck that would be super fucking kewl
<LordFoul> nort
<LordFoul> thats a kak wish
<LordCow> i wish u would shutup
<LordFoul> being able to sign would be much much kewler
<LordFoul> almost worked
<LordFoul> better luck next time
<LordCow> didn't xpect it 2 work
<LordFoul> little deaf gurls
<LordCow> just perfecting my dreams
<LordFoul> little crip gurls
<LordFoul> little limbless gurls
<LordFoul> the disabled world is my oyster
<LordCow> haha

*** nordic_ice (nordic@sg-25543.telkom-ipnet.co.za) has joined #linux
*** BabyServ sets mode: +o nordic_ice
<nordic_ice> doef doef
<LordCow> what song's that?
<nordic_ice> SlipKnot - Everthing Ends
<nordic_ice> ;P
<LordCow> thought so
<SoftIce> heh, add that to your logs
<LordCow> sweetnuss

<LordFoul> and she toucheth my bummie holioooooo
<LordFoul> stretcheth that fingereth right into me bummie holioooooo
<LordFoul> toucheth me prostrateth so that me'eth has theeeee analeth orgasmeeekie
<LordFoul> everybody!
<LordCow> and she toucheth my bummie holioooooo
<LordCow> stretcheth that fingereth right into me bummie holioooooo
<LordCow> toucheth me prostrateth so that me'eth has theeeee analeth orgasmeeekie
<LordCow> x 3
<LordFoul> sweet
<LordFoul> these other people
<LordFoul> clearly weren't like boy scouts
<LordFoul> missed out on the campfire sing alongs
<LordFoul> and then the best part
<LordFoul> the homosexual orgy
<LordCow> which reminds me .. of http://bash.org?153841
<LordFoul> shit
<LordFoul> i couldn't quit for a moment you know
<LordCow> marshmallows?
<LordFoul> Do you want to exit w3m? (y/n)
<LordFoul> no no
<LordFoul> when it ch00ns that
<LordFoul> i just automatically type n
<LordFoul> i did it like 10 times or so
<LordCow> haha
<LordFoul> i don't like being a quitter
<LordCow> lordfoul: may i rape you? (y/n)
<LordFoul> n
<LordCow> *gets busy*
<LordFoul> as per my rape paste in #cape_town
<LordFoul> that means u want to marry me
<LordFoul> biblical style
<LordFoul> :(
<LordFoul> i'm not religious
<LordFoul> sorry
<LordCow> no worries
<LordCow> just stop struggling

*** Get_this (Echo@crg.ee.uct.ac.za) has joined #linux
<Get_this> hey
<Get_this> how do i get mirc to work in linux
*** Get_this (Echo@crg.ee.uct.ac.za) has left #linux

<siryn> How do u create a group?
<LordCow> echo gay:x:12345: > /etc/group
<LordCow> or like groupadd
<siryn> ;p
<siryn> You need to create a neomail group because you plan to run suid. Please, create this group then re-run setup.
<siryn> That's why i need to
<siryn> It doesn't explain enough
<siryn> ;p
<LordCow> echo neomail:x:12345: > /etc/group
<LordCow> ;p
<siryn> nerf:P
<fragMental> LordCow ... shouldnt that be echo neomail:x:12345: >> /etc/group ?
<LordCow> haha yeah shot fagmental
<fragMental> hehe
<siryn> Couldn't get write lock on /usr/spool/mail//kirsty!
<siryn> anyone know anything ab out neomail;p
<siryn> ummmmmmmm
<siryn> my whole group file is gone...
<siryn> :~(
* LordCow suffocates
<LordCow> u didn't use the double arrow >> right
<siryn> well
<siryn> u told me to use the >
<siryn> fsck

<Draconis> i hear thunder
<Belial> what?... WHERE!?? *scream*
* lordvetinari is not afraid of tunder (much anywyas)
<lordvetinari> famous last words :)
<LordCow> who said that?
*** lordvetinari has quit IRC (Ping timeout)

<qwest> !!
<LordCow> ;p~
<Darkone> *sigh*
<Timmy> argh.

*** HiTmAn (bleh@blue17.eng.uct.ac.za) has joined #linux
<HiTmAn> anyone know wot the command is to go from directory to directory on an ftp in dos????
<devdude> cd ?
<HiTmAn> doesnt work
<HiTmAn> y wud i b askin if it was cd
<HiTmAn> :P
<devdude> cause you could be an idiot?
<HiTmAn> and u cud suck my dick
<devdude> rather not
<devdude> ask LordCow.. he is into that
<HiTmAn> he not there
<HiTmAn> or he not answering
<HiTmAn> thats UCT students 4 u
<HiTmAn> neva there when u really need help
*** HiTmAn has left #linux

*** The_Wizard (patrickh@sg-17434.myweekend.co.za) has joined #linux
*** BabyServ sets mode: +o The_Wizard
<The_Wizard> Moo
<devdude> woof
<Skywalker> woof
*** Darkone has quit IRC (will bbl)
*** netburner (gavin@sg-3927.ru.ac.za) has joined #linux
*** BabyServ sets mode: +o netburner
<netburner> moo

<kingmilo> fluxbox rawks
<Darkone> fcuking irritates me sometimes
<kingmilo> why so? u fiddling to much? :P
<Darkone> transparent menus !!!!
<Darkone> *tries something else*
<LordCow> how do u see them?
<kingmilo> dont be silly LC :>
<kingmilo> the writing aint trans
<LordCow> harrrrrrrrrr
<kingmilo> *kick*

*** lordvetinari (mortimer@sg-16421.telkom-ipnet.co.za) has joined #Linux
<lordvetinari> *rah*
<LordCow> give us sum warning
<lordvetinari> gave you a fright did i ?
<LordCow> yeah ;(
<lordvetinari> :)
* lordvetinari hands LordCow a hand of homecooked foodies.
<lordvetinari> better?
<LordCow> heh
<SoftIce> hah, you people live in a fucking cyber world.. and what I see, you are starting to think
this is reality.. by getting emotions/feelings/etc in this cyber shit hole ?
<LordCow> omg softice is unplugged
<LordCow> deploy the sentinels!
<SoftIce> :P
<lordvetinari> rofl

*** DragonSA (DragonSA@sg-22380.dial-up.net) has joined #linux
<DragonSA> anyone know of a good tutorial on how 2 program dll files and then use them in Visual Basic
<LordCow> i'm more intrigued in y u joined #linux ..
<simplydazed> lol
<chucky> lol
<DragonSA> coz got redhat mandrake freeBSD[installed]
<LordCow> u've got them .. installed? hahaha
<chucky> lool

<lordvetinari> ive got stats this sem (agian) and electr (again)(again) next sem :(
*** Darkone has quit IRC (reconnect)
<Zeitgeist> stats is shit, 4 lecures a week and a practical and homework assignments
<lordvetinari> ys
<simplydazed> yeah i know, i hear my gf streesing all the time
<LordCow> 4 lectures a week, damn
<LordFoul> when chix stress
<LordFoul> then i'v foudn the best way to get them to relax
<LordFoul> is some gentle anal
<lordvetinari> lf, that's grose.
* LordCow cans
<Zeitgeist> LordFoul, anal relaxes chicks?
<LordCow> guys as well ..
<lordvetinari> you'd know
*** lordvetinari has quit IRC (Client exiting)
<Zeitgeist> Im just not into brown love
<LordFoul> Zeitgeist : think about it dude
<LordFoul> in order for a woman to enjoy anal
<LordFoul> she has to relax
<LordFoul> so anal forces her to relax
<LordFoul> if she doesn't
<simplydazed> heh
<Zeitgeist> she bleeds?
<LordFoul> ja
<LordFoul> and u end up with a bloody dick
<LordFoul> nobody wins

<Skywalker> sihen : not to bad .. work is a pain .. but okay
<sihen-> work is a pain?
<sihen-> i get paid R20 a day for Slave work.
<Skywalker> geesh .. what you doing ?
<sihen-> working on a kibbutz in Israel
<sihen-> I clean floors, tables, Serve people, its onion season 20 of us sort and pick onions... they call me Idylan
*** Darkone has quit IRC (That's it for today)
<Skywalker> sounds like lotsa fun
*** chucky (chucky@sg.168.214.9927) has joined #linux
<LordCow> y they paying u in rands there
<LordCow> surely u can't use it ;p
<sihen-> lordgay :)
<sihen-> they not
<sihen-> they paying me in Shekals
<sihen-> I get 10Shekals a day
<sihen-> which is R20
<sihen-> Drsmoke ever online anymore?
<LordCow> hahaha
* LordCow 's work is complete
<LordCow> DrSmoke Last seen time: 2004/01/21 05:17:39 SAT
<chucky> isnt like R20 a bit much :(
<LordCow> yeah
<LordCow> it's ppl like sihen that'r pushing up the price of onions
<chucky> disrespectful i say :\
*** sihen- has left #linux
<chucky> :(
<LordCow> haha

<josie> hello?
<josie> I just pulled hte network cable by mistake?
<josie> am I still here???
*** Oryx (ivan@38182FF6.7737EB0D.1E1AF23D.IP) has joined #linux
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o Oryx
<Oryx> who been using my nic
<KnightOrc> you have?
*** Oryx has quit IRC (Killed (NickServ (GHOST command used by blah)))

<rockangel> who knows postgesql
<rTFm> sure as hello not me
<rTFm> i stay waya from coding and databases
<rTFm> i leed a sad life

*** aquaman (~aquaman@infgw-pinnacle.infinite.co.za) has joined #linux
<aquaman> !quit
<aquaman> close
*** aquaman has left #linux

*** UnforgivN (UnforgivN@sg.196.198.5864) has joined #linux
<UnforgivN> soo..
<UnforgivN> is any1 going to tell me how i can restone my grub bootloader ? :P
<The_Wizard> UnforgivN : You got your grub boot loader stoned, now you want to do it again? :P
<UnforgivN> yup

<qwest> anyone played with mailman ?
<aquadog> sies man
<a-cid> lol
<Sparky> every time I restart my network goes off, I have to keep typing insmod filename
<adidas-ric> u broke soemthign bad
<Sparky> so do you reccomend me to reinstall linux?
*** ThoughtsDeep (jaclv@ has joined #linux
<ThoughtsDeep> hello
<ThoughtsDeep> i am new to linux
<ThoughtsDeep> dont know it at all
<ThoughtsDeep> is it advisable to install and use for word processing
<bubblegoose> hmmm
*** ThoughtsDeep has left #linux

<drsmoke> which pcmcia card?
<drsmoke> orinoco?
<drsmoke> samsung?
<chucky> yeah
*** Echomatic (~eltonrock@ has joined #linux
<Echomatic> hey
<Echomatic> I am trying to install linux on an Xp machine with ntfs...is that possible
*** Echomatic has left #linux

*** siryn (siryn@sg-30219.dial-up.net) has joined #linux
<siryn> Does irssi come with auto op??
<siryn> :P
*** EricsON (ericson@sg-10914.telkom-ipnet.co.za) has joined #linux
<LordCow> i've used irssi & i've never gotten autooped
<siryn> lol
<siryn> I'm asking if u can auto op.
<siryn> Other people.
<LordCow> o really
<Timmy> lol.
*** nordic_ice (bleh____@sg-32420.absamail.co.za) has joined #linux
*** BabyServ sets mode: +o nordic_ice
*** WiseMonk (wisemonk@sg-32518.dial-up.net) has joined #linux
*** BabyServ sets mode: +o WiseMonk
<Cow> commented out auto greeting?
<nordic_ice> how about shut the fuck up
<Cow> he never said anythin ;p

<aquadog> haha
<aquadog> i just did 519
<aquadog> 528
<aquadog> e00h00
<LordFoul> htf?
<Darkone> weeeeee
<Darkone> i did 489 :P
<LordFoul> HTF?
<Darkone> got 516
<Darkone> weeee 518 ;-)
<Darkone> dammit
<Darkone> 531
<Darkone> ARG
<Darkone> 533

<skyfer> fuck me its hot today ..
<LordCow> that's not a good enough reason
<dizzyg> lol
<woot> what's adsl like in SA ?
<woot> and is it in Durban yet ?
<qwest> yeah
<qwest> dinsda1e got it i think
<woot> must be fscking expensive if only one person has it
<qwest> i think its like R1100 or sumthing, dinsda1e ?

<Styles> do most of u know how to use linux and hack ppl?
<Impi> who doesnt?
<Styles> me
<Styles> lol
<Impi> thats got to suck right
<Styles> now im learning how to trace and shit and i wanna learn from some1 who WONT fuk up my computer
<Styles> lol
<Impi> trace?
<Gibster> man traceroute
<Styles> i know how to trace
<Gibster> :P
<Impi> how?!
<Styles> i wanna know hackin and programming in hacking language
<Impi> omg
<Impi> there is a hacking language?
<Gibster> its quite easy impi, didnt you know all leet linux people know?
<Styles> yes there is
<Impi> i dont use linux :{
<Styles> well then Impi dont tell me anything
<Impi> i got tracing paper tho!
<Impi> does that count?
<Impi> guess not :{
<Styles> no\
<Styles> lol
<Gibster> impi, we'll have to educate you
<LordCow> http://www.tubcat.com/other_cats/tubcattroy.jpg
* LordCow sufocates
<Impi> im always open to some edukashun
<Impi> *waits*
<Impi> u gona teach me the new hacker language?
<LordCow> impi: c#
<Impi> holy shit is that cat real!
<Impi> c#?
<Impi> isnt that for gays?
<LordCow> it's got support for them yea
<Gibster> mwahahahahahaha
<Impi> like nut support?
<Impi> or what..
<Impi> im quiet new to this stuff
<AfterShock> Hello Craig
<Impi> goddamit cow are you STILL at varsity?
<Impi> you must be a friggen doctor by now
<Gibster> lol
<LordCow> hehe close
* LordCow 21 ;p
<Impi> styles are you hacking my irc station ports?!
<Styles> of corce not
<Impi> man dont lie my something something firewall detector pocket calculator saw u!
<Styles> dude
<Styles> i didnt do anything
<Styles> lol
<Styles> i prmiss u
<Styles> can garintee u
<Impi> you lie like you spell dood
<Impi> gdam is that u trying to hack my website?
<Impi> is this YOUI!
<Impi> http://faya.0wn3d.co.za/pics/legolas.chips.jpg
<Styles> no
<Styles> NO!
<Styles> it isnt
<Impi> dood im gona hack u straight back
<Impi> or something

<Born2Die> is linux generaly more stable than windows ?
<Jakes> I run debian unstable, and its about 500x more stable than redhat stable distro
<Jakes> Born2Die, yes.
<Darkone> rh is not the way togo.
<Born2Die> ok cool , thanks , u been a bit help
<Darkone> but then again one of sa's largest linux companies uses it...
<Born2Die> I would no choose to boot into linux - but i dont wanna loose my R7

*** Sabrina (sabrina@sg.196.11.29177) has joined #linux
<Sabrina> ello
<Sabrina> i have a question
<Sabrina> how do you get past level 70 on frozen bubble?
<kevin> what is frozen bubble?
<Sabrina> its a kde game i think
<kevin> hahaaha
<kevin> riggght
*** Sabrina has left #linux

<GuinneX> when i try and ./configure it tells me i have nno c compiler
<skyfer> do you?
<GuinneX> where can i get a good one from
<skyfer> gcc
<GuinneX> oh
<GuinneX> thanks

*** {eCkO} (stonedpupp@sg-14074.mweb.co.za) has joined #linux
<{eCkO}> does anyone know a local ftp server address
<{eCkO}> ?
<skyfer> eh?
* LordCow holds his side

*** Sp1derman (~bond830@blueice1x.uk.ibm.com) has joined #linux
*** D-Octogon (~doctogon@fw-illovo.xybanetx.co.za) has joined #linux
<D-Octogon> Hi everyone
<Sp1derman> Hi Octogon
<Sp1derman> whats up
<D-Octogon> just introducing myself
<Sp1derman> listen man
<Sp1derman> i wonder if u could help me out please
<D-Octogon> what's up
<Sp1derman> i tried to go to the unix chat but it tells me i need a registered nick
<Sp1derman> how do i go about getting that
<D-Octogon> you and I are in the same ballcourt
<D-Octogon> I'm a programmer that has recently installed Redhat....
<D-Octogon> That answer I can give you in about a weeks time
<Sp1derman> shit man
<D-Octogon> :)
<Sp1derman> ok no prob man
<D-Octogon> still learning
<Sp1derman> i will hold u to that
<D-Octogon> cool....if you can't wait...
*** D-Octogon has left #linux

*** s][N (Stix@sg.196.39.29297) has joined #linux
<s][N> lo
<s][N> ne delphi programmers in here..
*** s][N has quit IRC (cheers..ppl)

<siryn> How do you see if you have php installed
<Nitr0> siryn: If you didnt install it, then u dont ;)
<siryn> i can't remember;p
<Cow> siryn: the luser way: give it a php file 2 play with
<siryn> it doesn't load the php
<Cow> and that prolly means ..
<siryn> If it shows the PHP as text
<Cow> that ..
<siryn> I don't have php installed right..
<Cow> yes! u've got it
<Cow> k how do i log in this fantastic client

<ollie> try ftp2.za.freebsd.org
<aquadog> does it have the same layout as ftp.za ?
<ollie> I don't know, go have a look
<aquadog> bleh
<aquadog> ftp2 doesnt have distfiles
<aquadog> it has a link but the dir doesnt exist
<aquadog> o well
<aquadog> i think downloadign from a uk server would be faster anyways
<ollie> or try a scandinavian one
<ollie> they can be fast also
<aquadog> is that now a scandanavian joke or r u serious ?
<ollie> no, I am serious

<siryn> aquadog, Where can i get irssi from??
<aquadog> take a wild guess
<siryn> the internet
<aquadog> warm

*** r00t (darren@sg-1883.dial-up.net) has joined #linux
<r00t> lo
<r00t> Lo all im back

<CyberDems> how do i start smnpd ?
<Sheep> with .rhosts
<CyberDems> [fragtion@mercury bin]$ .rhosts
<CyberDems> bash: .rhosts: command not found
<CyberDems> [fragtion@mercury bin]$
<acid> i give up
<CyberDems> ?
<aquadog> lmao

*** Draconis (Draconis!ahtnamas@sg-10347.saix.net) has joined #linux
<l0b0> hehe Draconis u just missed the coolest joke
<l0b0> too bad qwest made us promise not too paste it
<qwest> heh yea
<qwest> fsck, i /clear'ed
<l0b0> yah me too :/
<qwest> l0b0: you logged it tho
<qwest> lol
<l0b0> i turned off logging for that AWESOME EXCELLENT joke unfortunately
<Draconis> lol
<Draconis> grep it
<Draconis> that aint pasting is it?
<l0b0> yup
<Draconis> so grep it
<Draconis> grep [11/4] log | grep qwest
<Draconis> hehe
<Draconis> something like that
<qwest> lol
<Draconis> no jst 11/4
<qwest> fsck i hate xchat
<l0b0> haha Draconis too bad u missed it man
<qwest> lol
<l0b0> f0k i wish qwest would tell it again
<qwest> l0b0: common man, tell him :P
<l0b0> naa its ur joke u tell it
<qwest> fsck man, ive like told it 10 times tonight
<qwest> grr k.....
<Draconis> lol
<l0b0> *sigh* ok i'll tell it
<l0b0> Draconis u wanna hear it?
<qwest> brb
<qwest> heh
<Draconis> yeh
<l0b0> k
<l0b0> it goes :
<l0b0> one day there was this giraffe
<l0b0> and he had a really short neck
<l0b0> so he went for plastic surgery
<l0b0> so he goes into the doctor's office and he says
<l0b0> "erm i sorry mr. giraffe i cant do work on you"
<qwest> Draconis: you better log this heh
<l0b0> and the giraffe asks why?
<l0b0> and the doctor says "cos your a giraffe, stupid"
<l0b0> damn what a funny joke
<qwest> bwahaha
<l0b0> every time i readi i laugh 10x harder
<qwest> no man you fscked it up, it was
<Draconis> its not funny?
<qwest> the docter sez cos my stepladder broke
<qwest> BWAHHAHA
<l0b0> HAHAA
<l0b0> dont u get it?
<l0b0> ag shit thats the wrong punchline
<l0b0> it actuall goes
<l0b0> and the doctor says "cos my stepladder broke stupid"
<qwest> lol
<Draconis> so?

*** Antigen (~chatzilla@ppr54-01-p381.nt.saix.net) has joined #linux
<Antigen> help
<Antigen> how can i use standard bank online services running linux browsers?
<Antigen> or anything short of installing windows
*** Antigen has quit IRC (erection reset by queer)
*** Antigen (~chatzilla@ppr54-01-p410.nt.saix.net) has joined #linux
<Antigen> any body managed to get standardbank online banking going on any linux browser?
<Antigen> or let me rephrase that has anybody seen an east asian blue wombat flying over yeoville at 200km/h?
*** Antigen has quit IRC (ChatZilla 0.8.7 [Mozilla rv:1.0.1/20020903])

*** f33t (~WeirdSmel@host212-140-158-74.webport.bt.net) has joined #linux
<f33t> yo
<f33t> where is dow all
<f33t> windows rule!!! some1 kick me if ya dare
*** f33t has quit IRC (Client exited)

<l0b0> http://www.geocities.com/asianprince213/
<l0b0> there's a site for u Nitr0
<Nitr0> wha is it?
<l0b0> a site
<Nitr0> *claps*
<l0b0> i bet u'll enjoi it
<Bazak> later people
<Nitr0> I wanna know if its what I think it is... how u know about it ;P
<l0b0> what do u think it is?
<Nitr0> ghey site
<Nitr0> ok, its no

<Nitr0> (-7): mailbox /var/mail/nitro has wrong mode 600
<Nitr0> 2002-10-21 18:11:01 183f8u-000MEN-00 Frozen
<Nitr0> Anyone know why exim tells me that?
<The_Wizard> Because it has mode 600?
<Nitr0> yeah hehehe

<denial> LordFoul i dreamt u stole one of my vhosts last nite :/
<denial> i hate you
<sk8r_boy> ol
<sk8r_boy> i dreamed i saw my friends winky:(
<sk8r_boy> scary
<LordFoul> sk8r_boy its now confirmed u'r a faggot
<sk8r_boy> LOL
*** denial has changed the topic on #linux to 07:29PM <sk8r_boy> i dreamed i saw my friends winky :)
<sk8r_boy> im joking
<sk8r_boy> lol
<denial> bwahahaha
<denial> nooit sk8r_boy
<sk8r_boy> rofl

*** _018M|cr0 (_018M_cr0@c6-rba-142.absamail.co.za) has joined #linux
<_018M|cr0> why isn't linux User Friendly?
<soulman> Why the hell do u say that?
<_018M|cr0> i cant get anything to work
<soulman> Thats cause u are stupid
<_018M|cr0> yeah ... r u sure
<_018M|cr0> atleast im not retarted
<Achilles> you're retarded then

*** pro (pro@hide-30862.mweb.co.za) has joined #linux
<pro> anyone here like motorbikes?

*** Knightrider (selabi@ has joined #linux
<Knightrider> hey morning
<Knightrider> u dudes no how to remove a file in linux?
<Oryx> rm filename
<Knightrider> tried it wont del
<Knightrider> its anexe xtension
<Knightrider> c:\data\coolspeaksetup.exe say cant find or remove file name?
<Knightrider> ty got it
<Knightrider> cu
*** Knightrider has left #linux

<justtwisted> how does one install linux from winme, cos the dos window doesnt seem to work