*** Drakie (Drakie@ has joined #Hack
<Drakie> hello
<Drakie> I need help
<Drakie> I am in need of a patch or crack
<Drakie> is there sum1 that can help
<Drakie> ?
*** Drakie has left #Hack

*** Random-Bird (Sty@ACBE966E.ipt.aol.com) has joined #hack
<Random-Bird> *sigh*
<Random-Bird> can someone help me please
<Random-Bird> I need to ask some uneducated questions
<Random-Bird> about windows xp
<Random-Bird> works.
<LordCow> :/
<AA> what
<AA> ask Random-Bird
<Random-Bird> huh?
<Random-Bird> oh
<AA> your question
* LordCow claws his eyes out
<AA> lol
<AA> lo LordCow :)
<Random-Bird> I have XP Works
<LordCow> sup a
<AA> xp works?
* LordCow never heard've works
<LordCow> not that i'm gonna b able 2 help caus it's gotta do with xp ..
<Random-Bird> even though the programs I have look and work like excel and ms word -
<Random-Bird> when I send attachments
<Random-Bird> people with ms word and excel
<Random-Bird> cant open them
<Random-Bird> and I am wondering if there is something wrong with my computer
<LordCow> er, i think u've answered u'r question
<AA> yeah
<Random-Bird> or if microsoft thinks they clever
<AA> read what you have just said to us
<AA> two diff progs that might not be compatible with one another
<Random-Bird> but its all ms stuff.
<Random-Bird> They look identicle
<Random-Bird> its just the name
<Random-Bird> and they both MS..
<Random-Bird> *sigh*
<AA> when you sav a "word doc" what is the file name an ext it saves as
<Random-Bird> wps
<AA> hmmm
<Random-Bird> word processor
<Random-Bird> XP Works
<AA> well word opens .doc dont they
<Random-Bird> I thought it would be the same as Office
<Random-Bird> you know
<Random-Bird> you assume things come with Word and Excel
<Random-Bird> .. well, i did
<vodor> heh
<vodor> u use to get a word viewer only
<vodor> and things do come with word and excel
<LordCow> bin awile since u guys've given me something 4 logs.lordcow
<vodor> those things are called
<vodor> star office
<AA> yeah i know that vodor
<AA> i mean i have heard of that
<AA> drinking tea an eatiing cookie
<vodor> milf and cookies is the shit

<FIA> YEAH RIGHT! so ure telling me NO ONE in here runs a MIRC script i dont wanna HACK with it but anyways i thought hackers had sum brains
<CoolCat> ne one here?
<Aldaris> we're here
<CoolCat> k does ne one know what a person uses to crash mirc, the old one
<CoolCat> something with dcc
<NetFleas> its been years since someone has come in here with a decent question.
<Aldaris> yeah
<Aldaris> looks like that's not going to change anytime soon
<kismet> lol

*** Acid19m (~all@ has joined #hack
<Acid19m> sum1 please teach me to hack or at least just get me sum programs i can use
<Acid19m> PLEASE

<Ultrax> i have a better chance of falling pregnant than ever getting a decent reply here since most ppl on #hack cannot even use half the DOS 3.22 commands
* Ultrax looks at Fitted_Virus .. pls say yes
<Ultrax> i know DOS backwards
<Ultrax> i am sure i can re-write windows XP using DOS Batch files ;)
<diGital> and that would be SOD?

<Ronin> no but seriously
<Ronin> I was hacked by an op
<Ronin> to format my pc
<jedeye> really?
<Ronin> and i want to complain about it
<jedeye> ok we will sort him out
<Ronin> where can i do that
<Ronin> no i want to follow the proper channels
<jedeye> well u see that LordCow ?
<Ronin> yeah
<jedeye> his the complaints secretary
<Ronin> cool
<Ronin> thanks
<Ronin> LordCow you there?
<Ronin> I want to put in a complaint
<jedeye> be patient Ronin he may be away :)
<Ronin> thanks
<Ronin> im very patient about this affair
<JoHnNy_bOy> hehe
<Ronin> and i will not leave it till its resolved
<LordCow> hahahahaha
<LordCow> http://lordcow.rucus.net/irc/
<LordCow> ronin: if u tell us how he did it i'll put that up as well =)
<Ronin> so swearing is not allowed in some channels but hacking and destroying other ppls information on their pc (projects, email, photos, mp3's) that is ok?
<LordCow> ronin: it's got nothing 2 do with irc ..
<Ronin> it does
<Ronin> because
<Ronin> i was ircing!
<Ronin> if i was not ircing it would not have happened
<LordCow> were u breathing as well?
<Ronin> hence, it was irc
<Ronin> yup
<Ronin> what you logically made a connection between me breathing and the hack attempt?
<Ronin> you're joking right?
<Ronin> i thought you were clever
<Ronin> damn
<Ronin> ok
<Ronin> "Any1 clever can help me here?!"
* LordCow suffocates
<Ronin> please
<LordCow> dewd chick logic is not allowed here
<LordCow> i was giving a counter example
<Ronin> the counter example was redicilous

*** Squier (ass@cbs53-01-p105.wc.saix.net) has joined #hackza
**** Gaf (Gaf@dbn-dial-196-30-36-127.mweb.co.za) has joined #Hack
<Gaf> someone who can hack please msg me
**** Gaf has been kicked off #hack by Aldaris (*hack hack hack hack*)
<Aldaris> =)

*** ERNZ (ernz_c@hide-3617.friaco.access.uk.tiscali.com) has joined #hack
<ERNZ> hey
<ERNZ> i need an expert in win3.1
<ERNZ> n e one in heree user?
<ERNZ> okayyy...
*** ERNZ has quit IRC (Leaving)

<Eagle> hello all
<Nevar> lo
<Eagle> aahh someone said hello...it's alive
<Eagle> so is this a place where hackers exchange progs and info etc?
<Lasher> eagle : nope
<Eagle> 'k
<Nevar> it's actualy called siv's pimp house but that channel name is to long...
<Eagle> cool'
<Eagle> lol
<AntiThesis> yah
*** Eagle was kicked by Lasher (that wuzn't funny)
<AA> how do you expect us to get more hoes if you keep kickin them Lasher
<AntiThesis> lol

*** mandm (ietus@hide-64708.ktu.lt) has joined #hack
<mandm> halololo
<mandm> lol
<molester> hi
<molester> u ok ?
<mandm> yes
<mandm> :)
<mandm> & u ok?
<molester> im ok
<molester> tired
<molester> but ok
<molester> hungary too
<molester> aint had nuffin to eet yet
<mandm> are you hacker?
<mandm> are you from durban?
*** mandm has quit IRC (< DaR|{ SCr|pT > maded by DarkAngel galite gauti siuo adresu http://didelis.puriena.kvm.lt/~ejan/dark.html)

*** KiNeTiC^PrOgReZiOn (KiNeTiC_Pr@hide-47786.mweb.co.za) has joined #hack
<KiNeTiC^PrOgReZiOn> wats up all
<KiNeTiC^PrOgReZiOn> are u guys hackers

*** Billybob (Billybob@ has joined #hack
<Billybob> can you people tell me how to edit .exe files
<Billybob> ?
<KillaHurtz> with an editor
<Billybob> yes
<Billybob> what kind of editor
<Billybob> see i open the file with notepad then i change something but i can't save it
<LordCow> billy: it's got read only access?
<LordCow> and y u editing exes
<Billybob> oh thnks
<LordCow> erm k
<Billybob> this demo version programme has got a toll limit which i want to boost
<Billybob> currently i cant exeed $1.50
<LordCow> ah k
<LordCow> try hex editor
<Billybob> and where can i find that?
<NetBilly> Billybob: goto http://www.google.com 'type hex editor download' in the search path and press enter
<LordCow> billy: i've got an editor on my windows partition but i'll only mount it if i get oral sex
<NetBilly> mmmm k?
<NetBilly> or check if it is on your hard drive first. goto command prompt, and type cd \con\con that is the con hex editor
<Billybob> ok thanks
<Billybob> screw off
<LordCow> comon dewd this's a giving channel

<Vhata> mmm
<Squier> plz can someone helpme dissconnect someone
<siv> *yawn*
<Vhata> squier: why?
*** Squier has quit IRC (Ping timeout)
<Vhata> siv: did you disconnect him?
<Vhata> *bad*

<Vhata> sivve: you have new mail ;-)
<siv> ta Vhatalink :)
<Lasher> lo there Vhata
<Lasher> i have a q about irc, what is a dcc Chat ?
<Vhata> *sigh*

<ABC1234> does anyone know how to hack without knowing IP

*** Lover_boy (Olivier@196-30-240-67.iafrica.com) has joined #hackza
<Lover_boy> hi all
*** Lover_boy is now known as DarkAngel
<LordCow> hey huney
* siv thot lordcow was leaving
<DarkAngel> Can someone help me pls...
<siv> with?
<DarkAngel> i would like to know if someone know the phone number like telnet or something like it...
* siv is confused by the question
<DarkAngel> in Za ... 0f course :))
<DarkAngel> umm....
<DarkAngel> i would like to know if someone knows the phone number of Telnet or something like it...
<DarkAngel> wait...
<DarkAngel> brb....
<siv> Telnet doens't need phone numbers
<DarkAngel> wait a sec..
<DarkAngel> comming back
*** DarkAngel has quit IRC (Success)
<LordCow> haha
<LordCow> logs page :)
<LordCow> siv .. i was
*** Blisa1B has quit IRC (Leaving)
*** Lover_boy (Olivier@196-31-19-183.iafrica.com) has joined #hackza
<Lover_boy> back...
*** Lover_boy is now known as DarkAngel
<DarkAngel> so...
<LordCow> dark: i just checked with telkom .. they don't give the number out 2 lover boys
<DarkAngel> what i would like to know is if anyone knows the phone number of Saponet or a National Network whitch is friendly with hackers...
<DarkAngel> lover_boy is not my nick...
<DarkAngel> it's just for my broher
<LordCow> gewdgewd
<LordCow> so .. u looking for a leisurely chat over the phone?
<DarkAngel> well thanx anyway.....
<DarkAngel> i hoped i could get help here.. but...
<DarkAngel> come one... pls...
*** DarkAngel has left #hackza

How it began ..

*** GrimSweeper (Vaughn@syn38.pri1.cptA.gia.net.za) has joined #hackza
<nxsy> Gr!m
<bbunny> demi you wanna change the nick ?
<nxsy> !
<^DeMiGoD^> bbunny!
<GrimSweeper> fucking cops drove past this f0ne!!!
<^DeMiGoD^> why
<^DeMiGoD^> its greek
<GrimSweeper> had to run!!!
<bbunny> blasfimy
*** Raplinen (piepie@pm3ctn-82.dockside.co.za) has joined #hackza
<Estaga> idiots
<^DeMiGoD^> its not
<bbunny> Some ppl do believe in God still
<bbunny> demi god
<bbunny> ?
*** Com_Kill sets mode: +o Raplinen
<Raplinen> Me too
<Raplinen> lo all
<^DeMiGoD^> hey Rap
<bbunny> please chage it
<HackerDude> li raplinen
<HackerDude> lo
<Raplinen> lo demiigd
<Raplinen> lo all
<HackerDude> :)
<Aldaris> lo
<nxsy> Grim: how'd they trace u? You weren't using Germany again, were you?
*** Estaga is now known as jesus
<bbunny> in
<bbunny> 5
* jesus saves you all!
<GrimSweeper> nxsy: no bru!!!
<bbunny> 4
<bbunny> 3
*** jesus is now known as Estaga
<bbunny> 2
<Estaga> hahaha
<GrimSweeper> I was bouncing off that box in italy
<bbunny> 1
*** nxsy is now known as moses
* moses shoots!
*** moses is now known as nxsy
*** ^DeMiGoD^ was kicked by bbunny (bbunny)

<Estaga> hahahaha
*** bbunny sets mode: +b *!*@syn45.anx8.rivA.gia.net.za
<nxsy> Grim: hmm... fucking wops...
<GrimSweeper> nxsy: like fucking YEH!!!
<GrimSweeper> they aren't going to catch me!!
*** Raplinen sets mode: +b *!*fbotha@*.adept.co.za
<GrimSweeper> I'm to 733+!!!
*** Fleshwound (AssAsin@dialup7.futurejhb.co.za) has joined #hackza
*** Estaga was kicked by Raplinen (u poes, u not worth ot be jesus)
* Fleshwound digs da topic :)
<Aldaris> viva Raplinen
<nxsy> Fleshwound: lunux freak!
<Raplinen> lo fleshwound
<Fleshwound> heya
<Raplinen> What u think of me channel
<Fleshwound> :)
<Raplinen> nice
<Fleshwound> nice nice
<Fleshwound> [23:37] [nxsy] Fleshwound: lunux freak!
<Fleshwound> u adressing me
<Fleshwound> ye i use inux
<Fleshwound> and im in it
<GrimSweeper> Fleshwound: yeh you fucking FREAK!!!
<Fleshwound> dont piss me off
<Fleshwound> im in a baaaaaad moooooood already
<GrimSweeper> Fleshwound: you got acne and shit and no GF!!!
<Fleshwound> *sigh*
<nxsy> Fleshwound: what you going to do... nuke me?
<Fleshwound> lol
<ModemRack> ?
* nxsy is so scared of the lunux lamers and their claims
<Fleshwound> no i dont use
<Fleshwound> lunux
<Fleshwound> i use linux
<nxsy> same crap...
<GrimSweeper> nxsy: N+4 Can't be nuked!!!
<Fleshwound> ./ctcp Fleshwound version
<nxsy> GS: Not with SP4!
<Fleshwound> Rap :)
<Fleshwound> @ plz
<GrimSweeper> nxsy: not a fuck bru!!!!
* Fleshwound has to do something
<ModemRack> lunux?
<GrimSweeper> Fleshwound: you going to fucking nuke us now???
<GrimSweeper> go ahead :PPPPPPPPP
*** rambozo (rambozo@net-35-159.cis.co.za) has joined #hackza
<nxsy> Grim: they need ops to have power... what's the point of this linux thing then?
<rambozo> hey com
<rambozo> :)
* Fleshwound pg [05] Klubbheads - The Magnet (Hard Bag Klubb MIx) \\'mp .091
<Fleshwound> hmmmm
<GrimSweeper> nxsy: they fucking suck!!!
* Fleshwound calls timewiz
<Fleshwound> he oes me a favour
<nxsy> Fleshwound: hahaha, whatever you say...
<GrimSweeper> Fleshwound: what? for ramming him up the ASS!!!
<nxsy> Felshwound: now where is he, eh?
*** ZERO_angel (svision@196-7-187-104.iafrica.com) has joined #hackza
<nxsy> Fleshwound: and what's the point of this lunix thing if you have to call an oper allthe time?
<ZERO_angel> .
*** ZERO_angel (svision@196-7-187-104.iafrica.com) has left #Hackza
<GrimSweeper> nxsy: these lunix ppl suck, they can't do anything themselves
*** ^DeMiGoD^ (THE_ELITE@syn34.anx3.rivA.gia.net.za) has joined #hackza
*** disembowler (calliope@cpt-ts531-247.mweb.co.za) has joined #hackza

*** Dspinx is now known as d
*** d is now known as j
*** j is now known as l
*** ^DeMiGoD^ was kicked by bbunny (pls dont come in with that name !!!!!!!! cant you just change it !)
*** l is now known as dspinx

*** dspinx has quit IRC (Killed (Services (Violation of #4.4.2 of RFC 1459: autoresponding to NOTICE)))
*** DrOr (ebitton@m8-6-ndf.dial-up.net) has joined #hackza
*** DrOr (ebitton@m8-6-ndf.dial-up.net) has left #hackza
<wraith> what are you lamaz still on about?
<wraith> face it man
<nxsy> Grim: remember that hack we had on Nickserv...
<wraith> windoze r00lz
<GrimSweeper> nxsy: yeh
*** Sirlive (Stratocast@cbs53-01-p96.wc.saix.net) has left #Hackza
<nxsy> Grim: nice mirc scriptz to use any nickname...
<GrimSweeper> disembowler: what's it to you??
*** Bugsy (bugsy@asylum.bugsy.za.net) has joined #hackza
*** skyfer (camelot@cpt-ts523-139.mweb.co.za) has joined #hackza

<GrimSweeper> nxsy: yeh
*** LordCow (lordcow@rucus.ru.ac.za) has joined #hackza
*** LordCow was kicked by Raplinen (IP Filter: *!*@rucus.ru.ac.za (Warrior)
*** nxsy was kicked by Raplinen (IP Filter: *!*@rucus.ru.ac.za (Warrior)

*** LordCow (lordcow@rucus.ru.ac.za) has joined #hackza
<Bugsy> whooohooo ...
*** rambozo (rambozo@net-35-159.cis.co.za) has left #Hackza
<Bugsy> stupid scripts
*** DMS (THE_ELITE@syn34.anx3.rivA.gia.net.za) has joined #hackza
*** rambozo (rambozo@net-35-159.cis.co.za) has joined #hackza
*** Savage (NotSingle@net-59-183.mweb.co.za) has joined #hackza

<ModemRack> too much gree
<ModemRack> n
*** nxsy (nbm@moria.org) has joined #hackza
<skyfer> l33t wannbe hackers of za?
<nxsy> lamahz!
<skyfer> we p33r you
<GrimSweeper> Bugsy: you mocking our 733+ ScRiPts!!!!!!!!
*** Raplinen changes topic to 'Windowz Nighty-Night - What pc do ya want to crash today'
<Bugsy> GS .. always >:)
<GrimSweeper> Bugsy: I'll ha><0r yo ASS!!!!!
<nxsy> Raplinen: come on, crash mine, you wannabe
<Raplinen> hehehehe
<Raplinen> what
<Bugsy> GS .. wannabe >:)
<Raplinen> did me hear right
*** disembowler (calliope@cpt-ts531-247.mweb.co.za) has left #Hackza
<HackerDude> windows new name - AINT WINDOWS ANY MORE
*** Fleshwound (AssAsin@dialup7.futurejhb.co.za) has left #Hackza
<GrimSweeper> windows only crashes if you're to fucking stupid to use it
*** Savage (NotSingle@net-59-183.mweb.co.za) has left #hackza
<Raplinen> yeh
<GrimSweeper> and you lunix ppl are _fucking_ stupid
*** skyfer (camelot@cpt-ts523-139.mweb.co.za) has left #hackza
<HackerDude> its TITTANIC 98 - What computer do you wanna sink today?
<bbunny> who here has seen the pentium 3 ?
*** Beesta (~incubus@rucus.ru.ac.za) has joined #hackza
*** Beesta was kicked by Raplinen (IP Filter: *!*@rucus.ru.ac.za (Warrior)
*** siv (siviwe@lucifer.ru.ac.za) has joined #hackza
*** LordCow was kicked by Raplinen (IP Filter: *!*@rucus.ru.ac.za (Warrior)
*** DMS is now known as ^DeMiGoD^

*** LordCow (lordcow@rucus.ru.ac.za) has joined #hackza
<siv> hello
<nxsy> heh, you'll have to use a different port-bouncer LordCow
<Bugsy> fscking stupid script ..
<bbunny> demigod pls chage the nick
<nxsy> siv: nice hostname there...
<siv> any satan worshippers here ?
<LordCow> mmm?
<Bugsy> siv .. they don't like *nix *sob* .. they're winbloze puppies
<siv> nxsy: thank you. Like, what is this chatroom about ?
<Raplinen> listen here u fuckers
*** Beesta (~incubus@moria.org) has joined #hackza
<siv> Bugsy: that's lame!
*** Raplinen sets mode: +b *!*@moria.org
*** Beesta was kicked by Raplinen (IP Filter: *!*@moria.org (Warrior)
*** nxsy was kicked by Raplinen (IP Filter: *!*@moria.org (Warrior)

<GrimSweeper> siv: w3'r3 a77 733+ N+ Ha><0rers!!!!
<GrimSweeper> siv: and the rest are the nerdy lunix ppl
<siv> GS: *aside* I can't read hacker talk ... I not 31337 enuff
*** skyfer (camelot@cpt-ts523-139.mweb.co.za) has joined #hackza
<siv> GS: I've heard Unix is quite cool, better than that microshit stuff
<GrimSweeper> siv: no fucking WAY!!!
<Bugsy> siv ... heard so too ...
<skyfer> siv : yeah i have also herd nice things about it
*** ^DeMiGoD^ was kicked by bbunny (bbunny)
*** bbunny sets mode: +b *!*@syn34.anx3.rivA.gia.net.za

*** nxsy (nbm@on.web.za) has joined #hackza
<GrimSweeper> N+ will beat lunix anyday!!!
* skyfer still sticks with windows thou
<nxsy> yeesh, that's the problem with shell lists
<Bugsy> wb nxsy type person ;)
*** nxsy has quit IRC (Killed (NickServ (Nick kill enforced)))
<wraith> skyfer, do also code l33t things in pascal bro?
<Bugsy> nwahaha
<Single_Guy> raplinen can u help me now please
*** Bosbroer (Ask@c2-116-pta.dial-up.net) has joined #hackza
<skyfer> wraith : of course .... writlen ('hello');
<wraith> yo bosbroer!!
<skyfer> l33t as l33t can be
<Bosbroer> hi
*** nxsy (nbm@on.web.za) has joined #hackza
<GrimSweeper> n><5y ha><0r d00d!!!!!
<nxsy> damn shell lists
<wraith> bosbroer, jy ook 'n haxor seun?
* nxsy had to use his private collection
<Bosbroer> dit moet jy maar self besluit
<Aldaris> wraith? jy 'n afrikaanse haxor? :-)
<skyfer> speak english god dammit
<wraith> I still prefer hacking with ZX spectrum basic
*** Raplinen sets mode: -b *!*@moria.org
*** HackerDude is now known as Koevoet

<skyfer> wraith : the only way to go :P
<GrimSweeper> nxsy: you st177 wAn+ +h053 cc NuMb3R5??
<wraith> Aldaris, all the way bro!
<wraith> yo koevoet my ou!
<Aldaris> ok d00dz
<Koevoet> yo
* nxsy thinks macs are cool... I want a laptop one just like Zerocool in the movie
<Bugsy> ooo ... we even got the old regeim in here :)
<GrimSweeper> nxsy: yeh!!!
<Bugsy> nxsy .. *drool*
<skyfer> nxsy : ME TO ME TO
<siv> void main(void) { while (1) { fork(); if (1) { malloc (10000); }}} - that should give root ... shouldn't it ? It works on some machines ... anyone wanna confirm ?
<wraith> I'm going to get a daVinci and haxor the heck out of you lamaz!!!!
*** eppo (darcraig@dial-232.dbn.lia.net) has joined #hackza
<GrimSweeper> Bosbroer: like some what?????
*** ntwoo (frans@manimal.dsp.sun.ac.za) has joined #hackza
<Bosbroer> neva mind
*** eppo (darcraig@dial-232.dbn.lia.net) has left #hackza
<siv> wraith: I am the king haxor!
<wraith> siv, you forget to first do: telnet
<skyfer> siv : shh don't give all the tricks of the book away
<wraith> siv, then you do that of yours
<pw> *Com_Kill* me never seen so many non-win95 ppl here be4..
<siv> skyfer: fuck, I"m sorry ... I thot we were all leet here
<Aldaris> i thinks alot of you(nb only some) just hang in here to talk shit
<skyfer> siv : lol :P
<wraith> Aldaris, don't you all
<GrimSweeper> wraith: I hax0r all the time!!!
<nxsy> siv: no, they're not 733+, they use lunux!
<GrimSweeper> you should see all the pr0n and war3z they've got there
<wraith> Grymme, yea me too
<siv> Aldaris: *ahem* you're wrong
<Bugsy> siv ... no .. they thing they're all 1337 in here ;)
<wraith> its so easy man
<Aldaris> oh yeah go right ahead,telnet to and see,what happens
<GrimSweeper> all shared and shit
<skyfer> GS : shit i must try get into
<Bugsy> skyfer .. it r00lz
<GrimSweeper> skyfer: it's fucking hard bruuuu!!!
<siv> nxsy: lunux is okay, I wrote my own the other day. I use NT 4 tho ...
<pw> GrimSweeper: is BY FAR the fastest warez site on the net
<pw> GrimSweeper: check out the ping times broe!!
<skyfer> bugsy : it sounds like it does
<GrimSweeper> pw: I know!!!!!!!
<pw> farkig 0.1ms ping!!!
<nxsy> siv: good choice... best hacking platform... ftp server, mirc dcc file server...
*** goof has quit IRC (Leaving)
<pw> anyone have a passwd for ??
<siv> war3z kiddies SUCK! REal hackers don't use war3z, unless its M$ :)
<skyfer> pw : shit i get that ping time also ... nice and fast hay
<siv> pw: login: root , password : (when I checked was) letmein
*** ntwoo (frans@manimal.dsp.sun.ac.za) has left #hackza
<nxsy> Unable to connect to remote host: Connection refused
<siv> pw: might have to hack it again tho
<nxsy> shit, they must have a firewall
*** Raplinen is now known as Raping_away
<Raping_away> Away! [ Me away, duh!!!! ] [Time/0h 0m] [Log/On] [Page/On]
<skyfer> nxsy : a firewall?
<siv> nxsy: you're obviously not one of these other idiots, you're leet.
<Bugsy> nxsy ... dammit .. hack the fw then ..
<Bugsy> >:)
<GrimSweeper> Trying
<GrimSweeper> telnet: Unable to connect to remote host: Connection refused
<siv> nxsy: it's a rootkit, fuck. I take it all back, you're lame!
<GrimSweeper> nxsy: same bruuuuu!!!!
<pw> siv: nah, its takes the "root" login but not the passwd "letmein"
<siv> GS: sorry, I just hacked in. Will chagne now
<pw> siv: so we've got half of it right
*** Raping_away sets mode: -b *!*fbotha@*.adept.co.za
<nxsy> pw: try sex and god, like in the movie.
*** Estaga (fbotha@dial-48.adept.co.za) has joined #hackza
<Estaga> hello brothers
<skyfer> wb est
<skyfer> ph33r estaga
<Estaga> 31337
<wraith> I figured it all out now!!!
*** Koevoet is now known as HackerDude
<Bugsy> lo your 31337'ness :)
<siv> pw: fuck you're lame!0
<wraith> Unix sux cause it was written in C and not in pascal!!
<siv> is there anyone with a brain here ?
<skyfer> wraith : you said it
<Bugsy> wraith .. yeah ... they're such dweebs hey
<Com_Kill> only a few
<wraith> siv, sorry, mine's out for snacks
<nxsy> wr8th: C sucks... Visual C++ is cool though...
<GrimSweeper> Estaga: ha><0r d00D!!!!!!!!
<Estaga> bugsy: hello hax0r dude
<skyfer> siv : i think i have something that resembles one
<siv> wraith: fuck off, everyone knows that's bullshit. Delphi Rules and they're wrote Windows in it
<Bugsy> nxsy .. nooooo .. Delphi r00lz
<wraith> nxsy, no way bro! visual basic r00lz!
*** AsciiKewl (ascii@hacking.sendmail.is.phun.net) has joined #hackza
<siv> skyfer: from what I've heard so far, you don't
<Estaga> asciiiikewlll!
<Raping_away> yeh
<wraith> yo asciikewl d00d
<GrimSweeper> VB is the only k007 language!!!!
<skyfer> siv : ouch :P
<nxsy> wraith: VB r0xz, but I hear VC is 733t!
<Estaga> ascii: these people here say linux rules and nt sucks!!!!!!!
<AsciiKewl> lo pplz
<pw> AsciiKewl: h3y dude
<Estaga> ascii: fucking lamers they all
<Bugsy> Ak ... hacking away again? ... u 1337 person u
<GrimSweeper> all the 733+ war3z are made with VB!!!!!
<pw> AsciiKewl: have you got a passwd for
<AsciiKewl> pw: yeah
<pw> AsciiKewl: its a farkin fast new warez site
<AsciiKewl> but i don't lett
* nxsy still can't get past the firewall on
<AsciiKewl> tell even, shit i should go sleep
<wraith> pw, check out their website bro.
*** Psychosis (gahan@pta-ts532-175.mweb.co.za) has left #Hackza
<bbunny> pw type : .../etc/passwd
<siv> nxsy: I wrote a rootkit (Not firewall lamer), I can PGP it to you
<wraith> hey this is even better...
<bbunny> or: /etc/cat passwd
<Bugsy> AK .. i thought u woz 1337 dude .. u don't need sleep ;)
<AsciiKewl> check out warez.rau.ac.za
<nxsy> siv: that'd be so cool... you'reso leeet
<AsciiKewl> Bugsy: only 1ce a m0nth
<siv> nxsy: I know, that's why I cracked into the FBI
<siv> nxsy: even rooted a CIA box
<nxsy> siv: wow!
<Estaga> fuckit
<GrimSweeper> no way!!!
<skyfer> siv : fuck you are good ....
<Bugsy> bbunny .. u got it .. u must be 31337 too
<siv> nxsy: the fuckers were running an old bind
<siv> skyfer: don't patronise me ... I'll fucking kill your box!
<Bugsy> siv .. don't lie ;) ... u only hacked whitehouse.gov
<AsciiKewl> siv: thats nothing, i rooted the Salvation Army, had them deliver 2^20 blankies to the white house
<Estaga> i hacked whitehouse.com
<nxsy> siv: oooh... that's fucking amazing... stupid lunux machines and their security problems...
<skyfer> siv : o.k o.k i am sorry won't happen again
*** Com_Kill is now known as Com_Away
* pw hacked 100s of boxes with winnuke
<wraith> siv is the l33t35t haxor d00d
<Estaga> ascii: fucking A
<siv> Bugsy: fuck you ... I don't touch that shit ... it's not worth it ... its' for kiddies
<AsciiKewl> hey, what siad nuking is for kiddiez
<nxsy> siv: Can Ihave your scriptz?!!@#
<siv> nxsy: well fuck that, I've got service pack 4 and I catch any mother fucker even looking at my computer skew, I root his ass.
<siv> nxsy: what will you trade them for ?
<AsciiKewl> siv: a shell on !!
<nxsy> siv: I have a few lists... and some tones for greece...
<siv> nxsy: I don't do the phone shit. I use my dad's network.
<GrimSweeper> siv: same here, Ha>< +h3 P7aN3+!!!!!!!!!!1
<nxsy> siv: damn... pr0n?
<siv> AK: you're lame. Shut up and listen
<siv> Grim: you couldn't hack your way out of a wastepaper basket
* nxsy has some k-r4d kiddie
<AsciiKewl> siv: only lam3 bru round here is u f-nut
<GrimSweeper> siv: FUCK YOU BEATCH!!!!
<ModemRack> STOP
<GrimSweeper> I'll NUKE your punk ass!!!!!
<AsciiKewl> i'll hack you so you won't know why your icons are all upside down
<nxsy> siv: or a little gangbang?
<Single_Guy> gtg all
<Single_Guy> cheers
*** rambozo has quit IRC (Get NEW ShowDowN v9.5 PrO At http://koti.icenet.fi/~julsei/)
<siv> AsciiKewl: I'd like to see you try m-f
<Estaga> lol
*** Single_Guy has quit IRC (Leaving)
<siv> GrimSweeper: all talk and no dick!
<Bugsy> ooo .. colours rule
<siv> oh shit, another lamer
<Estaga> siv: prolly because he sawwed it off
<AsciiKewl> siv: i'll rm /rf you, don't get up MY ass
<siv> nxsy: okay
<Estaga> \\asciikewl\format c:
<nxsy> I'll set up my mirc dcc server
<siv> AsciiKewl: I wouldn't want to meddle with the fleas and ticks but I'll kill your fucking box motherfucker, watch it!
<ModemRack> Did he have one to start
* nxsy thinks siv is so leet.
<Com_Away> where did u guys come from?
<wraith> hey you all suck man
<Raping_away> Away! [ Me away, duh!!!! ] [Time/0h 10m] [Log/On] [Page/On]
<siv> nxsy: are you also trying to patronise me ?
<ModemRack> the sure
<siv> ModemRack: hehee
<Estaga> modemrack: its spelt sewer
<nxsy> siv: no, no... take the gang... and I'll even increase your quota to get at the woman-to-woman stuff...
<nxsy> (with toys)
<Estaga> whereis the pr0n director?
<AsciiKewl> siv: if my box fucked like you i'd have zillions of small vacuum cleaners
<ModemRack> what ever
<siv> nxsy: lesbo stuff is cool, will you pgp that to me too ?
<ModemRack> hehe
<Estaga> lesbeniasm is underrated anyway
* Bugsy thinks everyone in here are just lamer wannabe kiddie hackers .. bleh .. u all don't know shit ...
<nxsy> siv: pgp? the encrypt on Outlook?
<Estaga> bugsy: fuck you, you lame hacker
<siv> nxsy: fuck, do I hvae4 to tell you everything ? RTFM
<wraith> bugsy at least we don't have pointy ears
<nxsy> Bugsy:look who's talking... your old unix stuffis worthless...
<Estaga> hahahaahhaha
<GrimSweeper> Bugsy: only us 733+ ha><0rs have CC's and pr0n
<AsciiKewl> nxsy: no man, you use pgp to DEcrypt, to ENcrypt you use gpg
<pw> Bugsy: you're an old fuck using LUNUX probably
<GrimSweeper> you have fuckall!!!!
<nxsy> siv: sorry, missed the menu... i'll send it now.
<Com_Away> Silence...
<ModemRack> go back to your terminal
<Estaga> wtf is a terminal?
<Raping_away> hahahahaahaha
*** acid-struk (blob@syn04.anx8.rivA.gia.net.za) has joined #hackza
<siv> *sigh*
<acid-struk> lo ppl
<AsciiKewl> Estaga: its like where a train stops
<acid-struk> waz up ?
<Estaga> thought so
<wraith> lets haxor macdonals
<siv> nxsy: where's my shit ?
<ModemRack> or unix
<AsciiKewl> does mcdonalds use unix?
<nxsy> siv: I sent it off... send me those scriptz!@!#
<wraith> asciikewl, the train of thought?
<Bugsy> pw .... yes .. old and grey and using linux :) .. It r00lz
<Estaga> any person useing unix should be killed anyway
<Estaga> bill is good for su
<Estaga> us
<Bugsy> wraith .. pointy ears are kewl
<siv> nxsy: what did you send it on ? a ship ? why isn't it here motherfucker ? are you trying to trick me or somethign ?
<AsciiKewl> wraith: hu? you're trying to be cute or sumthing?
*** rambozo (rambozo@net-35-159.cis.co.za) has joined #hackza
<Raping_away> Bill u one big Rich Fucking Poes
*** skyfer has quit IRC (Leaving)
<wraith> asciikewl, no they use MacOs
<siv> nxsy: if I don't ahve that shit in the next minute, I'm going to fucking kill your fuckin gbox!
<Raping_away> hehehehe
<nxsy> siv: no way... I'd never do that... it's just waiting at the mail server until you send your stuff...
<Bugsy> estaga ... I'm nearly there anyways ... Bill's messing with my ticker ... he's a lame ass wannabe
*** mx (mave_mx@net-59-222.mweb.co.za) has joined #hackza
<siv> nxsy: mail server my ass.
<Estaga> bugsy: fuck you!
<siv> nxsy: you have 30 seconds left
<nxsy> fucking lamer!
<Bugsy> go siv .. like u could anyways
<siv> fuck you
* nxsy wants the scriptz first....
* siv gets onto nxsy's machine

<siv> Take that you mother fucker!!!!!
<pw> nxsy: if you run lunux I h3ard you can use "rm -rf" to read mail read fast
*** nxsy has quit IRC (Ping Timeout)
*** nxsy (nbm@on.web.za) has joined #hackza
<nxsy> wtf?!
<Estaga> fuckit siv's 31337
*** nxsy has quit IRC (Killed (NickServ (Nick kill enforced)))
<siv> nxsy: it'll be permanent if you don't send me those fucking filez
<HackerDude> bye U all
<siv> fucking cunt
<HackerDude> I have to go guys
<HackerDude> bye bye
<Raping_away> cheers hackerdude
<ModemRack> ^
<mx> you all r a bunch of motherfucking losers
<acid-struk> chow man
<mx> lol
*** mx (mave_mx@net-59-222.mweb.co.za) has left #Hackza
*** HackerDude sets mode: +o Bosbroer

<Bosbroer> ta
<HackerDude> ;)
<HackerDude> bye bye all
<HackerDude> chow Raplinen , C YA!
<acid-struk> bye
<HackerDude> tell Wicked I said HI
*** the_blade (trav2@pe-dial-2.cyberdial.co.za) has joined #hackza
<Raping_away> k
<Raping_away> will do
*** HackerDude sets mode: +o the_blade
<the_blade> hey bloaks
<Bugsy> hahah siv ... maybe I have to take that back .. u killed nxsy good and proper
<the_blade> shot.
* Bugsy phears siv
<Raping_away> lo blade
<siv> Bugsy: he tried to boot me off his box, the fucker
<GrimSweeper> siv: try and kill my b0>< you fucking wannabe!!!!!!
<ModemRack> i have an octane
<the_blade> hi...whois u?
<siv> Bugsy: now he can't even reboot ... hahahahahhaa
*** HackerDude has quit IRC (Leaving)
<Bugsy> bwahahaha siv .. u r00l
<Estaga> lol
<Bugsy> siv .. he musta been running that lamer linux
<siv> GrimSweeper: if you had anything worth killing, I'd do it ... but I don't want to waste my fucking time.
<Raping_away> Away! [ Me away, duh!!!! ] [Time/0h 20m] [Log/On] [Page/On]
<siv> Bugsy: he was ... stupid fuck
<the_blade> com..
<GrimSweeper> siv: ahhh gawddamn you another faggot lunux grandpa!!!!
<Bugsy> siv .. sheesh .. these ppl never leanr .. if u want a secure system, run win98 .. it's so fscking fast too
<siv> GrimSweeper: don't call me a faggot motherfucker!
<siv> Bugsy: it sounds like you're trying to patronize me too ... DON'T
<GrimSweeper> Raping_away: we don't give a fuck if you're away or raping away or what so shut the FUCK UP!!!!!!
<siv> hehehehehehe
<Bugsy> awwww siv .. but I just _love_ doing so >:)
<GrimSweeper> Bugsy: NT is better!!!!!!!!!!!!1
<Bugsy> GS .. he's just a lamer anyways ...
<siv> Bugsy: I can hack 98 boxes as well, so don't give me shit either.
<Bugsy> GS ... he can't get it irl so he has to syber on irc all day
<Bugsy> siv ... no way ...
<GrimSweeper> Bugsy: fucking lameass beatch I think!!
<Bugsy> GS ... yup .. he prolly runs FreeBSD or linux too
<siv> Bugsy: if it was worth my effort, I'd show you but you'd probably be too busy sleeping to notice
<siv> Bugsy: what the fuck do you know about FreeBSD ?
<Bugsy> siv lamer ... u wish u could hack my win98 computers
<ModemRack> Caldera sux
<ModemRack> i know freebsd
<Bugsy> siv ... dunno .. just that it sucks
<GrimSweeper> ModemRack: what the fuck is caldera???
<Bugsy> siv .. almost as badly as linux
<GrimSweeper> another lunux faggot thing??
<siv> Modem: i've met jesus, what's your point ?
<ModemRack> Caldera DR-DOS Open Linux
*** Aldaris is now known as aldaris
<GrimSweeper> ModemRack: why the fuck do you want to use dos AND linux???/
<GrimSweeper> they both suck!!!!
*** aldaris is now known as Aldaris
<GrimSweeper> no pr0n and shit
* Bugsy wonders if anyone here has hacked the /oper cmd yet *eg*
<bbunny> who here has a war dialer ?
<ModemRack> dono
<the_blade> yes
<ModemRack> i had it
<siv> Bugsy: this is a hacked account I'm using, that idiot Gaspode is after me for hacking his services thing.
<Bugsy> bbunny .. wtf is that .. some linux util?
<the_blade> get one at hackers.co.za
<the_blade> they got some
<bbunny> a war dialer - ummm a prefix scanner
<GrimSweeper> why you need some dumass war dialer????
<the_blade> yes
<the_blade> they have all that
<Bugsy> siv .. u tried /oper Gaspode IsuckSHIT
<bbunny> hackers.co.za dont have any
<Bugsy> it works sooo kewl ..
<GrimSweeper> no computers gonna pick up the fucking phone and let you in you fucking idiots
<the_blade> they must...
<GrimSweeper> you gotta hax0r it tcp/ip style
<Estaga> grims: lamah you obviously have no xperience
<the_blade> i got mine form there
<bbunny> grimsweeper: shut the fuck up if you dont know what you aare talking about
<GrimSweeper> bbunny: I fucking nuke your ASSS
<siv> Bugsy: no, I got into his lunux shit box. he's got it written in perl ... fucker doesn't know that you can hack that shit before he could say what it wstands for
<GrimSweeper> faking lamer wannabes
<ModemRack> what ever
<bbunny> you should speak
<bbunny> where have you hacked ?
<ModemRack> haha
<Bugsy> siv .. whoooaa ... ;) ..
<GrimSweeper> bbunny: fucking rucus!!!!
<siv> ModemRack: wtf r u on about ?
<Bugsy> siv .. I used the /oper to hack oper status .. it worked so kewl
<the_blade> whwho
<GrimSweeper> bbunny: you try and ha>< that!!!
*** rambozo (rambozo@net-35-159.cis.co.za) has left #Hackza
<bbunny> grim : tell us where you have hacked and lets go and have a look at it
<GrimSweeper> bbunny: rucus.ru.ac.za you idiot!!
<Bugsy> anyone wannabe an ircOPer?
<siv> Bugsy: so you're not as dumb as you come across
<ModemRack> me
<Estaga> the bunny outfit is only a cover
<GrimSweeper> bbunny: I've got the fucking r00t password right here
<Bugsy> siv .. not always ... I try really hard .. but it's sooo hard to hack things
<ModemRack> hes the mascot
<the_blade> lordcow,,
<GrimSweeper> Al099zIl and another two letters and/or numbers that you can fucking figure out !!!!!
<the_blade> lordcow,,!
<ModemRack> the_blade:??
<LordCow> hehe
<LordCow> lo l33t blade
<the_blade> yes
<siv> LordCow: you hacked rucus too ?
<GrimSweeper> bbunny: yeh you fucking lamer, can't even figure out the rest!!!!
<Raping_away> Away! [ Me away, duh!!!! ] [Time/0h 30m] [Log/On] [Page/On]
<LordCow> siv only on weekends
<the_blade> Welcome to my domain lordcow
<siv> LordCow: but it's not weekend now motherfucker, what are you on about ?
<bbunny> grim go in and leave me a sign that youve been in !
<bbunny> cause it looks fine to me
<GrimSweeper> bbunny: /etc/beat_this_you_fucking_loser_rabbitTURD
<Raping_away> what u say the_blade
<GrimSweeper> bbunny: fetch you lamer beatch!!!
<Raping_away> UR DOMAIN
<the_blade> scroll back men!!
<acid-struk> ch0w ppl, c-ya
<acid-struk> g0tta jet
*** acid-struk (blob@syn04.anx8.rivA.gia.net.za) has left #Hackza
<ModemRack> i have a chalenge
<the_blade> its a fucking joke smuck!!!!!!!!!11
<the_blade> it ait your domain .........
<Invisiac> hack insane.psyche.za.org
<ModemRack> go into grimsweepers bo>< and leve a file with your name in it
<Invisiac> i was in once, me an overlord, we fdisked the pissant
*** Raping_away sets mode: -o the_blade
<GrimSweeper> ModemRack: FUCKING TRY YOU LAMERS
<Raping_away> Ur not worth it
<bbunny> error 404
<ModemRack> i wont try
<GrimSweeper> pathetic
<ModemRack> i aint stupid
<the_blade> fuc that
<Estaga> lol
<Raping_away> tell me the challenge
<ModemRack> swereing is pathetic
<GrimSweeper> ModemRack: I'll fucking trace your ass straight back to your b0x and nuke the crap outta you!!!
<ModemRack> nuke
<Bugsy> go GS go >:)
* siv hacks away at Gaspode's box
*** the_blade has quit IRC (Connection reset by peer)
<Raping_away> poes
<GrimSweeper> go siv!!
<siv> Bugsy: you'll believe me after a little demonstration
*** BabyServ sets mode: +o siv
<GrimSweeper> siv: go SIV!!
<Com_Away> wtf
<siv> now take that motherfuckeres!!!!
<Invisiac> hack posthuman.za.net
*** siv sets mode: +ooo GrimSweeper Bugsy Estaga
<Bugsy> fuck siv ...
<ModemRack> nukes ar dumb
*** siv sets mode: +oo wraith pw
*** GrimSweeper sets mode: -o Raping_away
*** GrimSweeper sets mode: -o bbunny
*** GrimSweeper sets mode: -o Aldaris
*** GrimSweeper sets mode: -o Bosbroer

<Bugsy> ta GS >:)
<GrimSweeper> fucking L00SERS
*** Com_Away sets mode: -ooo Bugsy Com_Away Estaga
<Invisiac> papasmurf loves me
<Estaga> sivg0d
*** the_blade (trav2@pe-dial-2.cyberdial.co.za) has joined #hackza
<the_blade> sup wid these hous
<Estaga> hahahahaahahaha
<Bugsy> whahahaha com_away .. just deop yourself .. fscking looser
<Bugsy> op me pls ;)
*** GrimSweeper sets mode: +ooo AsciiKewl Estaga LordCow
*** GrimSweeper sets mode: +o Bugsy

<Bugsy> ta GS :)
<siv> AsciiKewl is lame
<siv> hahahhaa
<GrimSweeper> Aldaris: you to slow BEATCH
*** bbunny has quit IRC (Ping timeout)
<siv> L000000ser!!!!
<Estaga> siv: amazingly elite hack
<siv> E: what can I say ... I told you fuckers I could
<ModemRack> cool
<Estaga> <g>
*** Couseau (s_kdcjv@rdg-52t2-112.mweb.co.za) has joined #hackza
*** Aldaris (koa_aldari@npt25-01-p01.saix.net) has left #Hackza
<ModemRack> linux rulz
<Bugsy> now children .. _that_ is wot hacking is all about *efg*
*** ModemRack was kicked by Estaga (windows rules)
<GrimSweeper> mwahahaha
*** ModemRack (Modemrack@196-31-98-27.iafrica.com) has joined #hackza
*** Estaga changes topic to 'WINDOWS RULES'
<Raping_away> I have Returned.
*** Raping_away is now known as Raplinen
<ModemRack> so have most
<Raplinen> hmmm
<Bugsy> wheee .. the kiddie return .. ;)
<Raplinen> I c u guys been shopping
<Raplinen> kewl
<Raplinen> Not bad Siv
*** bbunny (askme@a2-jhb-60.dial-up.net) has joined #hackza
<Estaga> bbunny
<bbunny> hey
<siv> Raplinen: not bad ? what the fuck ????
*** Raplinen has quit IRC (Killed (NickServ (Nick kill enforced)))
* Bugsy doesn't think raplinen could hack himself if he tried
<Estaga> lol
<Bugsy> bwahaha
<GrimSweeper> bahaha
<GrimSweeper> fucking l00sers
<Bugsy> bloody looser kiddies ...
<ModemRack> i can atleaset hack my self
<the_blade> gtg guys
<ModemRack> bit dumb though
<siv> Modem: dogs usually hack themselves, you must be a dog.
<Invisiac> wow, i haxored myself, cos i remember my root password, how fscking elite
*** TMS (piepie@pm3ctn-82.dockside.co.za) has joined #hackza
<TMS> yeh
*** Estaga is now known as jesus
* jesus saves you all
<TMS> me agree
<siv> hehehehehe
*** jesus is now known as Estaga
<Estaga> had to (:
<Com_Away> I have to admit > You guz are leet..
<Com_Away> really good
<Com_Away> never see that b4
<siv> Estaga: leet man :)
*** Aldaris (koa_aldari@npt25-01-p01.saix.net) has joined #hackza
<the_blade> they kinda are
<Estaga> *bows*
<TMS> Yeh, u guys a quite good
*** Aldaris (koa_aldari@npt25-01-p01.saix.net) has left #Hackza
<Bugsy> sheesh .. is ther even just _one_ of u not runing bloze or mirc?
<TMS> WEll, very good
<Estaga> hmm
<Estaga> oh look here
<Estaga> bbunny: why are you trying to netbus me?
<GrimSweeper> haha
<Estaga> bbunny: WHY are you being lame?
*** Aldaris (koa_aldari@npt25-01-p01.saix.net) has joined #hackza
*** Estaga sets mode: +b *!*skme@*.dial-up.net
*** bbunny was kicked by Estaga (im not your fucking netbus bunny you fucking idiot)

<ModemRack> netbus
<Estaga> that was fun
<ModemRack> hehe
<the_blade> bye all
*** AsciiKewl (ascii@hacking.sendmail.is.phun.net) has left #hackza
<Estaga> should i let his carrier drop or not <ponder>
<Bugsy> go E
<ModemRack> yes
<Com_Away> hacked zanet...
<Com_Away> damn that good
<ModemRack> PROMPT (Y/N)> Y!!!
<Aldaris> that was one kewl hack siv
<ModemRack> you wish
<Com_Away> yeah
*** Com_Away is now known as Com_Kill
<Bugsy> whahahah com .. u gonna kill us now? .. please please ...
<Bugsy> ; )
<Com_Kill> no man..
<Estaga> lol
* LordCow loads conceal
<ModemRack> (
<Bugsy> awwww .. u ppls to olame to even try get revenge
*** TMS has quit IRC (Ping timeout)
<Invisiac> please strobe insane.psyche.za.net kwik, sum wierd shit goin down there !!!
<Aldaris> i think your hack rulz siv,not matter what bugsy says
* the_blade ses lordcow....is a cow...and i goto leave
<Estaga> --- a2-jhb-60.dial-up.net ping statistics ---
<Estaga> 4932 packets transmitted, 263 packets received, +1 duplicates, 94% packet loss
<Estaga> round-trip min/avg/max = 318.7/2818.4/7995.1 ms
<Estaga> bye bunny
* Com_Kill bows down to siv..
<siv> Aldaris: thanks
<siv> Com_Kill: you better :P
<Com_Kill> Ill neva forget that...
<the_blade> bye COM_MURDER
<Estaga> comk: he prefers sexual favours
<Com_Kill> fucken good work my bru! :)
*** evildork (cpbotha@ct-dial-10.cyberdial.co.za) has joined #hackza
<Aldaris> i am really new and ineed some help from an 733+ ha><or,will you help me get started siv?
<evildork> Haaaa I'm back!
*** GrimSweeper sets mode: +o evildork
<evildork> Thankee Grim!
<GrimSweeper> np :)
*** the_blade (trav2@pe-dial-2.cyberdial.co.za) has left #hackza
<siv> Aldaris: what are you offering ?
<Bugsy> sheesh .. they even too dumb to read
<siv> Bugsy: you're not so bright yourself asshole.
<GrimSweeper> bwahaha
<Aldaris> i am just offering my loyalty to you if you will be my mentor,i need help,i am new to this
*** Robocop (Fuck@syn45.pri1.cptA.gia.net.za) has joined #hackza
<Bugsy> siv .. hehehe ... bugger off >:)
<GrimSweeper> Aldaris: screw that, give us money
<ModemRack> $
<Estaga> #
<siv> GrimSweeper: fuck that, what do you mean "US" ?
<ModemRack> you ppl are wierd
* Bugsy thinks the looses of #hackza are too fscking lame to even try get revenge or undo what's been done ;)
<GrimSweeper> siv: :P
<Estaga> modemrack: howcome?
<evildork> bwhuahahahahahahahahahahaa
<ModemRack> cause you are
<GrimSweeper> ModemRack: nah, we just r00l
<Estaga> oh thats one hell of a reason
<ModemRack> whats so good about hacking
<Estaga> windows rules
<Estaga> all that matters
<ModemRack> ok?
<ModemRack> for gui
<Bugsy> MR .. for everything
<ModemRack> for power, naa
*** xanex (xanex@196-31-89-3.compusys.iafrica.com) has joined #hackza
*** Couseau has quit IRC (Leaving)
*** xanex (xanex@196-31-89-3.compusys.iafrica.com) has left #hackza
<Bugsy> y MR .. u use NT for power?
*** evildork has quit IRC (*plinkle*)
<ModemRack> hey cool site
<ModemRack> hackers.co.za
<ModemRack> linux
*** GoB19 (delta@cpt-ts531-246.mweb.co.za) has joined #hackza
<ModemRack> FreeBSD
<Com_Kill> FreeLSD
<Com_Kill> heh
*** WetIce (WetIce@196-7-171-20.iafrica.com) has joined #hackza
<ModemRack> dare i say it
<ModemRack> you wish
<Aldaris> siv you there?
<ModemRack> nope
<Bugsy> aldaris ... no .. I killed him
<ModemRack> hese hacking
<siv> Aldaris: yes
<GrimSweeper> siv: you hax0ring the bitches bo><?
*** Estaga sets mode: +s
*** Aldaris has quit IRC (Connection reset by peer)
<ModemRack> id rather goto somebodys house and beat them and there machine with a base ball bat
<siv> GrimSweeper: no, I think I better quit while I'm ahead, lest I have the police after me :P
<Robocop> ooops
<GrimSweeper> siv: hehe
<ModemRack> +s
<Estaga> lol
<siv> GrimSweeper: 8laffs* he went away by himself :)
*** Aldaris (koa_aldari@npt25-01-p01.saix.net) has joined #hackza
*** billababes-guy (5fm@net-35-052.cis.co.za) has joined #hackza
*** Hen-I (heni@asy09.anx1.wlkA.gia.net.za) has joined #hackza

<Hen-I> werdup
*** Bosbroer has quit IRC (Ping timeout)
<ModemRack> whose a part of this hackers.co.za
<Bugsy> ooo .. more kiddies ... siv .. just for u >:) ..
<ModemRack> wheres the filz
*** GoB19 (delta@cpt-ts531-246.mweb.co.za) has left #Hackza
<Hen-I> hehehe
<ModemRack> my machine is no intrest to anybody
*** Invisiac has quit IRC (Ping timeout)
* siv contemplates practicing kicks and bans
*** Bugsy changes topic to 'msg siv for a course in hacking'
*** Hen-I (heni@asy09.anx1.wlkA.gia.net.za) has left #hackza

<siv> fuck you!
<Estaga> hahaha
<siv> I'm lame!
*** billababes-guy was kicked by Bugsy (u an op? .. bwahahahah .. almer kiddie)
*** billababes-guy (5fm@net-35-052.cis.co.za) has joined #hackza
<Estaga> hahahahahhaa
*** Bugsy sets mode: +b *!*5fm@*.cis.co.za
<siv> damnit, beat me to it
*** billababes-guy was kicked by Bugsy (fsck off lamer ...)
<Bugsy> hahah siv .. to wot?
*** Bugsy changes topic to 'Lamers R us'
*** GrimSweeper sets mode: -b *!*5fm@*.cis.co.za

<Bugsy> heheh GS
<ModemRack> gs
<GrimSweeper> ModemRack: what!!!
<ModemRack> have you filay shut up
<GrimSweeper> ModemRack: don't make me come over ther boy!!!!!
<GrimSweeper> fucking nuke yo ASSSS!!!!!!
*** BooGs (d00d@boogs.za.net) has joined #hackza
<Bugsy> *waits*
<ModemRack> please
<ModemRack> nukes are lame
*** BooGs (d00d@boogs.za.net) has left #hackza
*** GrimSweeper sets mode: +b *!*odemrack@196-31-98-27.iafrica.com
*** ModemRack was kicked by GrimSweeper (*nuke*)

<Bugsy> hahahah GS
<GrimSweeper> :)))
<siv> hehehe
*** GrimSweeper sets mode: -bbb *!*@syn45.anx8.rivA.gia.net.za *!*@syn34.anx3.rivA.gia.net.za *!*skme@*.dial-up.net
*** GrimSweeper sets mode: -b *!*odemrack@196-31-98-27.iafrica.com

*** ^ModemRack^ (dfg@196-31-98-27.iafrica.com) has joined #hackza
<^ModemRack^> oh dearv
<^ModemRack^> how did i get here
*** ^ModemRack^ is now known as ModemRack
*** GrimSweeper changes topic to 'msg aldaris for free pr0n and war3z'

<Com_Kill> DLishav
<GrimSweeper> ModemRack: maybe cause I unbanned you ya stoopid fuck
*** Robocop (Fuck@syn45.pri1.cptA.gia.net.za) has left #hackza
<ModemRack> why
*** Metalballs (Fuck@syn45.pri1.cptA.gia.net.za) has joined #hackza
<ModemRack> arr he has a heart
*** GrimSweeper sets mode: +b *!*demRac*!*@*.za
<ModemRack> bye
*** ModemRack has quit IRC (Leaving)
*** GrimSweeper sets mode: -b *!*demRac*!*@*.za
*** Bugsy changes topic to 'Hacking101 starting at 1.30 .. your lecturer is siv tonight'

<Bugsy> *efg*
*** Robocop (Fuck@syn45.pri1.cptA.gia.net.za) has joined #hackza
*** GrimSweeper sets mode: +b *!*odemrack@*.iafrica.com
<siv> *lookes* at Bugsy, I'll kill your box motherfucker!
<Estaga> lol
<Bugsy> bwahahaha siv .. :)
<siv> Bugsy: friend or no friend, I'll take your box down ... *sigh* *spit* damnit ...
<GrimSweeper> so when are these hax0rs going to take back there channel?
<Bugsy> hmm .. robocop .. leave my server the fsck alone
<Com_Kill> We dont take channels from the l33t...
<Aldaris> we will not challenge siv,he is leet
<GrimSweeper> hmmm
*** Aldaris has quit IRC (Connection reset by peer)
<GrimSweeper> turd


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