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<lanu> morning
<LordFoul> morning again
<LordCow> thanx
<lanu> u guys related?
<LordCow> YES
<LordCow> how does every1 guess?!?
<lanu> psychic

<devdude> <Dee-Monical_Chick> so
<devdude> <Dee-Monical_Chick> show me ur pic
<devdude> <Dee-Monical_Chick> please mamn./
<devdude> <Dee-Monical_Chick> ?
<devdude> <devdude> its on ircgod
<devdude> <Dee-Monical_Chick> argh
<devdude> * Dee-Monical_Chick sticks out tongue
<devdude> <devdude> look @ LordCow's profile...
<devdude> <devdude> Im on one of his pics,
<devdude> <devdude> :)
<devdude> <Dee-Monical_Chick> mmm
<devdude> <Dee-Monical_Chick> is he there 2?
<devdude> <devdude> uhuh
<devdude> <Dee-Monical_Chick> name?
<devdude> <devdude> lordcow
<devdude> <Dee-Monical_Chick> ur name u ass
<devdude> <Dee-Monical_Chick> whahah
<devdude> <Dee-Monical_Chick> ok he has a thing for cows,
<devdude> * Disconnected (Connection reset by peer).
<devdude> -
<devdude> sorry about teh ghei paste.. but xchat is ghei
<LordFoul> eh
<LordFoul> but i'm LordFoul :(
<LordFoul> LordCow is LordCow
<LordFoul> why am i getting involved?
* devdude vrommels
<devdude> bhwbahbwha this is one for his logs page

<LordFoul> aweh TrueForm
<TrueForm> LordCow *munch*
<TrueForm> hows the herpes?
<TrueForm> *duck* :)

<Balistic> does anyone know of program that can analyze network packets and determine what data they are carrying
<Balistic> ?
<chucky> like ethereal?
<Balistic> no, like if you capture smb packets i want to know the filename and the type of file
<LordCow> i'm not telling, u'd prolly torture them as well
<Balistic> haha
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<LordFoul> shit
<LordFoul> i thought i said that for a minute
<LordFoul> i got kak worried
<LordFoul> because i just couldn't remember saying it
<LordFoul> or why i said it
<LordFoul> but it was only LordCow
<LordCow> haha, def 1 4 the dyslexic page ;)
<LordFoul> shurrup
<LordFoul> it could have happened to anyone

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*** Hype (saiansupa@sg-7591.mweb.co.za) has joined #cape_town
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*** Hype (saiansupa@sg-7591.mweb.co.za) has joined #cape_town
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*** Hype (saiansupa@sg-7591.mweb.co.za) has joined #cape_town
<LordCow> fatality?
<Cadar> ?
<LordCow> as in /kickban hype rawwwwwwwwwwr
<Hype> jesus who cares
<LordCow> i'll even make the alias 4 sum1, comon
<Cadar> oh right
<LordFoul> don't you just hate it
<LordFoul> when people arrange their ebook collection by author
<LordFoul> really sucks
<LordFoul> i prefer subject
<Cadar> heheh
<LordFoul> ok LordCow
<LordFoul> take your kak
<LordFoul> [00:33] <Hype> comon
<LordFoul> [00:33] <Hype> dont resent me
<LordFoul> [00:33] <Hype> il buy you a drink
<LordFoul> your fairy friend offered you a drink LordCow
<Cadar> it's better than by title, 250 books all starting with "the" or "a" just sucks
<Hype> <LordFoul> i'm captaoin criket
<Hype> <LordFoul> i dont drink
<LordFoul> Hype : i can spell better than that
<LordFoul> also
<LordFoul> i'm not FUCKING LordCOW
<Hype> you type too fast
<Hype> really?
<Hype> guys im a twit

<LordFoul> Dom : -kicks bovril in balls-
<LordFoul> bovril : -screams like little girl-
<bovril> LordCow: shhhhhttttt
<LordFoul> yeah LordCow
<LordFoul> shhhhht
<bovril> oops,
<bovril> its difficult typing with one hand, twit ;-)
<LordFoul> ja i know
<LordFoul> -moans softly-
<bovril> lol


<Pisces1> hello lordfoul
<LordFoul> tsek Pisces1


<Pisces1> you will regret saying that
<LordCow> what?
*** Pisces1: No such nick/channel
<Krypt> night all
*** BlueICE has quit IRC (Client Exiting)
<LordFoul> night Krypt
<LordFoul> i'll miss you
<LordFoul> and stuff
<Syngin> kryp u going
<LordFoul> seriously i will
<LordFoul> swear to whoever
<Syngin> not good
<Krypt> ill miss u too cupcake
<LordFoul> liar!
<Krypt> im exhausted
<Syngin> sposed to do a film wth lf tonight
<Krypt> had a looong day of shopping and cooking
*** LordCow has been kicked off #cape_town by Syngin (fuck off then Wigga)

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<LordFoul> SP
<LordFoul> SP
<LordFoul> SP
<LordFoul> SP
<LordFoul> SP
<LordFoul> SP
<LordFoul> SP
<LordFoul> SP
<LordFoul> SP
<LordFoul> SP
<LordFoul> SP
<LordFoul> SP
<LordFoul> SP
<LordFoul> SP
<LordFoul> SP
<LordFoul> SP
<Tweety_> oi Lf
<EkilErif> NO
<LordFoul> SP
<LordFoul> SP
<Hyper_Viper> :)waits for kill
<LordFoul> SP
<LordFoul> SP
<LordFoul> SP
<LordFoul> SP
<LordFoul> SP
<EkilErif> anyone?
<LordFoul> SP
<LordFoul> SP
<LordFoul> SP
<LordFoul> SP
<LordFoul> SP
<LordFoul> SP
*** LordCow has been kicked off #Cape_town by Tweety_ (Tweety_)

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<SaGiRL> Lordfoul
<LordCow> SaGiRL?
<Mr^Spock> eXpOsEy :-)
<eXpOsEd> colin :P
*** m27ct (wtf@sg-16003.absamail.co.za) has joined #rave
*** m27ct is now known as single_m_ct
<Lordfoul> erm u meant LordCow i hope
<SaGiRL> oops
<SaGiRL> ya
<SaGiRL> sorry
<SaGiRL> tired
<SaGiRL> *slap*
* LordCow treasures the mistake then

<BlueICE> LordCow you related to lordfoul ?
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*** Babyserv sets mode: +o AnachromY
<LordFoul> i still look @ altar boys and feel strange
<LordFoul> AnachromY
<LordFoul> sometimes i phone your sister
<LordFoul> and
*** hellraiser` (dayum@sg-24317.info.bw) has joined #cape_town
<LordFoul> talk dirty to her
<LordFoul> are you ok with that?
*** LordCow has been kicked off #cape_town by AnachromY (fuck off and die)
*** Chronique sets mode: +b *!*@lordcow.phy.uct.ac.za

<LordFoul> [WickedWoman(hiding@sg-4555.datapro.co.za)] whats the diff between u and lordcow
<devdude> LOL
<LordFoul> sometimes i think shes kak stupid
*** Hammy has quit IRC (Leaving)
<devdude> hhaha
<LordFoul> can't she see his nick ends with Cow and mine ends with Foul?
<PHD_man> who is kak stupid?
<WickedWoman> yes u twat :P
<WickedWoman> but they so similar
<LordFoul> Karen is kak stupid
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<PHD_man> ok
<WickedWoman> so like are u 2 related or something
<PHD_man> whats her nick?
<LordFoul> ja
<LordFoul> his my brother
<WickedWoman> now thats what i was getting at :P
<LordFoul> her nick is Kak_Stupid_Midget
<WickedWoman> *kick*
<WickedWoman> oh shut up
<PHD_man> lol
*** Arctic^Fox has quit IRC (FO for go!)
<LordFoul> don't tell me to shutup
<LordFoul> untill you're taller than me
<WickedWoman> shut up :P
<DarKHawK> Im taller than you
<DarKHawK> can I kick you
<devdude> ok - ima go and like pick up someone.. and like.. then I'll be back to come and laugh at LordFoul and LordCow fighting over the last biscuit
<devdude> check yall l8r
*** PsiCoRe has quit IRC (Ping timeout)
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<EkilErif> ello all
<LordFoul> and if you believe his my brother then u'r a stupid twat
*** Mode change "+v bad^gal" on #cape_town by Risc
<miss_sarajevo> *smack*
<miss_sarajevo> dont speak to her like that
<LordFoul> AI
<LordFoul> you shut up
<LordFoul> go back to sarajevo or bosnia
<LordFoul> you damn refugee