*** flipside (sj@sg-6659.telkomadsl.co.za) has joined #FreeBSD
*** BabyServ sets mode: +o flipside
<Dega> lo flipside
<flipside> Dega!!!!
<flipside> fuck me
<flipside> it's been FOREVER
<Dega> yes :)
<Dega> i get that alot

*** flipside (sj@sg-8673.telkomadsl.co.za) has joined #FreeBSD
*** BabyServ sets mode: +o flipside
<flipside> hello my bitches
<dinsda1e> flipside =]
<flipside> how do you feel today?
<LordCow> with my hands
<dinsda1e> wot he said !!!
<flipside> respec

*** Light (light@sg-2897.sentechsa.net) has joined #freebsd
*** BabyServ sets mode: +o Light
<The_Wizard> Any html kiddies?
<Light> oooh oooh
<Light> pick me pick me :/
*** fragMental (bob@sg-194.271.5486) has joined #freebsd
*** BabyServ sets mode: +v fragMental
<The_Wizard> Light : php kiddie too?
<Light> I do a bit of everything ;)
<The_Wizard> Hmm..
<The_Wizard> Then explain wtf this isn't working in php
<The_Wizard> $baa=(exec("/bin/ls -1R| grep -v index\*.php | grep -v *.jpg | grep -v thumbs | grep 800 | grep -v ^800 |/usr/bin/sed s/\.\\/// | /usr/bi
<The_Wizard> n/sed s/://g",$myarray2));
*** Light has quit IRC (Ping timeout)
*** fragMental has quit IRC (Leaving)

*** inode (inode@sg-321.alter.net) has joined #freebsd
*** BabyServ sets mode: +o inode
<nordic_ice> inode: how is your uncle/ouma?
<inode> it went invisible again *kr44i*
<nordic_ice> oh
<nordic_ice> your not high tonite hey
<inode> yez

*** ChOcO_RoMeO (mYsTeRy@sg.196.59.31895) has joined #FreeBSD
<ChOcO_RoMeO> whats a bsd?
<Source> mmm?
<ChOcO_RoMeO> y did u version me?
<ChOcO_RoMeO> think i am on a script?
*** ChOcO_RoMeO has left #FreeBSD

*** flylow (gggg4garf@sg-20461.hinet.net) has joined #FreeBSD
<flylow> BSD whos he
<flylow> and what he do?
<flylow> and whys he in jail

context being that there was a lunar eclipse a few days ago, & wft is rambo?

*** Rambo (chief@www.9degrees.co.za) has joined #freebsd
<Rambo> hi
<Rambo> I think the eclipse is over:/
*** Djinn has quit IRC (First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.)
<The_Wizard> Rambo : Probably.
<Rambo> Even harder to check when the sun is out...

<flipside> no no
<flipside> I dun wanna recover the pass
<flipside> I wanna change it
* LordCow grappels with putting that on logs.lordcow
<flipside> lol
<flipside> making a Cisco password?
<flipside> could u please include my email address
<flipside> so that someone can email me on how

*** Shraek (Bloggs@sg-19282.telkomadsl.co.za) has joined #freebsd
<Shraek> 25 m jhb Za
<simplydazed> down boy :)
<Shraek> damn thing
<Shraek> fscking aliases
<Shraek> brb
<simplydazed> lol
<Depach> hahha

*** sutra (sutra@rdg-dial-196-30-236-240.mweb.co.za) has joined #freebsd
<sutra> any gals to swop pics?
*** sutra has quit IRC (Leaving)

*** TH|EF (~TH_EF@rrba-181-220.telkomadsl.co.za) has joined #FreeBSD
<TH|EF> arnt like linux and freebsd diffrent lol
*** TH|EF has quit IRC (Leaving)

* LordCow will physically come 2 wits & look 4 a ghei then
<blue_screen> lordcow.uk-net.org rox
<blue_screen> :P
<blue_screen> *runz*
<BlacKWiZarD> lol
<BlacKWiZarD> come to wits, i iz in the topmost offices
<BlacKWiZarD> behind a barred door
<BlacKWiZarD> next to the server room
<BlacKWiZarD> which has 3 alarm systems
<BlacKWiZarD> and 1 turnstyle
<blue_screen> behing the toilet ?
<BlacKWiZarD> 1 door with restricted toilet
<BlacKWiZarD> :)
<BlacKWiZarD> LOL!
<BlacKWiZarD> toilet
<BlacKWiZarD> fsk you
<BlacKWiZarD> i mean card access
<BlacKWiZarD> lolol
<BlacKWiZarD> HAHA
<BlacKWiZarD> Freud was right.
<dinsda1e> toilet on the brain ;]
<LordCow> <BlacKWiZarD> 1 door with restricted toilet ??????
<blue_screen> :P
<LordCow> hahahahahahahahahaha
<BlacKWiZarD> fuck u
<BlacKWiZarD> i was reading what blue-screen typed
<LordCow> logs logs logs logs
<BlacKWiZarD> wasnt think
<dinsda1e> its a special access toilet LordCow
<BlacKWiZarD> ing
<dinsda1e> top secret
<BlacKWiZarD> LOL
<BlacKWiZarD> fsk you LordCow
<BlacKWiZarD> hahahaha
<blue_screen> LOL!!!!!!
<BlacKWiZarD> restricted toilet...
<BlacKWiZarD> hehe
<dinsda1e> only the stinkiest poo allowed
<dinsda1e> :D
<blue_screen> DO IT~!
<LordCow> when i finish laughing i'll put it up ;)
<BlacKWiZarD> hahaha
<BlacKWiZarD> yeah
<BlacKWiZarD> i
<BlacKWiZarD> ill put it up on stfu as well
<BlacKWiZarD> ;)
<blue_screen> lol
<dinsda1e> yeah.. DO IT~!........... in the special access toilet
<BlacKWiZarD> that reminds me to get stfu going well...
<BlacKWiZarD> www.design64.net/stfu
<blue_screen> LOL~!!!!
<BlacKWiZarD> that was just wrong :/
<blue_screen> is that your "restricted toilet" ?
<BlacKWiZarD> i meant to say card access
<BlacKWiZarD> ://
<dinsda1e> sure u did :)
<blue_screen> Error 404: Restricted toilet Not Found
<BlacKWiZarD> lol

*** ^IT (Something@sg-705.absamail.co.za) has joined #FreeBSD
<^IT> is it true that redhat has alot of bugs?
<BlacKWizarD> moo
<LordCow> sure
<Time^BomB> moo
<Depach> laik moo on the mountain
<LordCow> heh
<LordCow> http://lordcow.org/moo.jpg
<Depach> *licks*
<Depach> err
<Depach> *clicks*
<Depach> lol
<LordCow> hahahahahahahahahaha

*** dinsda1e (stephen@sg-34867.telkom-ipnet.co.za) has joined #freebsd
<dinsda1e> !op
<LordCow> !load lcs
<dinsda1e> hhe
<Sinbad> !akill bots and owners
<LordCow> i'll say, those bots r ev|l
*** Mode change "+o dinsda1e" on #freebsd by Sinbad
<rush> dinsda1e :)
<LordCow> do me do me ;p
* rush mounts LordCow
<rush> *unf*
<rush> there
<rush> done
*** dinsda1e has changed the topic on #freebsd to http://dominionpaper.ca/features/2003/07/26/the_concei.html
<dinsda1e> ta
<dinsda1e> /part
<LordCow> *satisfied*
<rush> I am good at what I do and who I do
<dinsda1e> HEHEHEHEHE
<dinsda1e> !kill_opers_who_oppose_botomatikz
<dinsda1e> :D
<Sinbad> !remove hops
<Sinbad> :P
<dizzyg> HALLO sindad
<Sinbad> hey dizzy
<dizzyg> how do you spell "pictoresk"
<dizzyg> que
<dizzyg> ?
<rush> dizzyg , you still checking out other okes leopard skin shorts? :(
<dizzyg> naah
<rush> that still worries me
<Sinbad> picturesque
<rush> *shudder*
<dizzyg> been too busu today
<dinsda1e> !WHAT HOPS?!?!
<dinsda1e> :D
<Sinbad> [14:07] -BabyServ- #freebsd hops: dinsda1e
<dinsda1e> oh god
<dinsda1e> u cant be serious Sinbad
<dinsda1e> wow
<dinsda1e> im a hop in #dj
<dinsda1e> didnt even know that channel existed
<dinsda1e> haha
<dinsda1e> :D
<dinsda1e> whos the sOP of this chan
<dinsda1e> ?
<Sinbad> me
<dinsda1e> oh god
<dinsda1e> :D
<Sinbad> etc
<dinsda1e> was there even a vote ?
<Sinbad> nope
<dinsda1e> or is this another "hmm.. i'll just make myself a sop"
<Sinbad> you fuckers were too lazy
<dinsda1e> 1 second
<dinsda1e> cuing up some stuff
<LordCow> we voted a long time ago & nothing was done ;p
<Sinbad> not enough votes, perhaps?
<LordCow> perhaps
<dinsda1e> Sinbad purposely lost the votes
<dinsda1e> so he cld make himself a sOP
<LordCow> well he is super after all
<dinsda1e> why doesnt sinbad set up this channel properly ?
<dinsda1e> why are there even hops ?
<Sinbad> you don't like it, FOAD.
<Sinbad> the rest of the folks in here have been quite happy with it
<Sinbad> not had a single complaint so far
<Sinbad> except you
<dinsda1e> becuz they are too afraid!#@
* dinsda1e is the fearless :D
<Sinbad> gormless too ;)
<dinsda1e> gormless? is that even a word?
<dinsda1e> :D
<Sinbad> yup
<dinsda1e> !spell gormless
<dinsda1e> :D
<dinsda1e> i mean
<dinsda1e> !DEFINE
<dinsda1e> anywayz enuff tom foolery
<dinsda1e> who are the aops ?
<Sinbad> http://dictionary.reference.com/search?q=gormless
<Sinbad> :P
<dizzyg> *kliek*
<Sinbad> [14:13] -BabyServ- #freebsd sops: Sinbad
<Sinbad> [14:13] -BabyServ- #freebsd aops: dizzyg SoftIce The_Wizard Sinbad Inode Depach aquadog
<Sinbad> [14:13] -BabyServ- #freebsd hops: crackie Rush LordCow blue_screen ShadowlorD dinsda1e
<dizzyg> ./addsops dizzyg
<dinsda1e> + dinsda1e
<dinsda1e> let the channel run itself
<dinsda1e> for the luser by the luser
<dinsda1e> :D
<dinsda1e> why bother with aop + hop
<Sinbad> um
<dinsda1e> we can be the first 100% sop channel :D
<Sinbad> you ran a bot in here
<dinsda1e> we can set nu trends
<dizzyg> i never.
<dinsda1e> yeah that was LordCow
<Sinbad> hardly managing itself
<dinsda1e> u can just akill him
<dinsda1e> we dont mind
<Sinbad> so stfu
<dizzyg> how gormless
<dinsda1e> plz. we cant be held responsible for other peoples actions
<Sinbad> You say the channel can run itself
<Sinbad> but you made use of the bot
<dinsda1e> nono
<Sinbad> so you;re a liar
<dinsda1e> nono
<dinsda1e> that bot wuz correct
<dinsda1e> wasnt my bot
<dinsda1e> i cant be held accountable
<dinsda1e> wasnt my fault my nick was in the auto op list :/
* dinsda1e cant help it
<LordCow> u told me 2 load that bot u fucker!
<LordCow> wasn't my fault
<dinsda1e> HA HA HA
<dinsda1e> anywayz
<dinsda1e> i think my way wld work and no one wld complain
<dinsda1e> there shouldnt be any hops
<dinsda1e> just aops
<dinsda1e> and opprotect
<dinsda1e> so if u sposed to get ops, u get them when u join
<dinsda1e> if u dont get oped on join, u dont get oped (opprotect helps out there)
<LordCow> gr8 vision
<dinsda1e> it just seems pointless having a hop feature when opprotect+aop works a helluva lot better
<dinsda1e> not vision
<dinsda1e> something i've had in mind for yonks
<LordCow> what's point of op protect
<dinsda1e> well say um
<dizzyg> to stop n00bs from getting ops.
<LordCow> like?
* LordCow doesn't ever recall an op problem here
<LordCow> partially caus it's a help #
<dinsda1e> say dizzyg
<dinsda1e> is not on aop list
<LordCow> dizzyg
<LordCow> is not on aop list
<dinsda1e> juz imagine
<dinsda1e> pretend
<dinsda1e> fantasize
<dinsda1e> etc
<LordCow> *moistens*
<dinsda1e> if u op'ed him
<dinsda1e> opprotect (babyserv) will deop him
<LordCow> yeah i know what it does ;p
<LordCow> just no point
<dinsda1e> so theres no point op'ing an unoped person
<dinsda1e> becuz if they dont get oped on join, they dont get it
<dinsda1e> and wont
<dinsda1e> and cant
<LordCow> that's great
<LordCow> but if u wanted 2 .. who cares
<LordCow> caus u'r method requires admin from mrs sOP
<dinsda1e> LordCow
<dinsda1e> have u ever heard of a memo ?
<LordCow> indeed
<dinsda1e> hehe @ mrs sop
<Sinbad> LordCow will not get AOPs on here
<dinsda1e> heh
<Sinbad> he broke zanet rules by running a bot
<LordCow> <-- bad
<dinsda1e> LordCow is lucky he still has a nick
<Sinbad> so if you'd prefer he didn't have ops at all, then I can make it so
<dinsda1e> ^^^----- wants a spank from sinbad ?
<LordCow> that's not what he's on about
<LordCow> i just rate u'r idealism is flawed ;p
<Sinbad> naah, he's just pissed off cos I made him a hop not an aop
<LordCow> heh
<dinsda1e> yes
<dinsda1e> YES
* dinsda1e feels hurt
<dizzyg> and he has a small penis
<dizzyg> that can put anyone in a mood.
<dinsda1e> now thats a lie
<dinsda1e> or we mock.. er.. refering to LordCow?
* LordCow slaps dinsdale around a bit with his penis
<LordCow> *lunch*
<dizzyg> *waits for headache pill to kick in*
*** Webtricity (hello@sg-5659.ods.co.za) has joined #freebsd
<dinsda1e> well i juz came here to set my topik :D :D
<dinsda1e> yanks on the way doooooooooownnn
*** dinsda1e has quit IRC (That's it for today)
<Webtricity> right
<dizzyg> left
<Webtricity> wrong
<LordCow> parity violation
<Webtricity> right

<Depach> mine get dirty too which pees me off
<dizzyg> lol
<dizzyg> i was going MENTAL
<dizzyg> about "dirt" on mine
<dizzyg> cleand them like 400 times.
<dizzyg> then
<dizzyg> i put them on slowly
<dizzyg> and realised it was my eyes reflection
<dizzyg> HAAHAH

<SoftIce> chiqz dig it man!
<SoftIce> my sister tells me the whole time to wear myne
<SoftIce> says it looks so sexy

<SoftIce> what happend to that other oke ?
<LordCow> he left ;p
<SoftIce> oh
<LordCow> that's how i felt
<SoftIce> what do you mean ?
<LordCow> stunned ;p
<SoftIce> what do you mean ?
<LordCow> <SoftIce> oh
<LordCow> & that was like .. stunned karma

*** Darkone (marc@sg-28884.polykarbon.co.za) has joined #freebsd
*** Mode change "+o Darkone" on #FreeBSD by lcs
*** Leek has quit IRC (bbl)
*** Jupiter (Jupiter@sg-11099.dial-up.net) has joined #FreeBSD
*** Jupiter has left #FreeBSD (thanks.)
<Nitr0> plsr
*** Iz4 has quit IRC (Ping timeout)
<LordCow> ok
<Darkone> ?
<LordCow> haha
*** inode has quit IRC (.)
<Nitr0> hehe
<LordCow> *points* @ darkone
<Nitr0> *points and laughs*
<Darkone> ?
<LordCow> hahaha
<LordCow> dewd u should share that stuph with the rest've the world
<Nitr0> lol
<Darkone> wat ?
<Darkone> i r confuzzed now.
<Darkone> :P
* LordCow breaks down
<Nitr0> lol!

<LordCow> ps aux | figlet
<LordCow> *eish*
<aquadog> ?
<LordCow> try it ;p
<aquadog> rofl
* LordCow strokes ^z
<aquadog> damn i cant believe i fell for that
<LordCow> hahahahaha

*** Special_FX (sfx@sg.196.236.26369) has joined #freebsd
<Special_FX> hi ppl:
<Special_FX> i'm trying to setup nfs server on a freebsd box
<Special_FX> trying to access from redhat 9
<Special_FX> giving me
<Special_FX> rpc timeout errors
<Special_FX> help !!!
<LordCow> Special_FX: does u'r nick mean 'special effects' ?
<Special_FX> yip !
<Special_FX> :)
<LordCow> wow
<Special_FX> y ?
<LordCow> just wondering, ppl's nick's r so cryptic these days
<Special_FX> hehe
<aquadog> yeah
* LordCow bursts his lung
<Special_FX> do u know y i get these errors ??
<aquadog> mine actually means 'man with 12 inch penix'
<Darkone> ya :>
<Darkone> lol
<Special_FX> lol
<Special_FX> :)
* LordCow wonders what u do wit a 12 inch penix
<aquadog> i use both hands :D
<Sabresim> #lol#

<hotmetal> freebsd sucks dick *cough* *cough*
* Sinbad looks at hotmetal
<Sinbad> i wish it did
<Sinbad> then I'd get some

<SoftIce> fuck this sucks I have a meeting with the guy at the gym on friday the 1st hopefully I have cash by then
<SoftIce> <--- me is poor :(
<The_Wizard> SoftIce : What is the meeting about?
<SoftIce> what meeting?

*** Mescaline (~BOB@ has joined #FreeBSD
<Mescaline> Ola Ola .... does NE1 know anything about Novell Netware ?

*** LordCow (lordcow@rucus.ru.ac.za) has joined #FreeBSD
<LordCow> yehawwwwwwww
<Inode> baq to the projek
<LordCow> which is
<Inode> *shrug*
<Inode> it just sounded leetoh
<Inode> so i said it
<LordCow> ah i thought as much as well
<Inode> yah gno
<Inode> thats normally how the situation goes eh

*** JuanD (~_@opln-bib1-20.puk.ac.za) has joined #freebsd
<JuanD> Hey room
<JuanD> so who here plays cricket

<OoBa_MaN> is it BSD as in Ben Severson Desighns??