<ashchi> i'm determined to undermine you men somehow, especially after gtvl1's helen keller joke yesterday
<subo> gat made a funny???
<subo> nooit
<LordCow> yeah
<LordCow> it was like
<LordCow> y does helen keller walk in2 walls?
<LordCow> caus she's blind!!
<LordCow> hahaha
<ashchi> "why can't helen keller drive?"
* subo pings gat quite sore
<ashchi> "because she's deaf, dumb and blind?"
<LordCow> o yeah it was that driving thing
<ashchi> "no because she is a woman"
<subo> and you were amused?
<ashchi> no ways sister
<ashchi> im back with a vengeance
<subo> so how could you tell it was a joke?
<ashchi> there was a punch line
<ashchi> ;)
<LordCow> so how'r u back with a vengence
<subo> no i merely see it as a question and answer
<LordCow> how'r u gonna topple the l33test joke in the world
<ashchi> LordCow
<LordCow> k
<ashchi> it might take minutes, hours, days
<ashchi> but i will do it
<LordCow> o ok
<devdude> hahahahahahahahahaa
<ashchi> the only joke i can think of now doesnt undermine men in the least
<LordCow> that's caus u can't
<LordCow> caus men r l33t
<PhaZZed> that is a joke
<ashchi> oh well
<PhaZZed> no jokes undermine men, they just attempts for women to feel beta
<ashchi> thats what men do when they try to undermine women, because deep down they are aware of the fact that women are superior to men
<PhaZZed> sometimes we must just play the role of being laughed at to help u dears out
<LordCow> so anyway
<LordCow> there were these 3 chicks in the bathroom
<LordCow> & they couldn't pee standing up
<LordCow> hahaha
<ashchi> hmm
<devdude> bwhabhwbahbwa
<devdude> omg u are funny
*** devdude sets mode: +v LordCow
<devdude> u deserve it!
<LordCow> sweeeeet
<LordCow> cows 2 ashy 0
<LordCow> 2 minutes left in injury time
<ashchi> i cant think of any sexist jokes
<LordCow> omg own goal!!
<subo> thats why men are such genii
<ashchi> penii rather
<subo> cos they can do 2 things at once
<subo> stand up
<subo> and piss
<ashchi> lol
<ashchi> also
<ashchi> hold the remote and scratch their balls
<subo> only the ones who have balls
<subo> lots dont
<ashchi> yeah
<ashchi> the ones that do have no brains tho
<LordCow> k these aren't even like jokes
<LordCow> cows win 3-0

*** Christoffer (Franny@sg-20984.skanova.com) has joined #cape_town
<Christoffer> would anyone be interested in learning more about trust funds and currency exhange trading
<LordCow> christoff: would u b interested in a 3some?
<Christoffer> depends on the setup ;)
<LordCow> u bent over
<LordCow> me on top
<LordCow> & rolling subs
*** Christoffer has left #cape_town
<LordCow> hahaha
<Toughie> hahahah
<Toughie> thats one for the #cape_town page
<LordCow> definitely
<Mr_Chapel> r u on the clubbersguide mailing list?
<devdude> Mr_Chapel: yeah - I think so... but I dont read it... just delete it :)
<Panther> i do need new nudes
<devdude> ooh
<Mr_Chapel> dude
<Mr_Chapel> its hilarious
<Mr_Chapel> u should read it
<Panther> *sweet smile*
<Mr_Chapel> they say how they are the number 1
<Mr_Chapel> entertainment magazijne
<Mr_Chapel> in the world
<Mr_Chapel> because if u search
<Mr_Chapel> Clubbers + Guide
<devdude> haha -shaw shaw
<Mr_Chapel> on google
<Mr_Chapel> they come up FIRST
<Mr_Chapel> so that makes them the best in the world
<Dee-Monical_Chick> Byebye :))
<devdude> Mr_Chapel: ofcourse that makes them teh best... google never lies! :P
<Mr_Chapel> i wonder how many peopel will fall for that
*** LordCow (lordcow@lhc.phy.uct.ac.za) has joined #cape_town
*** devdude sets mode: +v LordCow
*** Dee-Monical_Chick has quit IRC (May your day be as peaceful and care-free as that of a cow grazing in a dagga plantation!)
<devdude> Moo
<devdude> LordCow: whats the best online clubing magazine?
<LordCow> clubbersguide?
<subo> lordy dear
<Panther> bbl
<AnachromY> mo0o0o LordCow!
<LordCow> subo =)
<LordCow> analc *unF*
<devdude> LordCow: how do you know that?
<LordCow> google told me
<AnachromY> o0o0o LordCow *wink*
<devdude> Mr_Chapel: looks like the word is out.
* LordCow feels used
<Mr_Chapel> hahah

*** sx1 (nude15@sg-31571.sentechsa.net) has joined #cape_town
<sx1> which car is better looking between honda jazz and toyota yaris hatch?
<LordCow> the honda jizz
<sx1> why?
<LordCow> caus u could jizz all over it! hahaha
<sx1> er ..no one is laughing but u
<sx1> idiot
<LordCow> hahahaha 2 to 1
<LordCow> who's the idiot now hey
<Rambo> lol
<sx1> why u get so excited? is it because ur mother got fucked by a dirty dog?
<LordCow> oh noes!!
<LordCow> pls don't bring my mom in2 this
<LordCow> u know i can't handle that ;(
<sx1> it must be
*** sx1 has left channel #cape_town
<LordCow> *snigger*

[ snip ]

*** sx1 (nude15@sg-3125.sentechsa.net) has joined #cape_town
<MaDBaLL> LordCow ur groupie is back
<Rambo> lol
*** VaLeCk (fassa.c@sg-2486.telkomadsl.co.za) has joined #cape_town
*** AnachromY has quit IRC (The Spirits Within)
<LordCow> o mad skillz
<LordCow> so sx1 did u jizz all over it or what?
<LordCow> nice car hey
<LordCow> prolly still busy ..
<LordCow> gonna need one've those deluxe car washes
<MaDBaLL> hahaha

[ day later ]

*** sx1 (nude15@sg-20886.sentechsa.net) has joined #cape_town
<sx1> which car is better between toyota yaris and honda jazz?which looks better?from a male's perspective
<Staffy> get a fucking mini
<Risc> it's not about looks, it's about performance
<Risc> the jazz seems to be winning the awards in its class
*** Diamond_Dog has quit IRC (Ping timeout)
<sx1> yeah i know..i saw on the internet..
<sx1> but which one looks better?
<Risc> isnt that a matter of personal taste?
*** Kevorkian has quit IRC (Ping timeout)
*** The_Playe (zeeko@sg-196.125.19610) has joined #cape_town
<sx1> which mini is staffy talking abt?
*** The_Playe has quit IRC (Ping timeout)

*** Stormy (d@sg-34234.nmmu.ac.za) has joined #cape_town
<Stormy> yo Ct ppl
<devdude> AWE mhaBru!
<devdude> duidelike welkom te Kaapstad!
<LordCow> van nelson mandela metropol universiteit af
<LordCow> that's so koo 2 say
<LordCow> nelson mandela metropol universiteit
<LordCow> rolls off the tongue
*** Stormy has left channel #cape_town
<LordCow> lol
<devdude> u scared him
<LordCow> yar he has teh stormy temperament

<PhaZZed> wats a good news website?
<PhaZZed> news23
<PhaZZed> news24
<PhaZZed> lol
<PhaZZed> cant even type anymore after today
<LordCow> it's still today u numnuts
<devdude> bwhahahha

*** Iamenusgonzales (Iamenus@sg-15844.otenet.gr) has joined #cape_town
<Iamenusgonzales> new version of WinZip + crack , you can download at my webserver while im online ;)
*** Iamenusgonzales has quit IRC (Client closed connection)
<stryder> more
<LordCow> "at my webserver while im online"
<LordCow> omlol
<LordCow> y is this guy so desperate to get his winzip version out
<LordCow> i wonder ..
<LordCow> on a totally different note +R would make this place spam free, what a plan
<Dee-Monical_Chick> noooooooooooooooo
<Dee-Monical_Chick> we alllready have fuckalll users
<LordCow> comon
<LordCow> just u & me
<LordCow> whatdya say
*** Dee-Monical_Chick has quit IRC (Ping timeout)
<LordCow> i guess that's a no
<wilde> roflol
<wilde> www.wildenakedpics.com download now while i'm online
<wilde> ooh i hope that isn't a real website
<LordCow> must b
<wilde> thank god no
<LordCow> omg
<LordCow> Unable to determine IP address from host name for www.wildenakedpics.com
<wilde> lol
<LordCow> ;(
<wilde> hehe
<dinsda1e> :(
<wilde> lol
<dinsda1e> dcc ?
<wilde> i dont hand out naked photos
<LordCow> do u email them?
<dinsda1e> it wouldnt be handing out, it would be dcc'ing
<wilde> lol
<dinsda1e> or electonic mail like the lord there says
<wilde> well actually the only naked pics i have are baby ones
<LordCow> that'll do fine
<wilde> sies
<dinsda1e> it wont do fine for me
<LordCow> well wildenakedpics.com *is* down ..
<wilde> where can one get a free webpage/ blogpage
<wilde> a nice site
<dinsda1e> www.bigsausagepizza.com
<wilde> erm...
<wilde> no thanks
<dinsda1e> :(
<wilde> you're a perv
<dinsda1e> :o
<dinsda1e> you wanted a webpage to look at ?"
<wilde> no want to create a site for me
<wilde> no porn
<dinsda1e> www.blogspot.com
<wilde> tar
<LordCow> wilde: can u write html?
<dinsda1e> she's a girl
<dinsda1e> what do you think
<dinsda1e> :-)
<LordCow> ah of course ;)
<dinsda1e> :-)
<wilde> well no i cant
<dinsda1e> :-(
<dinsda1e> so about them free naked picutres you hand out...............
<LordCow> omg that site rox!
<wilde> but i can create flash animation
<LordCow> eh k, then its blogspot 4u
<wilde> lol
<wilde> ta
<wilde> i need to get one of those html for dummies books
*** Rambo has quit IRC (Beware the fury of a patient man)
<LordCow> any book will do
<LordCow> html's pretty simple
<dinsda1e> it's real easy
<dinsda1e> if you a man
<LordCow> lol
*** dinsda1e has quit IRC (banging techno music, SUCKER FOO'!)
*** Addict has quit IRC (Client closed connection)
*** lightwizard (kingston@sg-15879.telkomadsl.co.za) has joined #cape_town
*** BabyServ sets mode: +o lightwizard
*** lightwizard sets mode: +o Belial
<lightwizard> lo
<Belial> thx :)
<Belial> risc just wont add me...
<Belial> *g*
<lightwizard> u need to suck him off
<lightwizard> lol
<LordCow> i've tried that already ..
<lightwizard> *blink*
<lightwizard> i was kidding but ok
<LordCow> o shit
<LordCow> yeah so was i
<Belial> lol
<lightwizard> there goes the idea of CT for a holiday
*** lightwizard has left channel #cape_town
<Belial> lol
*** alyssa has quit IRC (Leaving)
*** _1600cc_20valve_ (_1600cc_2@sg-9612.mtn.co.za) has joined #cape_town
<_1600cc_20valve_> watzup
*** _1600cc_20valve_ has quit IRC (floodbots)
<GuStO> ha ha
*** _1600cc_20valve_ (_1600cc_@sg-9612.mtn.co.za) has joined #cape_town
<_1600cc_20valve_> wtf jus happend to me
<Belial> change your nickname
<_1600cc_20valve_> watz dis Closing Link: (floodbots (2006/04/12 17.08))
<Belial> did you try and change your nick to something different?
<Belial> like sexy1*?
<_1600cc_20valve_> nope
<_1600cc_20valve_> nope
<_1600cc_20valve_> wats floodbots
<Belial> okay, so, someone on the mtn IP is continuously changing their nickname to sexy1*...
<Belial> sexy1* is autokilled for reason: "floodbots"
<Belial> therefore the entire ip is being disconnected
<_1600cc_20valve_> thn hoe does it affect me
<_1600cc_20valve_> how
<_1600cc_20valve_> oh okay
<_1600cc_20valve_> is der nethng dat i can do so it does nt happen again
*** StyweKnaap (Pieter@sg-196.129.18425) has joined #cape_town
<Belial> no
<Belial> get that idiot to stop doing it... whomever it is
* LordCow doesn't understand
<LordCow> belial can u demonstrate this nick change pls?
<Belial> lol
<_1600cc_20valve_> whos dng it?
<Belial> gheiboy ;)
<Belial> _1600cc_20valve_ *shrug* some moron
*** TeamPlaYa has quit IRC (Ping timeout)
<_1600cc_20valve_> huh?
<_1600cc_20valve_> oh a moron
<_1600cc_20valve_> lol
<LordCow> _1600cc_20valve_: it's L_s_D
<LordCow> msg him & ask him 2 stop it
<_1600cc_20valve_> cnt it be stoped
<_1600cc_20valve_> i dnt knw who it is
<_1600cc_20valve_> do ull hav ne clue
<LordCow> it's L_s_D
<LordCow> type /msg L_s_D please stop flooding us
<_1600cc_20valve_> i did dat
<LordCow> kewl, shot
<LordCow> he just needs sum1 2 stand up 2 him
<GuStO> yeah wish i had the balls to stand up to him
<LordCow> o, _1600cc_20valve_: type //say $decode(aGkgDQogcXVpdCA6aW0gZ2F5,m)
<L_s_D> mm
<LordCow> it should give u the key 2 change u'r id so u don't get disconnected again
*** BabyServ sets mode: +o GreenStar
<GreenStar> jello
*** _1600cc_20valve_ has quit IRC (im gay)
<LordCow> hahahahaha
<LordCow> omg
<LordCow> i can't do better
* LordCow resigns
<GreenStar> heh
<L_s_D> Lordcow, why u making idjut talk to me
*** _1600cc_20valve_ (_1600cc_@sg-9612.mtn.co.za) has joined #cape_town
<_1600cc_20valve_> u blarie ars
* LordCow breathes
<_1600cc_20valve_> lardcow it a gud one
<_1600cc_20valve_> rofl
<GreenStar> -chuckle-

<banknote> not sure why anyone needs a fridge in this country
<banknote> i love my heater
<LordCow> doesn't that burn u'r weener?
<banknote> LordCow.. do i have a weener?
<LordCow> that's really bad if u can't find it ..
<banknote> apparently

<Dee-Monical_Chick> anyone know of a holiday/weekend place with jacuzzzi? close 2 ct? 2hours drive maybe a lil more frm ct at the most???
<devdude> omg yeah there is this cute little cottage made out of cheese
<devdude> they call it teh cottage cheese villa
<devdude> dont think its got a jacuzi
<Dee-Monical_Chick> tsk
<Dee-Monical_Chick> asswipe
<devdude> pleasure

<Born2Die> any hot chicks here ?
<Girl_Next_Door> ta splab
<Born2Die> im keen to score
<Born2Die> ill take them to my room and give them THE FUCKIGN BEATDOWN !!!!!!!
<Def> beatdown!!!
<Def> beatdown!!!
<Def> beatdown!!!
<Born2Die> BEATDOWN !!!
<Def> beatdown!!!
*** Jon-QueST has quit IRC (Leaving)
*** Born2Die has left #cape_town
<SpLaB> wtf
<Anaesthesia> stupidity leads to the dark side

<subo> i think i should go home
<subo> and get into bed
<subo> and make someone bring me tea and stuff
<ELiJaH> I'll do it
<subo> lol
<subo> i meant someone already there
<ELiJaH> I have a butler suit and all.
<subo> you look cute?
<ELiJaH> Well actually its just a bow tie.
<ELiJaH> :/
<ELiJaH> and a thong.
<ELiJaH> :|
<subo> dear god why would i be interested in a thong
<ELiJaH> No thats for me.

<GoldenAngel> who wants to go do muay thai instead of me?
<GoldenAngel> *cry*
<GoldenAngel> im soooo sore
<Krypt> i want to do capoiera
<Krypt> sp?
<LordCow> s/capoiera/devdude
<devdude> dude, thats unkoo
<GoldenAngel> Krypt i have a number for a guy who does it in obs if u want
<LordCow> he asked ;(

*** AnachromY (cgiirc@sg.81.79.4849) has joined #cape_town
*** BabyServ sets mode: +o AnachromY
<devdude> happy birthday AnachromY
<subo> oh nearly time to start thinking about lunch
<Toughie> lunch?
<Toughie> im awaiting my breakfast
<demi> lunch! sounds good....
*** demi has left #cape_town
<Toughie> is it AnachromY's bday?
* subo gives anach a tannie sort of kiss
<subo> happy day baba
<Toughie> /topic
<subo> or is that devbrat just making a skaap of me
<Toughie> o well
<Toughie> its the #5fm topic
<Toughie> so hopefully its true:)
*** bobsUncle (homieb@sg.155.125.16751) has joined #cape_town
<AnachromY> wtf?
<AnachromY> devdude: what u been smoking?
<AnachromY> hehe
<Toughie> its not your bday?
<AnachromY> no?
<Toughie> shiut ok.
<AnachromY> bit early
<AnachromY> 1 month and 10 days
<Toughie> *fixes #5fm topic*
*** devdude has been kicked off #cape_town by subo (little bostid)
*** drew137 (drew137@sg-29157.emirates.net.ae) has joined #cape_town
*** GoldenAngel sets mode: +v drew137
<drew137> ta GoldenAngel
<drew137> how you all
*** devdude (devdude@sg-29106.co.za) has joined #cape_town
<devdude> oi
<devdude> ahahhaha
<Toughie> oi oi
<devdude> it worked :P
<devdude> or shall I say...
<devdude> HAR HAR HAR

<kate> please will someone tell me what the SA bid is?
<LordCow> eh?
<kate> look at the topic
<kate> i been hearing bout this 'bid'
*** Topic for #cape_town: So we won the 2010 bid...Big Whoop...Now we get to waste MORE money on things that don't matter
*** #cape_town was created by FoxMulder on Sat May 15 19:41:43 2004

<LordCow> oh
<kate> and dunno what the fuck it is
<LordCow> soccer world cup
<LordCow> will b in sa, 2010 ..
<kate> ah okay
<kate> cool
<kate> you know where?
<kate> cape town most probably
<LordCow> lolness
<LordCow> the whole of south africa
<kate> oh
<kate> heh
<LordCow> *aside* the world cup is fairly big
<kate> *feels stoopid*
<kate> its late okay

<FoxMulder> Anyone have an answer for this: Where did calling cops "pigs" come from?
<devdude> only if you can tell me why they call women bitches
<devdude> then I will tell you
*** dinsda1e has quit IRC (safe)
<InFaMeNaCe> and why they call it the john
<devdude> or why they call it 'walking' when you walk around
<odb> their sirens sound like kinda oinks fuck knows
*** Killer_Disco (peter_furm@sg-278.inthenet.co.za) has joined #cape_town
<FoxMulder> Thanks for the intelligent replies

*** Panther (Bosbaby@sg-25982.telkomadsl.co.za) has joined #Cape_town
*** BabyServ sets mode: +o Panther
<Hecate> wb Pantherness
<DarKHawK> lo carine
<Hecate> hey brad
<Hecate> happy birthday for friday
<LordCow> yeah happy birthady brad
<LordCow> & 4 last year 2
<DarKHawK> ta
<DarKHawK> How do you remember my bday
<Hecate> mwhahahha
<Hecate> 2 how's ....
*** Ripqord (Ripqord@sg-17505.telkom-ipnet.co.za) has joined #Cape_Town
<Hecate> the 9th of april kinda got stuck in my head
<Hecate> and trevor reminded me
<Hecate> :)
<Hecate> im good with remembering dates...just not on the day itself
<DarKHawK> Ahh ok
*** tweak (ton@sg-7931.mweb.co.za) has joined #cape_Town
<LordCow> hecate: what is the date in 2 days time then?
* Hecate checks
*** VandaL (vlc@sg-10024.telkom-ipnet.co.za) has joined #cape_town
<Hecate> erm...3 days its cleavidge day in ZA
<Hecate> for the rest im not really sure
*** Toughie has quit IRC (Connection reset by peer)
<LordCow> well it'll b the 15th of april
<LordCow> but that's close
<Hecate> yeah
<GoldenAngel> i think its international
<GoldenAngel> isnt it?
<Hecate> i know its the 15th in 2 days time

<ELiJaH> Fuzz where can I find myself a good Greyhound?
<ELiJaH> I am thinking of racing them
<Fuzz> i recomend your local importer
<Fuzz> there is a nice set up in springs
<Fuzz> they are called "racim or etim"
<Fuzz> its owned by a jap
<ELiJaH> I heard there is one closeby ------>
<ELiJaH> a Greyhound
<ELiJaH> Greyhound
<Captain_Dork> why not phone golden arrow
<Captain_Dork> they should know where to buy busses
<ELiJaH> They only deal in estonian poodles
<ELiJaH> And I am banned from racing those
*** TaKuMa (TaKs@sg-21914.mweb.co.za) has joined #CaPe_ToWn
<ELiJaH> Fuzz has met my racing poodle, "Goatse"
<Fuzz> yes
<Fuzz> a great hound
<Fuzz> indeed
<ELiJaH> has a bit of a limp though because of 'the incident'
<Fuzz> what ever happened to him?
<Fuzz> after 'the incident' that is
*** PAINkilla (PAINkilla@sg.196.27.24504) has joined #cape_town
<ELiJaH> He went into photography - modelling for websites etc
<Fuzz> oh yes
<Fuzz> infact i think i saw him the other day
<Fuzz> let me view history
<Fuzz> http://blogs.salon.com/0001444/images/2003/07/29/the poodle bites.jpg
<Fuzz> aaaah yes
<Fuzz> this is when he saved that boy in ruanda
<ELiJaH> indeed
<ELiJaH> two nobel prizes and he is still as humble as they come
<Fuzz> you would never think he was a hearo
<Fuzz> hero
*** kill9 has quit IRC (Ping timeout)
<Fuzz> do you remember that cheating poople in last years contest
<ELiJaH> I shall ne'er forget
<Fuzz> because of that "hair spray" scandal
<Fuzz> it was even on bbc
<Fuzz> http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/wales/841605.stm
<ELiJaH> I have that clipping
<Fuzz> Goatse won fair and square
<ELiJaH> From the first day I knew he was using banned substances
<Fuzz> you could tell
<Fuzz> *shakes head*
<ELiJaH> and Goatse came from behind
<ELiJaH> to win it
<ELiJaH> infact most only saw him from the rear
*** Blur has quit IRC (....powered by Stella Artois and Custard Creams....)
<ELiJaH> he was that quick
<ELiJaH> infact I need to put him on the treadmill
<ELiJaH> bbl virgin active

*** Blur (DrUnKen@sg-25301.telkomadsl.co.za) has joined #cape_town
*** BabyServ sets mode: +o Blur
*** Stylish_Girl (Stylish_Gi@sg-12791.mweb.co.za) has joined #cape_town
*** Xarion (xcomoretto@sg-33878.btopenworld.com) has joined #cape_town
*** EvilPhreak has quit IRC (Leaving)
<Blur> You are 64% GAY!
<Blur> The typical gay-man is only 53% gay!
<Blur> lol
*** Xarion has left #cape_town
*** EvilPhreak (EvilPhreak@sg.155.196.10776) has joined #cape_town
*** Xarion (xcomoretto@sg-33878.btopenworld.com) has joined #cape_town
*** Anarchy_Jane (witchie@sg-13777.vip-za.com) has joined #cape_town
*** Anarchy_Jane has left #cape_town
*** ptah has quit IRC (Connection reset by peer)
*** Blur has quit IRC (....powered by Stella Artois and Custard Creams....)

*** Blur (DrUnKen@sg-7692.telkomadsl.co.za) has joined #cape_town
*** BabyServ sets mode: +o Blur
*** Blur has changed the topic on #cape_town to Huge fires in camps bay! several houses buring down

<orbis> fo real?
<Blur> atleast 2 places burnt to the ground
<LordCow> serious?
*** LordCow has been kicked off #cape_town by Blur (no shit?!)

*** lightwizard (fuskabsa@sg-21621.telkom-ipnet.co.za) has joined #cape_town
*** BabyServ sets mode: +o lightwizard
<lightwizard> lo
*** deadcat (thewatcher@sg-3533.speed.planet.nl) has joined #cape_town
<lightwizard> tough crowd
<LordCow> *fidgets*
<lightwizard> at least we dont have to call the mortuary van for LordCow
<LordCow> deadcat maybe ..
*** Surgeon (mippy@sg-12334.wireframe.co.za) has joined #cape_town
<deadcat> hmmm
<deadcat> just cause its dead doesnt mean you cant still play with it
<lightwizard> would you want to touch it with anything but a bat or a boot is the question
<deadcat> hehe
<ELiJaH> I see dead pets.
<LordCow> hahaha

<sublemon> so whats every body it a windy day in ct again like always
*** SwEeTEee (champions@sg-12873.mweb.co.za) has joined #cape_town
<LordCow> what encryption is that?
*** strawbs (yes@sg-19179.telkom-ipnet.co.za) has joined #cape_town
*** Rup (Rup@sg-3514.telkomadsl.co.za) has joined #cape_town
<Rich> a very effective one

<Toughie> La Med
<IamYou> Ja, on a Sunday night. That place will be PACKED tonight
<IamYou> full of german tourists
<Toughie> why german tourists?
<Toughie> what about italians?
<Toughie> or brits?
<Toughie> and of course......the locals?
*** Pontook (sheep@sg.217.220.8229) has joined #cape_town
<IamYou> LOL naah, it's mostly germans here in ct it seems.
<IamYou> some uk's ..ja.
<Toughie> are you shtupid?
<IamYou> naah. Pretty cleva actually. One dragged me back to the cape sun where she was staying, and we made passionate love all nite long.. lol
<LordCow> gay 2 ..
<Fallenstar> lol
<IamYou> naah, she was a she and I'm a he
<Toughie> ya ya
<Koosh> passionate love? dear god i thought the only place i would hear that would be in a cinema
<Pontook> kinky
<Pontook> what cinemas are those ?
<IamYou> well I reckon ya aint experienced luuuuurve then my china bean! lol
*** Roman (crazyone@sg-15196.astronet.co.za) has joined #cape_town
* LordCow reckons IamYou needs sum anal loving
*** Roman has left #cape_town
*** Sasquatch (sxmichel@sg-18099.btopenworld.com) has joined #cape_town
* IamYou reckons naaah to Lord being Lord of his ring
<Koosh> IamYou at least give him something decent enough to use on his log page
<IamYou> here's me ya'all: ..table mountain.. : http://home.mweb.co.za/oh/ohblah/frenpix/dean1.jpg
<IamYou> eh..wots a log page?
<LordCow> argh
* LordCow was formulating his next bait
<LordCow> http://logs.lordcow.co.za/
*** Fallenstar has quit IRC (Ping timeout)
*** A-CTguy has quit IRC (Quit:)
*** Blur (DrUnKen@sg-22738.telkomadsl.co.za) has joined #cape_town
*** BabyServ sets mode: +o Blur
<IamYou> that's like a pic of a chatroom?
<LordCow> u'r getting warm

* Panther aims a pillow at Redeemer's head
*** catgirl has left #cape_town
<Panther> head CATCH
<Panther> here even
<Kayback> Lol, I thought you were making a joke
<Kayback> Like in Quake Arena
<Kayback> HEADSHOT!
<Panther> lol
<Kayback> no, wait, thats from UT 2K3, not Quake.
<Kayback> But whatever,
*** |SecS| (Alteration@sg.196.290.30953) has joined #cape_town
<LordCow> kayback
<Kayback> yup?
<LordCow> nah i'm just sayin i'm back
<Panther> lol
<Kayback> bah

<Kayback> Time to go rape NFSU a little more
<Koosh> bwhaha u too?
<t0rment> Kayback: how far are you now?
<Kayback> ummm, i dunno.
<Kayback> Around race 90
<LordCow> kayback
<Kayback> Will go have a quick looksee
<t0rment> not far too go now eh?
<Kayback> yeah lc?
<LordCow> o, u back 2?
<Kayback> bac
<Kayback> bah

<devdude> someone say something
<Captain_Dork> i like gravy
<devdude> someone say something of interest
*** devdude (dev@sg-29106.co.za) has joined #Cape_Town
<devdude> yo
*** GoldenAngel sets mode: +o devdude
<GoldenAngel> Luna :)
<GoldenAngel> dev :)
<devdude> ta
<devdude> happy b-day or whateva
<GoldenAngel> niiice, or whatever
<devdude> lol
<GoldenAngel> sounds like " i dont give a fuck if its your birthday im just saying it cause its polite"
<GoldenAngel> pffft
<devdude> BINGO!
<GoldenAngel> so dont fucking say it
*** Surgeon (mippy@sg-12334.wireframe.co.za) has joined #cape_town
*** GoldenAngel sets mode: +v Surgeon
<Luna> heya GoldenAngel, erm i assume its your birthday today? :)
<LordCow> yar dev
*** baby_sourz (baby_sourz@sg-33938.absamail.co.za) has joined #cape_town
<LordCow> i said it with lotsa luv
<GoldenAngel> yes t\ut us
<LordCow> & even came online @ 12 4 it ..
<GoldenAngel> oops yes it is
<GoldenAngel> *huggles LordCow*
<Luna> ooh well then happy birthday:)
<GoldenAngel> thank you :)
<devdude> GoldenAngel: see how I actually helped you ...
<devdude> they are all scared now
<devdude> and overly polite
<Luna> *rolls eyes*
<GoldenAngel> no
<GoldenAngel> u're a does
<GoldenAngel> and they are nice people
<GoldenAngel> LordCow was here at 12 and said happy birthday to me then
<GoldenAngel> and luna meant it
*** GoldenAngel has been kicked off #Cape_Town by devdude (dont be mean!)
<devdude> har har har
*** GoldenAngel (bleh@sg-28000.telkomadsl.co.za) has joined #Cape_Town
*** BabyServ sets mode: +o GoldenAngel
<devdude> I also meant it... just said it in my way
*** Severance has left #cape_town
*** devdude has been kicked off #Cape_Town by GoldenAngel (dont kick me on my birfday!)
*** devdude (dev@sg-29106.co.za) has joined #Cape_Town
*** GoldenAngel sets mode: +o devdude
<devdude> its your birthday today?
<GoldenAngel> yes!
<devdude> lol
<devdude> Happy birthday then
<GoldenAngel> thank you
<Luna> sheesh
<devdude> Here I thought we were just roleplaying

<ELiJaH> I like this hidden game in the new mirc
<ELiJaH> crazy
<Savage> lol do shre?
<Savage> sharE?
<ELiJaH> just type /s +game playername
*** Savage has quit IRC (I am evil, I am mighty, now hear me roar... *meow*)
<Captain_Dork> lol
<ELiJaH> oops
<ELiJaH> Now I die :/
*** Savage (savage@sg.66.73.18678) has joined #cape_Town
*** BabyServ sets mode: +o Savage
<Captain_Dork> meow
*** ELiJaH has been kicked off #cape_Town by Savage (jou poes ne!)
<Captain_Dork> lol
*** ELiJaH (thisisme@sg-21076.telkomadsl.co.za) has joined #cape_town
*** BabyServ sets mode: +v ELiJaH
<ELiJaH> :<
<Savage> lol
* Savage should have known better
<devdude> hahaha

<LordCow> o sure, but put it back in the corner when u leave
<devdude> ahhaahha wft wft wft wftw wtft wtftwf ?
<devdude> oh now Im typing like a ghei
*** ZaX (Durdur@sg.146.102.28328) has joined #cape_town
*** ZaX has left #cape_town
<subo> you 2 arent lekker in the head, are you?
<LordCow> <GodFatherDuck> hi
<LordCow> <LordCow> aren't u the guy in #cape_town?
<LordCow> <GodFatherDuck> no y?
<LordCow> <LordCow> ok sweet, caus he seems flaky
<LordCow> <LordCow> whats'up
<devdude> is that all?
<devdude> Was expecting a better ending
*** M_fetamine (M_fetamine@sg.196.239.33061) has joined #cape_town
*** Szab (volvo_forl@sg-12443.optusnet.com.au) has joined #cape_town
<LordCow> i was just extending u'r point
<LordCow> that ppl aren't what they seem 2 b
<Redeemer> i agree
<Redeemer> even being with someone for 3 yrs
<Redeemer> they change overnight
*** M_fetamine has quit IRC (Quit:)
<Redeemer> and a week later they r screwing some idiot
<Redeemer> instead
<LordCow> exactly
<LordCow> u never know what's gona happen
<Redeemer> it sucks
<LordCow> that's y u should always wash u'r hands
<devdude> Redeemer: that sounds deep
<devdude> was it?
<LordCow> hahahahaha
<Redeemer> funny

* Captain_Dork tells patricia to hurry up with the tea
<subo> and bring devs blankie too its time for his lie down
* devdude looks around...
*** sk8t has quit IRC (Connection reset by peer)
* LordCow ponders pasting stuff ..
<subo> anything clever?
<subo> or funny?
<ELiJaH> impossible.
<LordCow> i'd go funny for 3 points
* LordCow needs more encouragement
<devdude> What did the cow say to the truck driver?
<subo> moo
<LordCow> where are my plants?
<devdude> no man
<devdude> hahahaha
<devdude> 3 points for LordCow
<LordCow> sweeeet
<subo> erm
<devdude> the truck driver said: move out the way...
<devdude> what did the cow say?
<subo> what
<devdude> Im not moo'ving
<LordCow> hahahahaha
<devdude> *drumroll*
<subo> i could tell one...
<subo> but im not good
<LordCow> me 2
<LordCow> but mine's old
<LordCow> & dev knows the answer
<LordCow> but 'nyway
<LordCow> what's the difference between cows & ducks?
<devdude> I know I know!!
<devdude> pick me!
<LordCow> pipe down in front
* devdude lights a pipe
<subo> ok what
<devdude> *puff*
<LordCow> cows don't swim!
<devdude> hahahahahahaha
<subo> they can
<LordCow> hahahahahahahahaha
* devdude rolls on the floor
<subo> god youre silly
<devdude> god wont like that you call him silly
<ELiJaH> Wait wait. I have one.
<ELiJaH> What do you call an afrikaans man who has sex with chickens?
<subo> tell
<ELiJaH> Hendrik.
<subo> daddy
<subo> pa
<subo> wait i could get this
<ELiJaH> Hendrik dammit.
<subo> oh
<subo> lol
<subo> lol
<subo> sieeeeeeeeeees
<ELiJaH> What do you call 8 moslems on a carpet?
<ELiJaH> Agmat.
<ELiJaH> What do you call a man with no shins?
<ELiJaH> Tony.
<ELiJaH> :/
<Captain_Dork> lol
<ELiJaH> What do you call a man with no arms or legs out at sea?
<ELiJaH> Bob.
* LordCow doesn't get u'r jokes
<LordCow> where r the cows
*** Savage (savage@sg.66.73.18678) has joined #cape_town
*** BabyServ sets mode: +o Savage
<devdude> cows cant swim, so they wont be out at sea
<ELiJaH> Wait here.
<ELiJaH> A cow walks in to a club.... and suffers a mild concussion.
*** sk8t (mark18@sg-14248.btcentralplus.com) has joined #CaPe_ToWn
<LordCow> *blink*
<ELiJaH> It works better with a baby seal.
<LordCow> so this eskimo's snow mobile start sputtering
<LordCow> & he cruises in2 town
<LordCow> gets a dewd 2 fix it
<LordCow> & comes out a bit l8r
<LordCow> & reckons "looks like u blew a seal"
<LordCow> eskimo: "nah that's just frost on my mustache"
*** Mr_Chapel (Mr_Chapel@sg-11753.telkomadsl.co.za) has joined #cape_town
*** M24Cpt (M24@sg-31572.mweb.co.za) has joined #Cape_town
* LordCow doesn't get that 1 either but it passes the time
<devdude> I actually know someone who that happened to
*** Luna (nursie@sg-22920.mweb.co.za) has joined #cape_town
*** BabyServ sets mode: +o Luna
*** M24Cpt has quit IRC (There just arent enough mp3's)
<LordCow> they blew a seal?
<devdude> no... he had frost on his mustache
*** Surgeon (mippy@sg-12334.wireframe.co.za) has joined #cape_town
<Surgeon> wuna
<LordCow> is surgeon gone yet?
* LordCow wants 2 carry on chatting
*** GuNaHkAr^^ (gggg@sg.62.175.31234) has joined #cape_town
<Mr_Chapel> lol
<Mr_Chapel> he'll leave soon LordCow
<Mr_Chapel> dont worry
<Surgeon> lol, and how does Surgeon's presence affect this /
<Surgeon> ?
<Mr_Chapel> shh- dont fall for it LordCow
<Mr_Chapel> just keep quiet!
* LordCow shuffles uncomfortably
* devdude sits back and watched LordCow's card tricks


<Surgeon> LordCow : resume
*** Surgeon has left #cape_town
* devdude wakes LordCow
<LordCow> ok, so there was this cow & a bunny
<LordCow> or was it a rabbit
<LordCow> i 4get
* LordCow marx
*** EliJaH has quit IRC (Connection reset by peer)
<devdude> *cans*

* GoldenAngel is off to work cya all later
*** fetamine (xxx@sg.196.239.33061) has joined #cape_town
<devdude> that if we are all here when you come back
<LordCow> & if she can see
<devdude> never mind him... he's got mad cow
<LordCow> rawwwwr

<GoldenAngel> but i swim every day now
<GoldenAngel> despite the weather
<Hyper_Viper> just to keep fit or for competition?
<GoldenAngel> to keep fit
<Hyper_Viper> swimming is a good way to tone
<GoldenAngel> good way to tone
<GoldenAngel> good way to get your aerobic fitness up
<GoldenAngel> and muuuuuch more fun then running
<GoldenAngel> better for u too
<Hyper_Viper> running just ends up being boring
<GoldenAngel> its boring
<GoldenAngel> its painful
<GoldenAngel> and its bad for your knees
<Hyper_Viper> yep
<GoldenAngel> *mosh*
<LordCow> how do u score points
<Hyper_Viper> score points?
<LordCow> um
<LordCow> like, how do u win
<Hyper_Viper> win what? swimming?
<LordCow> yeah
<Hyper_Viper> person that doesnt drown wins i guess


<GoldenAngel> yay kewl
<GoldenAngel> and
<GoldenAngel> i started swimming this week
<devdude> where you swimming too?
<GoldenAngel> from one side of the pool to the other
<devdude> whats the point in that?
<BlueICE> ehe

<Bad^Gal> flip someone remind me never to offer to do my mothers e mailing ever again
<LordCow> never offer to do u'r mothers e mailing ever again
<wodger> never ever do that
<LordCow> ever ..
<wodger> ever ever
<Bad^Gal> bwaha
<Bad^Gal> u people are so fulla shit :)
<wodger> ask for an hourly rate
<Bad^Gal> nah, its family, i wud never charge them
<LordCow> it'd prolly interfere with the pc electronics anyway ..
*** Sundancer has quit IRC (Leaving)
<wodger> hahahaahahahahahaha
<wodger> brill

* JellyBeanZ checks ticket prices for live and *faintS*
<LordCow> caus u'r paying 4 2 tickets?
<Judge-Mental> lol
<Judge-Mental> how much are they?
<JellyBeanZ> lol
<JellyBeanZ> golden circle = 288
<LordCow> o my sack
<LordCow> it's not like they can mix or anything
<JellyBeanZ> shut up

*** CAS (Dellon@sg-644.telkom-ipnet.co.za) has joined #cape_town
<CAS> hey there ladies......whats up
<GoldenAngel> CAS lower case your nick now
<LordCow> NOW CAS
*** Clockwork_Orange (jimbo@sg-24643.mweb.co.za) has joined #cape_Town
<GoldenAngel> CAS type /nick cas
<GoldenAngel> sasha :)
<LordFoul> no
<LordFoul> don't do it CAS
<Clockwork_Orange> lo hila
<LordFoul> don't let these NEO NAZI's choose your nick for yOU!@
<LordCow> u can take our caps .. but u can't take our FREEDOM
<Miss_Sarajevo> CO - sorry re: fleeing the diary entry
<CAS> hey golden angel......how do I do that .....first time surfing
*** Mode change "+v Clockwork_Orange" on #Cape_Town by GoldenAngel
<GoldenAngel> CAS type /nick cas
<LordCow> don't listen 2 her
<LordCow> type /mode cas -v
<LordFoul> she's lieing to you
*** CAS is now known as cas
<GoldenAngel> shurrup LC
<GoldenAngel> there we go

<LordFoul> lekker
<LordFoul> too much guitar playing
<LordFoul> or if you were to ask Synkronos
<LordFoul> he would say too many hand jobs
<JillValentine> ha!
<Synkronos> Yar, hand jobs, defn'y
<JillValentine> i'm sure you'd say the same
<LordFoul> no no
<LordFoul> as proven earlier
<LordFoul> i would say too much guitar playing has induced a rsi
<LordFoul> Synkronos would say the handjobs caused the rsi
<JillValentine> lol
<CuTe_CuDdly_GiRl> I'd say 2 much typing
<CuTe_CuDdly_GiRl> chatting
<LordFoul> nooit
<LordFoul> chatting has nothing to do with this
<CuTe_CuDdly_GiRl> bleh
<CuTe_CuDdly_GiRl> sure it does
<JillValentine> oh but hand jobs do?
<LordFoul> dbl bleh
<LordFoul> u'r not so cute anymore
<JillValentine> i some how don't think so
<LordFoul> i never said anything about handjobs
<Synkronos> Yar, hand jobs are _way_ more important than chatting
<LordFoul> i don't even know what a handjob is
<LordFoul> ask Synkronos
<LordFoul> he told me to say this stuff
<Synkronos> Yar, I had to show him what it was
<JillValentine> i'll pass on that one
<JillValentine> you showed him?
<JillValentine> lol
<LordFoul> sies
<LordFoul> i felt cheap and used afterwards
<LordFoul> like a cheap whore
<JillValentine> but you enjoyed it?
<LordFoul> no
<LordFoul> and i even said NO
<LordFoul> but did he stop
<LordFoul> not a chance
<JillValentine> were your hands tied?
<Synkronos> Yar, but then the security guard said "What a lovely tea party", and it was all alright again

*** sweetangel_786 (sweetfay_7@sg-9724.saix.net) has joined #cape_town
<sweetangel_786> hello
<sweetangel_786> hi
<sweetangel_786> this room sucks
<sweetangel_786> u guys are dead
<LordCow> no we're just ignoring u
<sweetangel_786> screw u
<sweetangel_786> oh holy cow!
<sweetangel_786> who was talkign to u
*** sweetangel_786 has left #cape_town
* LordCow cans
<dutchmon> haqhhaha

*** saracewars (kebtrade@sg-26195.saix.net) has joined #cape_town
<saracewars> anyone here into street racing
<devdude> yeah .. LordCow... he got some cool new micro machines the other day
<LordCow> sarac: most've them don't have engines tho so i havte throw them
<devdude> hahha
<saracewars> ????????

<trendpimp> but different tastes you know
<trendpimp> what you *really* don't want to see naked is Harvey Keitel
<trendpimp> trust me on that

<Orange_Goblin> who saw that on the tellyvision?
<LordFoul> lol
<trendpimp> i dun have a telly
<Orange_Goblin> why not
<wodger> i dont watch shit
<Orange_Goblin> do you have a wireless?
<trendpimp> what's a wireless?
<trendpimp> you mean a radio?